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2019 Player Profiles Day 38: Kaden Moore 2020•Bethlehem Freedom•OG @KadenMoore64 @RoederJason

Written by: on Thursday, July 18th, 2019


2020Bethlehem FreedomOG

I have been playing football since I was 5. I have been starting on both sides of the ball since my freshman year in high school, playing OT on offense and DE on defense.

Who is your favorite sports star and why?

Labron James. He is the greatest at what he does. He is a hard worker, a champion, and he dominates at his craft.

Why do you play football?

I love the sport of football because I can learn the importance of work ethic, teamwork, accountability, unity, commitment, and working towards a common cause – a championship. Also, football allows me to grow and use my talents to dominate the competition.

What sports movie would you watch every day if you had to pick one and why?

Remember the Titans. It is a story about a team coming together even thru differences to win a championship without allowing the outside world to get in the way. The football scenes are great and so are the many lessons in the movie about life.

What cartoon character do you think your head coach most resembles.

Johnny Quest with black hair

If your mom and dad are screaming at you from the stands, what is it they usually yell?

Mom is yelling “way to go Kaden!” My dad is the defensive coordinator for our team and he is up in the coaching booth, so I don’t get to hear him except at halftime when he usually tells me “good job” and “keep pounding.”

Who is your mentor, the person you want to be like?

My dad.

Is there anyone in your family, besides your parents, you could consider your biggest fan? Who, Why?

My grandfather Randall. He never misses a game. He always sits with my mom at the games and comes down on the field after every game to tell me that I did a good job.

When you aren’t playing, practicing or training for sports, what is your go to activity and why?

I like to play Fort Night on my XBox. I enjoy playing online with friends, laughing, talking trash back and forth, and relaxing.

Jersey Number 64

Primary Position OG

Height 6-3

Weight 310

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