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2020 Team Previews: The Blacklick Valley Vikings

Written by: on Thursday, June 25th, 2020


Blacklick Valley Vikings

Head Coach Rich Price

Assistant Coaches
Donnie Robertson
Matt Price
Bob Delosh
Tavis Price
Garry Wurm
Dave Thomas
Dan Palko

2019 Season Record 3-7

2020 Schedule:





08-22 Glendale  Glendale (SCR) 10:00 am
08-29 Ferndale  Ferndale (0-0) * 1:00 pm
09-04 Windber  Windber (0-0) * 7:00 pm
09-11 Portage  Portage (0-0) * 7:00 pm
09-18 Meyersdale  Meyersdale (0-0) * 7:00 pm
09-25 Berlin-Brothersvalley  Berlin-Brothersvalley (0-0) * Snyder Sports Complex 7:00 pm
10-03 Conemaugh Valley  Conemaugh Valley (0-0) * 1:00 pm
10-09 Conemaugh Township  Conemaugh Township (0-0) * 7:00 pm
10-16 Shade  Shade (0-0) * Panther Stadium 7:00 pm
10-23 North Star  North Star (0-0) * 7:00 pm

BOLD – denotes home game
* – denotes league game
(SCR) – denotes scrimmage

Key Starters Lost
Dominic DiPaolo, Ath/DB
Isaac Thomas, RB/LB
Noah McEvoy, WR/DB
Joe Belier, OL/DL
Ian McGhee, OL/DL

Offensive Starters Returning
Kolten Szymusiak (Jr), Ath
Cody Williams (Jr), WR
Rudy Lanzendorfer (Jr), OL
Chris Clark (So), OL
Nate Schilling (Jr), FB/TE
Jack Wurm (Sr), Ath/WR
Josh Little (Sr), FB
Alex Boychuck (Sr), OL

Defensive Starters Returning
Kolten Szymusiak (Jr), DB
Cody Williams (Jr), DB
Rudy Lanzendorfer (Jr), DL
Jake Napolitano (Sr), DL/LB
Nate Schilling (Jr), LB
Jack Wurm (Sr), LB
Josh Little (Sr), DL
Aaron Gdula (Jr), LB
Chris Clark (So), DL

Special Team Starters Returning
Kolten Szymusiak
Cody Williams

Key Newcomers
Josh Hessler, Ath/DB

What does your offense need to improve on from last year?
We must be more consistent up front. If we stay healthy and continue to improve on the offensive line, we can be competitive and improve wewek to week.

What does your defense need to improve on from last year
It starts with the front seven. We have to get pressure from our front four in order to allow our linebackers to read their keys and make plays. Our defense improved each week last season and with an experienced middle linebacker in Nate Schilling (130 tackles) and Rudy Lanzendorfer, who is one of top 5 or 8 linemen in our league, we will be looking for big plays from our defense.

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