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Freedom linebacker Tristan Wheeler committed to Richmond @TWheels24 @fhssportsBASD

Back on March 11 Freedom linebacker Tristan Wheeler received his first college offer, it from Army. From then on the offers kept piling on for the 6-2, 215. Schools like Albany, Colgate, Lehigh, Air Force, 16 more in all opined for the incoming seniors talents, but it was the Spiders of Richmond that stood out most. Today, Wheeler eliminate those other 16 and committed to play his college ball for them. Wheeler was an All-League selection last year and is the leader of what could be a strong point of the Freedom defense this year that allowed just 20 points a game in 2017.

We caught up with Tristan and asked him about his commitment.


WPA: why did you choose The Spiders?

Tristan: I chose the Richmond Spiders because I believe that it gave me everything that I could ask for in a school. They have great football in a great conference, a beautiful campus, brand new facilities, a great support system and group of coaches, and offer a top of the line education. Not only that but I believe they will not only help me grow as a player, but as a young man as well. Couldn’t ask for more in a school recruiting me !

WPA: who was your biggest influence at Richmond, who recruited you?

Tristan: My biggest influence at The University of Richmond was Coach Wood. He is the linebacker coach and the coach that was recruiting me along the process. He is a great man with a strong knowledge of football and the linebacker position. His support and the love he showed to my family and I, stood out above the rest.

WPA: what do your parents think of your decision?

Tristan: My parents were a big part in the decision I made. They loved the football, coaches, education, and school just as much as I did. This made the decision pretty easy. Couldn’t have done it without them.

WPA: what are they getting in player like you?

Tristan: By me committing, Richmond is getting a player that will not stop working until his goal is accomplished. They are getting a kid with a relentless work ethic and drive to be the best that he could be and the best that he can make his team. I also believe that they are getting a leader and a kid that can come in and help their team tremendously.

WPA: what position will you play?

Tristan: I will be playing the middle linebacker position. I am very familiar with this position and love playing it

WPA: why commit early?

Tristan: I committed when I did because I wanted to make sure my spot was secure and to get the weight off my shoulders and ball out this season. I believe Richmond is a great fit and didn’t see a need to prolong the recruiting process.

WPA: what was the recruiting process like for you?

Tristan: Besides the recruiting process being a long and stressful decision to make, it did feel great to finally be wanted for all the hard work that I have put in. It has been one of the hardest decisions of my life, but was a blessing to be offered all these opportunities. I am truly grateful.

WPA: Do you know what you’d like to study?

Tristan: As of now, I would like to go and study something in the sports medicine field. I would probably end up going the biology route, as I am very interested in the human body and everything that makes it up. I believe that they have great programs for this and will help me succeed with what I want to do in the future.

WPA: What do you think is the most exciting thing about Richmond University?

Tristan: I think the most exciting thing about the University of Richmond is the culture and the conference of football that they play in. It is a great conference with lots of great competition. I never stray away from competition and always like to compete against the best of the best. Richmond provides me with that

WPA: How will this affect your play for your senior season?

Tristan:  I believe that this commitment will help me play a lot more freely next season. I have a great amount of weight lifted off my shoulders and can now focus on dominating my senior season and achieving our team goals !! Couldn’t be more excited !!

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