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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard
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Coach Weider’s @Go_Rout Coaches Notebook: Big recap of all the high school football games in LL

Written by: on Monday, October 18th, 2021


Player of the week– Jaheim White York High. Jaheim ran for an eye-popping 415 yards, and 7 touchdowns Friday night in a 70-24 win over South Western Friday Night. 

5 Questions with Jaheim White:

1) Can you talk about all the work you put in the off-season to get to a 6-1 start?

Coach Stoner keeps the team together throughout the year. We lift in the off-season together and meet for help with school classes. He treats us like family. He never stops checking in with us.

2) Can you talk about the impact of your offensive line in helping you have so much success?

My line is everything. Without them, I couldn’t do what I do. Joden Nelson, my center, also has Division 1 offers. We complement each other well.

3) Can you discuss what motivates you to be successful?

I come from Miami. So, football has been a huge part of my life since I was 4 years old. My godfather in Miami was my first coach. Without him, I wouldn’t be here. The game is my motivation. I love it and I want to play it for as long as I can.

4) Can you talk about your head coach and the impact he has made on you and the team?

Coach Stoner came to York High and took on a program that was not doing well on the field and off. Since then he has turned our program into a true contender and has made us students before football players. The team has an average GPA of 3,4 or higher. He devotes a lot of time to us.

5) ) What will it take to win out and win the rest of your games?

Focus and communication. As long as we stayed focused on what we need to do we will be good. Our team is talented. We want to win.

Team of the week– Hempfield. Hempfield lost last week against Cedar Crest after they had a 3 game winning streak prior to that game. Then responded in a big way with a 17-14 win over rival Township. It was a huge game for Hempfield, since 1st time they beat their rival in 2013. 

Coach of the week– Bud Kyle of Columbia. Most people did not think Columbia would be 6-1 at this point in the season, but coach Kyle has them playing well and have a legit shot to win Section 4 and to make a long playoff run. 

Play of the week– Tight end pop pass. This is a great play call near the goal line or in short yardage. It is simply a play-action pass where you fake it to the running back and try to hit the tight end with a pass. I have seen it out of many different formations or looks. It is a great play. The key is everyone needs to simulate it as a run then the QB fakes it to the RB and hits the TE who is running a seam route. The TE also needs to fake run then release for a pass. 

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Football has 4 downs, so here are 4 thoughts from what I saw, watched, and heard this week:

1) In section 1 Hempfield’s win over Township was huge, but now they got to play Wilson this week. If they win this week then they will be in the driver’s seat to win Section 1. Don’t count out Wilson. They have won 3 straight and have seemed to be back to being the Wilson we all know. 

2) In Section 2 huge game next week when Cocalico faces Warwick. Both teams have not lost yet in Section play whoever wins this game will have a good shot at winning the section, but don’t count out Central who has only lost to Warwick so far. 

3) In Section 3 Lampeter Strasburg looks like a class of its own. They beat Garden Spot handily Friday night after Garden Spot got the early lead. Next up for Lampeter Strasburg is running back Andre Weidman and Ephrata. 

4) In Section 4 Columbia looks like the favorite but plays a much improved ELCO this week. Don’t count out Octorara, Anneville Cleona, who both only have 1 loss in the section in case Columbia trips up. 


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