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2020 PFN Player Previews: Ty Tate, West Middlesex @WMBigRedsFB @tytate_17

Written by: on Tuesday, July 28th, 2020



Ty Tate
West Middlesex High School
Position: QB/DB
Class of 2021
Height: 6′ 2_
Weight: 180lbs
Head Coach – Mark Means


What made you choose football?

My family has always been huge fans of football. I grew up watching the Steelers, so it was only natural to play football.

What’s your favorite football memory?

My favorite football memory would probably be when we beat Sharpsville last season on their senior night. The coaches were hyping us up all week, and it brought out so much fire in the team. We were so motivated that game, and it had been so long since WestMiddlesex had beaten Sharpsville, so it just made it a really special game.

What activities do you enjoy outside of playing football?

I like playing Xbox, baseball basketball, and working out with friends.

What non-football accomplishment are you most proud of?

That would have to be winning states for baseball last year, it was just an experience I’ll never forget, and I hope I can have again with football. Going out to Penn State and playing on that field, looking at some of the facilities, is not something everyone gets to see.

Who is your favorite athlete, and why?

Muhammad Ali, it sounds I have so much respect for him because of how much confidence he had. That dude would have you beat before you even walked into the ring.

What has been the most difficult part of training during the pandemic, and how did you overcome it?

The hardest part of the pandemic training would have to be not being able to get the guys together and putting in group work. It’s a team sport, so practicing and training without your team aren’t ideal.

Do you prefer offense or defense?

I like to prefer offense because I feel like there is so much more variety with the offense. There’s just a lot more you can do, like switching up plays. With the defense, it’s just read and react.

What are your parents most likely to yell from the stands?

Quit thinking so much! 

What are your team and personal goals for the season?

The team goal would be a District X championship and earn a trip to Hershey at the end of the season. My personal goal would have to be 1st-team all-state for a quarterback. 

If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would you choose?

Muhammad Ali, Bo Jackson, Lamar Jackson. Muhammad, because like I said, I admire his confidence, Bo because I think he was the running back to play the game, and Lamar because I like his play style, and I feel like I could learn so much from him. 

What hobby do you have that might surprise people?

I like to cook, and I’m pretty good at it.

What’s your favorite sport, other than football, to play or watch?

Hands down, it would have the be baseball.

What is one thing you hope other players can learn from you?

I hope that people learn there is a difference in being cocky and confident. I feel like everyone needs to be confident but not cocky.

What is your expectation of West Middlesex football this season?

Its at least D-10 or bust.

What is your favorite TV show? 

The Office 

What is your favorite movie?


What is your favorite subject in school?


What music do you listen to?

Mostly Rap  

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