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PIAA Adopts new transfer rule to help curb imbalance in sports

Written by Greg Pickel, Pennlive


STATE COLLEGE — The PIAA approved a new transfer rule on Wednesday that will force student-athletes who transfer in the 10th grade or later to sit out the next year’s postseason in their respective sport unless they can prove a hardship.

A Board of Directors vote by a 26-2 count passed the motion on suspended protocol, meaning it can go into effect Aug. 6 and impact transfers that may happen during the upcoming school year or anytime after that date.

The preamble to the now-adopted article in the PIAA’s By-Laws reads as follows:

“[T]he Board of Directors has determined that, with few exceptions, any students who transfer after playing a sport in their 10th grade year shall not be eligible to participate in the ensuing PIAA tournament in that sport. The student, if otherwise eligible, may participate in that sport only during the regular season.”

As for the “few exceptions,” that list includes:

  • A change of residence necessitated by a change in employment
  • A school-initiated administrative transfer within a school district
  • A court ordered transfer
  • A change of schools caused by a military reassignment of a parent
  • A change of schools caused by release from a juvenile facility
  • A demonstrable change in income or other financial resources that compels withdrawal from a private school.

Listed as reasons that will “not be deemed to meet” the hardship standard includes  ………….MORE HERE:

Written by Greg Pickel, Pennlive


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