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2019 Player Profiles Day 10: Izaiah Babish 2020•Carlynton•WR @IzaiahBabish @CarlyntonSports

Written by: on Wednesday, August 14th, 2019



HM All Conference DB
Class of 2020

Who is your favorite sports star and why?

Larry Fitzgerald. Largely in cause of him being the ultimate professional in my eyes. To me, Fitz is a coach’s dream, never complaining, never seen to be an issue in the lockerroom, a motivator, a leader, and the hardest, most consistent worker in the building. From the stats to the positive sentiments echoed by former and present teammates, Fitz is seen to be one of the greatest paraprofessionals of all time in my opinion.

Who is your mentor, the person you want to be like?

Well, I’m not quite sure he realizes it, but Coach Jordan Roussos. Not only has he experienced situations similar to my current position, but he’s overcame these challenges to make it from a lesser known school that is Carlynton to a college campus, and even had a tryout with the Pittsburgh Steelers/practice squad spot on the Seattle Seahawks. He is the living proof of how someone can be put in such a dire situation, being the BEST player on a below average team lacking any attention from recruiters/media, yet outworked his competition to become recognized and take that leap to stardom. Coach Roussos is the living proof of how someone from my own school can succeed and can win in life, how someone can make a difference in this world and can then draw lessons from his experiences in order to give back to the youth in his own community. Ever since we’ve met and I’ve learned of his story, I’ve been inspired, I’ve felt as though someone has been in my shoes and understands the pain that I’ve gone through, that someone will push me to be better, that someone sees that same character within me. Nothing but love for Coach!

What is your most embarrassing sports moment?

I’ve never really had too many embarrassing moments, but it’d probably be during summer workouts this summer. We were running a conditioning circuit, to where it required us to be on all fours, rolling, bear crawling, in all directions. It started as a normal rep, left, right, and then forward. What I had yet to learn was that we could indeed traverse in all four directions, including the reverse direction. So it was here, when Coach Piccinini motioned for us to bear crawl backwards, that I proceeded to put on the breaks… with my face sliding across the hardwood floor, attempting to stop and reverse gears quickly. Man, I’ll never hear the end of that.

Is there anyone in your family, besides your parents, you could consider your biggest fan? Who, Why?

Former Head Coach Scott Yoder. The man always had your back no matter who and what went wrong. Despite what the record shows, and the motive sounds, we did have a very close knit family whenever Coach Yoder was present. He was like a second father to the majority of us, he truly made it feel as though you were welcomed whenever you stepped foot in that lockerroom. Coach sought out the best within every single one of his players, and truly cared about the feelings and events were ongoing in every individual’s life. Coach Yoder is my biggest fan behind my family, because he truly upheld me to a higher standard than I thought possible, he wanted me to succeed, he knew I could succeed. Whenever I wanted to walk away from the game around the 6th game of my junior season, Coach Scott Yoder was the man who stopped me and made me feel as though I had a purpose on that field. Contrary to the hysteria surrounding his name, Coach Scott Yoder was one h*ll of a man and certainly did not receive the credit he deserves (and does not deserve the hate he receives) for what he did during his time with this program.


10 Catches for 65 yards and 1 Touchdown (I’ll explain if prompted)
60 tackles 3 tackles for loss
15 Passes Defensed

Accolades and Awards

HM All Conference
Citizenship Award

Jersey Number 8

Primary Position WR

Secondary Position S

Weight 165

Height 5’11


Lawrence University, Washington and Jefferson College

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