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2019 Player Profiles Day 22: Joseph Cooper 2020•Bermudian Springs•OT @JCfootball62 @BermSports @red_swarmfb

Written by: on Friday, August 2nd, 2019


2020Bermudian SpringsOT

I’m Joe Cooper a offensive lineman I work hard and will always like to get better

Why do you play football?

I play for the moments I have with my team that I will never forget

What sports movie would you watch every day if you had to pick one and why?

I would choose a movie rather last chance u the Netflix original about juco it is an amazing show that digs deep into juco football

Tell everyone something about you that would make them laugh out loud:

I live in a very old house with low ceilings and I cannot stand up straight in it

Is there anyone in your family, besides your parents, you could consider your biggest fan? Who, Why?

Until his passing my grandfather was my biggest fan

When you aren’t playing, practicing or training for sports, what is your go to activity and why?

Work so I can afford to feed myself due to all the workouts and practices I get to eating a lot

Other Sports

Track and field thrower

Jersey Number 52

Primary Position OT

Height 6’6

Weight 295

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