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Written by: on Sunday, February 9th, 2020


We are proud to announce the following players have been named to our

2020 All-Academic Gold Team.

Members of this team competed in the 2019 season with a GPA of 4.0 and up

If you or your team is not listed, please email we will continue to add to
this list as long as it takes to get everyone on!

Player Name Position Team Year
Zach Boersma QB/DB/PK/P Abington Heights 2021
Colin Rooney OL/DE Abington Heights 2021
PT Cutrufello QB/DB Abington Heights 2022
Nick Deremer FB/LB Abington Heights 2022
Hutch Lynott QB/DB Abington Heights 2022
Matt Show RB/DB Abington Heights 2023
Joe Smith OL/DL Aliquippa 2020
Cory Boyer WR Annville-Cleona 2020
Dion Lopez OL/DL Annville-Cleona 2020
Jeremy Bours, Jr QB Annville-Cleona 2020
Asher Burkett OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2020
Ben Yetsko DB Bald Eagle Area 2020
David Close OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2020
Gage McClenahan DB/RB Bald Eagle Area 2020
Matthew Reese WR/DB Bald Eagle Area 2020
Peter Van Cise Kicker Bald Eagle Area 2020
Peter Van Cise k Bald Eagle Area 2020
Zeb Fry WR/DB Bald Eagle Area 2021
Carter Stere Kicker Bald Eagle Area 2022
Max Yetsko QB Bald Eagle Area 2022
Max Gonzalez WR/DB Beaver 2020
Brady Hansen QB/DB Beaver 2021
Connor Stewart WR/LB Beaver 2021
James Finch WR/DB Beaver 2021
Zach Harris RB/LB Beaver 2021
Wyatt Ringer RB/CB Beaver 2022
Sam Pidro WR/LB Beaver 2023
Ashton Dull TE LB Bedford 2021
Connor Clarke TE LB Bedford 2021
Elijah Cook RB LB Bedford 2021
Gregory Edwards WR DB Bedford 2021
Steven Ressler RB DB Bedford 2021
Josiah Weyant OL DL Bedford 2022
Lizzy Martz K K Bedford 2022
Mercury Swaim QB DB Bedford 2022
Hunter Ruokonen WR/DB Belle Vernon 2020
Max Bryer FB / DE Belle Vernon 2020
Mitchell Pohlot TE / DE Belle Vernon 2020
Nolan Labuda WR / DB Belle Vernon 2020
Dane Anden WR / DB Belle Vernon 2021
Austin Craig WR/DB Bellefonte 2020
CJ Funk RB/LB Bellefonte 2020
Julian Emel ATH/DB Bellefonte 2020
Nicholas Catalano WR/DB Bellefonte 2020
Nolan Putnam OL/DL Bellefonte 2020
Trae Bauman WR/DB Bellefonte 2020
Jalen Emel OL/DL Bellefonte 2021
Logan Houser ATH/DL Bellefonte 2021
Ryan Fitzgerald ATH/LB Bellefonte 2021
Trevor Mauk OL/DL Bellefonte 2021
Nicholas Way QB/DB Bellefonte 2022
Nolan Weaver HB/LB Bellefonte 2022
William Brininger OL/DL Bellefonte 2022
Evan Frye TE Bellwood-Antis 2020
Evan Pellegrine DT Bellwood-Antis 2020
Jackson Boyer OT Bellwood-Antis 2020
John Kost RB Bellwood-Antis 2020
Lincoln Boyer OLB Bellwood-Antis 2020
Maesen Eaken G Bellwood-Antis 2020
Trevor Miller QB Bellwood-Antis 2020
Troy Walker WR Bellwood-Antis 2020
Tyler Garner WR Bellwood-Antis 2020
Joe Dorminy S Bellwood-Antis 2021
Nic Caracciolo G Bellwood-Antis 2021
Nick Plank ILB Bellwood-Antis 2021
Owen Shedlock WR Bellwood-Antis 2021
Ty Noonan DB Bellwood-Antis 2021
Zach Mallon RB Bellwood-Antis 2021
Brandon Cherry OLB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Cooper Guyer DE Bellwood-Antis 2022
Dallas Smithmyer OLB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Dominic Caracciolo G Bellwood-Antis 2022
Nathaniel Jennings OT Bellwood-Antis 2022
Sean Mallon WR Bellwood-Antis 2022
Zach Pellegrine QB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Danny Weeden RB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Dominic Daughenbaugh DT Bellwood-Antis 2023
Dylan Andrews RB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Eli Pluebell TE Bellwood-Antis 2023
Ethan Norris ILB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Jason Pluebell ILB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Tighe Eaken TE Bellwood-Antis 2023
Owen Mathias  OL/DL  Berlin 2020
Abe Countryman  QB/DE  Berlin 2021
Isaac Etris  WR/DB  Berlin 2021
Preston Foor  FB/LB  Berlin 2021
Will Spochart  QB/DB  Berlin 2021
Luke Keller RB/OLB Bermudian Springs 2020
Travis Daniels WR/DB Bermudian Springs 2020
Blake Young WR/DB Bermudian Springs 2021
Jaylen Martinez QB/DB Bermudian Springs 2021
Matt Zelenski WR/OLB Bermudian Springs 2021
Ethan Beachy QB/DB Bermudian Springs 2022
Ethan King OG/DE Bermudian Springs 2022
Antonio Baratta WR/ SS Berwick 2020
Dallas Schechterly LB/TE Berwick 2020
Hayden Fox TE/DE Bishop Guilfoyle 2020
Jack Donoughe OL/LB Bishop Guilfoyle 2020
Ryan Negola RB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2020
Andrew Yanoshak TE/DE Bishop Guilfoyle 2021
Dylan McNelly LB/RB Bishop Guilfoyle 2021
J.T. Johnson RB/LB/WR Bishop Guilfoyle 2021
Konner Kiesewetter QB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2021
Zach McCloskey FB/MLB Bishop Guilfoyle 2021
Vincent Cioffari RB/DB/WR Bishop Guilfoyle 2022
Grant Jeanjaquet WR/DB Bishop McCort 2020
Jake Ardary RB/LB Bishop McCort 2020
Kole Lichtenfels RB/DE Bishop McCort 2020
Levi Allison QB/DB Bishop McCort 2020
Nate Vamos WR/DB Bishop McCort 2020
Nicholas McGowan OL/DL Bishop McCort 2020
Brendon Bair RB/LB Bishop McCort 2021
Bryce Bair WR/DB Bishop McCort 2021
Jon Chaney Ol/DL Bishop McCort 2021
Jordan Page WR/DB Bishop McCort 2021
Tim Williams WR/DE Bishop McCort 2021
Tom Dull OL/DL Bishop McCort 2021
William Haslett OL/DE/K Bishop McCort 2021
Alex Williams OL/LB Bishop McCort 2022
Colin Stevens WR/DB Bishop McCort 2022
Joe McGowan OL/DL Bishop McCort 2022
Devyn Clair LB Bishop McDevitt 2020
Danny McHale OT-DE Bishop McDevitt 2021
Gabe Arena OT Bishop McDevitt 2023
Ryan Heckathorn OLB/WR Blackhawk 2020
Dominic Dipaolo Ath/DB Blacklick Valley 2020
Noah McEvoy WR/DB Blacklick Valley 2020
Kolten Szymusiak Ath/DB Blacklick Valley 2022
Nathan Schilling FB/LB Blacklick Valley 2022
Blake Lipko P/K Blue Mt.  2020
Derek Walasavage QB/DB Blue Mt.  2023
Segal, Noah QB Boyertown 2021
David Anaya MLB Boys Latin 2020
David Anaya MLB Boys Latin 2020
McWilliams, Kyle T/DT Bradford 2021
Piscitelli, Gavin T/DE Bradford 2021
Dixon, Dalton HB/LB Bradford 2022
Nuzzo, Abbie K/P Bradford 2022
Donavan Hoffman K/ LB Brookville 2020
Ian Thrush WR/CB Brookville 2020
Creed Knepp RB/ LB Brookville 2021
Kyle MacBeth WR/CB Brookville 2021
Robert Keth WR/LB Brookville 2021
Warren Corbett OT/DE Brookville 2021
Hunter Smith OT/DE Brookville 2022
Tate Lindermuth WR/LB Brookville 2022
Brayden Kunselman WR/S Brookville 2023
Miles Bogush QB/DB Brookville 2023
Truman Sharp WR/DB Brookville 2023
Jack Henderson  WR/DB  Burrell 2020
Ricky Feroce  OL/DL  Burrell 2020
Trent Valovchik  WR/DB  Burrell 2020
Ian Quinn  OL/DL Burrell 2023
Hunter Neff DL Butler 2020
Cooper Baxter  QB Butler 2022
Jacob Pomykata OL Butler 2022
Nate Cornibe OL/DL Butler   2020
Connor McMahon TE/DL Canon-McMillan 2021
Xander Rossi QB/LB Canon-McMillan 2023
Austin Palmer  TE/LB  Canton 2020
Cameron Bellows WR/DB Canton 2021
Evan Landis  TE/DE Canton 2021
Joel Schoonover  WR/DB  Canton 2021
Caiden Williams  OL/DL  Canton 2022
Cooper Kitchen  WR/DB  Canton 2022
Brenan Taylor  OL/DL  Canton 2023
Riley Parker  RB/LB  Canton 2023
Weston Bellows WR/LB  Canton 2023
Kayden Williams  WR/DB  Canton   2020
Gianni Viglione LB Cathedral Prep 2020
Jack Oedekoven WR Cathedral Prep 2020
Mike Lupo FB/DE Cathedral Prep 2020
Mike Oblich LB Cathedral Prep 2020
Trayshawn L’Amoureux OL Cathedral Prep 2020
Gavin Irons LS Cathedral Prep 2021
Patrick Fortin WR/DB Cathedral Prep 2021
Tamar Sample QB Cathedral Prep 2021
Andrew Cassidy OLB/TE CB East 2020
Jack Duffy OG/DE CB East 2020
Jake Ventresca RB/DB CB East 2020
Matt Bartchak DE CB East 2020
Anthony Giordano QB CB East 2021
Bryce Smith C CB East 2021
Jack Vogelsong FS CB East 2021
Logan Fleegal OL/DL CD East 2020
Logan Fleegal OL/DL CD East 2020
Logan Fleegal OL/DL CD East 2020
Levi Krebs C/LB CD East 2021
Levi Krebs C/LB CD East 2021
Levi Krebs C/LB CD East 2021
Vincent Allsup WR/LB CD East 2021
Vincent Allsup WR/LB CD East 2021
Vincent Allsup WR/LB CD East 2021
Larrett Weaver LB Central 2020
Tyson Warner OT Central 2020
Mason Diehl FB Central 2022
Eli Lingenfelter WR/DB  Central 2023
Jeff Hoenstine Ath Central 2023
Kade Rhule RB Central 2023
Mason Benfer C Central 2023
Rylan Daugherty QB Central 2023
Jake Hicks LG Central Dauphin 2020
Dallas Osborne WR Central Valley 2020
Michael Yankello DL / OL Central Valley 2020
Reed Fitzsimmons LB / OL Central Valley 2020
Ameer Dudley QB Central Valley 2021
Connor McKeel OL / DL Central Valley 2022
Jordan Karczewski OL / OLB Central Valley 2022
Matt Merritt QB / OLB Central Valley 2022
Payton Bauer TE / LB Central Valley 2022
Sean Fitzsommons OL / DL Central Valley 2022
Carter Glassmyer Central York
Cole Luckenbaugh Central York
Connor Caruso Central York
Isaiah Sturgis Central York
Jack Smith Central York
Josh Gaffney Central York
Kyle Fontes Central York
Lake Hinderer Central York
Macon Myers Central York
Mason Myers Central York
Max Wertman Central York
Nick Guadagnino Central York
Robert Jamison Central York
Zach Gaffney Central York
Brady Stumbaugh QB Chambersburg 2020
Bryce Diller TE/LB Chambersburg 2020
Carmen Pompeii TE/DE Chambersburg 2020
Jake Corwell OT/LB Chambersburg 2020
Steve Alcegaire OG/DE Chambersburg 2020
Tyler Luther WR/CB/K/P Chambersburg 2020
Carter Sollenberger WR/SS Chambersburg 2021
Wesly Luke RB/LB Chambersburg 2021
Brandon Vaughn OG/DE Chambersburg 2022
Ethan Ott RB/SS Chambersburg 2022
James Lilley TE/DE Chambersburg 2022
Rafiqe Hilliard DB Chester 2020
Conner Oakes WR / DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2020
Hess, Zachary Clearfield 2020
Miller, Seth Clearfield 2020
Myers, Alan Clearfield 2020
Owens, Alex Clearfield 2020
Wain, Trevor Clearfield 2020
Bailor, Matt Clearfield 2021
Domico, Nick Clearfield 2021
Inguagiato, Zane Clearfield 2021
Lezzer, Jake Clearfield 2021
Pallo, Matt Clearfield 2021
Plubell, Jason Clearfield 2021
Billotte, Oliver Clearfield 2022
Kline, Karson Clearfield 2022
Kovalick, Hayden Clearfield 2022
Mcgonigal, Mark Clearfield 2022
Natoli, Nathan Clearfield 2022
Paul-Cook, Max Clearfield 2022
Steele, Josh Clearfield 2022
Ryan Brubaker OL/DL Cocalico 2022
Charles Drain IV OL/DL Cocalico 2023
Tyler Angstadt RB/LB Cocalico 2023
Connor Adams OL Conemaugh Township 2020
Ethan Williams K Conemaugh Township 2020
Evan Brenneman WR Conemaugh Township 2020
Gavin Miske OL Conemaugh Township 2020
Rylan Yingling OL Conemaugh Township 2020
Brad Robinson WR Conemaugh Township 2021
Cameron Stumpf OL Conemaugh Township 2021
Carson Huber WR Conemaugh Township 2021
Seth Rosey RB Conemaugh Township 2021
Tyler Poznanski WR Conemaugh Township 2021
Jackson Byer QB Conemaugh Township 2022
Nick Grosik TE Conemaugh Township 2022
Will Moyer OL Conemaugh Township 2022
Ethan Black WR Conemaugh Township 2023
Nathanael Snoeberger OL Conemaugh Township 2023
Tanner Shirley QB Conemaugh Township 2023
Andrew Kent QB/DB Conestoga High School 2020
Mitch Benjamin OL/DL Conestoga High School 2020
Noah Richardson Te/Lb Conneaut 2020
Tanner Niemann Qb/Db Conneaut 2020
Dan Ellis Wr/Db Conneaut 2022
Josh Maher QB/LB/P Connellsville 2020
Gage Gillott WR/LB Connellsville 2021
Brady Moyer SPT Conrad Weiser 2021
Erik Moyer LB Conrad Weiser 2021
Ben Kasper OL/DL Cornell 2020
Kaden Divito WR/OLB Cornell 2020
Jason Keene WR/DB Cornell 2022
Ryan Miller RB/LB Crestwood 2020
Brendan DeMarzo WR/DB Crestwood 2021
John Jones DT/OT Crestwood 2023
Jake McCracken WR Curwensville 2021
Andrew Freyer LB Curwensville 2022
Jake Mullins K/P/WR/CB Curwensville 2022
Thad Butler CB Curwensville 2022
Daniel McGarry QB Curwensville 2023
Josh Bloom C Curwensville 2023
Seth Croll LB Delaware Valley 2020
Ben Iott QB/LB Delco Christian 2020
Chengyong (Cavin) Chen RB/DB Delco Christian 2020
Daniel Granger RB/LB Delco Christian 2020
Will Howard QB Downingtown West 2020
Chase Husted TE/DE DuBois Area 2020
Jackson Pletcher RB/DE DuBois Area 2020
Lance Henninger LB/P DuBois Area 2020
Nick DiLullo WR/DB DuBois Area 2020
Joseph Fulmer QB/DE East Stroudsburg South 2020
DJ Lindor DB East Stroudsburg South 2021
Greg Yeager WR East Stroudsburg South 2021
Hunter Gilmore K East Stroudsburg South 2021
Kirk Young LB East Stroudsburg South 2021
Myles McHugh OL East Stroudsburg South 2021
Will Fish QB East Stroudsburg South 2021
Gary Welge RB/LB East Stroudsburg South 2022
Eliot Whiteside TE/LB Eastern York 2020
Bailey Bodien Mgr Eastern York 2021
Harry Feltenberger K Eastern York 2021
Jayden Ness OL/DL Eastern York 2021
Liz Heistand K Eastern York 2021
Brody Hinkle QB/DE Eastern York 2022
Bryce Currier WR/F Eastern York 2022
Linsday Wooditch Mgr Eastern York 2022
Kendal Hengst Mgr Eastern York 2023
Jessica Rose MGR Eastern York
Zane Alexander rb/db Eisenhower 2021
Mike Jones TE/LB Eisenhower 2022
Alexander Miller OL/DL Elizabethtown Area 2020
Cole Hitz WR/DB Elizabethtown Area 2020
Joseph Sikora OL/DL Elizabethtown Area 2020
Tristan Mabee OL/DL Elizabethtown Area 2020
Gavin Gray OL/DL Elizabethtown Area 2021
Robert Walters WR/LB Elizabethtown Area 2021
Josh Rudy QB/DB Elizabethtown Area 2023
Alex Javier WR/DB Exeter 2020
Robbie Unruh OT/DT Exeter 2020
Micah Glus WR/DB Fairview 2020
Samuel Zablontny RB/LB Fairview 2021
Jacob Miller OL/DL Fairview 2022
Charles Chevalier RB-WR/LB Fairview 2023
Dennis Panasenko OL/OLB Fairview 2023
Melvin Hopson OL Farrell 2020
Brice Butler  WR/DB Farrell 2021
Gary Satterwhite OL Farrell 2021
Chance Kelly WR, DE Ferndale Area 2020
Tyler Reighard OL, DE Ferndale Area 2020
Matthew Aulicino TE/DL FREEPORT 2022
Ben LaCarte WR/DB GCC 2020
Luke Mazowiecki WR/DB GCC 2020
Zach Kuvinka RB/LB GCC 2020
Aaron Stasko WR/LB GCC 2021
Joe Semelka OL/DL GCC 2021
Zach Dlugos RB/LB GCC 2021
Cole Spivak OL/DL GCC 2022
Dan Voelker RB/DB GCC 2022
Zach David RB/LB GCC 2022
Billy O’Conner LB/C George School 2022
Lane Fry OC/LB Greenville 2021
Nick Eynon TE/DE Greenville 2022
Matthew Howard OL/DL Grove City 2021
Zack Martin TE/LB Grove City 2021
Curtis Hovis RB/LB Grove City 2022
Zach Rodgers WR/DB Grove City 2022
Anthony Nemec RB/LB Grove City 2023
Hayden McCreadie QB/DB Grove City 2023
Ben Adam K Hamburg Area 2020
Patrick Hanlon QB Hamburg Area 2020
Cameron Harris SE/DB Hamburg Area 2022
Mitchell Watt QB/OLB Hamburg Area 2022
Kevin McFarland SE/DB Hamburg Area 2023
Pierce Mason RB/OLB Hamburg Area 2023
Xander Menapace OLB Hamburg Area 2023
Ben Hoevat RB/LB Hampton 2020
Geoff Gravite OL/DL Hampton 2020
Ian Andersson QB/DB Hampton 2020
Josh Andersson RB/LB Hampton 2020
Zach Krempasky LONG SNAP Hampton 2020
Michael Bagley OL/DL Hampton 2022
Auggie George K/P Hanover Area 2020
Michael Mieldazis T/DT Hanover Area 2020
Connor Hummer TE/LB Hanover Area 2021
Dylan Martinez TE/DE Hanover Area 2021
Pete Hibbard RB/LB Hanover Area 2021
Dakota Rubenstein OL/DE Hanover Area 2022
Aaron Eisenhart G, MLB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2020
Benjamin Newman C, DT Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2020
Brett Noel  RB, MLB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2020
Kehgan Wolf T, DT Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2020
Brady Noel T, DT Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2022
Mitchell Brown WR, CB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2022
Roger Romany-Walker RB, OLB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2022
Chase Roberts QB, CB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2023
Mason Smith  WR, OLB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2023
Bailey Phillps DE Hickory 2020
Hunter Stoots LB/RB Hickory 2020
Nathan Richards WR Hickory 2020
Micahel Henwood QB/DB Hickory 2021
Michael Trinchase C/DT Hickory 2021
Rocco Iacino LB/TE Hickory 2021
Jackson Pryts TE/LB Hickory 2022
Joey Fazone OT Hickory 2022
Sammy Mancino OT/DT Hickory 2022
Bettwy Nathan OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2020
Chaney Tristan WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2020
Heim David WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2020
Bainey Alexander RB/LB Hollidaysburg 2021
Mccoy Mark OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2021
Brozenich Evan WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Dipangrazio Ian RB/LB Hollidaysburg 2022
Faber Tyler WR/DB/P Hollidaysburg 2022
Owen Daniel OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2022
Ben Schmidt QB Homer-Center 2021
Drew Kochman WR/FS Homer-Center 2021
Micah Hurd C Homer-Center 2021
Anthony Rowland QB/SS Homer-Center 2022
Jared Orsargos WR/LB Homer-Center 2022
Sage Bernard OG Homer-Center 2022
Aiden Bekina OT/DE Homer-Center 2023
Joe Succheralli NG Homer-Center 2023
Michael Krejocic WR/CB Homer-Center 2023
Vinny Tagliati DT Homer-Center 2023
Zach Rouser WR Homer-Center 2023
Jacob Egan OL/DL Honesdale 2021
Jakob Burlein OL/LB Honesdale 2021
Joshua Clark OL/DL Honesdale 2022
Nicholas Troha QB/DB Huntingdon 2020
Nick Buckley C/DE Huntingdon 2020
Justin Raible RB/LB Indiana Area 2020
Luke Ciocca K Indiana Area 2020
Nick Hilliard WR/CB Indiana Area 2020
Ryan Putt WR/CB Indiana Area 2020
Vinnie Kalodner LB Interboro 2020
Zach Keeney OL/DL Interboro 2020
Alex Cooper WR/DB J.P. McCaskey 2022
Orion Frailey WR/DB J.P. McCaskey 2022
Stanton Westlin  WR Jersey Shore 2020
Joe Lorson OL Jersey Shore 2021
Owen Anderson DB/WR  Jersey Shore 2021
Karter Peacock  OL/DL  Jersey Shore 2022
Cayden Hess WR Jersey Shore
Cobe Frycklund T/DT Jim Thorpe 2020
Dylan Letcher QB/CB Jim Thorpe 2020
Garett Holloway T/DE Jim Thorpe 2020
Nolan Rehrig LB Jim Thorpe 2020
Tyler Hartman G Jim Thorpe 2020
TyMartin RB/LB Juniata 2020
Cam Sweigart RB/S Juniata 2022
Jacob Condo QB/LB Juniata 2022
Ethan McElroy OL/DL Karns City 2020
Brayden Christie WR/DB Karns City 2021
Nathan Waltman TE/DE Karns City 2021
Alex Rapp WR/DB Keystone 2020
Kirk Wolbert G/LB Keystone 2020
Haden Peters C/DL Keystone 2021
Keenan Heeter TE/DE Keystone 2021
Logan Sell WR/S Keystone 2021
Landon Hurrelbrink G/DL Keystone 2022
Bret Wingard  QB/LB  Keystone  2022
Nick Cosper k Keystone  2022
Archie Kimbrough WR/DB Kiski Prep 2020
Christopher Rubino FB/LB Kiski Prep 2020
Nathan Leo OL/DL Lakeland 2020
Colin Clauss-Walton TE/DE Lakeland 2021
Mike Pidgeon WR/DB Lakeland 2021
Robert Romanowski TE/DE Lakeland 2021
Tommy Vinansky TE/OLB Lakeland 2022
Dominico Spataro QB/DB Lakeland 2023
Kevin Snyder WR/DB Lakeland 2023
Blaise Napierkowski  OL Lake-Lehman 2021
Daniel Mueller K/Punter Lancaster Catholic 2022
Mason Reber Schuylkill Haven LB/RB 2021
Graden Feldmann  OL/LB  Lewisburg  2020
Josh Gose  OL/DL  Lewisburg  2020
Logan Moore  Lewisburg  2020
Nick Shedleski  QB  Lewisburg  2020
Ben Liscum  Lewisburg  2021
Jack Landis  WR/DB  Lewisburg  2021
Kaiden Spotts  OL/LB  Lewisburg  2021
Max Moyers  RB/LB  Lewisburg  2021
Schumacher  OL/LB Lewisburg  2021
Logan Callison  DB/WR  Lewisburg  2022
Owen Ordonez  TE/LB  Lewisburg  2022
Cam Michaels  RB/DB  Lewisburg  2023
Derek Shedleski  LB/WR  Lewisburg  2023
Dylan Croner  OL/DL  Lewisburg  2023
Evan Gemberling  OL/DL  Lewisburg  2023
Garrik Feldmann  OL/DL  Lewisburg  2023
Hagen Persun  OL/DL  Lewisburg  2023
Michael Farronato  QB/DB  Lewisburg  2023
Cage Dowden TE/LB Ligonier Valley 2020
Christian Jablonksi OT/DE Ligonier Valley 2020
John Beard III WR/DB Ligonier Valley 2020
Ben Robbins OLB Loyalsock 2020
Dane Armson SS Loyalsock 2020
Brady Dowell K Loyalsock 2021
Brenden Clark TE Loyalsock 2022
Cy Cavanaugh LB Loyalsock 2023
Aspen Stahl Emig OL Loyalsock 2021 
Matt Barone  K Loyalsock 2021 
Nick Vandevere WR Loyalsock 2021 
Davion Hill RB Loyalsock 2023 
Joshua Hubbard NG Loyalsock  2020
Josh Hubbard DL  Loyalsock  2021
Malaki Parlante OL DL Loyalsock  2020 
Simone Mileto LB  Loyalsock  2020 
Chase Cavanaugh  QB  Loyalsock  2021 
Jake Brownley Malvern Prep 2021
Ben Mann TE/DL Manheim Township 2020
Jonathan Horst WR/DB Manheim Township 2020
Tim Geyer RB/LB Manheim Township 2020
Trenton Jones WR/DB Manheim Township 2020
Tyler Kurtz LB/OL Manheim Township 2020
Shamir Alberto RB/LB Manheim Township 2021
Jonah Vaglia TE/DL Marion Center 2020
Joesph Vaglia FB/LB Marion Center 2022
Rob Reilly LB Marple Newtown 2020
Anthony Armento OL/DL Marple Newtown 2021
CHarlie Box RB/WR/DB/PR/KR Marple Newtown 2022
Harrison Zaakir TE MLB/DE Mastery Charter 2020
Turner Jihad HB LB Mastery Charter 2021
Andy Mellinger OL/DL McKeesport 2020
Mike Torcini RB Methacton 2020
Nick Olivieri RB/DB Methacton 2020
Zach Sorgini OL/DL Methacton 2020
Justin Gumienny  WR/DB Methacton 2021
Mario D’Addesi OL/DL Methacton 2021
Brain Dickey WR/DB  Methacton 2022
Drake Gindlesperger  FB/LB  Meyersdale 2020
Oakley Bennett  QB/OLB Midd-West  2020
Bronson Smith-Price OL Mifflin County 2020
Chris Sheetz QB Mifflin County 2020
Jacob Krepps LB Mifflin County 2020
Joel Galbraith LB Mifflin County 2020
Logan Renninger DL Mifflin County 2020
Thomas Bender WR Mifflin County 2020
Zachary Bickhart WR Mifflin County 2020
Cody Bickhart WR Mifflin County 2021
Gage Henry OL Mifflin County 2021
Jakob Rhodes C Mifflin County 2021
Jayden Jackson WR Mifflin County 2021
Riley Alexander LB Mifflin County 2021
Tyler Jasper DB Mifflin County 2021
Kyler Everly DB Mifflin County 2022
Gary DeGroat Jr. QB/DB Mifflinburg 2020
Mason Breed RB/LB Mifflinburg 2020
Michael Antonyuk WR/DE Mifflinburg 2020
Rylee Stahl WR/OLB Mifflinburg 2020
Cade Dressler OL/DL Mifflinburg 2021
Colin Miller WR/DB Mifflinburg 2021
Jacob Reitz QB/DB Mifflinburg 2021
Jarrett Miller WR/DB Mifflinburg 2023
Lucas Whittaker TE/LB Mifflinburg 2023
Anthony Sanders HB/DL Milton Hershey 2021
Josh Smith RB/LB Milton Hershey 2021
Picos Gomes OL/DL Milton Hershey 2021
Willie Maccelus RB/DB Milton Hershey 2021
Taijay Brown RB/DB Milton Hershey 2022
Noah Woodford RB/NG Minersville Area 2020
Jared Graeff WR/DB Minersville Area 2022
John Adams WR/DB Minersville Area 2022
Luke Tobin OL/DL Minersville Area 2022
Brock Polinsky WR/DB Minersville Area 2023
Dom Magliocco WR/db Montour 2020
Dustin Geregach p Montour 2020
George Padezanin ol/dl Montour 2020
Josh Sobeck ol/de Montour 2020
Logan Persinger ilb/ol Montour 2020
Andrew Rathway rb/lb Montour 2021
Dom Sprys ol/ilb Montour 2021
Gorini, Colin K/P Montoursville 2020
Plankenhorn, Ian K Montoursville 2020
Reeder, Jacob RB/DB Montoursville 2020
Wood, Cameron TE/DL Montoursville 2020
Bennett, Dylan QB/LB Montoursville 2021
Young, Dillon REC/DB Montoursville 2021
Christopher Dodd T/DT Mount Union 2020
Ethan Carbaugh QB/S Mount Union 2020
Brad Shurock OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2020
Colin Herb OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2020
Jack Chapman TE/LB Mt. Carmel Area 2020
Logan Wills TE/DE Mt. Carmel Area 2020
Michael Makowski OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2020
Nick Troutman TE/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2020
Austin Garancosky WR/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2021
Damon Dowkus FB/DE Mt. Carmel Area 2021
Michael Balichick WR/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2021
Michael Reed TE/LB Mt. Carmel Area 2021
Reed Witkoski FB/LB Mt. Carmel Area 2021
Pedro Feliciano QB/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2022
Thomas Davit RB/LB Mt. Carmel Area 2022
Garrett Varano WR/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Jack Robert OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Jacob Zarski RB/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Kelin Geary OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Matthew Kelley OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Matthew Scicchitano OL/DE Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Nick Nestico OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Branson Eyer QB/DB Muncy 2023
Keegan Brennan WR DB Nativity 2021
Moson Demi DB Neshaminy 2020
Nate McGlone OL Neshaminy 2021
Nik Soska OL/DL Neshaminy 2021
Tom Raupp RB/LB New Hope-Solebury 2020
Malcolm Raupp RB/LB New Hope-Solebury 2024
Jaden Leiby QB/DB QB/DB North Schuylkill 2020
Tyler Elsdon FB/LB North Schuylkill 2020
Zack Chowansky LB/TB North Schuylkill 2020
Adam Scott TE/DE North Schuylkill 2021
Jake Hall QB/WR/SS  North Schuylkill 2022
Dario Walnock C Northampton 2020
Nick Caiazzo OLB Northampton 2020
Aidan Reinhard K/P  Northampton 2021
Adam Kopera RB/DB Northern Cambria 2020
Eric Lubert FB/LB Northern Cambria 2021
Gavin Dumm WR/LB Northern Cambria 2021
Luke Tomallo C/LB Northern Cambria 2021
Owen Prasko RB/DB Northern Cambria 2021
Isaac Wagner C/DE Northern Cambria 2022
Branden Zellner OL Northern Lehigh 2020
Carter Smith OL/DE Northern Lehigh 2020
Jason Check OL/DL Northern Lehigh 2020
Tyler Long TE Northern Lehigh 2020
Zach Moyer QB/DB Northern Lehigh 2020
JD Hunter OL/DL Northern Lehigh 2021
Trevor Amorim WR/DB Northern Lehigh 2022
Geiser Tim TE/LB Northern York 2020
Bair Donovan OL/DL Northern York 2021
Beam Zach WR/DB Northern York 2021
Fekete Nick OL/DL Northern York 2021
Heisey Jordan QB/DB Northern York 2021
Kostelac Joe TE/LB Northern York 2021
Gingrich Andrew WR/DB Northern York 2022
Sarley Sean RB/LB Northern York 2022
Jack Wessler OL/DL/K Northwest Area 2020
HunterGmiter RB/DB Northwest Area 2023
Jake Bobersky RB/LB Northwest Area 2023
Landon Hufford RB/LB/ATH Northwest Area 2023
Ryan Wassell QB/ATH/DB Northwest Area 2023
Kasey Wade FB/LB  Northwestern 2021
Nate Ransom OL/DL Northwestern 2023
Zack Leubke  WR/CB  Northwestern 2023
Kevin Gollmer OC / DT Northwestern 2020 
Eric Steinle  WR/CB Northwestern 2021 
Robby Spirk WR Notre Dame GP 2021
Fontanazza, Mario OL/DL Oil City 2021
Kiefer, Zac FB/LB Oil City 2021
Kiefer, Zac FB/LB Oil City 2021
Brody Muniz OL/DL Palmerton 2021
Tim ILES OL/DL Palmerton 2021
Lucas Heydt Athlete/OLB Palmerton 2022
Jacob Kunsman OL/DL Pen Argyl 2020
Maxwell Houck WR,DB Pen Argyl 2020
Aiden Compton OL/DL Pen Argyl 2023
Micheal Culver OL/DL Pen Argyl 2023
Luke Wirfel OL /DL Penn Cambria 2020
Carter Smith LB / RB Penn Cambria 2021
Austin Swartley LB Pennridge 2020
Connor Pleibel WR Pennridge 2020
Steven George DT Pennridge 2020
Tyler Fisher LB Pennridge 2020
Eli Kantor Center Pennridge 2021
Shane Hartzell LB Pennridge 2021
Tim Yencha Safety Pennridge 2021
Danny Fish Guard Pennridge 2022
Dalton Nichol OL/DT Penns Manor 2020
John Hopkins C/DT Penns Manor 2020
Mike Rizzo FB/DE Penns Manor 2020
Reece McCombs WR/DB Penns Manor 2020
Zack O’Neal RB/LB Penns Manor 2020
Dimitri Lieb RB/FS Penns Manor 2021
Ethan Joiner OL/DE Penns Manor 2021
Parker Clayton OL/DL Penns Manor 2021
Reese Hayes TE/DE Penns Manor 2021
Grant Grimaldi DE/TE Penns Manor 2022
Ashton Courvina RB/DB Penns Manor 2023
Aaron Tobias QB Penns Valley 2020
Austin Fisher WR/LB Penns Valley 2020
Aidan Gillespie  Perkiomen Valley 2020
Jakob Sterling  DL Perkiomen Valley 2020
Jon Moccia  RB Perkiomen Valley 2020
Mike Dougherty  WR/DB Perkiomen Valley 2020
Jason Posner  RB/DB Perkiomen Valley 2021
Kevin Beattie  WR/DB Perkiomen Valley 2021
Ethan Kohler QB Perkiomen Valley 2022
Nate Minnich DE Pine Grove  2020
Brody Robinson OLB Pine Grove  2021
Cole Spencer QB Pine-Richland
Ethan ONeil OL;DL Pine-Richland
Tristen Taylor RB;DB Pine-Richland
Tristen Taylor SP/Ret Pine-Richland
Aj Beatty TE Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Jon Opalko K Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Karson Kennedy TE Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Liam Kearney OL Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Luke Robson DB Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Max Ciganik DE Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Thomas Hartnett OL Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Anderson Cynkar WR Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2021
Gannon Carothers DB Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2022
Brennan Higgins DB Pittston Area 2020
Phillip Pisano QB Pittston Area 2021
James Spindler LB Pittston Area 2023
Payton Zatek WR/CB Poratge 2021
Taro Tanaka RB/LB Port Allegeny 2021
Drew Evens QB/FS Port Allegeny 2023
Connor Price QB/FS Portage 2020
Mitchell Miko OT/DT Portage 2020
Seth Georg RB/DE Portage 2020
Tyler Spaid RB/Cb Portage 2020
Corey Sossong RB/LB Portage 2021
Dylan Tubbs Kicker Portage 2022
Jon Wolford RB/LB Portage 2022
Daniel Darden Wr/C Pottstown 2020
David Hicks OL/DL Pottstown 2020
Dereck Darden RB/LB Pottstown 2020
Jon Oister SS/RB Pottstown 2020
Jorge Mundo OL/DE Pottstown 2020
Robert Richards DB Pottstown 2020
Anthony DiPietro WR/C Pottstown 2021
Jahzeel Watson WR/FS Pottstown 2021
Gabriel Hicks Y/DE Pottstown 2023
Jared Hewitt RB/LB Pottstown 2023
Bobby Walchak  RB/LB  Pottsville 2021
Giovanni Scott T/T Purchase Line 2020
Noah Peles C/DE Purchase Line 2022
Andrew Beer QB/S Purchase Line 2023
R. Rodgers FB/LB Red Land 2021
Feliciano K Red Land 2022
Peifer TE/LB Red Land 2022
A Rodgers RB/DE Red Land 2023
Artley WR/LB Red Land 2023
Janovich OL/DL Red Land 2023
Lawler QB/DB Red Land 2023
Socach RB/DB Red Land 2023
Bryce McCloskey QB/LB Reynolds 2020
Evan Miller OL/DL Reynolds 2020
Kayla Traylick OL/LB Reynolds 2020
Cole Toy RB/LB Reynolds 2021
Marlin Jones OL/DL Reynolds 2022
Mitchell Mason OL/DL Reynolds 2022
Brady Meyers OL, DL Richland 2020
Jd Black G, ILB Richland 2020
Koby Bailey TE, OLB Richland 2020
Allen Mangus ATH, DB Richland 2021
Bryce Batche OL, LB Richland 2021
Connor Rager G, DT Richland 2021
Jacob Sabol RB, MLB Richland 2021
Jordan Ford QB, SS Richland 2021
Dominic Bethmann T, DE Richland 2022
Eli Fresch OL, DL Richland 2022
Ethan Cafeo OL, DL Richland 2022
Jeb Jordan WR, DB Richland 2022
Tony Demartino TE, LB Richland 2022
Ryan Zawislak OG, LB Rochester 2021
Evan Lewandoski TE LB Rochester 2022
Banner, John OL/LB Serra Catholic 2021
Austin McKaveney OL/DL Shaler Area 2020
Brandon Schweinberg OL/DL Shaler Area 2021
Zachary Valentine OL/DL Shaler Area 2021
Lane Voytik QB Sharon 2020
Noah Weese OL/DL Sharon 2020
Aidan Buck TE/DE Sharon 2021
Jake Auchter K Sharon 2021
Byce Carroll OL/DL Sharon 2022
Conner Krecek TE/LB Sharon 2022
Dakota Tracy TE/LB Sharon 2022
Dante Currie OL/DL Sharon 2022
Christian Hacker WR/DB Sharon 2023
Michael Mazurek OL/DL Sharon 2023
Mikey Roriques QB/DB Sharon 2023
Alex Donchak WR/LB Shenandoah Valley  2020
Joe Alshefski WR/DB Shenandoah Valley  2020
Junior Karvois QB/DB  Shenandoah Valley  2020
Bryent Johnson WR/DB Smethport 2020
Damian Neubert WR/S Smethport 2020
Braedon Johnson RB/SS Smethport 2021
Logan Christie DB Smethport 2021
Trevor Zuver DB/DE Smethport 2021
Tyler Howes OT/DT Smethport 2021
Travis Cooney G/LB Smethport 2022
Kobey Bui RB/DB Souderton Area HS 2020
Peter Ernst RB/LB Souderton Area HS 2020
William Leyland K / P Souderton Area HS 2020
Evan Kutzler WR / DB Souderton Area HS 2021
Nick Curotto G / LB Souderton Area HS 2022
Harrison Brown South Fayette 2020
Henry Lex South Fayette 2020
Justin Caputo South Fayette 2022
Sam Rosato South Fayette 2022
Sam Hostrander  DE/TE South Williamsport 2021
Cade Linn S Southern Columbia 2020
Cal Haladay LB Southern Columbia 2020
Cam Haladay OT Southern Columbia 2020
Collin Doraski OT Southern Columbia 2020
Ethan Haupt PK Southern Columbia 2020
Gaige Garcia RB Southern Columbia 2020
Jacob Herr OG Southern Columbia 2020
Lear Quinton OG Southern Columbia 2020
Max Tillett LB Southern Columbia 2020
Nate Crowl LB Southern Columbia 2020
Owyne Pursel S Southern Columbia 2020
Braden Heim DE Southern Columbia 2021
Derek Wertman OC Southern Columbia 2021
Wade Kerstetter TE Southern Columbia 2021
Briar Foltz WR/DB Spring Grove 2020
Daniel Simpson P Spring Grove 2020
Lance Genicola OL/DL Spring Grove 2020
Nolan Gise OL/DL Spring Grove 2020
Jacob Delaughter RB/DL Spring Grove 2021
Michael Shaqfeh WR/DB Spring Grove 2021
Andrew Zeigler WR/LB Spring Grove 2022
Austin Crites WR/LB Spring Grove 2022
Braden Merrill WR/DB Spring Grove 2022
Darien Osmun WR/LB Spring Grove 2022
Drew Miller WR/DB Spring Grove 2022
Logan Herbst OL/DL Spring Grove 2022
Ryan Covington RB/LB Spring Grove 2022
Zyree Brooks RB Spring Grove 2022
Andrew Osmun QB/DB Spring Grove 2023
Dylan Rorrer WR/DB Spring Grove 2023
Kyle Lillich OL/DL Spring Grove 2023
Teague Conover RB/LB Spring Grove 2023
Blake Terrizzi G, DE Spring-Ford 2020
Joe Colletta RB, CB Spring-Ford 2020
Suphawit Boonpeng DT Spring-Ford 2020
Cain Pfoutz RB/LB St. Marys 2020
Bryce Walker WR/S St. Marys 2021
Connor Bressler LB St. Marys 2021
Jacob Kline RB/LB St. Marys 2021
James Davis S St. Marys 2021
Jeremy Garthwaite OT/DE St. Marys 2021
Mitch Reiter WR/CB St. Marys 2021
Simon Sheeley G/DE St. Marys 2021
Christian Coudriet QB St. Marys 2022
Colton Swanson OT/DT St. Marys 2022
Connor Bullers G/DE St. Marys 2022
Nick Croyle LB St. Marys 2022
Tony Lewis WR/S St. Marys 2022
Collin Reitz QB/CB St. Marys 2023
Eli Rippey RB/LB St. Marys 2023
Justin Dornisch RB/S St. Marys 2023
Logan Mosier WR/CB St. Marys 2023
Jason Cameron C State College 2020
Julia Rush MANAGER State College 2020
Keegan Dean MANAGER State College 2020
Kevin Kurzinger DE State College 2020
Kobe Asendorf OL State College 2020
Kyle Domico LB State College 2020
Michael Heim LB State College 2020
Nathan Lusk H/DE State College 2020
Samuel Storll OL/DL State College 2020
Carson Franks DB State College 2021
Conrad Moore QB/WR/DB State College 2021
Stevie Guthoff LB State College 2021
Thomas Yoder WR/DB State College 2022
Stephen Scourtis H/DE State College 2023
Mike Terrana WR/LB Stroudsburg 2020
Ethan Sodl QB Stroudsburg 2022
Tyler Cusumano WR/DB Stroudsburg 2022
Dylan Mallozzi RB Thomas Jefferson 2020
James Martinis TE/DE Thomas Jefferson 2020
Mac Duda OL Thomas Jefferson 2020
Jake Pugh WR Thomas Jefferson 2021
Isaac Eckley LB Thomas Jefferson 2023
Avery Kern G/DE Trinity HS 2020
Jax Banco QB/LB Trinity HS 2020
Javier Salinas OG  Truman HS 2020
Alec Seboe LB Tunkhannock 2020
Brett Sickler OL/DL Tunkhannock 2020
Jack Chilson QB Tunkhannock 2020
Jaxon Montross K Tunkhannock 2020
Colin Porasky OL/DL Tunkhannock 2021
Jakob Baltruisaitis WR/LB Tunkhannock 2022
Mason Roccograndi RB/DB Tunkhannock 2022
Matt Prebola WR/LB Tunkhannock 2022
Michael Sickler RB/LB Tunkhannock 2022
Stephen Burd OL/DL Tunkhannock 2022
Tony Thompson RB/DB Union/ACV 2020
Eli Penny RB/LB Union/ACV 2021
Mike Card OL/DL Union/ACV 2023
Ashton Goodlin LB/OL  United 2021
Preston Croft  DB/WR  United 2021
Sam Weaver  LB/RB  United 2022
Indiana Miller OT/LB Upper Dauphin Area 2020
Macklin Ayers QB/LB Upper Dauphin Area 2020
Mike Slivka QB Upper Dublin 2020
Marc Clayton H-Back/LB Upper Merion 2020
Keith Boyle OT Upper Merion 2021
Alex Savkov WR/DB/KR Valley View 2020
Dylan Howanitz TE Valley View 2020
Ryan Turlip LB Valley View 2020
Zack Kovalckik WR/DB/K Valley View 2021
JT Tirjan DB/WR Wallenpaupack 2020
Ahmahd Keyes WR/DE Warrior Run 2020
Denver Beachel RB/DB Warrior Run 2020
Jackson Welliver G/LB Warrior Run 2020
Logan Witmer K Warrior Run 2020
Remington Corderman QB Warrior Run 2020
Tyler Pick TE/OLB Warrior Run 2020
Coltin Pentycofe WR Warrior Run 2021
Michael Buck C Warrior Run 2021
Nathan Michael DB/WR Warrior Run 2021
Logan Smedley OLB Warrior Run 2022
Caleb Jackson WR/DB Washington 2020
Chase Mitchell OL/DL Washington 2020
Gerald Comedy OL/DL Washington 2020
Isiah Edwards FB/LB Washington 2020
Zack Swartz QB Washington 2020
Zakhi Marshall OL/DL Washington 2020
Asa Charnik TE/LB Washington 2021
Steven Patterson OL/DL Washington 2021
Issiah Patterson OL/DL Washington 2022
Alex Burrell RB/LB Wellsboro 2020
Silas Wagaman WR/DB Wellsboro 2020
Zach Singer K Wellsboro 2021
Darryn Callahan RB/LB Wellsboro 2022
Nico Flati RB/DB West Allegheny 2021
Ayden Gutierrez QB DB West Branch 2020
Eddie Dale WR DB West Branch 2020
Sarah Betts K K West Branch 2021
Will Herring RB LB West Branch 2021
Wesley Whipkey WR/DB West Greeene 2022
Benjamin Jackson RB/LB West Greene 2020
Josiah Tagaro RB/LB West Greene 2022
Brady Miller TB Williams Valley 2020
Adam Uplinger QB/DB Williamsburg 2020
Aidan Frew OL/DL Williamsburg 2021
Alex Brantner TE/LB Williamsburg 2023
Ethan Williamson OL/DL Williamsport 2020
Amalie Robertson MGR Williamsport 2022
Avery Campbell TE/DL Williamsport 2022
Blake  Forker OL/DL Williamsport 2022
Keith  Freeman RB/DB Williamsport 2022
Roman Morrone WR/DB Williamsport 2022
Jason Hess SE/CB Wilmington 2020
Braxton Shimrack SE/S Wilmington 2021
Darren Miller RB/LB Wilmington 2021
Jack Dougherty TE/DE Wissahickon 2020
Michael Fath OL/DL Wissahickon 2021
Corey Mruk RB/LB Wyoming Area 2020
Josh Cumbo k Wyoming Area 2020
Sydney Kruszka k Wyoming Area 2021
Blaise Sokach-Minnick LS/QB Wyoming Area 2022
Rocco Pizano WR/CB Wyoming Area 2022
Crhistian Encarrnacion OL York High 2020
William Molina DL York High 2020
Brandon Molina DL York High 2021
Sam Stoner QB York High 2023
Hadley Sleith K Yough 2020
Russell Pytlak TE/DE Yough 2020
Kylie Roebuck OL/LB Yough 2021
Sam Dippolito OL/DL Yough 2022
Tanner Jarmon OL/DL Yough 2023

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