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SCA QB Stone Hollenbach rolls into Tuscaloosa & rolls out a member of the Crimson Tide

He’s been to Hershey, twice. He’s got a title ring. He’s got a shot at another this year. He’s thrown for over 4,600 yards and 54 tds, and oh hey, he’s only thrown 11 interceptions in 400+ throws. He walked into Tuscaloosa Alabama with that resume, and walked away with a commitment to play football for the Crimson Tide. One could say that as only a junior from a small school in the middle of the countryside of Pennsylvania, where they used to pull millions of tons of coal out of the ground, the Tide found a black diamond in Stone Hollenbach.  The 6-3, 190 pound incoming senior committed during a recent visit with the Tide and coach Josh Gattis, who first offered him as a Penn State coach.


We caught up with Stone and asked him about his commitment:

WPA: why did you choose The Tide?

Stone: I choose the tide because it has always been my dream to be an Alabama qb when they told me I’d have every opportunity to commit I was sold. I also want to possibly be a coach in the future and I’m going from the best coach in high school to the best in college!

WPA: who was your biggest influence at Alabama, who recruited you?

Stone:  Josh Gattis recruited me and he’s a great recruiter. You really feel like family down there it’s a great place

WPA: what do your parents think of your decision?

Stone:  they’re excited about it they’re Alabama fans as well. They just told me to give it my all and good things will happen

Sara Hollenbach, (Stone’s mom): It’s his dream and his decision. I’m very proud of him and I know how hard he has worked to make this dream a reality. I think it’s awesome that h has never given up on this dream. He loves to compete and work hard so he knows what he has to do!!! I like how he (Nick Saban) treats his players and him and Miss Terry  (Sabans wife) and his staff made us feel very welcomed. It’s a beautiful campus and area.

WPA: what are they getting in player like you?

Stone: Alabama is getting a player that will work extremely hard and someone who loves the program

WPA: why commit early?

Stone:  I’ve visited a few schools and just felt like bama was the best for me, I just thought why wait?

WPA: Do you know what you’d like to study?

Stone: sports management

WPA: What do you think is the most exciting thing about Alabama University?

Stone: Most exciting part is playing for Saban and and program that’s number 1 objective is winning

WPA: How will this affect your play for your senior season?

Stone: it’ll definitely put a bullseye on my back but southern has a bullseye on their back all the time so nothing new

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