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Written by: on Sunday, February 9th, 2020


We are proud to announce the following players have been named to our

2020 All-Academic Bronze Team.

Members of this team competed in the 2019 season with a GPA of 3.0 – 3.4

If you or your team is not listed, please email we will continue to add to
this list as long as it takes to get everyone on!

Player Name Position Team Year
Andrick Wesh RB Abington 2020
Marc Macione LB Abington 2020

Mike Malone

OL/DE Abington Heights 2020
Tristan Burns TE/DE Abington Heights 2020
Louis Natale RB/LB Abington Heights 2020
Samuel Casimir OL/DL Abington Heights 2020
Will Stevens OL/DL Abington Heights 2021
Connor Dempsey TE/DE Abington Heights 2021
Brian Pronitis FB/LB Abington Heights 2021
Burke Colombo FB/LB Abington Heights 2021
Michael Stanton WR/DB Abington Heights 2022
Connor MacPherson OL/DE Abington Heights 2022
Dominic Potis OL/DL Abington Heights 2022
Justin Mabie OL/DL Abington Heights 2022
Frank Thomas RB/CB Aliquippa 2022
Deklan Shaughnessy OT/DT Annville-Cleona 2020
Evan Heilman RB/DB Annville-Cleona 2020
Josh Speraw RB/DB Annville-Cleona 2020
Tyler Long RB/DB Annville-Cleona 2020
Artic Kitchen WR/DB Bald Eagle Area 2020
Drew Koleno WR/DB Bald Eagle Area 2020
Dylan Roberts OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2020
Jaden Jones QB/DB Bald Eagle Area 2020
Kaden Bittinger WR/DB Bald Eagle Area 2020
Michael Lefebvre TE/DE Bald Eagle Area 2020
Nathan Hoover LB/WR Bald Eagle Area 2020
Tommy Snyder DE/RB Bald Eagle Area 2020
Zachary Wible LB/RB Bald Eagle Area 2020
Gage Watson OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2021
Hunter Snoberger OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2021
Brayden Comly WR/DB Bald Eagle Area 2022
Chandler Burns OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2022
Garrett Burns QB/LB Bald Eagle Area 2022
Hunter McCool OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2022
Owen Irvin DB/WR Bald Eagle Area 2022
Quintin Bennett OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2022
Gavin Eckley Slot/DB Bald Eagle Area 2023
Dante Castagna OL/DL Beaver 2020
Josh Hedge WR/CB Beaver 2020
Joe Hammel WR/LB Beaver 2021
Mackenzie Boyd PK Beaver 2021
Mark Ramer OL/DL Beaver 2021
Tyler Ziggas QB/DB Beaver 2021
Justin Molchen WR/DB Beaver 2022
Nick Oliver OL/DL Beaver 2022
Cam Holt WR/LB Beaver 2023
Liam Gibson WR/FS Beaver 2023
Deran Miller OL DL Bedford 2020
Miles Washington RB DB Bedford 2020
Hunter Cessna OL DL Bedford 2021
Jaydin Vargas OL DL Bedford 2021
Ben Tenuta TE / LB  Belle Vernon 2019
Devon Marmie OL / DL Belle Vernon 2019
Gage Rogge FB / DL Belle Vernon 2019
Jared Hartman QB / LB  Belle Vernon 2019
Joey Federer RB / LB Belle Vernon 2019
Mason Pascoe RB Belle Vernon 2019
Blandon Hawkins WR/DB Bellefonte 2021
Ethan Rossman QB/LB Bellefonte 2021
Max Barrier OL/DL Bellefonte 2021
Nicholas Capparelle ATH/DB Bellefonte 2021
Jacob Hummel ATH/DB Bellefonte 2022
Connor Fellabaum OT Bellwood-Antis 2021
Preston Wilson SE Bellwood-Antis 2021
Connor Gibbons RB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Gaven Ridgway S Bellwood-Antis 2023
Jason Villegas  TE/DE  Berlin 2020
Logan Johnston OL/DL  Berlin 2020
Aspen Hay  RB/LB  Berlin 2021
Brady Glessner  K/P  Berlin 2021
Chayse Hyatt  OL/DL  Berlin 2021
Danny Heider  OL/DL  Berlin 2021
Randy Delancy  OL/DL Berlin 2021
Sean Foy  TE/DE Berlin 2021
Carson Harding  RB/LB  Berlin 2022
Hunter Cornell RB/LB  Berlin 2022
Nic Gerber OL/DL  Berlin 2022
Holby McClucas  RB/LB  Berlin 2023
Aaron Dupler RB/LB Bermudian Springs 2020
Carter King C/DT Bermudian Springs 2020
Carter Laughman TE/DE Bermudian Springs 2020
Jaedrek Talley WR/DB Bermudian Springs 2020
Joe Cooper OT/DE Bermudian Springs 2020
Jhonathan Balek C/DT Bermudian Springs 2021
Johnathan Balek C/DT Bermudian Springs 2021
Mason Smith OG/DE Bermudian Springs 2022
Anthony Sisco TE/DE Berwick 2020
Eric Montez DL Berwick 2020
Mike Zalutko OL/LB Berwick 2020
Jake Lanning OL/DL Berwick 2021
George French OL/DL Bethlehem Catholic 2020
Jerry Lyons OL/DL Bethlehem Catholic 2020
Malik Thomas RB/S Bethlehem Catholic 2020
Matt Stianche WR/C Bethlehem Catholic 2020
Clayton Basile FB/LB Bethlehem Catholic 2021
Dalton Kucher OL Bethlehem Catholic 2021
Declan Dean DE Bethlehem Catholic 2021
Ian Kish WR/S Bethlehem Catholic 2021
Tyler Conigy OL/DT Bishop Guilfoyle 2020
AJ Kilmartin DB/WR Bishop Guilfoyle 2022
Amir Ortega Andrews RB/OLB Bishop McCort 2021
Mason Gress RB/OLB Bishop McCort 2021
Patrick Dempsey RB/LB Bishop McCort 2021
Justin Edmiston OL/DL Bishop McCort 2022
Trenton Boltz OL/DL Bishop McCort 2022
Jordan Nichols RB/OLB Bishop McCort 2023
Ben Marsico FS Bishop McDevitt 2020
Bryce Connor WR Bishop McDevitt 2020
Feyisayo Oluleye QB-WR Bishop McDevitt 2020
Joe Dinello TE-DE Bishop McDevitt 2020
Julian Bakos LB Bishop McDevitt 2020
Justin Piper SS Bishop McDevitt 2020
Mario Easterly WR Bishop McDevitt 2020
Sawyer Morgan OG-DT Bishop McDevitt 2020
Marquese Williams RB Bishop McDevitt 2023
Riley Robell LB Bishop McDevitt 2023
James Darno WR/FS Blackhawk 2020
Kail Davidson OL/DL Blackhawk 2020
Marques Watson Trent LB/RB Blackhawk 2020
Matt Randza WR/DB Blackhawk 2020
Niko Beres LB/RB Blackhawk 2020
Tyler Fedisin WR/DB Blackhawk 2020
Max Martin DL/OL Blackhawk 2021
Carson Davidson QB/FS Blackhawk 2022
Hayden Davis WR/LB Blackhawk 2022
Marco Borello WR/DB Blackhawk 2020 
Carson Heckathorn  WR/SS Blackhawk 2022 
Isaac Thomas RB/LB Blacklick Valley 2020
Dan Farrell RB/DB Blue Mt  2020
Nick Morgan OL/DL Blue Mt  2020
Ross Bobbin OL/DL Blue Mt  2020
Gavin Bartholomew TE/DE Blue Mt  2021
JT Goeckel  TE/DE Blue Mt  2022
Coyle, Declan K Boyertown 2020
McGough, Tyler G Boyertown 2020
O’Donnell, Tommy OL/DL Boyertown 2020
Taylor, Isaac CB Boyertown 2020
Tidd, Aaron S Boyertown 2020
Dulin, Joey LB Boyertown 2021
Myers, Jon RB/LB Boyertown 2021
Slowik, Joe T Boyertown 2021
Pry, Kyle OL/DL Boyertown 2022
Shane, Brandon LB Boyertown 2022
Anthony Panarello QB/OLB Boyertown 2023
Hayden, Drake TE/LB Bradford 2021
Hughes, Ryan G/DT Bradford 2021
Liners, Alex G/LB Bradford 2021
Morrisroe, Harrison T/DT Bradford 2021
Pattison, Jake RB/LB Bradford 2021
Gonzalez, Nolan FB/DE Bradford 2022
Komidar, Jon SE/S Bradford 2022
Gangloff, Alex C/DT Bradford 2023
Gray, Chase T/DT Bradford 2023
Laktash, Lucas QB/S Bradford 2023
Jack Krug QB/S Brookville 2021
Linkin Radaker RB/LB Brookville 2021
Rodney Waggoner OT/DT Brookville 2021
Ryan Daisley WR/DB Brookville 2021
Tyler Herman  WR/DB  Burrell 2021
Caden DiCaprio  RB/LB  Burrell 2022
Connor Coleman OL/DL  Burrell 2022
Gavynn Thompson OL/DL  Burrell 2022
Thristone Miller  WR/DB  Burrell 2022
Anthony Davuduk    WR/DB Butler 2020
Emery Douthett K/P Butler 2020
Zach Slomers WR/DB Butler 2020
Ashton Gray OL Butler 2022
Cole Slezak LB Butler 2022
Kaleb Proudfoot  OL Butler 2022
Colton Irwin DE/H Canon-McMillan 2020
Jacob Lloyd OL Canon-McMillan 2021
Logan North FS Canon-McMillan 2021
Mario Eafrati TE/DE Canon-McMillan 2021
Tyler Greenleaf WR/S Canon-McMillan 2021
Anthony Capozzoli LB/TE Canon-McMillan 2022
Jadon Rahman DB/WR Canon-McMillan 2022
John Ackerman DE/TE Canon-McMillan 2022
Ryan Leichty OL Canon-McMillan 2022
Ben Urso QB Canon-McMillan 2023
Noah Livesay OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2023
Carter Knecht  LB  Canton  2020
Garrett Storch  OL/LB  Canton  2020
Jaden Hulslander  OL/DL  Canton  2020
Nichloas May  WR/LB  Canton  2020
Owen Wesneski RB/LB  Canton  2020
Trevor Williams  OL/DL  Canton  2020
Benjamin Knapp  TE/DE  Canton  2021
Jaheim Howard RB/FS Cathedral Prep 2020
Mitchell Sweeney OL Cathedral Prep 2020
X’Zonder Goodwin WR/DB Cathedral Prep 2021
Connor Loveless LB CB East 2020
Luke Keller DE CB East 2020
Peyton Pflug FB CB East 2020
David Nimmo RB CB East 2021
Ethan Embrey OG/DT CB East 2021
Nick Sebal OT/LB CB East 2021
Ryan Forbes LB CB East 2021
Will Silverman WR CB East 2021
Bryce Baker RB/DB CD East 2020
Mekai Scott-Crittenden QB/WR CD East 2020
Trey wallace-Koons TE/DE CD East 2020
Jayden Sims WRB/DB CD East 2021
Kyle Williams OL/DL CD East 2021
Ryan Hohenshelt Center Central Dauphin 2020
Cameron Sansoni DL Central Dauphin 2020 
Nick Chimienti WR/DB  Central Dauphin 2020 
Ethan Ott K Central Valley 2020
Jake Wilson OL / DL Central Valley 2020
Jawon Hall WR / DB Central Valley 2020
Amarian Saunders RB / OLB Central Valley 2021
Hunter Mitchell OL / DL Central Valley 2021
Justin Thompson TE / DE Central Valley 2021
Stephon Hall WR / DB Central Valley 2021
Bryce Wilson WR / DB Central Valley 2022
Chris Bullock WR / DB Central Valley 2022
Cody Anderson TE / LB Central Valley 2022
Keegan Adamson TE / OLB Central Valley 2023
Matt Gerovac TE / LB Central Valley 2023
Andrew Butler Central York
Brayden Bowers Central York
Brendan Harris Central York
Ian McNaughton Central York
James Jackson Central York
Judah Tomb Central York
Kairyn Brown Central York
Keelan Stroman Central York
Garner Funk TE/DE Chambesburg 2020
Mason Yeager OT/DT Chambesburg 2020
Nathan Hoffeditz C/DT Chambesburg 2020
Terell Williams TE/LB Chambesburg 2020
Chase Shaffer C/DE Chambesburg 2021
Kevin Lee WR/CB Chambesburg 2021
Kisla Hilaire RB/SS Chambesburg 2021
Caleb Nelson WR/DB Chartiers Valley 2020
Dammion Bundridge WR/DB Chartiers Valley 2020
Griffin Beattie QB/DB Chartiers Valley 2020
Anthony Collura WR/DB Chartiers Valley 2021
Chase Bruggeman OL/DL Chartiers Valley 2021
Darius Mclendon OL/DL Chartiers Valley 2021
Donovan O’malley TE/LB Chartiers Valley 2021
Isaac Minetti-Houser OL/DL Chartiers Valley 2021
Seth Bauman OL/DL Chartiers Valley 2021
Socrates Boulis QB/DB Chartiers Valley 2021
Anthony Mackey QB/DB Chartiers Valley 2022
Patrick Mulligan RB/LB Chartiers Valley 2022
Avin Grant LB Cheltenham 2020
Darenmeen Xayamoungkhoun OL/DE Cheltenham 2021
Nathaniel Felix OL/DL Cheltenham 2021
Jordan Lilly LB Cheltenham 2023
Josh Grady K/P Cheltenham 2023
Aasim Muhammad LB Chester 2020
Brendan Parsons QB Clairton 2020
Bloom, Quentin Clearfield 2020
Zattoni, Brett Clearfield 2020
Billotte, Ian Clearfield 2021
Bush, Matt Clearfield 2021
Firanski, Logan Clearfield 2021
Alban, Jose Clearfield 2022
Noah Palm QB/DB Cocalico 2020
Aaron Weitzel K Cocalico 2021
Alex Estrada WR/DB Cocalico 2021
Carson Nash WR/DB Cocalico 2021
Casey Bernhard WR/DB Cocalico 2021
Luke Angstadt WR/LB Cocalico 2022
Jacob Kohl RB/LB Cocalico 2023
Ky’Ron Craggette RB/LB Connellsville 2021
George Shultz LB/RB Connellsville 2022
Ethan Biancone Sp. Teams Conrad Weiser 2020
Josh Pichler DL Conrad Weiser 2020
Owen Dautrich RB/DB Conrad Weiser 2020
Owen McDermott Sp. Teams Conrad Weiser 2020
Turner Dianna WR/DB Conrad Weiser 2020
Luke Capozzi OL Conrad Weiser 2021
Tyler Kissling Sp. Teams Conrad Weiser 2021
Nate Fizz Sp. Teams Conrad Weiser 2022
Garret Swank WR/DB Crestwood 2020
Matt Shiplett DE Crestwood 2020
Jeremy Buzak OL/DL Crestwood 2021
Logan Arnold LB/TE Crestwood 2021
Ethan Stoltz WR/DB Crestwood 2022
Zach Snyder DL Crestwood 2022
Dan LaPadula OL Delaware Valley 2020
Eric Lefysk LB Delaware Valley 2020
Hunter Klien TE/LB Delaware Valley 2020
Joel Loomis OL/DL Delaware Valley 2020
Ashton Collado LB Delaware Valley 2021
Finnegan McCormack DB Delaware Valley 2021
Mike Gecik OL/DL Delaware Valley 2021
Preston Machado S Delaware Valley 2021
Robert Lucas WR/TE/LB Delco Christian 2021
Connor Crowe WR/DB Delco Christian 2022
Phillip King OL/DL Delco Christian 2023
Brad Peszek LB Downingtown West 2020
Max Hale DE/LB Downingtown West 2020
Patrick Cusack DE Downingtown West 2020
Spencer Machulski P/K Downingtown West 2020
Alex O’Harah OL/DL DuBois Area 2020
Lucas Buchanan OL/DL DuBois Area 2020
Bobby Kennis OL/DL DuBois Area 2021
Dale Kot WR/DB/P/KR DuBois Area 2021
Tyler Christner WR/LB DuBois Area 2021
Zach Henery RB/LB DuBois Area 2021
Brycen Dinkfelt TE/DE DuBois Area 2022
Erich Benjamin TE/DE DuBois Area 2022
Cam-Ron Hays QB DuBois Area 2023
Austin Miller RB/LB East Stroudsburg South 2020
Brandon Boushell OL/DL East Stroudsburg South 2020
Nyree Ford-Cherry DB East Stroudsburg South 2020
Jared Cirillo DB East Stroudsburg South 2021
Brayden Dedrick WR/CB Eastern York 2020
Dillon Mealey HB/DB Eastern York 2020
Kaleb Corwell HB/LB Eastern York 2020
Pola Salama OL/DL Eastern York 2020
Zach Doyle OL/DL Eastern York 2020
Jake Doyle OL/DL Eastern York 2021
Maya Gohn Mgr Eastern York 2021
Nate Dandridge OL/DL Eastern York 2021
Brady Walker OL/DL Eastern York 2022
Kobe Fake OL/DL Eastern York 2022
Neijon Gonzalez OL/LB Eastern York 2022
Zach Dice HB/CB Eastern York 2022
Brodie Porter OL Eisenhower 2021
Caleb Robinault WR/DB Eisenhower 2021
Dillon Benson wr/lb Eisenhower 2021
Jared Beers OL/LB Eisenhower 2021
Trevor Welker WR/DB Eisenhower 2021
Adnan Traore OL/LB Elizabethtown Area 2020
Anthony Pagan WR/DB Elizabethtown Area 2020
Cole Rice WR/DB Elizabethtown Area 2020
Brandon Lewis WR/DB Elizabethtown Area 2021
Sean Doll TE/DL Elizabethtown Area 2021
Brandonn Frey TE/DL Elizabethtown Area 2022
Patrick Gilhool QB Elizabethtown Area 2022
Devon Scott WR Exeter 2020
Nate Brady G Exeter 2020
Nick Shafer DB Exeter 2020
Giovani Nowotarski WR/DB Exeter 2021
Tim Furman C Exeter 2021
Tyler Yocum RB/LB Exeter 2022
Jeremy Raymond RB-OL/LB Fairview 2020
Richard Chase OL/OLB Fairview 2020
Andrew Smith P/K Fairview 2022
Logan Daeschner OL/DL Fairview 2022
Trevor Johnston RB-WR/OLB Fairview 2022
Jared Gennuso WR/DB Fairview 2023
Anthony Stallworth RB Farrell 2022
Taydon Strickland LB Farrell 2022
AJ Christofes OL, DL Ferndale Area 2020
Alex Mills OL, DL Ferndale Area 2020
Ben Vuckovich OL, LB Ferndale Area 2020
Deven Geibig WR, DE Ferndale Area 2020
Jacob Halliday OL, DL Ferndale Area 2020
Kai Gorzelsky OL, DL Ferndale Area 2020
Seth Coleman WR, S Ferndale Area 2020
Eli Stewart HB/DB Franklin 2020
Ian Haynes QB Franklin 2020
Josh Nettles OL/DE Franklin 2020
Cade Adams WR Franklin 2021
Brody Woods WR/DB FREEPORT 2020
Garret Shchauffhauser QB/OLB FREEPORT 2020
Isaiah Bauman WR/DB FREEPORT 2020
Noah McQuade OL/DL FREEPORT 2020
Dennis Daugherty OL FREEPORT 2021
Gavin Stahman HB/OLB FREEPORT 2021
Mario Devivo WR/DB/ST FREEPORT 2021
Andrew Sullivan HB/OLB FREEPORT 2022
Cole Charlton WR/OLB FREEPORT 2022
Jackson Reisar ILB FREEPORT 2023
Lane, Ben WR/DB FREEPORT 2023
Parker Lucas WR/DB FREEPORT 2023
Brandon Brown WR/DB GCC 2020
Chase Pisula OL/DL GCC 2020
Dom Weber OL/DL GCC 2022
Tyler Shafer OL/DL GCC 2022
Xander Colcombe OL/DL GCC 2022
Alec Sukay WR/DB GCC 2023
Emery Kindel OL/DL GCC 2023
Mikey Lucotch OL/DL GCC 2023
Bennett Litchstien S/QB George School 2020
Caden Loutzenhiser WR/SS Greenville 23
Jon King QB/LB Greenville 2020
Justin Stuyvesant K Greenville 2020
Bryce Stubert OT/DT Greenville 2021
Garrett Potter OC/LB Greenville 2021
Ross Swartz OT/DT Greenville 2021
Anthony Gentile OG/DT Greenville 2022
Blair Paxton WR/FS Greenville 2022
Brady Kincaid WR/LB Greenville 2022
Jalen Ritzert WR/FS Greenville 2022
Mason Moore WR/SS Greenville 2022
Trustin Jobes RB/LB Greenville 2022
Aden Sasala RB/LB Greenville 2023
Lance Craig OL/DL Grove City 2020
Anthony Pereira WR/LB Grove City 2022
Dillon Winger OL/LB Grove City 2022
Carter Moylan OT/DT Hamburg Area 2020
Jacob Phillips OG/DE Hamburg Area 2020
Hunter Shuey TE/DE Hamburg Area 2021
Travis Colson RB/OLB Hamburg Area 2021
Diohnny Ruiz RB/OLB Hamburg Area 2022
Charlie Zettlemoyer ILB Hamburg Area 2023
Conner Licklider RB/ILB Hamburg Area 2023
Avery Hill TE/LB Hampton 2020
Will Schuit WR/DB Hampton 2020
Logan Schwartz OL/DL Hampton 2022
Matt Dematteo B/DB Hampton 2022
Micheal Berarducci Hampton 2022
Ben Haseirig WR/DB Hampton 2023
Matthew Salwoski QB/S Hanover Area 2020
Derek Knorr T/DT Hanover Area 2021
Hunter Karpowich RB/LB Hanover Area 2021
Jacob Mercandante T/DE Hanover Area 2021
Joseph Curcio QB/LB Hanover Area 2021
Michael Kocher OL/DT Hanover Area 2021
Camron Ceppa WR/LB Hanover Area 2022
Matthew Herbert RB/LB Hanover Area 2022
Aiden Frields RB/LB Hanover Area 2023
Amir Benson RB, LB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2021
Beau Gebhart TE, DE Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2021
Breyden Parry WR, MLB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2022
Bryan Karst WR, CB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2022
Henry Garcia G, DT Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2022
Lex Martinez-Colon RB, CB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2022
Camron Geesey RB, MLB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2023
Zion Heath RB, MLB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2023
Bainey Alexander #REF! Hickory 2020
Zach Krempasky LONG SNAP Hollidaysburg 2020
Michael Bagley OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2020
Paddock Trenton RB/DL Hollidaysburg 2020
Pinter Ethan K Hollidaysburg 2020
Replogle Mason OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2020
Scarbro Jared WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2020
Weyant Anthony RB/DL Hollidaysburg 2020
Fox Chase WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2021
Franco Vincent OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2021
Mcginnis Jake QB Hollidaysburg 2021
Schultz Carter OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2021
Sloan Avery WR/DL Hollidaysburg 2021
Smith Charles OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2021
Wolfe Justin WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2021
Amick Gavin OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2022
Barrick Nathan OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2022
Cavalet Camden WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Grassi Rocco RB/LB Hollidaysburg 2022
Lindsey John WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Martellacci Bryce WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Mitchell Benjamin OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2022
Villalobos Jerry WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Walters Paul OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2022
Barrick Benjamin K Hollidaysburg 2023
Brandon Cramer OT Homer-Center 2020
Rob Clevenger OT Homer-Center 2020
Brennan Mogle TE/DE Homer-Center 2021
Bryson Graham LB Homer-Center 2021
Austin Zenisek WR/CB Homer-Center 2023
Mason Bell LB Homer-Center 2023
Riley Clevenger WR/LB Homer-Center 2023
Brady Carmody TE/DE Honesdale 2021
Brady Hansen K Honesdale 2021
Kane Rogers G/DE Honesdale 2021
Trevor Reed RB/LB Honesdale 2021
Jacob Orrick FB/LB Honesdale 2022
Andrew Miller WR/DB Huntingdon 2020
Chandler Lauer RB/FS Huntingdon 2020
Giovan Scaccia K/WR/DB Huntingdon 2020
Darin Harman WR/DB Huntingdon 2021
Myles Baney T/LB Huntingdon 2021
Brayden Hodak RB/LB Indiana Area 2020
Gavin Millen OL/DL Indiana Area 2021
Gavin Prebish OL/DL Indiana Area 2021
Black Hodak WR/CB Indiana Area 2022
Zach Herrington RB/SS Indiana Area 2022
Da’avionce Rodriguez RB/DB J.P. McCaskey 2020
Joseph Molina-Hill OL/DL J.P. McCaskey 2020
Joshua Martinez OL/DL J.P. McCaskey 2020
Ja-Hid Brown-Standford OL/DL J.P. McCaskey 2022
Jonathan Frederick OL/DL J.P. McCaskey 2022
Timathy Frederick OL/DL J.P. McCaskey 2022
Tyrese Henry WR/DB J.P. McCaskey 2022
Zyaire Corteguera WR/DB J.P. McCaskey 2022
Jose Garcia III RB/LB J.P. McCaskey 2023
Bill McMahon OL/LB J.P. McCaskey
Mike Casey OL/DL Jenkintown 2020
Brock Houser LB Jenkintown 2021
Scarpelli Michael OL/DL Jenkintown 2021
Collin Troup RB/LB Jenkintown 2021
Frankie Maratita QB/CB Jenkintown 2021
Dakota Koleszar OT/DE Jenkintown 2021
Dominic Giammanco OL/DL Jenkintown 2022
Iman Jackson WR/LB Jenkintown 2022
Justin Walbeck RB/LB Jersey Shore 2021
Beau Strika SS Jim Thorpe 2020
Kendall Herron FB/LB Jim Thorpe 2020
Jamie Bailer TB/S Juniata 2020
Tad Shellenberger K Juniata 2020
Emmanuel O’Donell E/S Juniata 2021
Hunter Treaster OL/DL Juniata 2021
Jace White RB/LB Juniata 2021
Colton Craig OL/DL Karns City 2021
Gage Cowoski WR/DB Karns City 2021
Owen Collwell K Karns City 2021
Anthony Leitem OL/DL Karns City 2022
Austin Brown OL/DE Karns City 2022
Blake Kaufman TE/OLB Karns City 2022
Luke Garing RB/LB Karns City 2022
Mason McNany RB/LB Karns City 2022
Donavan Edmonds LB Keystone 2020
Riley Woods T Keystone 2020
Nicholas Weaver RB/DE Keystone 2021
Peyton Means FB/LB Keystone 2021
Ian Keth WR/S Keystone 2022
Zander McHenry WR/S Keystone 2022
Jahmeir Adderley RB/SS Kiski Prep 2020
Liam Howe OG/LB Kiski Prep 2020
Micah Tillman TE/LB Kiski Prep 2020
Princeton Douglass RB/DB Kiski Prep 2020
Antonio Natale RB/LB Lakeland 2020
Chris Mellon WR/OLB Lakeland 2020
Chris Zabrowski OL/DL Lakeland 2020
Joe Jordan OL/DL Lakeland 2020
Nathan Lowry OL/DL Lakeland 2020
Robbie Thomas OL/DL Lakeland 2020
Zach Reeves WR/DB Lakeland 2020
Brandon Berry OL/DL Lakeland 2021
CJ Dippre QB/TE/DE Lakeland 2021
Connor Nevins WR/DB Lakeland 2021
Connor Passiment OL/LB Lakeland 2021
Giovanni Spataro RB/LB Lakeland 2021
Jaron Bullick RB/LB Lakeland 2022
Mason Ormsby OL/DL Lakeland 2022
Nick Mancuso WR/DB Lakeland 2022
Chris Traver DE Lake-Lehman 2020
Logan Hoyt OL Lake-Lehman 2020
Wyatt Lopasky C Lake-Lehman 2020
Chase Cole DT Lake-Lehman 2021
Colby Kennedy WR Lake-Lehman 2021
Damian Concklin DE Lake-Lehman 2021
Ethan Adams QB Lake-Lehman 2021
Jake Trumbower WR Lake-Lehman 2021
Luke Spencer WR/DB Lake-Lehman 2021
Nick Zaboski LB Lake-Lehman 2021
Ryan Eiden WR Lake-Lehman 2021
William LaBar DB Lake-Lehman 2021
Jake Simonson OL Lake-Lehman 2022
Cary Frick OL/DL Lancaster Catholic 2020
Liam Besecker OL/DL Lancaster Catholic 2020
Nevin Roman RB/DB Lancaster Catholic 2021
Ethan Spaulding  ATH/LB Lewisburg  2020
Harrison Murphy OL/DL  Lewisburg  2021
Jay Lannert  WR/LB  Lewisburg  2021
Brayden Schreffler  OL/DL  Lewisburg  2022
Alijah Kauffman WR/OLB Lower Dauphin 2020
Ben Spangenberg WR/DL Lower Dauphin 2020
Dakota Lawson OL/DL Lower Dauphin 2020
Gabe Davies FB/DL Lower Dauphin 2020
Isaac Buck RB/OLB Lower Dauphin 2020
Ameer Hunter OL/DL Lower Dauphin 2021
Benton Black RB/LB Lower Dauphin 2021
Dylan Warner WR/DB Lower Dauphin 2021
Nick Dirkman OL/DE Lower Dauphin 2021
Richard Eber QB/DL Lower Dauphin 2021
Carter Powell QB/LB Lower Dauphin 2022
Elison Onufer WR/DB Lower Dauphin 2022
Ryan Angerer TE/DE Lower Dauphin 2022
Will Nelson WR/DB Lower Dauphin 2022
Zack Davis WR/OLB Lower Dauphin 2022
Harrison Kirk QB/LB Manheim Township 2020
Jaden Floyd RB/LB Manheim Township 2020
Jon Engel WR/DB Manheim Township 2020
Josh Emge RB/LB Manheim Township 2020
Dan Engel WR/DB Manheim Township 2021
Evan Clark QB/SS Manheim Township 2021
Matt O’Gorman WR/DB Manheim Township 2022
Gabriel McClellan OL/DL Marion Center 2020
Jocilyn Thompson Kicker Marion Center 2020
Keegan Whitfield RB/LB Marion Center 2020
Marvin Beatty OL/DL Marion Center 2021
Brady Tonkin SE/DB Marion Center 2022
Cody Thomspon OL/DL Marion Center 2022
Josh Mabry DB Marple Newtown 2020
Ricky Wysocki OL Marple Newtown 2020
Johnnie Ebert OL/DL Marple Newtown 2021
Jack Hagerty LB/H back Marple Newtown 2022
Jonny Small WR/DB Marple Newtown 2022
Neo Vosschulte WR/DB Marple Newtown 2022
Tyler Fields OL/DL Marple Newtown 2022
Tyrell Mims DB Martin Luther King 2020
Nadir Mcleod WR/DB Martin Luther King 2021
Anglin Dante OL DL Mastery Charter 2020
Harris Edward RB DB Mastery Charter 2020
Jackson – Bey Rahmayne OL N/A Mastery Charter 2020
Coleman Abdul WR SS Mastery Charter 2021
Crawford Cion N/A DB Mastery Charter 2021
Paramore Arnold QB FS Mastery Charter 2021
Wylie Samir QB N/A Mastery Charter 2023
Blaze Grabowski LB McKeesport 2021
Terrence Glenn TE/DE McKeesport 2021
Kenneth Thompson SE/CB McKeesport 2023
Kevin Robertson WR Methacton 2020
Luca Numerato k Methacton 2020
Ryan Eckman OL Methacton 2020
Ryan Cassidy FB/DL Methacton 2021
Mike Merola  QB Methacton 2023
Tyler Weil-Kaspar LB Methacton 2023
Dylan Schultz QB Methacton 20200
Dakota Kennell  WR/DB  Meyersdale 2020
Ethan Shankle  OL/DL  Meyersdale 2020
Matthew Blubaugh  TE/DE  Meyersdale 2020
Reese Kennell  WR/DB  Meyersdale 2020
Tyler Fisher  WR/DB  Meyersdale 2020
Brair Sheets  QB/DB  Meyersdale 2021
Sam Hughes  WR/DB  Meyersdale 2021
Scott Hahn  RB/LB  Meyersdale 2021
Matt Boyce  FB/LB  Meyersdale 2022
Noah Wilt  RB/DB  Meyersdale 2022
Gabe Regester WR/DB Midd-West 2020
Reid Dunkleberger OL/DL Midd-West 2020
Kelly Ferguson DL Mifflin County 2020
Nicholas Crownover DL Mifflin County 2020
Drake Schaeffer S Mifflin County 2021
James Kenepp DL Mifflin County 2021
Dalton Brouillette DL Mifflin County 2022
Dylan Long DB Mifflin County 2022
Tyler Hunter RB Mifflin County 2022
Tyler Camp OL/DL Mifflinburg 2020
Clemente Ojinnaka HB/LB Milton Hershey 2020
Courage Moore QB/DB Milton Hershey 2020
Jose Mendez-Montero OL/DL Milton Hershey 2020
T.J. Hull RB/DB Milton Hershey 2020
Tigere Mavesere QB/DB Milton Hershey 2020
Averey Cutsail RB/LB Milton Hershey 2021
Ruben Serraro OL/DL Milton Hershey 2021
Terrill Chadwick RB/LB Milton Hershey 2021
Emilio Diaz OL/DL Milton Hershey 2022
Malachi Thomas SE/DL Milton Hershey 2023
Ethan Bulino DT Minersville Area 2020
Scott Schwalm QB/DB Minersville Area 2020
Ryan Andruchek WR/DB Minersville Area 2021
Anthony Guidone db/te Montour 2020
Ean Jones wr/olb Montour 2020
Justin Labrie de/te Montour 2020
Carson, Will OL/DL Montoursville 2020
Johnson, Travis OL/DL Montoursville 2020
Ranck, Cole OL/DL Montoursville 2020
Moll, Dylan RB/DB Montoursville 2021
Schmalhofer, Zackary DL Montoursville 2021
Dalena, Maddix QB Montoursville 2022
Feleppa, Joel OL/DL Montoursville 2022
Pulizzi, Rocco RB/DB Montoursville 2022
Batkowski, James RB/DB Montoursville 2023
Mason Hillman OL/DL Muncy 2020
Nathan Palmatier TE/LB Muncy 2020
Isaac Harris OL/DL Muncy 2022
Dillyn Sharr RB/LB Muncy 2023
Jake Ferhat RB LB Nativity 2020
Jake Kuperavage TE LB Nativity 2021
TJ Wagner TE DL Nativity 2021
Anthony Kromer OL DL Nativity 2022
Cody Miller QB DB Nativity 2022
Jack Miller RB DB Nativity 2022
Julius Walborn WR DB Nativity 2022
Jack Hughes K Neshaminy 2020
Kushal Patel P Neshaminy 2020
Rocco Boggi OL/TE Neshaminy 2020
Thomas Fitch TE Neshaminy 2020
Zack Magdelinskas C Neshaminy 2020
Kenny Monaco OL Neshaminy 2021
Andrew Kindness TE Neshaminy 2022
Greg Orleski RB/LB Neshaminy 2022
Christian Gormley WR/DB New Hope-Solebury  2022
Danny Grigas RB/CB North Schuylkill 2021
Dustin Wallace OL North Schuylkill 2021
Jared Russell WR/CB Northampton 2020
Tyrese Brandon RB/CB Northampton 2020
Kyle Perl DE Northampton 2021
Mike Cruz RB/S Northampton 2021
Levi Spotts OG/DT Northern Cambria 2021
Wenger Aidan WR/DB Northern York 2020
Fitterling Hunter OL/LB Northern York 2021
Ford Josh OL/DL Northern York 2021
Hertzog Hunter OL/DL Northern York 2021
Lodovici Joey OL/LB Northern York 2021
Wagner Clayton RB/DB Northern York 2021
Yohn Mason WR/DB/K Northern York 2023
JT Brubaker WR/DB Northwest Area 2020
Nick Wilson OL/DL Northwest Area 2020
George May RB/DL Northwest Area 2021
JT Verbinski OL/DL Northwest Area 2021
Matt Sorber TE/LB Northwest Area 2023
Brendan Dixon OL/DL Northwest Area 2020
Frankie Valletta RB/DB Northwestern 2020
Austin Bird TE / LB  Northwestern 2021
Austin Swift  RB/CB Northwestern 2021
Cody Conway WR/DB Northwestern 2021
Cole Bish OL / DL Northwestern 2021
Dawson Fiesler WR/FS  Northwestern 2021
Malachi Schaefer WR / DB Northwestern 2021
Martin Klaus  WR/DB Northwestern 2021
Mitchel Wienczkowski  TE / LB Northwestern 2021
Preston Runser K/OL  Northwestern 2021
Brent Swift LB Northwestern 2022
Jake Kelley WR/DB Northwestern 2022
Ken Jarvis  OL/DL Northwestern 2022
Thomas Lawrence OL / DL  Northwestern 2022
Tyler Gresh  OL / DL Northwestern 2022
Ben Campbell RB/DE  Northwestern 2023
Connor Hudson OL / DL Northwestern 2023
Joshshaun Perry WR / CB Northwestern 2023
Mason Cullers  OL / DL Northwestern 2023
Tanner Sumner WR / CB Northwestern 2020 
Andrew Stackhouse OT Notre Dame GP 2020
Christian Greggo WR-RB Notre Dame GP 2020
Liam Carroll OL/DL Notre Dame GP 2020
Matt Wolke DB Notre Dame GP 2020
Brandon Guffy OC Notre Dame GP 2021
Joe Galle WR/CB Notre Dame GP 2021
John Febbo V DB Notre Dame GP 2021
Lex Rivera OT Notre Dame GP 2021
Matt Frauen, Jr. RB Notre Dame GP 2021
Alex Cruz, Jr. WR/DB Notre Dame GP 2022
Cristofero Cucciuffo OL/DL Notre Dame GP 2022
Ethan O’Neill WR/LB Notre Dame GP 2022
Fulvio D’Avella LB Notre Dame GP 2022
Gavin Gibbs DB Notre Dame GP 2022
Logan Castellano OL/DL Notre Dame GP 2022
Nick Garrido K/P Notre Dame GP 2022
Tommy Wendland DE Notre Dame GP 2022
Bish, Caleb SE/DB Oil City 2020
Lingo, Lucas SE/DB Oil City 2020
Petro, Noah RB/LB Oil City 2020
Angros, AJ OL/DL Oil City 2021
Weilacher, Jayson OL/DL Oil City 2021
Yeager, Seth TE/DL Oil City 2021
Crocker, Cam OL/DL Oil City 2023
Andrew Sabo RB/ILB Palmerton 2020
Jordan Nelson ATH/ILB Palmerton 2020
Ethan Recker WR/DB Palmerton 2021
Hunter Connell OL/DL Palmerton 2021
Joey DeRossi WR/OLB Palmerton 2021
Owen Buck OL/DL Palmerton 2021
Jeremy Mooney OL/DL Palmerton 2022
Gabriel Hahn RB/LB Pen Argyl 2020
Jack Rissmiller WR/DB Pen Argyl 2020
Matthew Guerriere OL/DL Pen Argyl 2020
Morgan Layton TE/DE Pen Argyl 2020
Nick Gennusa RB/LB Pen Argyl 2020
Colin McKeague WR/DB Pen Argyl 2021
Gavin Amerman QB/LB Pen Argyl 2021
Lucas Maggipinto P/K Pen Argyl 2021
Sean Rumsey OL/DL Pen Argyl 2021
Tyler Caiazzo OL/DL Pen Argyl 2021
Woodrow Kindrew OL/DL Pen Argyl 2021
Brady Lawless RB/LB Pen Argyl 2022
Joshua Miller OL/DL Pen Argyl 2022
Colton Keat WR/DB Pen Argyl 2023
Dylan Ashenfalder
Lucas Betancourt
Pen Argyl
Pen Argyl
Brock Sral DL / OL Penn Cambria 2022
Nick White OL /DL Penn Cambria 2022
Zach Broad DB / WR Penn Cambria 2022
Zach Eckenrode LB / RB Penn Cambria 2022
Andy Wyland DL / OL Penn Cambria 2023
Jack Garner CB Pennridge 2020
Josh Garis WR Pennridge 2020
Cornelius Shoemake 2021. WR Pennridge 2021
Drew Kramer G Pennridge 2021
Elias Dantzler WR Pennridge 2021
Joey Kacerik WR Pennridge 2021
Zack Kraus LB Pennridge 2021
Phil Picciotti LB Pennridge 2023
Tyler Price DL/G Penns Manor 2021
Jonis Haines DB Penns Valley 2020
Colton Winkelblech RB/LB Penns Valley 2021
John Aston OL/DL Penns Valley 2021
Jonathan Houser OL/LB Penns Valley 2021
Lucas Homan OL/DL Penns Valley 2021
Mason Lieb TE Penns Valley 2021
Stephen Ripka WR/DB Penns Valley 2021
Elias Johnston   OL/DL Perkiomen Valley 2020
Gavin Euker  OL/DL Perkiomen Valley 2020
Kyle Rittenhouse  OL Perkiomen Valley 2020
Randy Washington  WR/DB Perkiomen Valley 2020
Brayden Basile  K/P Perkiomen Valley 2021
Nico Holder  ILB Perkiomen Valley 2021
Dalton Kintzel  ILB/ RB Pine Grove  2020
Josh Leininger QB/ S Pine Grove  2021
Shea Morgan C/WR Pine Grove  2021
Branden Ansell WR;LB Pine-Richland
Jacob Domer OL;DL Pine-Richland
Miguel Jackson DL Pine-Richland
Jaishon Hawkins DB Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Sharod Lindsey WR Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Carter Santos OL Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2021
Chase Horne DB Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2021
Elliot Donald DT Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2021
Eric Benson WR Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2021
Jd Younger DB Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2022
Alex Asnstasi TE Pittston Area 2020
John Symons LB Pittston Area 2021
Brandon Farell OL Pittston Area 2022
Ian Thrower OG/LB Poratge 2020
Kaden Claar WR/CB Poratge 2022
Eli Petruzzi OL/RB/DL Port Allegany 2020
Howie Stuckey WR/DB Port Allegany 2020
Hunter Kisko  OL/DL Port Allegany 2020
Dalton Distrola OL/DL/LB Port Allegany 2021
Ethan DeBockler RB/LB Port Allegany 2021
Blaine Moses  RB/LB Port Allegany 2023
Noah Archer RB/DB Port Allegany 2023
Jake Irvin OT/DT Portage 2020
Jake Popish OG/DT Portage 2021
Marcus Douglas OG/DE Portage 2021
Scott Berardinell RB/DE Portage 2021
Daiwik Phillips G/DT Pottstown 2020
Joneil Oister QB/DB Pottstown 2023
Damon Yost  QB Pottsville 2020
Eric Kriner  DB  Pottsville 2020
Jack Kalinich  C Pottsville 2020
Nate Robison  DE Pottsville 2020
Nick Mason  OT Pottsville 2020
Noah Lecher  G Pottsville 2020
Amari Dunn  FB/LB  Pottsville 2022
Brady Syster RB/CB Purchase Line
Charles Schmittle TE/DE Purchase Line
Ethan Bracken T/T Purchase Line
Gabe Kitchen RB/LB Purchase Line
Isaac Huey TE/LB Purchase Line
Jacob Barnett QB/S Purchase Line
Joe Lamer WR/CB Purchase Line
Matt Gooderham C/T Purchase Line
Maximus Falisec T/NG Purchase Line
Mike Zurenko T/T Purchase Line
Henderson OL/DL Red Land 2020
Rodenhaber FB/LB Red Land 2021
Weigel OL/DL Red Land 2023
Zander Winkle WR/S Reynolds 2020
Aidan Mull RB/WR/DL Reynolds 2021
Guy Rocco John-Daniello OL/DL Reynolds 2021
Luca Tofani WR/C Reynolds 2021
Luke Faber OL/DL Reynolds 2021
Quinton Early WR/DB Reynolds 2021
Travis Gealy OL/DL Reynolds 2022
Declan Eaton Te, Lb. Rochester 2020
Kadin Mersing OT,DT Rochester 2020
Tanner Ritchko TE,LB Rochester 2020
Tanner Shrum OG, DT Rochester 2020
Collin Byrnes FB / LB Salisbury 2020
Devon Alder FB / NG Salisbury 2020
Patrick Foley WR / DB Salisbury 2020
Timmy Buda HB/ CB Salisbury 2020
Weston Schaffer WR / FS Salisbury 2020
Anthony Scarcia OL / DL Salisbury 2022
Ben Krauss OL / LB Salisbury 2022
Glumac, Alex WR/S Serra Catholic 2020
Pais, Josiah WR/DE Serra Catholic 2020
Folino, Joe K/P Serra Catholic 2021
Holt, Jayvon WR/CB Serra Catholic 2022
Pearson, Paul WR/DE Serra Catholic 2022
Rocco, Max QB/S Serra Catholic 2022
Williams, Jaden RB/LB Serra Catholic 2022
Chatfield, DaQuan WR/CB Serra Catholic 2023
Blake Kucharski WR/DB Shaler Area 2020
Cole Siford ILB/FB Shaler Area 2020
Ryan Thibault DL/OL Shaler Area 2020
Alex Klingensmith OL/DL Shaler Area 2021
Roman Tortorea ILB/FB Shaler Area 2021
Dominic Rossi DB/QB Shaler Area 2022
Josh Miller RB/OLB Shaler Area 2022
Anthony Cipriano OL/DL Shanahan 2020
Connor Bailey K Shanahan 2020
Keegan Billie QB/LB Shanahan 2020
Ryan Mink WR/DB Shanahan 2020
Ryan Mooney WR/DB Shanahan 2020
Billy Leardi OL/DL Shanahan 2021
Sam Lukens OL/DL Shanahan 2021
Zach DiProspero FB/LB Shanahan 2021
Dan Darlak OL/DL Shanahan 2022
Evan Kapczynski TE/DB Shanahan 2022
Greg Lewis WR/DB Shanahan 2022
Luke Fardone RB/DB Shanahan 2022
Patrick Taylor OL/LB Shanahan 2022
Noah Kubyako LB Sharon 2020
Ty Eilam WR/DB Sharon 2020
Javionne Smith WR/DB Sharon 2021
Tyvell Richardson RB/DB Sharon 2021
Jaon Phillips WR/DB Sharon 2022
Melvin Riley RB/DE Sharon 2022
Jayveerh White RB/DB Sharon 2023
Zachary Persing G/DT Smethport 2020
Ryli Burrit WR/DB Smethport 2021
Noah Lent QB/FS Smethport 2022
Keegen Watson OL/DL Smethport 2023
Ryan Pelchy RB/LB Smethport 2023
Matthew Miller RB/LB Souderton Area HS 2020
Luke Pollock G / LB Souderton Area HS 2022
Andrew Franklin South Fayette 2020
Joey Russo South Fayette 2020
Luke Pschirer South Fayette 2020
Nolan Lutz South Fayette 2020
Zach Blank South Fayette 2020
Haiden Litwinovich South Fayette 2021
Jackson Lotinsky South Fayette 2021
Jimmy Matijevich South Fayette 2021
Naman Alemada South Fayette 2021
Ryan Mcguire South Fayette 2021
Ryan O’hair South Fayette 2021
Tristan Bedillion South Fayette 2021
Logan Yater South Fayette 2022
Cameron Greenaway C/WR South Williamsport 2021
Eric Vingom OL-DL Southern Lehigh 2020
Michael Bodner  WR-DB Southern Lehigh 2020
Alexander Geaneotes OL-DL Southern Lehigh 2021
Jacob Riedy   TE-LB Southern Lehigh 2021
John Rizzuto QB-DB Southern Lehigh 2021
Seth Rice   FB-LB Southern Lehigh 2021
Blaze Curry FB-LB Southern Lehigh 2022
Justin Balliet  OL-LB Southern Lehigh 2022
Peyton Elliott OL-LB Southern Lehigh 2022
Tyler Houser TE-LB Southern Lehigh 2022
Calvin Flemmens OL/DL Spring Grove 2020
Paul Glatfelter OL/DL Spring Grove 2020
Conlan Hoffman WR/DB Spring Grove 2021
Brandon McCauley WR/LB Spring Grove 2022
Hayden Emory OL/DL Spring Grove 2022
Justin Townes OL/DL Spring Grove 2022
Reilly Stone WR/DB Spring Grove 2022
Rhamel Batty WR/DB Spring Grove 2022
Armante Haynes RB, OLB Spring-Ford 2020
Jake Walter G St. Marys 2020
Justin Myer LB St. Marys 2021
Sean Lathrop LB St. Marys 2021
Terry Williams WR/CB St. Marys 2021
Conner Straub WR/LB St. Marys 2022
Dalton Steele WR/CB St. Marys 2022
Derek Villella DT St. Marys 2022
Alex Lukaschunis DT St. Marys 2023
Carter Price G/DT St. Marys 2023
Waylon Wehler DT St. Marys 2023
Addison Darcy OL/DL State College 2020
Alexa Thies MANAGER State College 2020
Jacob Beck DE State College 2020
Jacob Hockenberry OL State College 2020
Paul Sulman LB State College 2020
Dresyn Green RB/DB State College 2021
Nehemiah Howell RB State College 2021
Branden Price WR/DB State College 2022
Brandon Burrell WR/DB Stroudsburg 2020
Carter Henritzy OL Stroudsburg 2020
Eric Rodrigues WR/DB Stroudsburg 2020
Julian Sparks OL Stroudsburg 2020
Justin Carter H/LB Stroudsburg 2020
Juwan Little DL Stroudsburg 2020
Leo Sattimini PK/P Stroudsburg 2020
Wayne Hamilton H/LB Stroudsburg 2020
Brady Boback QB Stroudsburg 2021
Carmelo Silva OL/DL Stroudsburg 2021
Dominick Magalhaes DL Stroudsburg 2021
Donte Martin OL/DL Stroudsburg 2021
John Michael Weeks LB Stroudsburg 2021
Robert Cruz WR Stroudsburg 2021
Nathan Voorhis TE/DE Stroudsburg 2022
Xavier Dorst OL/DL Stroudsburg 2022
Jarred Smith  DE Susquehanna Twp 2020
Owen Wiener LB Susquehanna Twp 2021
Chris Robinson OL Susquehanna Twp   2020
Bowen Dame LB Thomas Jefferson 2020
Dylan Sullivan K Thomas Jefferson 2020
Nate Werderber LB Thomas Jefferson 2020
Ian Hansen WR/DB Thomas Jefferson 2021
Jack Konick DE Thomas Jefferson 2021
Austin Beels G/DE Trinity HS 2020
Mason Clemens Center Trinity HS 2020
Regis Seng TE/DE Trinity HS 2020
Braydon May WR/DB Trinity HS 2022
Drew Cain RB/LB Trinity HS 2022
Ty Banco FB/LB Trinity HS 2023
Alex Dailey OL/DL Tunkhannock 2020
Tyler Chesla DL Tunkhannock 2020
Shane Wood TE/DE Tunkhannock 2021
Jacob Davenport OL/DL Tunkhannock 2022
Ty Konen RB/LB Tunkhannock 2022
Colton Hoffman TE/LB Union/ACV 2020
Drayk Wolbert OL/LB Union/ACV 2021
Gaven Bowser RB/LB Union/ACV 2021
Karter Vogle WR/DB Union/ACV 2021
Tanner Merwin WR/DB Union/ACV 2021
Carter Terwint OL/LB Union/ACV 2022
Reece Brendlinger DB/WR United 2021
Tyler Vuckovich DE/OL United  2021
Austin Clark  LB/RB  United  2022
Isaiah Rose  DL/OL  United  2022
Jacob Boring  DB/WR  United  2022
Hunter Lentz RB/LB Upper Dauphin Area 2020
Nathan Faust OT Upper Dauphin Area 2020
Zachary Smeltz WR/S Upper Dauphin Area 2020
Hayden Harner WR/OLB Upper Dauphin Area 2021
Tyler Cleveland WR/CB Upper Dauphin Area 2021
Anthony Swenda RB/LB Upper Merion 2020
Charles Reinhardt K Upper Merion 2021
Justin Fisher OT/DE Upper Merion 2021
Brad Zielinski WR/DB Upper Merion 2022
Wyatt Hart OT/DE Upper Merion 2022
Cain Bennett LB Valley View 2020
Cyler Rozina OL/DL Valley View 2020
John Shnipes OL/DL Valley View 2020
PJ Schuster OL/DL Valley View 2020
Ian Little LB Valley View 2021
Hunter Vargo WR Wallenpaupack 2021
Nick Parrella DL/TE Wallenpaupack 2021
Mabret Levant DB Wallenpaupack 2022
TJ Schmalzle DB Wallenpaupack 2022
Aidan Hauser RB/DB Wellsboro 2020
Ryan Sweet WR/DB Wellsboro 2022
Andrew Erskine OL DL West Branch 2021
Camden Kopchik WR DB West Branch 2021
Noah Hoffner WR DB West Branch 2021
Trenton Bellomy WR DB West Branch 2021
Billy Bumbarger OL DL West Branch 2022
Derek Browne RB LB West Branch 2022
Kyle Kolesar OL DL West Branch 2023
Bryce Anderson WR/DB West Greeene 2022
Brock Bedilion OL/DL West Greene 2020
Gregory Staggers OL/DL West Greene 2020
Dalton Lucey WR/DB West Greene 2022
Nathan Orndoff QB/DB West Greene 2022
Ethan Price WR/DB West Greene 2023
Neil Lemon WR/DB West Greene 2023
George Troyer West Middlesex 2020
Jason Davis West Middlesex 2020
Alexander Rea West Middlesex 2021
Eddie Lowe West Middlesex 2021
Kaleb Turcotte West Middlesex 2021
Nicholas Kobielus West Middlesex 2021
Ian Smith West Middlesex 2022
Jesse Engle TE Williams Valley 2020
Jayden Cruz  WR Williams Valley 2020 
Tyler Clark RB/LB Williamsburg 2021
Wes McCall WR/DB Williamsburg 2021
Dylan Hartman OL/DL Williamsburg 2022
Lane Frederick OL/DL Williamsburg 2022
Sam Eger OL/DL Williamsburg 2022
Chris  Peterson OL/DL Williamsport 2020
Edward Jefferson WR/LB Williamsport 2020
Frankie Morrone QB/LB Williamsport 2022
Stavon Jefferson RB/LB Williamsport 2022
Trevor Sturgeon SE/CB Wilmington 2021
Xavier McDonald T/DT Wilmington 2021
Brayden Penwell T/DT Wilmington 2022
Luke Edwards FB/S Wilmington 2022
Skyler Sholler C/LB Wilmington 2022
Brandon Gilliard WR/DB Wissahickon 2021
Aidan DeFeo QB Wissahickon 2022
Nate DeVincent K Wissahickon 2022
Dillon Williams FB/LB Wyoming Area 2020
Dominic Deluca QB/S Wyoming Area 2020
Bryce Hinkle OL/DL Wyoming Area 2021
Jacob Williams QB/OLB Wyoming Area 2021
Shawn Kostak OL/DL Wyoming Area 2021
Ryan Gilpin OL/DL Wyoming Area 2022
Kevin Glover DL York High 2020
Tevin Singletary DL York High 2020
Tobee Stokes QB York High 2020
Jerry Jean-Baptiste DB York High 2021
JuJuan Orr OL York High 2021
Kelvin Matthews RB York High 2021
Shakir Wright DL York High 2021
Dermot Pogson OL/LB York Suburban 2021
Jamal Lewis FB/LB York Suburban 2022
Mike Bentivegna RB/SS York Suburban 2023
Billy Baldwin RB/LB Yough 2021
Glen Christner OL/LB Yough 2021
Dylan Underwood LB/RB Yough 2022
George Dietz OL/Dl Yough 2022
Nate McKenzie WR/DB Yough 2022
RJ Romano OL/DL Yough 2022
Brett Suehr OL/LB Yough 2023

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