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2015 New Coaches

If you are aware of a new coach hire or opening, contact us. The Pennsylvania Football News will post the information on this page.

SchoolDist.Old CoachNew Coach
Annville-Cleona3Terry LehmanMatt Gingrich
Bangor11Donnie HawkBrian Miller
Bensalem1Kevin KellyEd Cubbage
Bishop McCort6Jerry DavitchBrian Basile
Bristol1Leo PlenskiJohn Greiner
California7William TeetsDarrin Dillow
Cardinal O'Hara12Paul StrusB.J. Hogan
Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic7Bob RavenstahlJason Gildon
Central Bucks West1Brian HenselChas Carthers
Claysburg-Kimmel6Gabe WalterDan Foor
Columbia3James BurkeAnthony Sottasante
Dallas2Bob ZarutaRich Mannello
Delone Catholic3Steve WilesCorey Zortman
Dover3Eric LamWayne Snelbaker
Elizabeth Forward7Mike LaDonneMike Collodi
Elizabethtown3Mike CottleBill McDonald
Ferndale6Charles RyanDonnie Robertson
Fox Chapel7Eric RavottiTom Loughran
Hanover Area2Ron HummerMike McCree
Honesdale2Jim LudwigMike Jurkowski
Hopewell7Dave VestalMark Washington
Jefferson-Morgan7Liam RyanAaron Giorgi
LaSalle College12Drew GordonJohn Steinmetz
Manheim Central3Mike WilliamsDave Hahn
Meyers2Corry HansonJeff Labatch
Mifflin County6George MiskinisBrent Hartman
Moon7Mark WashingtonBrendan Hathaway
Mount Carmel4Carmen DeFrancescoJohn Darrah
Muhlenberg3Rich KolkaPat Sisk
Neshaminy1Mike FrederickSteve Wilmot
New Oxford3Jason ThurstonJason Warner
Northern York3Garrett MoweryGreg Bowman
Northwest Area2Carl MajerLes Hazlet
Owen J. Roberts1Tom BarrRich Kolka
Oxford Area1Mike PeitlockMike Means
Penn Manor3Todd MealyJohn Brubaker
Roman Catholic12Joe McCourtJim Murphy
Sayre4Larry HanafinSteve Satterly
Selinsgrove4Dave HessDerek Hicks
Seneca Valley7Don HollDave Vestal
Shenandoah Valley11Randy MaksimikKevin Bolinsky
Slippery Rock10Brendan HathawayTravis Sarver
Spring Grove3Russ StonerKyle Sprenkle
Strong Vincent10Scott WhiteChris Spooner
Trinity3Bill Ragni, Jr.Troy Jensen
Trinity7Ryan CoyleJon Miller
Tunkhannock2Rod AzarJan Cechek
United6Lance HalupkaKevin Marabito
Valley Forge Academy1Paul NoonMike Korom
Vincentian Academy7Tim StorinoTodd Hazlett
Waynesboro3Brennan MarionSteven Myers
West Greene7Christian FoxRodney Huffman
West York3Ron MillerJeremy Jones
William Tennant1Ben RosenbergerLeo Plenski
Williamsport4Kevin ChoateCharles Crews
York Suburban3Jeremy JonesAndy Loucks


  1. Dennis Way

    April 6, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Long-time assistant coach John Steinmetz has been named the head football coach at La Salle

  2. Rob Klock

    April 28, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    Greg Bowman, a former assistant at Lower Dauphin, has been named the new head coach at Northern York.

  3. Matthew Claar

    May 7, 2015 at 7:46 am

    Ferndale Area (District 6) has a new coach in Donnie Robertson, replacing Charles Ryan.

  4. Michael J. Korom

    June 12, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Michael Korom has been named the new Head Football Coach at Valley Forge Military Academy.

  5. Rob

    July 16, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    Former Pennsbury assistant, John Griener, has taken over Bristol High program

  6. Josh Martin

    August 5, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    Jason Warner is the new head coach at New Oxford, replacing Jason Thurston.

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