This award is presented annually by the American Legion to the outstanding
offensive and defensive linemen in Lackawanna County (Scranton Area).


2006 Offense (Tie)* Spencer DePhillips Abington Heights
2006 Offense (Tie)* Joe Lemoncelli Lakeland
2006 Defense Hubie Graham West Scranton
2005 Offense Stephen Bennett Lakeland
2005 Defense Frank Emmett Abington Heights
2004 Offense Keith Galinsky Lakeland
2004 Defense Jesse Hinkley Scranton
2003 Offense Chris Borgna Lakeland
2003 Defense Chris Bennett Lakeland
2002 Offense Mike Bocella Dunmore
2002 Defense Shoaib Tajak   Scranton
2001 Offense Morris Jackson Lackawanna Trail
2001 Defense Mark Mushel Lakeland
2000 Offense Morris Jackson Lackawanna Trail
2000 Defense Pat Carrube Lakeland
1999 Offense Joe Boniewicz Dunmore
1999 Defense Bret Leaveseley Abington Heights
1998 Offense Kevin Manning Abington Heights
1998 Defense Adam Smith Abington Heights
1997 Offense Kevin Johnson North Pocono
1997 Defense Joe Kowalski Riverside
1996 Offense Dan Kozlowski Valley View
1996 Defense P. J. Spano West Scranton
1995 Offense Ben Thomas Riverside
1995 Defense Harry Kirias Dunmore
1994 Offense Carmen LiBassi Dunmore
1994 Defense Greg Caucci Lakeland
1993 Offense Derek Forgione Dunmore
1993 Defense Rob Walter West Scranton
1992 Offense Jason Sepkowski North Pocono
1992 Defense Kelly Peters Valley View
1991 Offense Sean Whitelavich North Pocono
1991 Defense Keith Olsommer North Pocono
1990 Offense Greg Murphy Scranton Prep
1990 Defense Dave Rebar Mid-Valley
1989 Offense Tim Ruddy Dunmore
1989 Defense Tim Ruddy Dunmore
1988 Offense Dan Pigeon Lakeland
1988 Defense Tim Ruddy Dunmore
1987 Offense Rick Bray Valley View
1987 Defense Tom Prawdzik Lakeland
1986 Offense Rick Bray Valley View
1986 Defense Marc Spindler West Scranton
1985 Offense Gary Murracco Dunmore
1985 Defense Marc Spindler West Scranton
1984 Offense Len Kresefski Scranton Prep
1984 Defense Ernie Sebastianelli Valley View
1983 Offense Brock Edwards North Pocono
1983 Defense Glenn Pazzaglia Valley View
1982 Offense Chris Clauss Lakeland
1982 Defense Gary O' Grady Scranton Prep
1981 Offense Chris Clauss Lakeland
1981 Defense Bob Charette Scranton Tech
1980 Offense Jack Miles Dunmore
1980 Defense Pete Giombetti Valley View
1979 Offense Doug Davis Abington Heights
1979 Defense Jim Simrell Scranton Central
1978 Offense Darrell Frantz Scranton Central
1978 Defense Bob Balkunas Riverside
1977 Offense Vince Tomasetti Old Forge
1977 Defense Lou Armezzani Valley View
1976 Offense Jim Giombetti Valley View
1976 Defense Steve Hricenak Abington Heights
1975 Offense Ed Bugno West Scranton
1975 Defense Mike Yaworski Valley View
1974 Offense Chris Matics Scrantop Prep
1974 Defense Chris Belardi Scranton Central
1973 Offense Henry Wylam Pld Forge
1973 Defense Lou Coviello Dunmore
1972 Offense Jim Walton Valley View
1972 Defense Jim Moran Valley View

Prior to 1972 there was only one winner

                  * First Tie in the history of the Award

1971 Charlie Scalamonti Valley View
1970 John Cheplick Valley View
1969 Charlie Raymond Dunmore
1968 Tom Wascura Blakely
1967 Don Toolan Blakely
1966 Ernie Weston Blakely
1965 Gino Merli Blakely
1964 Jim Kane Dunmore
1963 William Stetzar West Scranton
1962 Lou Astolfi Old Forge
1961 Lou Astolfi Old Forge
1960 Marty Marino Old Forge
1959 Pete Kwolek Blakely
1958 Leonard Kresefski Old Forge
1957 Leonard Kresefski Old Forge