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Written by: on Sunday, February 9th, 2020


We are proud to announce the following players have been named to our

2020 All-Academic Silver Team.

Members of this team competed in the 2019 season with a GPA of 3.5 – 3.9

If you or your team is not listed, please email we will continue to add to
this list as long as it takes to get everyone on!

Player Name Position Team Year
Robby Horvath WR/DB Abington Heights 2020
Michael Pusateri FB/LB Abington Heights 2020
James Hankee FB/LB Abington Heights 2020
Shaine Hughes FB/LB Abington Heights 2021
Chris Wickenheiser WR/LB Abington Heights 2021
Michael Show QB/DB Abington Heights 2021
Jadd Khalil WR/DB Abington Heights 2021
Frank Rosenski III WR/DB Abington Heights 2021
Christian Lezinski OL/DL Abington Heights 2022
John Davis QB Aliquippa 2021
Caden Horning TE/LS Annville-Cleona 2020
Daniel Tobias TE/LB Annville-Cleona 2020
Dylan Scheer WR/DB Annville-Cleona 2020
Austin Bomboy OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2020
Caleb Burns OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2020
Colton Wolfe LB Bald Eagle Area 2020
Gabe Millward WR/DB Bald Eagle Area 2021
Kyler Cunningham TE/LB Bald Eagle Area 2021
Trey Foster WR/DB Bald Eagle Area 2021
Ashton Phillips OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2022
Carter Stere K Bald Eagle Area 2022
Ethan Koleno WR/DB Bald Eagle Area 2022
Hayden Vaughn LB/RB Bald Eagle Area 2022
Kaleb Matis TE/DE Bald Eagle Area 2022
Tanner Bower LB/TE Bald Eagle Area 2022
Jackson Thomas RB/SS Beaver 2020
Mason Lang WR/LB Beaver 2022
Diego Gutierrez OL/LB Beaver 2023
Gerrell Leeper WR/DB Beaver 2023
Jayson Godart OL/DL Beaver 2023
Andrew  Foor RB DB Bedford 2020
Jesse Arnold OL DL Bedford 2020
Josh Cornell OL DL Bedford 2020
Dayne Miller WR LB Bedford 2021
Spencer Ebersole RB DB Bedford 2021
Boyd Becker OL DL Bedford 2022
Cooper Lingenfelter OL DL Bedford 2022
Trent Price RB LB Bedford 2022
Anthony Bertram TE / LB Belle Vernon 2019
Anthony Rebar OL / DL Belle Vernon 2019
Cameron Guess K / P Belle Vernon 2019
Eric Oblak OL / DL Belle Vernon 2019
John Mccahill OL / DL Belle Vernon 2019
Eden Shemesh OL / DL Belle Vernon 2020
Hayden Baron OL / DL Belle Vernon 2020
Larry Callaway RB / DB Belle Vernon 2020
Ian Maloney LB Belle Vernon 2021
Aaron Little WR/DB Bellefonte 2020
Ryan Lehman ATH/LB Bellefonte 2020
Christopher Paloskey RB/LB Bellefonte 2021
Dylan Dann WR/DB Bellefonte 2021
John Besch OL/DL Bellefonte 2021
Nicholas Kreger OL/DL Bellefonte 2021
Stephen Ivicic HB/LB Bellefonte 2021
Ty Butler OL/DL Bellefonte 2021
Thomas Korman OL/DL Bellefonte 2022
Dallas Hollen LB Bellwood-Antis 2020
Julian Bartlebaugh OLB Bellwood-Antis 2020
Noah Martin G Bellwood-Antis 2020
Arik Shildt RB Bellwood-Antis 2021
Taylor Karns DE Bellwood-Antis 2021
Trenton Pellegrino DB Bellwood-Antis 2021
Zach Cunningham G Bellwood-Antis 2021
Cooper Keen DE Bellwood-Antis 2022
Hunter Shawley SE Bellwood-Antis 2022
Jake Martin RB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Jake Matley C Bellwood-Antis 2022
Mike Kienzle OT Bellwood-Antis 2022
Andrew Nycum OT Bellwood-Antis 2023
Kamryn Bolden G Bellwood-Antis 2023
Levi Robertson DT Bellwood-Antis 2023
Nick Kost RB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Cole Blubaugh RB/DB  Berlin 2020
Brady Boburchock  OL/DL  Berlin 2021
Charlie Fisher  WR/LB Berlin 2021
Jake Most  OL/DL  Berlin 2021
Nathan Leonard  OL/DL  Berlin 2021
Tuck Hillegass WR/LB Berlin 2021
Cory Jose OL/DL Berlin 2023
Cameron Robinson OT/DT Bermudian Springs 2020
Ryan Hart RB/OLB Bermudian Springs 2020
Sullivan Slabinski OL/DL Berwick 2020
Blane Cleaver TE/LB Berwick 2021
Shawn Sheptock WR/ SS Berwick 2021
Aiden Mason RB/LB Berwick 2022
Brandon Lysick FB/LB Bethlehem Catholic 2020
Micheal Vasquez OL Bethlehem Catholic 2021
Jared Richardson QB Bethlehem Catholic 2022
Justin Kanyuk OL Bethlehem Catholic 2022
Brady Bithell OL/DT Bishop Guilfoyle 2020
Sam Homan WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2020
Adrian Johnson RB/LB Bishop Guilfoyle 2021
Cameron Maloney OL/DT Bishop Guilfoyle 2021
Dylan Conrad RB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2021
Keegan Myrick DB/RB Bishop Guilfoyle 2021
Michael Lamb WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2021
Anthony Edwards OL/DE Bishop Guilfoyle 2022
Colin Butler OL/DE Bishop Guilfoyle 2022
Cole Smith OL/DL Bishop McCort 2020
John Paul O’Connor OL/DL Bishop McCort 2020
Amari Andrews WR/DB Bishop McCort 2021
William Miller QB/DB Bishop McCort 2021
Josh Goins WR/DB Bishop McCort 2022
Nate Conrad Qb/OLB Bishop McCort 2022
Roman Fetzko OL/DL Bishop McCort 2023
Josh Butcher  RB/LB Blackhawk 2020
Logan Calior ATH Blackhawk 2021
Rudy Lanzendorfer OL/DL Blacklick Valley 2022
Carter Thompson RB/DL Blue Mt. 2021
Josh Gibson RB/LB Blue Mt. 2021
Shane Martin TE/DE Blue Mt. 2021
Luke Hendricks OL/DL Blue Mt. 2022
Johnson, Brewer LB Boyertown 2020
Bauer, Anthony C Boyertown 2021
Zach Davis RB/LB Boyertown 2021
Ordway, Luke DE Boyertown 2022
Taylor, Isaac RB Boyertown
Anthony Morton OLB Boys Latin 2020
ZaQuir Jones WR/OLB Boys Latin 2020
Da’Ron Reed OT Boys Latin 2021
Thacker, Jeff C/LB Bradford 2021
Schenfield, Kaleb HB/CB Bradford 2022
Thompson, Brett FB/LB Bradford 2022
Adkins, Troy HB/S Bradford 2023
Dante Douglas DB/WR Brashear 2021
Kevin Smith RB/LB  Brashear 2022
Matt Phillips OL/DL Brashear 2022
Tamere Robinson DB/WR Brashear 2023
Marshall Hunt RB/DT Brookville 2020
Airen Kelso OT/DT Brookville 2021
Elliot Park C/DE Brookville 2021
Nathan Kessler WR/S Brookville 2021
Nathan Taylor OG/LB Brookville 2021
Tyler Myers OG/LB Brookville 2021
Alan Hartstein OG/DT Brookville 2022
Zach Miller  WR/LB  Burrell 2020
Alex Arledge  QB Burrell 2021
Justin Ulizio  OL/LB  Burrell 2021
Seth Fisher  OL/DL  Burrell 2021
Kamden Marmo  QB/DB Burrell 2022
Charlie Kreinbucher  WR/DB  Butler  2022
Jedidiah Wills DL Butler  2022
Maverick Douthett OL Butler  2022
Austin Smith OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2020
Ben Popko K/P Canon-McMillan 2020
Greg Tournay LB/FB Canon-McMillan 2020
Jonathan Quinque QB Canon-McMillan 2020
Nate McDermitt LB/FB Canon-McMillan 2020
Alec Blazer LB Canon-McMillan 2021
Dane Matuscin S/RB Canon-McMillan 2021
Brayden Underwood DB/WR Canon-McMillan 2022
Chris Davis CB/WR Canon-McMillan 2022
Connor Steele WR/DB Canon-McMillan 2022
Deuce Lyons QB/CB Canon-McMillan 2022
Doug Blynn OL Canon-McMillan 2022
Julius Pruss OL Canon-McMillan 2022
Owen Carter RB Canon-McMillan 2022
Ryan Angott RB/S Canon-McMillan 2022
Sean Lesnock OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2022
Jake Kasper RB/S Canon-McMillan 2023
Kent McMahon LB Canon-McMillan 2023
Carson Stiner  RB/LB  Canton 2020
Keegan Nelson  OL/DL  Canton 2020
Connor Davis  OL/LB  Canton 2022
Mason Shultz  OL/DE  Canton 2022
Hayden Ward  RB/LB  Canton 2023
Ben Tirpak WR/DB Cathedral Prep 2020
Dorian Crosby DE Cathedral Prep 2020
James Janicki OL Cathedral Prep 2020
Jaheim Bassham OL Cathedral Prep 2021
Andre Burnetta DB CB East 2020
Andrew Kuehl DT CB East 2020
Griffin Trail OG/DT CB East 2020
Declan Kelly DT CB East 2021
Klay Slifer SS/FB CB East 2021
Mark Lapioli LB/TE CB East 2021
Quinn Moody DB CB East 2022
Mekai Scott-Crittenden QB/WR CD East 2020
Trey wallace-Koons TE/DE CD East 2020
Braden Kitt QB Central 2020
Cameron Croft DT Central 2020
Hunter Klotz WR/LB Central 2021
Jackson Jeffries FB Central 2021
Landon Williams OT/DE Central 2021
Tanner Hall LB Central 2021
Dalton Metzger  WR/DB Central 2023
Dominic Wagner DT Central 2023
Eli Lingenfelter C Central 2023
Ethan Eicher TE/LB Central 2023
Hunter Griffith TE Central 2023
Josh Waite OT/DT Central 2023
Kaden Fisher LB Central 2023
Parker Gregg RB/DB Central 2023
Seth Bean OT Central 2023
Shalen Yingling WR/DB  Central 2023
Bryce Thoman OL Central Dauphin  2020
Chad Layton OL Central Dauphin  2020
Montel Sims RB / LB Central Valley 2020
Ricky Foerster OL / DL Central Valley 2020
Ethan Jerome WR / DB Central Valley 2021
Hunter Viscuso OL / OLB Central Valley 2021
Ambrose Boni III FB / LB Central Valley 2022
Dylan Haller K Central Valley 2022
Jack Bible TE / LB Central Valley 2022
Landon Alexander RB / DB Central Valley 2022
Landon Connolly OL / DL Central Valley 2022
Brady Hudson WR / DB Central Valley 2023
Brett Fitzsimmons RB / OLB Central Valley 2023
Jackson Tonya OL / DL Central Valley 2023
Jayvin Thompson WR / DB Central Valley 2023
John Peterson WR / DB Central Valley 2023
Justin Samuel OL / DL Central Valley 2023
Kaden Colville OL / DL Central Valley 2023
Liam Hoegle OL / DL Central Valley 2023
Beau Pribula Central York
Brandon Watson Central York
Brandt Fisher Central York
Brett Shultz Central York
Danny Pham Central York
Dayton Varnish Central York
Drew Ginnever Central York
Gabe Hue Central York
George Drivas Central York
Jahmar Simpson Central York
Justin Kane Central York
Nick Basile Central York
Ron Jacques Central York
Seth Griffiths Central York
Taylor Wright-Rawls Central York
Trenton Dunnick Central York
Victor Pena Central York
Brandon Kissinger RB/CB Chambersburg 2020
Brock Harmon OG/DT Chambersburg 2020
Jack Doorfee TE/LB Chambersburg 2020
Jayden Jones RB/CB Chambersburg 2021
Malaki Blair QB/FS Chambersburg 2021
Samuel Vessah WR/SS Chambersburg 2021
Tanner Luther K/P Chambersburg 2021
Grant Hopple RB/LB Chambersburg 2022
Abdullah Khan WR/DB Chartiers Valley 2020
Sean Banas TE/DE Chartiers Valley 2020
Jason Bui WR/DB Chartiers Valley 2021
Sam Pocci RB/LB Chartiers Valley 2021
Abe Ibrahim WR/LB Chartiers Valley 2022
Andrew Moreland K Cheltenham 2020
Brendan Canally OL/DL Cheltenham 2020
Lou Liedtka P/K Cheltenham 2020
Wayne Wade III WR/CB Clairton 2020
Ta’Vaughn Moody WR/DB Clairton 2022
Becker, Garrett Clearfield 2020
Heitsenrather, Ian Clearfield 2020
Austin Sauder OL/DL Cocalico 2020
Brock Gingrich OL/DL Cocalico 2020
Cody Shay RB/LB Cocalico 2020
Alex Mellinger K Cocalico 2021
Evan Haldeman OL/DL Cocalico 2021
Jared Stauffer OL/DL Cocalico 2022
Ethan Brown QB/DB Cocalico 2023
Braydon Goggin WR Conemaugh Township 2021
Colten Lewis OL Conemaugh Township 2021
Connor Osborne TE Conemaugh Township 2021
Brady Kist WR Conemaugh Township 2022
Michael Rosey OL Conemaugh Township 2022
Owen Tomb TE Conemaugh Township 2022
Noah Luprek OL Conemaugh Township 2023
Chris McGovern QB Conestoga High School 2020
Devin Neal Rb/Lb Conneaut 2020
Eli Boyce Wr/Db Conneaut 2020
Keith Palko Ol/Dl Conneaut 2020
Payden Ordos Ol/Dl Conneaut 2020
Jayden Onderko Wr/Db Conneaut 2021
Kyle Fischer Rb/Lb Conneaut 2021
Mason Mihoci Wr/Db Conneaut 2021
Nate Bortnick Wr/Db Conneaut 2021
Trevor Tursky Ol/Dl Conneaut 2021
Zach Kehl Ol/Dl Conneaut 2021
Braden Groover Rb/Db Conneaut 2022
Brady Walker Rb/Lb Conneaut 2023
David Williams Ol/Lb Conneaut 2023
Dawson Osborn Wr/Db Conneaut 2023
Seth Kuhns LB/TE Connellsville 2020
Dalton Moyer RB/DB Conrad Weiser 2020
Gabe Iacavone TE Conrad Weiser 2020
Matt Noll Sp. Teams Conrad Weiser 2020
Gabe Trevena LB Conrad Weiser 2021
Hunter Eberhardt DE Conrad Weiser 2021
Brandon Nieminski TE/DE Crestwood 2020
Derek Petrochko OL/DL Crestwood 2020
TJ Kulak DB/WR Crestwood 2020
Tyler Cesario OT/DT Crestwood 2020
Alex Romanoski Kicker Crestwood 2021
Jimmy Hawley RB/LB Crestwood 2021
Matt Dean DT/OG Crestwood 2021
Nick Kreuzer WR/DB Crestwood 2021
Ryan Harding FB/DE Crestwood 2021
Ryan Petrosky QB/DB Crestwood 2021
Ethan Shudak P/K Crestwood 2022
Cole Kakalchek LB Crestwood 2023
Duane Brady RB/LB Curwensville 2021
Jayce Witherite OT Curwensville 2021
Collin Jacobson FS Curwensville 2022
Mike D’Antuono S Delaware Valley 2020
Noah Sorrell K Delaware Valley 2020
Shane boone DL Delaware Valley 2020
Obinna Nwobodo OL/DL Delco Christian 2020
Jordan Mitchell RB/WR/DB Delco Christian 2021
Josh Dell’Arciprete QB/DB Delco Christian 2022
Alex Kovalyak QB DuBois Area 2020
Brandon Bennett FB/DE DuBois Area 2020
Justin Swauger WR/DE DuBois Area 2020
Manny Deemer WR/DB DuBois Area 2020
Nolan Bussell K DuBois Area 2020
A.J. Nicastro OL/DL DuBois Area 2022
Braden Roy OL/DL DuBois Area 2022
Chooch Husted TE/DE DuBois Area 2022
Christian Kirk OL/LB DuBois Area 2022
Justin Bankovich OL/DL DuBois Area 2022
Michael Dowling RB/LB DuBois Area 2022
Mitchell Drahushak OL/DL DuBois Area 2022
Ryan Kovalyak WR/DB DuBois Area 2022
Jordan Fernandez OL East Stroudsburg South 2020
Nick Markowski OL/DL East Stroudsburg South 2020
Chris Cacace LB/TE East Stroudsburg South 2021
Christian Sapp WR/DB East Stroudsburg South 2021
Evan Roche WR/DB East Stroudsburg South 2021
Isaiah Johnson OL East Stroudsburg South 2021
Adrien Rodriguez OL/DL Eastern York 2020
Trevor Seitz QB/CB Eastern York 2020
Braden Kelley OL/LB Eastern York 2021
Jake Crumling WR/CB Eastern York 2021
Darrien Brown RB/LB Eastern York 2022
Kadin Morgan WR/CB Eastern York 2022
Ryan Townsley OL/DL Eastern York 2022
Alex Roberts RB Eisenhower 2020
Owen Trumbull QB/DB Eisenhower 2021
Cael Black RB/DL Eisenhower 2022
Gannon Jaquay OL/LB Eisenhower 2022
Brock Belmont WR/DB Elizabethtown 2022
Cade Denlinger K/P Elizabethtown Area 2021
Jett Kelly OL/DL Elizabethtown Area 2021
William McNitt OL/DL Elizabethtown Area 2021
Connor Powell OT Exeter 2020
Josh Cupitt K/P Exeter 2020
Sean Henry K Exeter 2020
Gavin Mccusker QB Exeter 2021
Jonathon Oberholtzer TE/LB Exeter 2021
Solomon Brown G Exeter 2021
Joseph Strauss RB/LB Exeter 2022
Lucas Palange LB Exeter 2023
Logan Frazao WR/DB Fairview 2020
Taylor Susman OL/DL Fairview 2020
Tyler Work WR/DB Fairview 2021
Jeremy Frazao WR/DB Fairview 2023
Tryree Hammonda LB Farrell 2020
Ian Conway WR, CB Ferndale Area 2020
Logan Boyd OL, LB Ferndale Area 2020
Loghan Furfari QB, WR, S Ferndale Area 2020
Nick Reynolds OL, DL Ferndale Area 2020
Garrett Ben C FREEPORT 2020
Luke Miller WR/DB FREEPORT 2020
Logan Manke OL/DL FREEPORT 2021
Garrett King QB/WR/DB FREEPORT 2022
Connor Petrunak OL/DL GCC 2020
Isaac Kuhns OL/DL GCC 2020
Nate Ward K/P/WR GCC 2020
Paul Rice WR/LB GCC 2020
Aiden Minnitti WR/DL GCC 2021
David Altimore QB GCC 2021
Danny Dlugos RB/LB GCC 2022
Joe Blahovec WR/DB GCC 2022
Dean Crissman WR/LB GCC 2023
Nate Dlugos QB/DB GCC 2023
Will Rampe DT/OL George School 2020
Aaron Solderich OG/DT Greenville 2020
Justin Harbaugh TE/DE Greenville 2020
Brayden Difrishcia OT/DT Greenville 2021
Garrett Hillard OT/DT Greenville 2021
Griffin Richardson OC/DE Greenville 2021
Isaac Sasala RB/CB Greenville 2021
Cole Karpinski TE/LB Greenville 2022
Levi Swartz RB/CB Greenville 2022
Jase Herrick QB/CB Greenville 2023
Mason Dickens RB/SS Greenville 2023
Challen Estes OL/DL Grove City 2020
Colby Nelson RB/LB Grove City 2020
Sam Stanton RB/LB Grove City 2020
Gage Dlugonski OL/DL Grove City 2022
Jacob Blair OL/DL Grove City 2022
John Hake K Grove City 2022
Nate Wadsworth OL/DL Grove City 2022
Mason Henne DB Hamburg Area 2020
Seamus Barter TE/DE Hamburg Area 2020
Justice Wade OG Hamburg Area 2021
Kyle Vernon SE/DB Hamburg Area 2021
Tristan Baer RB/ILB Hamburg Area 2022
Wyatt Holl OG Hamburg Area 2022
Derek Mcconnell OL/DL Hampton 2020
Evan Wikert RB/LB Hampton 2020
Gavin Mayer OL/DL Hampton 2020
Luke Lindgren RB/LB Hampton 2020
Max Smith RB/DB Hampton 2020
Dawson Dietz OL/DL Hampton 2021
Gage Galuska WR/DB Hampton 2021
Ryan Mankevich OL/DL Hampton 2021
Christain Liberto RB/LB Hampton 2022
John Morris OL/DL Hampton 2022
Michael Witherup TE/LB Hampton 2022
Jace Andrews TE/LB Hanover Area 2020
Justin Stefanowicz RB/LB Hanover Area 2020
Tanner Bednarski WR/DB Hanover Area 2020
Zach Halenda C/DT Hanover Area 2020
Bobby Sabecky WR/DB Hanover Area 2021
Nick Gagliardi TE/DE Hanover Area 2021
Landon Rubenstein OL/DE Hanover Area 2022
Kardan Trish T, DT Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2020
Luke Mumma WR, CB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2020
Nathan Chronister WR, CB Hanover Nightawks (D3) 2022
Mathew Cannone DB Hickory 2021
Barr Hunter RB/LB Hollidaysburg 2020
Dick Jaren OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2020
Shuey Ian RB/LB Hollidaysburg 2021
Scarpelli Michael OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2022
Dakota Koleszar OT/DE Homer-Center 2020
Frankie Maratita QB/CB Homer-Center 2020
Brock Houser LB Homer-Center 2021
Collin Troup RB/LB Homer-Center 2022
Justin Walbeck RB/LB Homer-Center 2022
Isaiah Bence OT/DE Homer-Center 2023
Romylos Dokos OG Homer-Center 2023
Geoffery Johnson OL/DL Honesdale 2021
Isaiah Reed G/DE Huntingdon 2020
A.J. Nickas WR/OLB Indiana Area 2021
Matt Nelson OL/DL Indiana Area 2021
Tanner Smith OL/DL Indiana Area 2021
Fox Van Leer QB/S Indiana Area 2022
Owen Clifford OL/OLB Indiana Area 2022
Isaiah Thomas WR/DB J.P. McCaskey 2020
Robert Lischner OL/DL J.P. McCaskey 2020
Ethan Lane OL/DL J.P. McCaskey 2021
Sam Hershey K/P J.P. McCaskey 2021
Luca Fimiani RB/LB J.P. McCaskey 2022
Matthew Remash QB J.P. McCaskey 2023
Aviv Jackson WR/DB Jenkintown 2020
Chris Higham OL/DL Jenkintown 2021
Liam McSherry OL/DL Jenkintown 2022
Zach Pacuraru OL/DL Jenkintown 2022
Bill McMahon OL/LB Jenkintown 2023
Jacob Abate OL Jenkintown 2023
Tanner Lorson  QB Jersey Shore 2020
Domininc Madera RB/SS Jim Thorpe 2020
Noah Snisky WR/CB Jim Thorpe 2020
Alan Bailor G/DE Jim Thorpe 2021
Blaze Walton OL/DL Juniata 2020
Caleb Seeger RB/LB Juniata 2021
Josh Rivas OL/DL Juniata 2021
Paul Ames TE/LB Juniata 2021
Zach Hart OL/DL Juniata 2021
Josh Bomberger QB/LB Juniata 2022
Anthony Kamenski QB/OLB Karns City 2020
Caiden Corbett WR/DB Karns City 2020
Matt Griffiths OL/DE Karns City 2021
Brady Rapp T/DL Keystone 2020
Isaak Jones QB Keystone 2020
Jayden Blazosky WR/DB Keystone 2020
Jayke Porter T/DE Keystone 2020
Jonathan Lee QB/DE Keystone 2020
Timothy Baughman FB/NG Keystone 2020
Caleb Nellis FB/LB Keystone 2022
Ben Nauenburg OG/DT Kiski Prep 2020
Reese Bole OC/DE Kiski Prep 2020
Ryne Wallace QB Kiski Prep 2020
William Hansen OT Kiski Prep 2020
Nick Novak OL/DL Lakeland 2022
Tom Arthur OL/DL Lakeland 2022
Casey Kaminski DB/WR Lake-Lehman 2020
Giovanni Ferrari DB Lake-Lehman 2020
Josiah Thomas LB Lake-Lehman 2020
Matt Galasso LB Lake-Lehman 2020
Scott Robbins LB Lake-Lehman 2020
Sean Sabaluski DE Lake-Lehman 2020
Marshall Woodrosky DB Lake-Lehman 2021
Sean Hanley OL Lake-Lehman 2021
Dustin Heinrich WR Lake-Lehman 2022
Andrew Miklos TE Lancaster Catholic 2020
Gavin Sullivan QB Lancaster Catholic 2020
Gavin Sheriff  DB/RB  Lewisburg 2020
Dante Simms  WR/DB  Lewisburg 2021
Brennan Baker  OL/DL Lewisburg 2022
Ethan Dominick  ATH/LB  Lewisburg 2022
Ayden Kelley RB/LB Ligonier Valley 2020
Cameron Mears WR/LB Ligonier Valley 2020
Gabe Gonda OT/DE Ligonier Valley 2020
Kyrie Miller RB/DB Ligonier Valley 2020
Michael Petrof OG/DT Ligonier Valley 2020
Nathaniel Neiderhsier OG/DE Ligonier Valley 2020
Sam Sheeder QB/DB Ligonier Valley 2020
Wylie Spiker OT/DT Ligonier Valley 2020
Derek Fox OG/DT Ligonier Valley 2021
Wade Peters OG/DT Ligonier Valley 2021
Grant Dowden WR/DB Ligonier Valley 2022
Isaac Piper TE/DE Ligonier Valley 2022
Kaden Faas RB/LB Ligonier Valley 2022
Matthew Marinchak WR/DB Ligonier Valley 2022
Miles Higgins TE/LB Ligonier Valley 2022
Nick Beitel RB/DB Ligonier Valley 2022
Colin Smith C/DT Ligonier Valley 2023
Haden Sierocky QB/DB Ligonier Valley 2023
Lanigan McCulty RB/DB Ligonier Valley 2023
McKinley Shearer TE/LB Ligonier Valley 2023
Jason Tomasic WR/DB Lower Dauphin 2020
Zach Landis WR/DB Lower Dauphin 2020
Adam Bonawitz QB/LB Lower Dauphin 2021
Rocko Taylor TE/OLB Lower Dauphin 2021
Braden Landis QB/DB Lower Dauphin 2022
Ethan Miller RB/LB Lower Dauphin 2022
Max Klingensmith WR/DB Lower Dauphin 2022
Joeb Shurer LB Loyalsock 2021
Rian Glunk FS Loyalsock 2023
Brett Benjamin WR/DB Manheim Township 2020
Jackson Wright K/LB Manheim Township 2020
Matt Mikulka CB/WR Manheim Township 2020
Sam Emge WR/LB Manheim Township 2020
Isaiah Jones QB/CB Manheim Township 2022
Clayton Coble OL/LB Marion Center 2020
Garet Wells RB/LB Marion Center 2020
Landin Beatty OL/LB Marion Center 2022
Tj Lynn SE/DB Marion Center 2022
Liam Cornetto RB/DB Marion Center 2023
Christian Aquila CB Marple Newtown 2020
Cole Thiruselvam OL Marple Newtown 2020
Ethan Law OL Marple Newtown 2020
Tyler Lynch WR/DB Marple Newtown 2020
Brian Joslin ATH Marple Newtown 2021
Chris Meiklejohn OL/LB Marple Newtown 2021
Cj Lane LB Marple Newtown 2021
Ed Umoh DL/OL Marple Newtown 2021
Jim O’Brien K/P Marple Newtown 2021
Joe Goodman OL/DL Marple Newtown 2021
John Cappello WR/DB Marple Newtown 2021
Ryan Lain OL/DL Marple Newtown 2021
Scott Novak OL/DL Marple Newtown 2021
Steve DeCecco HB/DE Marple Newtown 2021
Brian Foley OL/DL Marple Newtown 2022
Cooper Conroy WR/DB Marple Newtown 2022
Gavin Garbutt OL/DL Marple Newtown 2022
Jason Peterson WR/DB Marple Newtown 2022
Luke Taar OL/DL Marple Newtown 2022
Mike Schumcher TE/H baCK/ DE Marple Newtown 2022
Nate Nguyen OL/DL Marple Newtown 2022
Owen Mathes TE/OL/DL Marple Newtown 2022
Hill James N/A DB Mastery Charter 2021
Jones Xavier OL N/A Mastery Charter 2021
Devari Robinson QB/FS McKeesport 2020
Vern Andrews RB/CB McKeesport 2020
Colin Lyons OL/DL McKeesport 2021
Dave Stephenson OL McKeesport 2021
Caleb Reist OLB McKeesport 2023
Keith Coless LB Methacton 2020
Jude Wozniak LB Methacton 2021
Quinn Shields OL Methacton 2021
Andrew Decker  WR/DB  Meyersdale 2020
Devin Kretchman  RB/LB  Meyersdale 2020
Gage Smith  OL/DL  Meyersdale 2020
Gavin Hetz  TE/LB  Meyersdale 2020
Jeffery Haer  OL/DL  Meyersdale 2020
Mahlon Reese  QB/DB  Meyersdale 2020
Riley Whitfield  OL/DL  Meyersdale 2020
Brennan Campbell  K/P  Meyersdale 2021
Evan Thompson WR/DB  Meyersdale 2022
Carter Sauer OL/DL/K Midd-West 2020
Trent Peachey WR/DB Midd-West 2020
Reese Carter K Mifflin County 2020
Rodney Henry FB Mifflin County 2020
Shane DeArment LB Mifflin County 2020
Andrew French LB Mifflin County 2021
Benjamin Yingling K Mifflin County 2021
Brooks Burdick LB Mifflin County 2021
Bryce Dobson LB Mifflin County 2021
Brycen Hassinger QB Mifflin County 2021
Cameron Hosler OL Mifflin County 2021
Devon McCalips WR Mifflin County 2021
Gage Schaeffer RB Mifflin County 2021
Kaden Bartley DL Mifflin County 2021
Nicholas Bowersox OL Mifflin County 2021
Nicholas Winkles OL Mifflin County 2021
Braden Sheaffer WR Mifflin County 2022
Cody Shawver DL Mifflin County 2022
Daniel King DB Mifflin County 2022
Eli Pennebaker RB Mifflin County 2022
Gabriel Amspacker LB Mifflin County 2022
Ethan Hoy RB/LB Mifflinburg 2020
Emmanuel Ulrich OL/DL Mifflinburg 2023
Josh Parra SE-TE/DB Milton Hershey 2020
Mike Dua OL/DL Milton Hershey 2020
Aidden Cutsail HB/LB Milton Hershey 2021
Chazz Joseph SE/DB Milton Hershey 2021
David Emile SE/DB Milton Hershey 2021
Horan Thomas III SE/DB Milton Hershey 2021
Prince Sokpo OL/DL Milton Hershey 2021
Austin Trakney SE/DL Milton Hershey 2022
Taris Wilkerson RB/LB Milton Hershey 2023
Ryan Keiser OL Minersville Area 2020
Dyllan Smith OL/LB Minersville Area 2021
Jimmy Chicora OL/DL Minersville Area 2021
Anthony Gracy wr/db Montour 2020
Caleb Halaja ol/dl Montour 2020
Danny Pintar olb/rb Montour 2020
Robbie Rippole K Montour 2020
Cam Mclaurin ol/dl Montour 2021
Gannon Kadlecik rb/olb Montour 2021
Balouris, Logan REC/LB Montoursville 2020
Dalena, Jaxon REC/DB Montoursville 2020
Ott, Logan RB/DB Montoursville 2020
Shearer, Hunter QB Montoursville 2020
Stoner, Jacob OL/DL Montoursville 2020
Hanna, Hunter OL/DL Montoursville 2022
Dincher, Michael OL/DL Montoursville 2023
Brock Evert WR/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2020
Noah Berkoski WR/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2020
Tom Reisinger QB Mt. Carmel Area 2020
Aaron Elliott OL/DE Mt. Carmel Area 2021
Dalton Moser OL/DE Mt. Carmel Area 2022
Julien Stellar QB/LB Mt. Carmel Area 2022
Kenny Wetzel OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2022
Bryan Trent RB/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Cael Hembury OL/DL Muncy 2020
Christian Good WR/DB Muncy 2020
Dakota Haueisen OL/DL Muncy 2020
Ethan Gush RB/LB Muncy 2021
Gage Wertz TE/DB Muncy 2021
Paul Pepper RB/DB Muncy 2021
Travis Fogleman OL/DL Muncy 2021
Tyliq Holmes TE/LB Muncy 2021
Bailey Hadzinikolov RB/LB Muncy 2022
Chase Crawley WR/DB Muncy 2022
Gavin Hillman OL/DL Muncy 2022
Xander Brown TE/DL Muncy 2022
Ben Robinson TE/LB Muncy 2023
Elijah Wiekle RB/DB Muncy 2023
Ross Eyer WR/DB Muncy 2023
Dylan Schreffler RB LB Nativity 2021
Marcus Vaupel WR DB Nativity 2021
Bennett McNamara OL DL Nativity 2022
Fletcher Eades RB LB Nativity 2022
Steven Spolski RB DB Nativity 2022
Brody McAndrew QB Neshaminy 2020
Nick Zhuiko Holder Neshaminy 2020
Nick Poplawski LB Neshaminy 2021
Connor Fitzgerald OL/DL New Hope-Solebury 2020
Michael Borys  RB/S New Hope-Solebury 2020
Zach Griffiths OL/DL New Hope-Solebury 2020
Phil Weinseimer QB/DB New Hope-Solebury 2021
Greg Fudala WR/DB New Hope-Solebury  2022
Jude Hutkin New Hope-Solebury  2022
Bryce Weikel WR/DB North Schuylkill 2020
Jake Green FB/NG North Schuylkill 2020
Jesse White TE/DE North Schuylkill 2020
Joe Tinari OL North Schuylkill 2020
Jon Harhigh OL North Schuylkill 2020
Josh Stankavage WR North Schuylkill 2020
Juan Serrato OL North Schuylkill 2020
Mitchelle Lavelle K North Schuylkill 2020
Zander Neidg TE/DE North Schuylkill 2020
Dylan Dietz WR/FS North Schuylkill 2021
Jason Lipshaw DL North Schuylkill 2021
Kody Schell WR/SS North Schuylkill 2021
Carey Wahalec OL North Schuylkill 2022
Josh Chowansky RB/DB North Schuylkill 2022
Robbie Weitz DL North Schuylkill 2023
Steven Davis OL/DE North Schuylkill 2023
Aidan Kromer G Northampton 2020
Mason Gunkle LB Northampton 2020
Spencer Cole S Northampton 2020
Tyler Walling T Northampton 2020
Cody Schucker G Northampton 2021
Joe Kerbacher QB Northampton 2021
Joseph Rezk T/DT/DE Northern Cambria 2020
Joseph Wagner OG/DT Northern Cambria 2020
Mike Hoover QB Northern Cambria 2021
Horvath Luke RB/LB Northern York 2020
Regan Ty WR/DB Northern York 2020
Swartz Kyle RB/LB Northern York 2020
Yohn Tyler WR/DB Northern York 2020
Mowchan Zach RB/LB Northern York 2021
Weary Tyler WR/DB Northern York 2021
Hose Layne QB/DB Northern York 2022
Blake Miller OL/DL Northwest Area 2020
Seth Milch OL/DL Northwest Area 2020
Carter Honta ATH/DB Northwest Area 2021
Chase Biller TE/LB Northwest Area 2022
John Savokinis TE/LB Northwest Area 2022
Jordan Lindbuchler WR/DB Northwest Area 2022
Alex Rimel OL/DL Northwestern 2020
Judah Friend  LS/TE Northwestern 2020
Akash Kumar OL/DL Northwestern 2022
Logan Stagl TE/MLB Northwestern 2023
Logan Scott RB/LB Northwestern 2020 
Jarrod Glasl  WR/FS Northwestern 2021  
Andrew Darno QB-WR/DB Notre Dame GP 2020
Ben Carlin DB-OLB Notre Dame GP 2020
Matt Dittmar OLB-DE Notre Dame GP 2020
Michael Irving CB Notre Dame GP 2020
Tyler Lissy OG/DL Notre Dame GP 2021
Collin Quintano QB Notre Dame GP 2022
Cole Fulton WR/DB Notre Dame GP 2023
Socha-Kachik, Dylan OL/DL Oil City 2020
Stack, Sean RB/DB Oil City 2021
Stahl, Holden QB/DB Oil City 2021
Stahlman, JT SE/DB Oil City 2021
Crocker, Brayden FB/TE/LB Oil City 2022
Dylan Bartholomew WR/DB Palmerton 2021
Cory Cockley WR/DB Pen Argyl 2020
Derek Herfurth OL/DL Pen Argyl 2020
Cayden Shook OL/DL Pen Argyl 2021
Jace Keenhold TE/DE Pen Argyl 2021
Jared Albanese OL/LB Pen Argyl 2021
Kyle Kemmerer OL/DL Pen Argyl 2021
Reese Karp TE/DE Pen Argyl 2021
Ryan Karner RB/LB Pen Argyl 2021
Tyler Taylor OL/DL Pen Argyl 2021
Carter Moore RB/LB Pen Argyl 2022
Gian Greggo RB/LB Pen Argyl 2023
Kristoffer Kessler RB/LB Pen Argyl 2023
Matthew Rissmiller WR/DB Pen Argyl 2023
Ethan Sanders DB / WR Penn Cambria 2020
Hunter Wagner OL /DL Penn Cambria 2020
Jacob Davis OL /DL Penn Cambria 2020
Tyler Smorto LB / RB Penn Cambria 2020
Brandon Storm WR /DB Penn Cambria 2021
Colton Long LB / HB Penn Cambria 2021
Jake Tsikalas WR /DB Penn Cambria 2021
Logan Michina KICKER Penn Cambria 2021
Nicholas Marinak WR /DB Penn Cambria 2021
Cole Eberhart WR /DB Penn Cambria 2022
Trenten Murphy OL /LB Penn Cambria 2022
Garrett Harrold QB Penn Cambria 2023
Mason Raymond OL /DL Penn Cambria 2023
Zach Grove RB / DB Penn Cambria 2023
Joey Mossbrook LB Pennridge 2020
Kenneth Charlton DT Pennridge 2020
Logan Green OL/DL Pennridge 2020
Phil Long OL/DL Pennridge 2020
Stephen Nace S Pennridge 2020
Tyler Maloney DT Pennridge 2020
Bobby Croyle QB Pennridge 2021
Dillon Powles TB Pennridge 2021
Jack Fergu2022n FB/DE Pennridge 2021
Jesse Owens DT Pennridge 2021
Travis Washington DE Pennridge 2021
Zach Jacob2022n LB Pennridge 2021
Brayden Landherr RB Pennridge 2022
Logan McGowan LB Pennridge 2022
Stephen Reutlinger OL/DL Pennridge 2022
Austin Hill WR/DB Penns Manor 2021
Conner Keith FB/LB Penns Manor 2021
Jae Karlinsey OL/DE/LB Penns Manor 2021
Kevin Baum RB/SS Penns Manor 2021
Mason Engle WR/DB Penns Manor 2021
Justin Marshall K/LB/RB Penns Manor 2023
Max Hill QB Penns Manor 2023
Nathan Raffaele OL/DT Penns Manor 2023
Brennan Hyde WR/DB Penns Valley 2020
Dylan Homan RB/LB Penns Valley 2020
Logan Snyder TE/LB Penns Valley 2020
Aidan Brinker LB Penns Valley 2021
Alex Hammer WR/DB Penns Valley 2021
Gage Ripka WR/DB/K Penns Valley 2021
Zach Braucht WR Penns Valley 2022
Andrew Meeley Perkiomen Valley 2020
Brendan Shayer  OLB Perkiomen Valley 2020
Hayden Bailly  ILB Perkiomen Valley 2020
Jacob Sturm  RB/DL Perkiomen Valley 2020
Matt Brock ILB Perkiomen Valley 2020
Matt Wilhelm OL Perkiomen Valley 2020
Aiden Owens  OLB Perkiomen Valley 2021
Colin Luckenbill S/ RB Pine Grove  2020
Keith Koppenhaver G Pine Grove  2020
Trey Reynolds T Pine Grove  2020
Caden Schweiger RB;DB Pine-Richland
Chris Argenas WR;DB Pine-Richland
Harrison Hayes OL Pine-Richland
Jeremiah Hasley WR;LB Pine-Richland
Levi Wentz DB Pine-Richland
Max Heckert RB;DL Pine-Richland
Dom Pieto QB Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Gus Sunseri LB Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Luke Harris LB Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Matt Altsman OL Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2020
Bralen Henderson TE Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2021
Ed Tillman RB Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2021
Liam Oconnor LB Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2021
Devin Barren DB Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2022
Andrew Krawczyk WR Pittston Area 2020
Dylan Lukachko RB Pittston Area 2020
Francis George LB Pittston Area 2020
John Galonis OL Pittston Area 2020
Mike Nocito QB Pittston Area 2020
Joe Galonis OL Pittston Area 2021
Matt Soy K Pittston Area 2021
Teagan Reboli OL Pittston Area 2021
Dominick Button OL/DL Port Allegany 2020
Derek Kallenborn OL/DL Port Allegany 2021
Hunter Whitney WR/LB  Port Allegany 2021
Ashton Rethmel OL/DL  Port Allegany 2023
Gabe Forst RB/SS Portage 2020
Isacc Wiggins OC/DE Portage 2020
Nathan Shaffer OG/LB Portage 2020
Josh Morgan TE/DE Portage 2021
Cole Miller OL/DL Pottstown 2020
Matt Walker OL/DL Pottstown 2020
Sensair Wesley OL/DL Pottstown 2020
Gary Allan OL/DL Pottstown 2023
Mason Miller WR/DB Pottstown 2023
Adam Kelly  WR/DB  Pottsville 2020
Daulton Mates  TE Pottsville 2020
Kevin DiCello  RB/DB  Pottsville 2020
Kevin Schenk  WR/DE  Pottsville 2020
Mason Barnes  WR/DB  Pottsville 2020
Reese Kokitus  G/DE  Pottsville 2020
Adam Stock  G/DT Pottsville 2021
Brandyn Purcell  OT/De  Pottsville 2021
David Cook  OT/De  Pottsville 2021
Pat Yoder  QB/LB  Pottsville 2021
Raeff DiCello  WR/DB  Pottsville 2022
Hunter Antisdel WR/CB Purchase Line 2020
Josh Syster RB/LB Purchase Line 2021
Jayce Brooks QB/LB Purchase Line 2022
Vincenzo Scott RB/LB Purchase Line 2022
Zander Bennett RB/LB Purchase Line 2022
Hunt RB/DE Red Land 2020
Kauffman OL/DL Red Land 2020
Cael Gibson QB/DB Red Land 2021
Fawbush TE/DE Red Land 2021
Lydon OL/DL Red Land 2022
Ritter OL/DL Red Land 2022
Sklar WR/DB Red Land 2022
Smith OL/DL Red Land 2022
Buss OL/DL Red Land 2023
Fahnestock OL/DL Red Land 2023
Rieker OL/DL Red Land 2023
Caleb Burke ATH, FS Richland 2020
Colin Pawcio K Richland 2020
Hunter Chorik WR, DB Richland 2020
Lucas Sabol RB, MLB Richland 2020
Aiden Marshall T, DT Richland 2021
Autumn Facci K Richland 2021
Nathan Kniss  T, DE Richland 2021
Aidan Thomas OL, DL Richland 2022
Kellan Stahl ATH, LB Richland 2022
Mitch Donald OL, DL Richland 2022
Xavier Manahan RB, DB Richland 2022
Caleb Smith OG, DT Rochester 2021
Parker Anthony Te, S Rochester 2021
Zane Jeffers QB, S Rochester 2021
Damian Moore DL. OL Rochester 2022
Matt Bedekovich C, DE Rochester 2022
Aaoron Kahn P/k Salisbury 2020
Blake Lettko HB / LB Salisbury 2020
Kade Simononis HB / DB Salisbury 2020
Kyle Killiri HB /LB Salisbury 2020
Kyle Pingarelli WR / DB Salisbury 2020
Chad Parton HB / DB Salisbury 2021
Gaige Marcks OT/ DL Salisbury 2021
Matthew Butz OG / DL Salisbury 2021
Quintin Stephens QB / DB Salisbury 2021
Chirdon, Daniel WR/S Serra Catholic 2020
Booth, Terrell WR/S Serra Catholic 2022
Bristol, Jayden WR/S Serra Catholic 2022
Brooks, Machai RB/S Serra Catholic 2022
Weber, Zack WR/S Serra Catholic 2022
Ward, Elijah WR/CB Serra Catholic 2023
Darin Mizgorski QB/OLB Shaler Area 2020
Jake Miller ILB/RB Shaler Area 2020
Joey Impavido WR/DB Shaler Area 2020
Nathan Hayward DL/RB Shaler Area 2020
Sam Stayduhar OLB/RB Shaler Area 2020
Dylan Schlagel WR/DB Shaler Area 2022
Garrett Glendenning RB/DB Shanahan 2020
Lenny Kresefski OL/DL Shanahan 2020
Pat Bracken RB/DB Shanahan 2022
Corte Williams DE Sharon 2020
Doron Johnson LB Sharon 2020
Marcel Smith-Austin WR/DB Sharon 2020
Andrew Price OL/DL Sharon 2021
Donald Vallery RB/DB Sharon 2021
Thomas Dawson OL/DL Sharon 2021
Jayden Robinson RB/DB Sharon 2022
Shane Rowe TE/LB Sharon 2022
Sy Picirilli TE/LB Sharon 2022
Bryan Phillips, Jr OL/DL Sharon 2023
Jacob Thomas RB/DL Shenandoah Valley  2020
James Gallo OL/DL Shenandoah Valley  2020
Justin Gallo  OL/DL Shenandoah Valley  2020
Hunter Lent RB/DE Smethport 2020
Adenn Stevens T/DL Smethport 2021
Kameron Rounsville RB/LB Smethport 2021
Lucas Fowler RB/LB Smethport 2021
Michael Tanner G/DL Smethport 2021
Richard McDowell WR/SS Smethport 2021
Andrew Vince QB / DB Souderton Area HS 2020
Ethan Smerecki TE / LB Souderton Area HS 2020
Jimmy Daley G / LB Souderton Area HS 2020
Nick Guthre RB / LB Souderton Area HS 2020
Aonghas Evanick OL / DL Souderton Area HS 2021
Jacob Horton TE / LB Souderton Area HS 2021
Brayden Porter RB / DB Souderton Area HS 2022
Carson Tucker South Fayette 2020
Austin Demo South Fayette 2021
Charley Rossi South Fayette 2021
Joey Audia South Fayette 2021
Connor Harcarik South Fayette 2022
Landon Lutz South Fayette 2022
Landon Lorson QB/S South Williamsport 2022
Lane Lusk FB?LB South Williamsport 2022
Cole Schankweiler DT Southern Columbia 2020
Julian Fleming WR Southern Columbia 2020
Preston Zachman QB Southern Columbia 2020
Ty Roadarmel RB Southern Columbia 2020
Tyler Waltman DE Southern Columbia 2021
Asher Smith RB-LB Southern Lehigh 2020
Cameron Fisher  RB-DB Southern Lehigh 2020
Collin Gill OL-DL Southern Lehigh 2020
Tristan Rice   WR-DB Southern Lehigh 2021
John Halaj OL/DL Spring Grove 2020
Montgomery Jarvis WR/DB Spring Grove 2020
Jonah Warehime WR/DB Spring Grove 2021
Kyle Gillin-Reese WR/LB Spring Grove 2021
Jeff Borman OL/DL Spring Grove 2022
Alex Lawless RB/LB Spring Grove 2023
Aidan Miller C, LS Spring-Ford 2020
Austin Rapp CB, RB Spring-Ford 2020
Bj Beard WR, FS Spring-Ford 2020
Dante Bonanni WR, FS Spring-Ford 2020
Ryan Engro QB, FS, WR Spring-Ford 2020
Ryan Kolander DE, T Spring-Ford 2020
Will Wojton SS, WR Spring-Ford 2020
Zach High FS, WR Spring-Ford 2020
Forest Cressley C/DT St. Marys 2020
Gage Burford CB St. Marys 2020
Robert Anderson LB St. Marys 2020
Garett Bauer OT/DT St. Marys 2021
Josh Robinson WR/LB St. Marys 2021
Mike Fitzgerald WR/CB St. Marys 2021
Caden Baker OT St. Marys 2023
Layton Ryan WR/S St. Marys 2023
Ashton Higgins LB State College 2020
Brady Dorner QB State College 2020
Bryn Schoonover DL State College 2020
James Manyak LB State College 2020
Keri Harlow MGR State College 2020
Trevor Beck DB State College 2020
Drew Davis DL State College 2021
Harrison Schoen OL/DL State College 2021
Brady Bendik DL State College 2022
Ryan Domico LB State College 2022
Jace Tutty WR/S Stroudsburg 2021
Kevin Duffy PK/P Stroudsburg 2021
Matthew Trbuza OL Stroudsburg 2021
Fatorma Mulbah DL Susquehanna Twp 2020
Jacob Seigle    LB/DB Susquehanna Twp 2020
Dan Deabner WR/DB Thomas Jefferson 2020
Mike Huber OL/DL Thomas Jefferson 2020
Shane Stump QB/DB Thomas Jefferson 2020
Jake Krawczyk OL Thomas Jefferson 2021
Nick Trainor OL Thomas Jefferson 2021
Preston Zandier LB Thomas Jefferson 2021
Chris Cregut K Trinity HS 2020
Marquese Lacks WR/DB Trinity HS 2020
Richard Mersky DE Trinity HS 2020
Nate Seaman DT Trinity HS 2021
Alex Smith OL/DL Tunkhannock 2020
Jake Frisco WR/DB Tunkhannock 2020
Andrew Slusark OL/DL Tunkhannock 2021
Connor Elgin RB/DB Tunkhannock 2021
Riley Jones WR/DB Tunkhannock 2021
Jaden Kozlowski OL/DL Tunkhannock 2022
Nick Marabell OL/DL Tunkhannock 2022
Seth Reimiller OL/DL Tunkhannock 2022
Jakob Dixon DL/OL  United 2020
Hunter Cameron LB/RB  United 2021
Max Clevenger DL/OL United 2021
Ethan Hixson DL/OL United 2022
Jon Henry  TE/LB  United 2022
Samuel Kerwin TE/DT Upper Dauphin Area 2020
Owen Mattern OC Upper Dauphin Area 2021
Dale Clayton QB/P Upper Merion 2020
Matt Zielinski Slot/LB Upper Merion 2020
Aaron Anderson WR/DB Upper Merion 2021
Carter Besz WR/DB Upper Merion 2021
Stef Nikolaou OG/DT Upper Merion 2021
Tremayne Brown OG/DT Upper Merion 2022
Bob Ferraro OL Valley View 2020
Jon Clark TE/DE Valley View 2020
Jordan Conserette WR/DB Valley View 2020
Logan Burns OL/DL Valley View 2020
Zack Manchak RB Valley View 2020
Corey Coulthard RB/LB Valley View 2021
Matt Smith TE/DE Valley View 2021
TJ Noto FB/LB Valley View 2021
Frank Magistro LB Wallenpaupack 2021
Leonard Ruggieri LB Wallenpaupack 2021
Liam Smith OL/DL Wallenpaupack 2021
Garrick Grady G/LB Warrior Run 2020
Kenny Newman OT/NT Warrior Run 2020
Pete Reasner DE/FB Warrior Run 2020
Riley Daubert WR/DB Warrior Run 2020
Braden Snyder OT Warrior Run 2021
Andrew Larson OL/DL Wellsboro 2020
Carson Davis OL/DL Wellsboro 2020
Ethan Brought OL/DL Wellsboro 2020
Logan Henry WR/DB Wellsboro 2020
Kyle Manogue OL/DL Wellsboro 2021
Conner Adams QB/DB Wellsboro 2022
Isaac Keane WB/DB Wellsboro 2022
Jack Poirier K Wellsboro 2023
Joe Brown RB/LB Wellsboro 2023
Aidan Kephart RB LB West Branch 2020
Chance Eboch WR DB West Branch 2020
Ethan Yingling OL DE West Branch 2021
Jacob Martin OL DE West Branch 2021
Tanner Rice OL DL West Branch 2021
Colton Anderson WR/DL West Greene 2020
Gavin Scott WR/DB West Greene 2020
Brayden Mooney WR/DB West Greene 2021
Hayden Ross OL/LB West Greene 2021
Casey Miller OL/DL West Greene 2022
Corey Wise RB/LB West Greene 2022
Hunter Hamilton RB/DB West Greene 2022
Owen Hughes OL/DL West Greene 2022
Chase Tomko West Middlesex 2020
Michael Seech West Middlesex 2020
Bo Raho  WR Williams Valley 2020
Bryce Herb QB Williams Valley 2020
Drew Hileman WR/DB Williamsburg 2021
Ian Crouch WR/DB Williamsburg 2021
Matthew DeHoyos OL/DL Williamsburg 2021
Shane Brantner OL/DL Williamsburg 2021
Caymen Hughes WR/DB Williamsburg 2022
Lambert Palmer QB/LB Williamsburg 2022
Brock Moyer WR/DB Williamsport 2020
Drake Mankey RB/LB Williamsport 2020
Ian Welshans RB/DL Williamsport 2020
Jon Cramer K Williamsport 2020
Joe Heim OL/DL Williamsport 2021
Nassir Jones TE/DE Williamsport 2021
Connor Adkins OL/DL Williamsport 2022
Dallas Greiss QB/DB Williamsport 2022
David Patton FB/LB Wilmington 2020
Jon Takash C/DT Wilmington 2020
Junior McConahy TE/SE/DE Wilmington 2020
Marcus Tokar C/DT Wilmington 2020
Shane Cox TE/LB Wilmington 2020
Aidan Hasson SE/CB Wilmington 2021
Caelan Bender QB/S Wilmington 2021
Ethan Susen RB/CB Wilmington 2021
Ethan Winters K Wilmington 2021
Jordan Hess RB/LB Wilmington 2021
Mason Reed SE/CB Wilmington 2021
Morgan Whiting G/DT Wilmington 2021
Weston Phanco G/DT Wilmington 2021
Elon Horchler G/LB Wilmington 2022
Raejon Benjamin LB/FB Wissahickon 2020
Kevin Pineda OL/DL Wissahickon 2021
Kyle Lehman RB/DB Wissahickon 2023
Brian Williams WR/DB Wyoming Area 2020
Derek Ambrosino DE/TE Wyoming Area 2020
FJ Braccini LB/FB Wyoming Area 2020
Quadre Sessoms LB Wyoming Area 2020
Stanley Moderski K Wyoming Area 2020
Nicholas Elko OL/DL Wyoming Area 2022
Dwayne Beady DL YorK High 2020
Josh Martinez DL YorK High 2020
Michael Parker LB YorK High 2020
Trey Bernstein OL YorK High 2020
Zyhir Shakir DL York High 2020
James Bryant WR YorK High 2021
Terrance Drakeford OL York High 2021
JaQuan Jones LB YorK High 2022
Steven Roland-Washington DL York High 2022
Max ReineckerQB QB York Suburban 2020
Austin Caudill OL/DL Yough 2021
Cody Bogac WR/S Yough 2021
Connor Thorton OL/DL Yough 2021
Kaden Bizzozero WR/DB Yough 2022

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