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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

West Virginia North vs South game. North with the 26-00 win @NSFootballWV @CoachDMays

Written by: on Saturday, June 19th, 2021


I made my 2nd trip to South Charleston high school in West Virginia to cover their North vs South All-Star game and though the game was basically over after 1:45 seconds I still found myself finding plenty of good things from this contest. The crowd was big and very vocal, with almost all fans being really respectful. The game was very chippy late and I would dare say almost dirty at times, but the players would regain their composure and get back to the business of playing football. Before getting to the game I wanted to say what an awesome job the PA guy did. He was consistent all game long calling out the player’s name who was involved in the play and he let the fans know how many yards the play went for along with the info that it was a run or a pass.

Keon Padmore-Johnson would bust off a superb 43-yard touchdown run just 1:45 seconds into the game after DJ Devinney made good on the point after kick the North Squad would have the 7-0 lead, which turned out to be all of the points they would need to win this one. The South would try a fake punt on the ensuing drive that had basically gone nowhere on the first three plays. The fake punt, a run by Zane Brumfield went for not and the North would take the ball over. A 41-yard run from Kevon Warren would give the North a first and goal from the nine. From there Padmore-Johnson pranced in for the 9-yard touchdown making this a 13-0 game with 6:23 left in the opening quarter. When the South got the ball back Brumfield somehow caught a tipped pass to give the South a 19-yard gain along with a much-needed first down. The drive ended when Brennan Boron easily intercepted a bad halfback pass with 3:59 showing on the clock. The North offense struggled on the ensuing drive putting their defense back on the field with the result being another interception, this time Shaheed Jackson doing the honors.

Just ten seconds into the 2nd quarter Colby Piner made a nice catch on a pass thrown by Caleb Jantuah that resulted in a 19-yard gain. The South defense would be back on the field shortly after the big pass play and that is when Chris Vines slammed Jett Cogar down for a 6-yard loss, with 6;12 left in the half. The North would answer that play with an easy 22-yard gain when Dalton Flowers beat his man, who never looked for the ball making the catch as easy as it could have been. From there Warren blasted off for a 14-yard score where he broke two tackles on his way to pay dirt making this a 19-0 game. The half ended with Justin Rhinehart sacking Jantuah.

The North defense would pick up in the 2nd half where they left off in the first. Josh Alt would stuff Jantuah on third down to bring up a South 4th and four. The South would make two nice plays before the scoreless third quarter came to a close. First, Erick Grimmett would get to Padmore-Johnson for a 6-yard loss. Then Padmore-Johnson was taken down for a 5-yard loss by John Covert.

The fourth quarter would see the North score on a Pedmore-Johnson to Dalton Flowers 42-yard pass, where Flower had at least 5-yards on his defender. Devinney ended the scoring with his point-after kick giving us our 26-0 score. The teams would trade picks before the final gun sounded. For the North, Shaheed Jackson did the deed, and for the South, it was Chris Vines.










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