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Wilkes-Barre has a new team, they will call them the Wolfpack

On Saturday, October 27 at Wilkes Barre’s Meyers stadium, one of the greatest rivalries in PA football will come to an end. The Grenadiers of GAR and the Mohawks of Meyers will play their last game against each, then next year they will all become teammates along with those from the Coughlin Crusaders. will be there to witness this historic game, a game that for many years was played on Thanksgiving Day.

The Wilkes-Barre school board voted on August 8th of this year to accept GAR into their already in motion plan to consolidate Meyers and Coughlin high schools. Last night they announced the team mascot and colors. Thanks to Allison Slavish, we know what they’ll look like:

It’s always tough to see schools lose tradition and merge, but we at look forward to sharing the new history of what should be a very powerful team. We wish you all great memories. I know I personally have many of all those teams.  From watching Berwick clash with Coughlin in the Eastern Conference title games back in the 80s to seeing former Meyers player Raghib “the Rocket” Ismail, along with brothers Qadry “the Missile” and  Sulaiman “the Bomb” torching teams with exciting runs. Looking on as Greg Skrepanak and Brian Williams (both from GAR) mowed opposing linemen to the ground before heading off to successful NFL careers, watching as Crusader running back Dave Simchok plowed his way to over 2,000 yard in 1979. In 1993 I witnessed the last football game played at Plains Memorial between Berwick and Coughlin. In 1982 Coughlin beat the then #1 team in the state to advance to the Eastern Conference title game. It would take them until 2007 to finally win an EC Title. All great memories. All will become a part of a new history. Welcome to PA High School football the Wilkes-Barre Wolfpack!



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