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Hanover Lineman Justin Kopko Accepted a PWO with Penn State @jkop75 @HanoverHawk2016

The Hanover Hawkeyes 2018 campaign didn’t give them much to cheer about, it was a tough season for the small school located between Nanticoke and Wilkes-Barre. As a matter of fact the last several seasons have been tough for the Hawkeyes, but one big thing has come from their program, and by big I mean 6-4, 305 pounds big! Justin Kopko has been on a lot of D1 programs recruiting radar since he was a sophomore.

Army got his attention so much so that earlier this year he committed to them. But after thinking it through, he’d decided that he had committed too early, and rescinded that decision just as the 2018 season was beginning.

Then something happened, and that something was a PWO from Penn State.  And nearly 2 months later, Kopko came to a decision, and he chose to play for and attend Penn State. His announcement to everyone came via this twitter post:

We caught up with Justin and asked him about that decision:

PFN: why did you choose to commit to the Nittany Lions?

Justin: I choose to commit because I truly believe Penn State is the place I can grow the most academically and athletically.

PFN: who was your biggest influence at Penn State, who recruited you?

Justin: Ricky rhane is my biggest influence and is the coach that is recruiting me.

PFN: what do your parents think of your decision?

Justin: My family loves my decision.

PFN: what are they getting in player like you?

Justin: Penn State is going to get a hardworking leader from a player like myself.

PFN: what position where you recruited for?

Justin:  I was recruited for interior offensive line.

PFN: what was the recruiting process like for you?

Justin: The recruiting process was a roller coaster ride. I was originally committed to army then decided to decommit.

PFN: Do you know what you’d like to study?

Justin: I plan on studying something in he business field.

PFN: What do you think is the most exciting thing about PSU?

Justin: The most exciting thing about penn State to me is the family atmosphere coach franklin has created.

PFN: Tell everyone out there in Nittany Lion land something they’d never know about you until you told them:

Justin:  Something someone wouldn’t know is my highschool coach has looked at me as well at tight end.

PFN:Who is the person who most influenced you in your football career?

Justin:  The person that most influenced me in my football career are my grandparents whom I live with.

PFN: What will you miss most about Hanover Area?

Justin: The thing I will miss most at Hanover Area is the great support staff from faculty.

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