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Bishop Guilfoyle @BGMarauderFball vs Somerset

Offensive and defensive lines lead CSP to the 26-0 victory over Fredonia @wny_football @CSPfootball @FredoniaFTBL

Written by: on Monday, May 3rd, 2021



This one was played at the Sherman football field, where fans all stand around the field or bring their own chairs to sit and enjoy the game. I was down of the field for this one, so my article will be more of a scoring summary, with some of my own thoughts on the game.

The first thing I noticed was Fredonia was much bigger than CSP especially on the lines but shortly after the game had started I and everyone I spoke to around the ropes quickly understood that the advantage was going to be for the smaller, faster, and more determined CSP team. On the edges where the receivers were, CSP too was smaller but again that never seemed to affect their play as they had little to no difficulty containing the passing game, that was led by division one college prospect Nick Whitfield. Whitfield throws a football like Nolan Ryan threw a baseball and this seems to make it difficult for his receivers to catch balls, even the ones that often hit them in the chest. More times than not the talented QB was under heavy pressure thanks to the quick and well-coached CSP defensive lines.

Nick Whitfield

The first score of the game came on a safety right after Fredonia had stopped the CSP offense inside the 1-yard-line. The snap from the center was a little off causing the timing of the play to be a little off and that was all the CSP defense needed to tackle Matt Lotter in the end zone to put the home team up 2-0 with 7:13 left in the opening quarter. John Swabik, a division one signee track, and field athlete for the wolfpack and a player I told coach Harper looks better and better each time I see him play would haul in a 32-yard pass from Bishop Kopta to make this an 8-0 game with 6:36 left in the quarter. From there both defenses played well and there would be no more scoring until midway through the 2nd quarter. Swabik would use some nice blocking to go 30 some yards to make this a 14-0 game at the 8:03 mark of the 2nd quarter. After the CSP defense got the rock back for their potent offense, Swabik would again use some great blocking and field vision to go 53-yards and make this a 20-0 game with 6:15 left in the half. The rest of the half was all defense with both teams making several good plays. For CSP, it was all pressure and very sound tackling, and for Hillbillies, it was a bend but not break defense. Both teams were laying the pads to the other giving the fans a lot to be wowed by.

The third quarter seemed to move fast with just one score and that came from Kopta prancing in from a yard out to give us our final score of 26-0. Thanks to great pressure and nice hands the CSP defense would get multiple interceptions and they would recover a fumble or two. For Fredonia Lotter ran hard each time he touched the ball and Whitfield would have several nice runs and found a way to complete a few passes. Each of those talented players would cough the ball up one on some great hit from the CSP defense and the some would be from the runner struggling to get extra yards.

After watching this one I believe every fan at this one could see how good the CSP defense was as they shut down one of the better quarterbacks in New York, and we all could see how well-coached they are on both sides of the ball. As far as Fredonia is concerned I.M.O. I think everyone could see that they never gave up and played hard the entire game.

Before I end this I want to say to coach Harper thanks again for treating PAFOOTBALLNEWS so well and thank you for being so honest in your answers to my questions. To Whitefield Jr., it was good to actually meet you. I would have stuck around longer and talked to you after the game but we had a long drive to Wilson to catch their game. I had a very good conversation with your father during the game and right after. Let him know he is good people and please thank him for taking the time to talk football with me.

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