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2023 All-Academic Team: Silver

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| February 16, 2023


We are proud to announce the following players have been named to our

2023 All-Academic Silver Team.

Members of this team competed in the 2022 season with a GPA of 3.5 – 3.9 

If you or your team is not listed, please HAVE YOUR COACH email we will continue to add to
this list as long as it takes to get everyone on! 


Christian Henzes WR/DB Abington Heights 2023
Connor Casey OL/LB Abington Heights 2023
Hunter Landers OL/DE Abington Heights 2023
Jack Burke WR/DE Abington Heights 2023
Nico Bossi TE/DE Abington Heights 2023
Roman Cutrufello WR/DB Abington Heights 2023
Marshal Gordon OL/DL Abington Heights 2024
Thomas Russini WR/DB Abington Heights 2024
Tim Phillips TE/LB Abington Heights 2024
Anthony Chillari OL/LB Abington Heights 2025
Dylan Jaramillo RB/DB Abington Heights 2025
Liam Fick OL/DL Abington Heights 2025
Myles Knott OL/DL Abington Heights 2025
Gavin Anders WR/DB Abington Heights 2026
Nick Bradley QB/DB Abington Heights 2026
DONOVAN WALKER Aliquippa 2023
NATHAN LINDSEY Aliquippa 2023
BRANDON BANKS Aliquippa 2024
DEMARKUS WALKER Aliquippa 2024
MALACHI SHEGOG Aliquippa 2025
MICHAEL GASKINS Aliquippa 2025
GAVIN WILCOX Aliquippa 2026
Anderson Collin Anderson Collin
Gage Johnston QB/DB Apollo-Ridge  2023
Alex Wurmb WR/DB Apollo-Ridge  2024
Spencer Sells OL/DL Apollo-Ridge  2024
Ryan Lydon OL/DL Apollo-Ridge  2025
ISAIAH BROWN WR/OLB Armstrong 2024
ROCCO SWARTZ OL/ILB Armstrong 2025
CARTER LASH OL/DL Armstrong 2026
COSTA COUKNAS RB/DB Armstrong 2026
ZANE JORDAN WR/DB Armstrong 2026
Austin Malanoski DT/T Athens 2023
Brandon Jennings WR/DB/Spec. Athens 2023
Caleb Nichols RB/LB Athens 2023
Glenn Romberger FB/DE Athens 2023
Kaden Parrish FB/DE Athens 2024
Brendan Comstock G/DT Athens 2026
Eli Chapman QB/DB Athens 2026
Benjamin Colon WR Avon Grove 2023
Nate Tesche OL Avon Grove 2023
Owen Yoder DB Avon Grove 2023
Thaddeus Binstead RB Avon Grove 2023
Trent Lucovich DB Avon Grove 2023
AJ LeClerc DB Avon Grove 2024
Cole Walsh LB Avon Grove 2024
Harrison Watson  RB Avon Grove 2024
Lucas Laganelli OL / LB Avon Grove 2024
Rafael Lopez OL Avon Grove 2024
Trevor Dosenbach DB Avon Grove 2024
Zach Sheridan  LB Avon Grove 2024
Jacob Wilson OL Avon Grove 2025
Jagger Vitelli LB Avon Grove 2025
Evan Olander RB Avon Grove 2026
Jose Sabastro RB Avon Grove 2026
Nate Harper QB Avonworth  2023
Peyton Faulkner TE/S Avonworth  2023
Jackson Vogt WR/CB Avonworth  2024
Bailey Laiken Bailey Laiken
Andrew Nycum DT Bellwood-Antis 2023
Ethan Norris LB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Levi Robertson Bellwood-Antis 2023
Nick Kost RB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Peter Orona G Bellwood-Antis 2023
Brady Gottshall SE Bellwood-Antis 2024
Dalton Poorman LB Bellwood-Antis 2024
Robbie Kenner C Bellwood-Antis 2024
Griffin Kyle CB Bellwood-Antis 2025
Hunter Kyle C Bellwood-Antis 2025
Mcaulley Corle SE Bellwood-Antis 2025
Christian Jennings G Bellwood-Antis 2026
Logan Ridgway T Bellwood-Antis 2026
Emmanuel Geishauser DB BERKS CATHOLIC  2023
Jackson Gasperack OL BERKS CATHOLIC  2023
Jackson Haas DE BERKS CATHOLIC  2023
Luke Bennethum  OL BERKS CATHOLIC  2023
Connor Pennington LB BERKS CATHOLIC  2024
Bryce Gumby ST BERKS CATHOLIC  2025
Grant Parsch ST BERKS CATHOLIC  2025
Aidan Klahre OL-DL Berlin 2023
Caleb Rohrs WR-S Berlin 2023
Cole Hyatt OL-DL Berlin 2023
Cory Jose OL-DL Berlin 2023
Josiah Rock WR-S Berlin 2023
Landon Ulderich WR-LB Berlin 2023
Cruz Rodriguez RB-CB Berlin 2024
Cooper Huston RB-DE Berlin 2025
Haydan Hutzell WR-CB Berlin 2025
Mac Foor QB-S Berlin 2025
Trace Hay RB-LB Berlin 2025
Seth Kimmel RB-LB Berlin 2026
Braylon Hawkins LB Berwick 2024
Ethan Lear QB/DB Berwick 2024
Luke Thomas QB Bethlehem Catholic 2023
Mark Mulhern OL Bethlehem Catholic 2023
Devin Green-Williams WR Bethlehem Catholic 2024
Sammy Ayache OL Bethlehem Catholic 2024
Kaden Wyandt RB/LB Bishop Guilfoyle 2024
Ryan Hostler OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle 2024
Ben Steinbugl OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle 2025
Hamilton Gates WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2025
Jesse Georgiana RB/LB Bishop Guilfoyle 2026
Grant Wissner RB/DB BLACKHAWK 2023
Stephen Baldwin OL/DL BLACKHAWK 2023
Tyler Jannuzi FB/DE BLACKHAWK 2023
Dontae Campagna RB/DB BLACKHAWK 2024
Eric O’Neill  OL/DL BLACKHAWK 2024
Brendan Rodriguez RB/LB BLACKHAWK 2025
Stephen Knallay QB/LB BLACKHAWK 2025
Tyler Heckathorn TE/DE BLACKHAWK 2025
Cole Swick Blue Mountain
Cole Wargo Blue Mountain
Lukas Kauffman Blue Mountain
Tyler Stahley Blue Mountain
Vern Kleckner Blue Mountain
Will Jacobson Blue Mountain
Wyatt Taylor Blue Mountain
Bracken Dakota Bracken Dakota
Baily Miller OL/DL Brookville 2023
Braiden Davis HB/DL Brookville 2023
Bryce Weaver TE/LB Brookville 2023
Josh Rafferty WR/LB Brookville 2023
David Johnson WR/DB Brookville 2024
William Beal RB/LM Brookville 2024
Dante Morey WR/DB Brookville 2026
Trenton Colgan WR/LB Brookville 2026
Cameron Martin OL/DL Burrell 2023
Reece Kennedy RB/LB Burrell 2023
Dylan Ridley TE/LB Burrell 2024
Luke Boylan OL/DL Burrell 2025
Jason Wagner OL/DL Burrell 2026
Liam Kasavage RB/LB Burrell 2026
Ryan Rusiewicz OL/DL Burrell 2026
Alex Purdie WR/DB Butler 2023
Alex Purdie WR/DB Butler 2023
Brock Popovich OL/DL Butler 2023
Brock Popovich OL/DL Butler 2023
Mac Schnur QB/DB Butler 2023
Mac Schnur QB/DB Butler 2023
Ayden Davis WR/DB Butler 2024
Ayden Davis WR/DB Butler 2024
Colin Leitem OL/DL Butler 2024
Colin Leitem OL/DL Butler 2024
Terrell Holderman OL/DL Butler 2024
Terrell Holderman OL/DL Butler 2024
Andrew Kocan OT Canon-McMillan 2023
Dylan Hartley WR Canon-McMillan 2023
Kent McMahon LB Canon-McMillan 2023
Noah Livesay OL Canon-McMillan 2023
Vincent Sutherland LB Canon-McMillan 2023
Mason Williams OL Canon-McMillan 2024
Roman Mollenauer TE Canon-McMillan 2024
Tyler Armstead WR Canon-McMillan 2024
Zyan Howard DB Canon-McMillan 2024
Dom Cimarolli QB Canon-McMillan 2025
Matt McMahon C Canon-McMillan 2025
Zach Johnson OT Canon-McMillan 2025
Ethan Campoli DB Canon-McMillan 2026
Jayden Baxter DB Canon-McMillan 2026
TJ Sabatucci TE Canon-McMillan 2026
Aiden Palmer WR/DE Canton 2023
Dylan Frisbie RB/DB Canton 2023
Hayden Ward  RB/LB Canton 2023
Rian Eberly OL/DE Canton 2023
Wesley Castle Wr/DB Canton 2023
Jason Mahosky OL/DE Canton 2024
Mason Harold OL/DL Canton 2024
Michael Davis TE/DE Canton 2024
Ryland Sakers FB/LB Canton 2024
Holden Ward QB/LB Canton 2025
Lakota Frisbie OL/DL Canton 2025
Ethan Heisey WR Cedar Crest 2023
Ryan Glover K Cedar Crest 2023
Aiden Schomp TE/DE Cedar Crest 2024
Caleb Dorshimer OLB Cedar Crest 2024
Cameron Simone OL Cedar Crest 2024
Christian Weaber OL Cedar Crest 2024
Daulton Krall DB/LS Cedar Crest 2024
Logan Oriel WR/OLB Cedar Crest 2024
Nicholas Lambros OL Cedar Crest 2024
Owen Chernich DB/WR Cedar Crest 2024
Preston Barton DB/LS Cedar Crest 2024
Kayden Tirado LB Cedar Crest 2025
Art Trushchenko TE/LB Central Bucks EAST 2023
Ben Shelton QB/LB Central Bucks EAST 2023
Chris Knepp RB/DB Central Bucks EAST 2023
Christian Taormina OT/DT Central Bucks EAST 2023
Cole Nicastro WR/DB Central Bucks EAST 2023
Connor Harris C Central Bucks EAST 2023
Connor Rodriguez-Leonard OG/DE Central Bucks EAST 2023
Dan Voglesong LB/QB Central Bucks EAST 2023
Grant Cossman OT/DT Central Bucks EAST 2023
Jack Corrigan K Central Bucks EAST 2023
Jack Donnelly TE/LB/P Central Bucks EAST 2023
Joe Collins OG/DT Central Bucks EAST 2023
Josh Hecklin OT/DT Central Bucks EAST 2023
Logan Simkiss QB/LB Central Bucks EAST 2023
Mason Cruz WR/DB Central Bucks EAST 2023
Matt Karpinski RB/DB Central Bucks EAST 2023
Matt LaBouliere WR/DE Central Bucks EAST 2023
Noah Varghese WR/DB Central Bucks EAST 2023
Quinn Mault K Central Bucks EAST 2023
Sean Kerrigan C/LB/LS Central Bucks EAST 2023
Simon Parkhomchak OT/DE Central Bucks EAST 2023
Tommy Magee TE/LB Central Bucks EAST 2023
Zac Ramey RB/LB Central Bucks EAST 2023
Dawson Smail WR/DB Central Clarion 2024
Noah Naser RB/LB Central Clarion 2024
Braylen Beckwith RB/LB Central Clarion 2025
Corbyn Brown RB/LB Central Clarion 2025
Jase Ferguson QB/DB Central Clarion 2025
Joshua Duncan OL/DL Central Clarion 2025
Noah Harrison RB/LB Central Clarion 2025
Peyton Ward OL/DL Central Clarion 2025
Thomas Ucker K Central Clarion 2025
Brady Mckinley RB/LB Central Clarion 2026
Brant Parker TE/DL Central Clarion 2026
Andrew Heyeh DE Central Dauphin 2023
Devin Shepherd RB/LB Central Dauphin 2023
Nick Kellogg TE/DE Central Dauphin 2023
Evan Bushong OL/DL Central Dauphin 2024
Jett Franz TE/DE Central Dauphin 2024
Stanley Saintill DE Central Dauphin 2024
Jay Harris RB/DB Central Dauphin 2025
Garrison Lucas Central Mountain 2023
Ashton Bennett Central Mountain 2024
Ben Temple Central Mountain 2024
Brady Myers Central Mountain 2024
Brady Wolfrom Central Mountain 2024
Ethan Coakley Central Mountain 2024
Frank Mills Central Mountain 2024
Kevin Grenninger Central Mountain 2024
Mack Saar Central Mountain 2024
Peyton Jones Central Mountain 2024
Tucker Henry Central Mountain 2024
Xavier Persun Central Mountain 2024
Alex Coakley Central Mountain 2025
Osten Lindsey Central Mountain 2025
Bret FitzSimmons RB/LB Central Valley 2023
Jayvin Thompson WR/DB Central Valley 2023
Jacob Stauffer OL/DL Central Valley 2024
Ben Schurr K Central Valley 2025
Brennen Hudson QB/DB Central Valley 2025
Aaron Lawson WR/DB Central Valley 2026
Noah Hiltz WR/DB Central Valley 2026
Gavin Owens QB Chartiers Valley 2023
Jake Thompson OL/DL Chartiers Valley 2023
Joseph Heckroth WR/S Chartiers Valley 2023
Lamont Payne WR/CB Chartiers Valley 2023
Chase Calbon RB/DB Chartiers Valley 2024
Rudy Morris WR/CB Chartiers Valley 2024
Nick Evangelista OL/DL Chartiers Valley 2025
Justin Terhune TE/ILB Chartiers Valley 2026
Aiden Johnson QB Central York 2024
Ethan Carlos WR/DB Central York 2024
Joe Alu WR/DB Central York 2024
Brayden Merrit OL/DL Central York 2025
Dayton Bagwell LB/TE Central York 2023
Trent Beaverson DE/OL Central York 2024
Collin Glassmyer DE/OL Central York 2023
Elijah Naugle LB/OL Central York 2024
Trevor Wentz DL/OL Central York 2024
Mitchel Myers DL/OL Central York 2024
Danny Pham DL/OL Central York 2023
Matthew Parker Kicker/DE Central York 2025
Cameron Diehl RB/LB Central York 2025
Evan Dame RB/LB Central York 2024
David Ward TE/LB Central York 2025
Matthew McKinley DL/OL Central York 2025
Bennett Dame QB/DB Central York 2026
Chase Harrison C Cheltenham 2024
Kurt Schullere OT Cheltenham 2024
Zaire Williams WR Cheltenham 2024
Truthe Weathersppon T/DT Clairton 2023
Nazcir Ball DE/LB Clairton 2024
Donte Wright  RB/LB Clairton 2026
Jeff Thompson  QB Clairton 2026
Tah’vaz Armstrong TE/DE Clairton 2026
Taris Wooding  WR/DB Clairton 2026
Eric Myers OL/DL Clearfield 2023
Isaac Samsel OL/DL Clearfield 2023
Zach Billotte OL/DL Clearfield 2023
Warren Diethrick K Clearfield 2024
Carter Freeland WR/S Clearfield 2025
Karsen Lazauskas LB/FB Clearfield 2025
Mason Moore RB/DB Cocalico 2023
Adam Laudenslager OL/DL Cocalico 2024
Aiden Williams OL/LB Cocalico 2024
Ja’Den Hudgens OL/DL Cocalico 2024
Logan Brubaker TE/DL Cocalico 2024
Owen Weaver FB/DL Cocalico 2024
Samuel Steffey RB/LB Cocalico 2024
Dane Bollinger TE/LB Cocalico 2025
Dane Horning FB/LB Cocalico 2026
Mark Mulhern OL Bethlehem Catholic 2023
Jacob Bartis Conemaugh Township 2026
Carson Brotz Conemaugh Township 2026
Kyler Mauzy Conemaugh Township 2024
Samuel Shaffer Conemaugh Township 2025
Cohen Stahl Conemaugh Township 2026
Dawson Statler Conemaugh Township 2026
Julian Thorne Conemaugh Township 2026
Kaden Valentine Conemaugh Township 2026
Tyler Weber Conemaugh Township 2023
Ian Conway TE/DB Conemaugh Valley 2023
Cooper Yatsko RB/LB Corry 2023
Hunter Lasalvia OL/DL Corry 2024
Markus Lambert OL/DL Corry 2024
Rylan Smith WR/DL Corry 2024
Nolan Carey QB/LB Corry 2025
Crawford Austin Crawford Austin
Anthony Joppy Cumberland Valley 2023
Bryce Beutler Cumberland Valley 2023
Ethan Nestor Cumberland Valley 2023
Griffin Huffman Cumberland Valley 2023
Joshua Wagenheim Cumberland Valley 2023
Yasir Abdulhakeem Cumberland Valley 2023
Caiden Pines Cumberland Valley 2024
Deagan Rardain Cumberland Valley 2024
Brady Hubbard Cumberland Valley 2025
Caden Lloyd Cumberland Valley 2025
Kaden Schoenly Cumberland Valley 2025
Tyler Merrill Cumberland Valley 2026
Jackson Lewis TE / LB Delco Christian 2024
Michael Seifin OL  Delco Christian 2024
David Korchevsky RB / DB Delco Christian 2025
Joshua Colonia WR / DB Delco Christian 2025
Ian Pruesser WR / DB Delco Christian 2026
Gavin. Mullins RB/S Dover 2023
Brayden Zirkle TE/ILB Dover 2024
Thomas Smyser WR/C Dover 2024
Bo Horvath HB Downingtown East 2023
Chad Lovenguth DE Downingtown East 2023
Dalton Downie FS Downingtown West 2023
Tyler Mordoasky LB Downingtown West 2023
Dean Hangey WR Downingtown West 2024
Jordan Barry CB Downingtown West 2024
Quinn Henicle QB Downingtown West 2024
Ryan Campbell TE Downingtown West 2024
Andrew Brown LB Downingtown West 2025
Darian Smith CB Downingtown West 2025
Drew O’Connor OG Downingtown West 2025
Bradley Coe WR/DB DV 2023
Pauliw Weinrich RB/OLB DV 2023
Everett Bell K DV 2024
Tyler Bird QB DV 2024
Carter Faubel C/DL DV 2025
Logan Olsommer QB/DB DV 2025
Caden Holmes RB/LB East Pennsboro 2023
Colton Yohe C/DT East Pennsboro 2023
Dakota Campbell RB/S East Pennsboro 2023
Joshua Daily OL/DL East Pennsboro 2023
Breckin Swope WR/DB East Pennsboro 2024
Carter Stup OL/DL East Pennsboro 2024
Colin Benoist TE/DE East Pennsboro 2024
Josh Angelo OL/DE East Pennsboro 2024
Keith Oates QB, LB East Pennsboro 2024
Aaron Angelo RB/LB East Pennsboro 2025
Logan Newman OG/DE East Pennsboro 2025
Benji Bauer RB/LB Eisenhower 2023
Connor Younger OL/ DL Eisenhower 2023
Garrett Jensen RB/DB Eisenhower 2023
Mike Vanatta OL/DL Eisenhower 2023
Camron Jakubczak WR/LB Eisenhower 2024
Kris Bunk TE/DL Eisenhower 2024
Shawn Pascuzzi QB/DB Eisenhower 2024
Tucker Lindell RB/LB Eisenhower 2024
Jaydon Chase OL/LB Eisenhower 2025
Ryan Chambers RB/DB Eisenhower 2025
Christian Bush Episcopal Academy 23
Michael Martilotti Episcopal Academy 23
TJ Lamb Episcopal Academy 23
Michael Cadden Episcopal Academy 24
Na’Rome Rayborn Episcopal Academy 24
Zeke Kane Episcopal Academy 24
Matthew Martinez DL/FB  Executive Education 2023
Anthony Caccese OT/DT Exeter Twp 2023
Joey Reedy DE Exeter Twp 2023
Keegan Sneering – Sobotka DT Exeter Twp 2024
Zach Zandier TE Exeter Twp 2024
Carter Redding WR Exeter Twp 2025
Aiden Dauble LB Exeter Twp 2026
Joel Ummarino LB Exeter Twp 2026
Brandon chambers Farrell
Lamont samuels Farrell
Marion Norris  Farrell
Ziiar Thomas Farrell
Dayton Maul WR/CB Forest Hills 2023
Ethan Stropko OL/DL Forest Hills 2024
Lucas DeLoatch OL/DL Forest Hills 2024
T.J. Carroll OL/LB Forest Hills 2024
Zackary Spisock OL/DL Forest Hills 2024
Nate Cornell QB/LB Forest Hills 2025
Caleb Myers OL/DL Forest Hills 2026
Eddie Raptosh RB/LB Forest Hills 2026
Jake Handel OL/DL Forest Hills 2026
Kasen Naukinas RB/LB Forest Hills 2026
Luke Biter WR/LB Forest Hills 2026
Wade Crowell OL/DL Forest Hills 2026
Adam Phillips RB/DB Frazier 2023
Adam Phillips RB/DB Frazier 2023
Austin Wilson HB/LB Frazier 2024
Austin Wilson HB/LB Frazier 2024
Bruno Sammartino OL/DL Frazier 2024
Bruno Sammartino OL/DL Frazier 2024
Alex Selinger OL/DL Frazier 2026
Alex Selinger OL/DL Frazier 2026
Chris Petruska WR/DB Frazier 2026
Chris Petruska WR/DB Frazier 2026
Jack Smetak C/DL FREEPORT 2023
Brady Sullivan WR/DB FREEPORT 2024
Colton Otterman RB/OLB FREEPORT 2024
Dawson Gaillot RB/LB FREEPORT 2026
Drew Ross Freeport 2026
Abi Vaka TE/DL Garnet Valley 2023
Jack Burba Slot/DB Garnet Valley 2023
Logan Hamilton Slot/LB Garnet Valley 2024
Nick Romaniello RB/LB Garnet Valley 2024
Vincent Manna OL/DL Garnet Valley 2024
Nolan Carroll Slot/DB Garnet Valley 2025
Aden Krause OT Governor Mifflin 2023
Ayden martin RB/DB Governor Mifflin 2023
Clayton Reynolds OG/LB Governor Mifflin 2023
Damien O’Brien C Governor Mifflin 2023
Jackson Schools Kicker Governor Mifflin 2023
Javian Sanchez TE/Spec. Teams Governor Mifflin 2024
Kabine Toure OG/DE Governor Mifflin 2024
Cooper Seifert Spec. Teams Governor Mifflin 2025
Daniel Bonfadini Spec. Teams Governor Mifflin 2025
Gavin Kelly OG/DT Governor Mifflin 2025
Grady Garner RB Governor Mifflin 2025
Jack Seifert Spec. Teams Governor Mifflin 2025
Jahmair Johnson Spec. Teams Governor Mifflin 2025
Javien Pletz Spec. Teams Governor Mifflin 2025
Reese Hohl Spec. Teams Governor Mifflin 2025
Aden Sasala RB/LB Greenville 2023
Ethan Moore OL/LB Greenville 2023
Mason Dickens RB/LB Greenville 2023
Nevada Koehler WR/LB Greenville 2023
Rasce Stefanowicz K Greenville 2023
Jack Strausser TE/LB Greenville 2024
Hayden McCreadie WR/DB Grove City 2023
Kyle Enscoe OL/DL Grove City 2024
Ian McCreary TE/LB Grove City 2025
Jack Wolfe OL/DL Grove City 2025
Ta’rel Richardson-Heasley WR/DB Grove City 2025
Bradley Zettlemoyer OL/ILB Hamburg Area 2023
Pierce Mason RB/OLB Hamburg Area 2023
Alex Bentz WR/DB Hamburg Area 2024
Christian Brown OL Hamburg Area 2024
Mason Fisher DB Hamburg Area 2024
Daniel Brady WR/DB Hamburg Area 2025
Ricky Clark PK Hamburg Area 2025
Ethan Horvath DB Hamburg Area 2026
John Sharp DT Hamburg Area 2026
Sam Brady TE/LB Harbor Creek 2023
Braydon Felsinger WR/DB Hempfield (Landisville) 2023
Brian Williams WR/DB Hempfield (Landisville) 2023
Cannon Biscoe Kicker Hempfield (Landisville) 2023
Cody Gehres QB Hempfield (Landisville) 2023
Gabriel Benjamin WR/DB Hempfield (Landisville) 2023
Jacob Karkoska TE/ILB Hempfield (Landisville) 2023
Julian Morales WR Hempfield (Landisville) 2023
Nick Beck DB Hempfield (Landisville) 2023
Peter Wenzel OL Hempfield (Landisville) 2023
Sean Tollett OL Hempfield (Landisville) 2023
Tyler Paup OLB/ Snapper Hempfield (Landisville) 2023
Elias Sherrick WR/DB Hempfield (Landisville) 2024
Jackson Landis QB Hempfield (Landisville) 2024
Mike Shaffer OL/DL Hempfield (Landisville) 2024
Gino Caesar RB Hempfield Area HS 23
Jackson Barton OL/DL Hempfield Area HS 23
Jake Phillips QB/DB Hempfield Area HS 23
Will Nelson OL/DL Hempfield Area HS 23
Cole Foster RB/LB Henderson 2023
Braeden O’Connell QB/DB Henderson 2024
Evan Kearney WR/S Henderson 2024
Ryan Schellhammer  OL/DL Henderson 2024
Aaron Nelson  QB/S Henderson  2024
Ryan Sellers WR/DL Henderson  2024
Sean Brice QB/S Henderson  2025
Jacob Hunter QB Holy Redeemer 2023
Louis Lussi WR/DB Holy Redeemer 2023
Michael Fino LT/DE Holy Redeemer 2023
George Sabatini TE/DE Holy Redeemer 2024
Tyler Tarnalicki  K/P Holy Redeemer 2025
Isaiah Bence OL Homer-Center 2023
Romylos Dokos OL Homer-Center 2023
Jaivon Jones DE Homer-Center 2024
Brian Mills RB Homer-Center 2025
Josh Valuchuck LB Homer-Center 2025
Codey Bell LB Homer-Center 2026
Gabe Ruffner DE Homer-Center 2026
Riley Cobaugh DB Homer-Center 2026
Bennett Fritz DL Honesdale 2023
Isaac Carmody DE/DL Honesdale 2023
Jackson Morton QB Honesdale 2023
Johnny Kauffman DB Honesdale 2023
Kage Southerton WR/DB Honesdale 2023
Kole Fries WR Honesdale 2023
Lance Peak DB Honesdale 2023
Nick DeNoie OL Honesdale 2024
Evan Funk OL Honesdale 2025
Shawn Giblin LS/LB Honesdale 2025
Wyatt Rutherford OL Honesdale 2025
Adam Clark OL/DL Indiana 2023
Garrison Daugherty RB/LB Indiana 2023
Josh Scanlan WR/LB Indiana 2023
Evan Brocious WR/DB Indiana 2024
Griffin Prebish RB/DL Indiana 2024
Trevor Smith QB/DB Indiana 2024
Dylan Rice OL/DL/P Indiana 2025
Johnathan Wyant OL/DE Indiana 2025
Quinn Lipniskis RB/WR/DB Indiana 2025
Dominic Fanella WR/LB Indiana 2026
Elijah Thomas RB/LB Indiana 2026
Jacob Snyder WR/DB Indiana 2026
Korbin Rhodes DE/OL Indiana 2026
Levi Porter RB/DB Indiana 2026
Trent Bufalo WR/DB Indiana 2026
Alex Scarlett OL/DL Jeannette 2024
Hunter Blazowich WR/DB Jeannette 2024
Wyatt Schaeffer OL/DL Jeannette 2026
Nick Canellos Jersey Shore 2023
Clayton Musser Jersey Shore 2024
Dyson Delaney Jersey Shore 2024
Jerrin Loomis Jersey Shore 2024
John Dammer Jersey Shore 2024
Maxwell Engle Jersey Shore 2024
Payton Samar Jersey Shore 2024
Peyton Whitman Jersey Shore 2024
Brodie Herr Jersey Shore 2025
Paul Hale Jersey Shore 2025
Slate Sechrist Jersey Shore 2025
Trent Severino Jersey Shore 2025
Zachary Myers Jersey Shore 2025
Brayden Swales Jersey Shore 2026
Caleb Kilpatrick Jersey Shore 2026
Carson Watkins Jersey Shore 2026
Talyn Lope Jersey Shore 2026
Travis Blackburn Jersey Shore 2026
Liam Cox WR/K JP McCaskey 2024
Caleb Smith RB/DB Juniata 2023
Jonathan Kauffman OL/DL Juniata 2023
Makih Hunt WR/DB Juniata 2023
Lucas Harlan OL/LB Juniata 2024
Lane Peiper OL/DL Juniata 2025
Christian Lopez OL/DL Juniata 2026
Cole Walker K Kane 2023
Sam Lundeen WR/DB Kane 2024
Cameron Severance  OL/DL Kane 2025
Kane Scharba OL/LB Kane 2025
William Costanzo OL/DL Kane 2025
Isaiah Smith OL/LB Kane 2026
Addison Plants RB/LB Kane  2023
COOPER COYLE WR/DB Karns City 2023
ERIC BOOHER QB/LB Karns City 2023
JERRY KUMMER RB/LB Karns City 2023
NATE GARING WR/DB Karns City 2023
COLSON RITZERT K/ Karns City 2024
JAKE TAYLOR OL/LB Karns City 2024
LUKE CRAMER RB/LB Karns City 2024
CAM EALY OL/DL Karns City 2025
TROY NAGEL TE/DE Karns City 2025
LAYLA COLSEY WR/DB Karns City 2026
NATHAN HESS RB/LB Karns City 2026
Aidan Sell FB/LB Keystone 2023
Brock Champluvier OL/DL Keystone 2024
Elijah Will OL/LB Keystone 2024
Jerod Shruers TE/LB Keystone 2024
Quinten Graham WR/CB Keystone 2025
Spencer Heeter RB/LB Keystone 2025
Christian Flaherty OL/DL Keystone Oaks 2023
Collin Harris WR/DB Keystone Oaks 2023
Damian Szuch OL/DL Keystone Oaks 2023
Conor Bonilla LB/QB Keystone Oaks 2024
Dante More LB/RB Keystone Oaks 2024
Dimajio Locante RB/DB Keystone Oaks 2024
Davien Pope WR/DB Kiski Area 2023
Luke Emmerling WR/DB Kiski Area 2023
Landon Kucic RB/LB Kiski Area 2025
Andrew Finney WR/DB Kiski Area 2026
Jeremy Sisson WR, DB Lakeland 2023
Luke Smurl OL, DL Lakeland 2023
Drew Chervenka OL, DL Lakeland 2024
Evan Colichino WR, DB Lakeland 2024
Jordan Case WR, DB Lakeland 2024
Josh Ponce RB, LB Lakeland 2024
Lyndon Bello  OL, DL Lakeland 2024
Noah Shaffer OL, DL Lakeland 2025
David Naniewicz QB,DE Lakeland 2026
Owen McDermott WR/DB Leechburg 2023
Tyler Foley  WR/DB Leechburg 2023
Brandin Gilmer  RB/LB Leechburg  2024
Sabastian Mason LB Leechburg  2024
Lucas Oldfield  Ol/DL Leechburg  2026
Logan Mulheren OL/DL Ligonier Valley 2023
Hunter Carr TE/LB Ligonier Valley 2024
Maxx Oberley WR/DB Ligonier Valley 2024
Cameron Kunkle WR/DB Ligonier Valley 2025
Lucas Krieger OL/DL Ligonier Valley 2025
Connor Hassinger OL / DT Lower Dauphin 2024
Isaac Landis OLB Lower Dauphin 2024
Luke Mease DB Lower Dauphin 2024
Ty Millhimes RB / OLB Lower Dauphin 2024
Hunter Strohm LB / TE Lower Dauphin 2026
David Sanchez OT/DT Mahanoy Area 2023
Joe Lagaza OG/NG Mahanoy Area 2023
Ethan Manley WR/SS Mahanoy Area 2024
Kadin Styka RB/C Mahanoy Area 2024
Michael Oblas WR/C Mahanoy Area 2025
Cole Groff OL/DL Manheim Central 2023
Luke Forwood K Manheim Central 2023
Bode Sipel WR/DB Manheim Central 2024
Brycen Armold RB Manheim Central 2024
Zac Hahn QB Manheim Central 2024
Joey Walko FB/LB Marian Catholic 2023
Matt Martin RB/LB Marian Catholic 2023
Julian Hermany OL/DE Marian Catholic 2025
Michael Gelatko TE/FS Marian Catholic 2025
Mantini Mason Marion Center
Aidan Alessio WR/DB Mars 2024
Connor Hartle DL Mars 2024
Evan Wright RB Mars 2024
Gus Aubrecht OL Mars 2024
Jacob Maple WR/LB Mars 2024
Nathan Ewing WR/DB Mars 2024
Xander Painley OL/DL Mars 2024
Diego Argueta WR Mars 2025
Ethan Painley OL/DL Mars 2025
Luke Goodworth QB/DB Mars 2025
Ryan Mcgee RB/LB Mars 2025
Andy Diaz WR/DB Mars 2026
Ayden Yocum WR/DB Mars 2026
Colton Ewing OL/DL Mars 2026
Ryan Kelly OL/DL Mars 2026
Ben Haslett OL/DL McCort-Carroll  2023
Jake Harker OL/LB McCort-Carroll  2023
Nick Yost WR/DB McCort-Carroll  2023
Brock Beppler RB/DB McCort-Carroll  2024
Shakile Ferguson WR/DB McCort-Carroll  2024
Tobey Becquet WR/DB McCort-Carroll  2024
Eli Zasadni Jr. OL/DL McCort-Carroll  2025
Angelo Gallucci QB/DB McCort-Carroll  2026
Jon Delia WR/DB McCort-Carroll  2026
Nick Dressick WR/DB McCort-Carroll  2026
Rocco Fetzko OL/DL McCort-Carroll  2026
Schweitzer Phillip McDowell 2023
Bujnowski Jaden McDowell 2024
Romines Parker McDowell 2024
Sontheimer Alex McDowell 2024
Hower Jacob McDowell 2025
Kennelley Caesar McDowell 2025
Niemi Timothy McDowell 2025
Panighetti Michael McDowell 2025
Peterson Carson McDowell 2025
Sontheimer Ashton McDowell 2025
Swain Ishan McDowell 2025
Collin Krause TE/LB Meyersdale 2023
Daulton Sellers QB/DB Meyersdale 2023
Brady McKenzie OL/DL Meyersdale 2024
Bryson Hetz RB/LB Meyersdale 2024
Walker Bunnell TE/LB Meyersdale 2024
Zach Summy OL/DE Meyersdale 2024
Jackson Prato OL/LB Meyersdale 2025
Caleb Snyder OL/LB Meyersdale 2026
Chris Engle QB/DB Meyersdale 2026
Lance Jones QB/DB Meyersdale 2026
Nick Kimble WR/DB Meyersdale 2026
Trinity Hoover OL/DL Meyersdale 2026
JAYDEN KING FB/LB Mifflin County 2023
SHAWN SETTLE RB/LB Mifflin County 2023
LANDEN EICHHORN QB/FS Mifflin County 2024
TRAVIS RENNINGER OL/DL Mifflin County 2024
HUNTER TIPTON OL/DL Mifflin County 2025
JORDYN DALY OL/DL Mifflin County 2025
JOSHUA MALDONADO FB/LB Mifflin County 2025
PEYTON KEARNS OL/DL Mifflin County 2025
LANDON HAIGH RB/DB Mifflin County 2026
Cade Schultz OL/DL Minersville 2024
Luke Stevenosky RB/LB Minersville Area 2024
Easton Schultz WR/DB Minersville Area 2025
Owen Fortna C/LB Minersville Area 2025
Trevian Thompson  OL/DL Monessen
Tyvaughn Kershaw RB/DB Monessen
John Midili LB-TE Montour 2023
Trey Hopper QB Montour 2024
Andrew Alston   wr-db Montour 2025
Dante Baron OL/DL Montour 2025
James Bundridge  WR-DB Montour 2025
Kaleb Platz LB-TE Montour 2025
Nino DiMichele  LB-WR Montour 2025
Batkowski, James WR, DB Montoursville 2023
Frey, Corbin WR, LB Montoursville 2023
Nau, Dylan OL, DL Montoursville 2023
Pulizzi, Marco  WR, DB Montoursville 2023
Reeder, Gavin OL, DL Montoursville 2023
Stelene, Tristen WR, DB Montoursville 2023
Eberhart, Bryce QB, DB Montoursville 2024
Yonkin, Cole OL, DL Montoursville 2024
Michael Farronato RB/DB Mt. Carmel  2023
Maddox LaMas OL/DL Mt. Carmel  2024
Orville Fesniak  WR/DB Mt. Carmel  2024
Xavier Diaz RB/DB Mt. Carmel  2024
Gavin Demko OL/DL Mt. Carmel  2025
Jeremiah Sheganoski OL/DL Mt. Carmel  2026
Logan Herb OL/DL Mt. Carmel  2026
Seth Spears OL/LB Mt. Carmel  2026
DJ Evans DE/TE Muhlenberg
Drew Fidler QB Muhlenberg
Giovanni Cavanna RB/DB Muhlenberg
Jesus Ostos LB Muhlenberg
Luis Alicea DB Muhlenberg
Samson Evans OL/DL Muhlenberg
Ben Robinson WR/DB Muncy 2023
Jason Shuda RB/LB Muncy 2023
Lucas Gruver TE/DL Muncy 2023
Braydon Kamerer OL/DL Muncy 2024
Eli  Harris OL/DL Muncy 2024
Jacob Fowler RB/LB Muncy 2024
Kadyn Berry WR/DB Muncy 2024
Chase  Stabler OL/DL Muncy 2025
Stiles Eyer QB/DB Muncy 2025
Trent Fogleman OL/DL Muncy 2025
Lucas McCahan K/K Muncy 2026
Roman Maiorana WR/DB Muncy 2026
Welsey Somits RB/LB Muncy 2026
Kyle Kenton OL/DL Nativity 2023
Nolan Ferhat WR/DB Nativity 2024
Andrew Verchick OL/DL Nativity 2025
Lukas McNamara OL/DL Nativity 2025
Michael Stank WR/DB Nativity 2025
Nikolas Steele RB/LB Nativity 2025
Noah Dolbin WR/DB Nativity 2025
Samuel Walborn RB/DB Nativity 2025
Colt Mason QB/DB Nativity 2026
Adam Goodman DB Neshaminy 2023
Markus Barnett RB Neshaminy 2023
Nick Buchys TE/DE Neshaminy 2023
Zack Castagna OL  Neshaminy 2023
Colin Baker QB Neshaminy 2024
Joel Bonner LB Neshaminy 2024
Jorden Fogleman LS/SS Neshaminy 2024
Kieran Reardon DL Neshaminy 2024
Liam Cothrey WR/DB Neshaminy 2024
Kaden Nicastro Kicker Neshaminy 2025
Cameron Herring WR DB New Oxford 2023
Connor Main OL DL New Oxford 2023
Jett Moore QB DB New Oxford 2023
Brennan Holmes WR DB New Oxford 2024
Bryce Klunk RB LB New Oxford 2024
Jarret Bitzer OL LB New Oxford 2024
Clayton Nieves RB DB New Oxford 2025
Abdallah Daud North Allegheny
Anthony Varlotta North Allegheny
Cameron Chmura North Allegheny
Jack Yatchenko North Allegheny
Kevin O’Donnell North Allegheny
Nate Spak North Allegheny
Tyree Alualu North Allegheny
BRADY SALUKAS OL North Schuylkill 2023
JACK DEAN LB/TE North Schuylkill 2023
JAXSON CHOWANSKY LB/RB North Schuylkill 2024
KEEGAN CURRY FS North Schuylkill 2024
NEEKOLI CARABALLO DL/HB North Schuylkill 2024
RICK HALFORD LB/RB North Schuylkill 2024
TREVOR MINALDA QB North Schuylkill 2024
ZANDER MCELHENNY OLB/WR North Schuylkill 2024
C olb y R e p h OL/DL Northampton 2024
L a n d o n R ola n d TE/DE Northampton 2024
G avi n G r ell OL/DL Northampton 2025
K a d e n G a r ris OL/DL Northampton 2025
Willia m S t r u hld r a h e r TB/LB Northampton 2025
Nick Frame Northern Lehigh  2023
Ayden Oswald Northern Lehigh  2025
Eli Grady Northern Lehigh  2025
Isaac Raber Northern Lehigh  2025
Grady Newhard Northern Lehigh  2026
Jayden Christman Northern Lehigh  2026
Nate Kuhns Northern Lehigh  2026
Calvin Armstrong OL/DL Northern York 2023
Kyle Lamb WR/DB Northern York 2023
Mason Yohn WR/DB/P/K Northern York 2023
Talon Belluscio RB/LB Northern York 2023
Cole Bartram RB/LB Northern York 2024
Cory Johnson OL/DL Northern York 2024
Magarrin Macke WR/DB Northern York 2024
Noah Slothower WR/DB Northern York 2024
Austin Miller WR/DB Northern York 2025
Connor Maclay OL/DL Northern York 2025
Trey Tyree RB/LB Northern York 2025
Jorge Castillo OL/DL Northern York 2026
Alex Wozniak OL/DL Northgate 2024
Angelo Valeriano OL/LB Northgate 2025
Jake Lenoski OL/LB Northgate 2025
Nicholas Balzer OL/DL Northgate 2025
Sonteon Layne QB/DE Northgate 2025
Anthony Barron WR/DB Northgate 2026
Mason Ludlow OL/DL NOTRE DAME GP 2023
Nick Fegely LB-DL NOTRE DAME GP 2023
Brayden Quigley OL/DL NOTRE DAME GP 2024
Brendan Ferraro LB NOTRE DAME GP 2024
Cam Coulter OL/DL NOTRE DAME GP 2024
Dainn Vassallo RB-TE/LB NOTRE DAME GP 2024
John Paul Pierce DL NOTRE DAME GP 2024
Michael Manlove RB-TE/LB-DL NOTRE DAME GP 2024
Robbie Wendland DB NOTRE DAME GP 2024
Anthony Crisafulli OL/DL NOTRE DAME GP 2025
Christian Rivituso RB-WR/LB NOTRE DAME GP 2025
Austin Casal OL/DL NOTRE DAME GP 2026
Faust Capobianco K/WR NOTRE DAME GP 2026
Hayden Wilson TE/LB Oil City 2024
Kevin Pearsall RB/LB Oil City 2024
Christian Gregory OL/DL OJR 2023
Doug Keck OL OJR 2025
Luke Murray ST OJR 2024
Alex Karnbach OL OJR 2023
Derek Hinrichs OL OJR 2024
Colin King H OJR 2024
Hunter Rhoads RB  OJR 2023
Casey Holzman Wr/DB Old forge 2023
John Bartnikowski Wr/DB Old Forge 2023
Mario Colarusso OL/DL Old Forge 2023
Matthew Leneski WR Old forge 2023
Joey Granko  Te/ILB Old forge 2024
Caden Carey TE/ILB Old forge 2025
Cale Krushnowski RB/CB Old Forge 2025
Harris Burdine OL,DL OLSH 2023
Tim Butler WR, DB OLSH 2024
lseia Fields-Schulz OL,DL OLSH 2025
Tristan Vojtecky OL,DL OLSH 2025
Steve Lilly RB Palisades
Daniel Lucykanish WR/LB Palmerton 2023
Kendall Robinson WR/DB Palmerton 2023
Logan Anthony OL/DL Palmerton 2023
Zack Anthony OL/DL Palmerton 2024
Beau Stahler OL/DL Palmerton 2026
Brady Ward TE/DB Palmyra 2023
Andrew Manning OL/DL Palmyra 2024
Chase Blanchard RB/LB Palmyra 2024
Jason McCurdy TE/DB/Punter Palmyra 2024
Kadin Jones OL/LB Palmyra 2024
Kyle Koennecke RB/LB Palmyra 2024
Titus Orlando TE/DL Palmyra 2024
Brady Jones WR/DB Panther Valley 2025
Victor Pagan #REF! Parkland 2023
Aidan Gallagher #REF! Parkland 2024
Aidan Gallagher FB/LB Parkland 2024
Nolan Coen #REF! Parkland 2024
Marquez Wimberly #REF! Parkland 2026
Brendan Zierski CB/WR Penn Trafford 2023
Conlan Greene QB/DE Penn Trafford 2023
Joe Enick C/DT Penn Trafford 2023
JT Birdsong CB/WR Penn Trafford 2023
Carmen Metcalfe WR/DB Penn Trafford 2024
Vito Scarcelli G/DE Penn Trafford 2024
Zach Tomosovich T/DT Penn Trafford 2024
Dom Smith LB/H Penn Trafford 2025
Adam Altemus Penns Manor 2023
Colton Shields Penns Manor 2023
Eric Baum Penns Manor 2023
Mark Bagley Penns Manor 2023
Bryton Gillen Penns Manor 2024
Jacob Tate Penns Manor 2024
Kayden Detwiler Penns Manor 2024
Gavin Ryan OL/DL Penns Valley 2023
Hayden Walker WR/DB Penns Valley 2023
Hunter Lyons TE/LB Penns Valley 2023
Cameron Kubalak WR/DB Penns Valley 2024
Chad Hammer WR/DB Penns Valley 2024
Colin Niewinski TE/DE Penns Valley 2024
John Meyer WR/DB Penns Valley 2024
Curci Brad RB/DL Perkiomen Valley 2023
Jake Sellars OLB Perkiomen Valley 2023
Richie Strano OL/ILB Perkiomen Valley 2023
Shane Nelson TE/DL Perkiomen Valley 2023
Tim Ledger OL Perkiomen Valley 2023
Aaron Crothers ILB Perkiomen Valley 2024
Brayden Avery K/P Perkiomen Valley 2024
Jace Moreno WR/DB Perkiomen Valley 2024
Stewart Jake RB Perkiomen Valley 2024
Tyler Henn OL/DL Perkiomen Valley 2024
Braydon Perone WR/DB Perkiomen Valley 2025
Ahmid Spivey WR/DB Phoenixville 2023
Kolton Finger WR/DB Phoenixville 2023
Danny Aselton OL/DL Phoenixville 2024
Darius Watson rb/lb Phoenixville 2024
Shane Callen OL/DL Phoenixville 2024
Andrew Kirk OL/DL Phoenixville 2025
Deacon Williams rb/lb Phoenixville 2025
Kevin Kingsbury WR/DB Phoenixville 2025
Tre Wheeler te/olb Phoenixville 2025
Adam Cooper FB/LB Pine Grove Area 2023
Chaz Wolfe WR/DB Pine Grove Area 2023
Brennden Etzweiler OL/DL Pine Grove Area 2024
Ty Drumheller ATH/SS Pine Grove Area 2024
Robbie Schaeffer TE/WR/DE Pine Grove Area 2025
Adam Dorsey RB/DB Pine Grove Area 2026
Jake Hatter OL/DL Pine Grove Area 2026
James Barra OL/DL Pine Grove Area 2026
Kade Echternach FB/SS Pine Grove Area 2026
Waylon Flasher RB/LB Pine Grove Area 2026
Wyatt Dixon QB/DB Pine Grove Area 2026
Wyatt Snyder FB/TE/DE Pine Grove Area 2026
Aiden Hasley DE Pine-Richland 2023
Andrew Cerminara LB Pine-Richland 2023
Andrew Mellis WR/DB Pine-Richland 2023
Brad Gelly WR Pine-Richland 2023
Brady Carrigan OL/DL Pine-Richland 2023
Isaiah Kerns OL Pine-Richland 2023
Jacob Beam OL/DL Pine-Richland 2023
John Rottinghaus DE Pine-Richland 2023
Joseph Perry DE Pine-Richland 2023
Luke Rudolph RB Pine-Richland 2023
Max Heckert LB Pine-Richland 2023
Peyton Waddell OL Pine-Richland 2023
Ryan Palmieri QB/DB Pine-Richland 2023
Alex Cerminara FB Pine-Richland 2024
Connor Dripps OL Pine-Richland 2024
Giovanni Aiello WR Pine-Richland 2024
Hunter Petzuk OL Pine-Richland 2024
James Cardinali OL Pine-Richland 2024
Jon Smith OL Pine-Richland 2024
Nathan Brown OL Pine-Richland 2024
Grant Argiro K Pine-Richland 2025
Vaughn Spencer FB Pine-Richland 2025
Ploskunak Mason Ploskunak Mason
Chris Lucci DE Pope John Paul II  2023
Connor Albeck OL Pope John Paul II  2023
Justin Lopata OL/DL  Pope John Paul II  2023
Bradey Bass WR Pope John Paul II  2025
Blaine Moses FB/LB Port Allegany 2023
Noah Archer WR/RB/DB Port Allegany 2023
Braylon Button OL/DL Port Allegany 2024
Kole Kisko OL/DL Port Allegany 2024
Miska Young OL/DE Port Allegany 2024
Peyton Stiles WR/LB Port Allegany 2024
Juuso Young OL/D/ Port Allegany 2025
Payton Yeager LB Port Allegany 2025
Aiden Bliss WR/LB Port Allegany 2026
Nick Wilfong WR/DB Port Allegany 2026
Tristan Kiser WR/RB/LB Port Allegany 2026
Kieran Houston OG/DT Pottsville  2023
Steven Miranda Special Teams Pottsville  2023
Tejay Allen QB/FS Pottsville  2023
Zach Ott DE/OG Pottsville  2023
Brenden Zelwalk LB Pottsville  2024
Henry Mohl CB Pottsville  2024
Kenny Accardi Special Teams Pottsville  2024
Kole Becker FS Pottsville  2024
Parrish McFarland  RB/OLB Pottsville  2024
Luke Schane DE  Pottsville  2025
Christian Alvarez Special Teams Pottsville  2026
Brock Small RB/CB Purchase Line 2024
Dan Boring G/LB Purchase Line 2024
John Hughes WR/LB Purchase Line 2024
Devlan Kordish G/LB Purchase Line 2025
Zander Stiffler C/DT Purchase Line 2025
Ian Layden QB/CB Purchase Line 2026
Morgan Moore G/DE Purchase Line 2026
Seth Frantz RB/LB Purchase Line 2026
Nolan Reichard WR/LB Reynolds 2023
Santino Gentile WR/S Reynolds 2023
Kolton Wilkinson OL/DL Reynolds 2024
Andrew McCloskey WR/QB/ LB Reynolds 2025
Jacob Rust WR/DB Reynolds 2026
Maddox Snyder OL/DL Reynolds 2026
Rocky Floch OL/DL Reynolds 2026
Draveyn Plachy RB/LB Richland 2023
Ethan Box WR/DB Richland 2023
Grayden Lewis RB/SS Richland 2023
Lanigan  McCulty RB/FS Richland 2023
Carson Reckner OL/DL Richland 2024
Ethan Janidlo OL/DL Richland 2024
Evan McCracken RB/LB Richland 2024
Cody Yeager WR/DB Richland 2025
Jude Mugerwa WR/DB Richland 2025
David Rainey OL RIDLEY 2023
Owen Bosak RB / DB RIDLEY 2023
Chase Staley WR / LB RIDLEY 2024
Dillon Varney WR / DB RIDLEY 2024
Adam Blauser G, MLB River Valley 2023
Keith Behanna G, DT, K River Valley 2023
Domenic Bartolini T, DT River Valley 2024
Micah Griffith WR, CB River Valley 2024
Tasaun Hawkins G, DT River Valley 2024
Runk Drew Runk Drew
Ivan Cisneros HB / DB Salisbury 2024
Brandon Flores TE / ILB Salisbury 2025
Nathaniel Tone FB /OG/ILB Salisbury 2025
Edwant Rivera OL / DL Salisbury 2026
Jordan Tocci-Wachter FB / ILB Salisbury 2026
Ryan Sisko OL/LB Schuylkill Haven 2023
Tayshaun Smith TE/OLB Schuylkill Haven 2023
Adam Malinoski OL/DL Schuylkill Haven 2025
Brian Moran OL/DL Schuylkill Haven 2025
Spenccer Krause WR/OLB Schuylkill Haven 2025
Aaron Gilbert WR/DE Schuylkill Haven 2026
Chase Williams OL/DL Schuylkill Haven 2026
Brayden Woods RB/LB Schuylkill Valley
Colby Crills WR/DB Schuylkill Valley
Cooper Hohenadel WR/RB/DB Schuylkill Valley
Dillon Lackner WR/DB Schuylkill Valley
Ethan Swoyer  DE Schuylkill Valley
Hayden Bojako OG/OT Schuylkill Valley
Jacob Stelluti RB/LB Schuylkill Valley
Kowen Gerner WR/TE/LB Schuylkill Valley
Logan Cammauf RB/KR/LB Schuylkill Valley
Luke Martinez Special Teams Schuylkill Valley
Luke Spotts TE/LB Schuylkill Valley
Michael Goad QB/DB/P Schuylkill Valley
Noah Wamsher K Schuylkill Valley
Owen Eisenhofer QB/LB Schuylkill Valley
Aidan Colleran TE/ OLB Scranton Prep
Andrew Summa OLB-TE Scranton Prep
Liam Barrett Wr/ DB Scranton Prep
Louis Paris Qb/ OLB Scranton Prep
Mick O’Malley ILB/FB Scranton Prep
Ray Kresefski  OL/DL Scranton Prep
Reese Tanner Lb/ FB Scranton Prep
Anthony Cervone Shaler
Ben Yeckel Shaler
Connor Lunn Shaler
Ethan Gross Shaler
Hiatt Montgomery Shaler
Jacob Aigner Shaler
Jeremy Ullman Shaler
Jon Saban Shaler
Jordan Winters Shaler
Joseph Rispoli Shaler
Josh Offen Shaler
Luca Asturi Shaler
Nathan Rozzo Shaler
Riley Douglas Shaler
Sean Harding Shaler
Trevor Cignetti Shaler
Tyler Wennersten Shaler
Zac Ehrenberger Shaler
Zachary Hartung Shaler
Corey Adams RB/LB Shamokin
Isaiah Mumford DB Shamokin
Maddox Romanoski DL Shamokin
Gavin Bastian WR/DB Selinsgrove 2025
Logan Dressler OL/LB Selinsgrove 2026
Austin Fanelli OL/DL Selinsgrove 2023
Caleb Hicks WR/DB Selinsgrove 2024
Landon Malone OL/DL Selinsgrove 2024
Tegan Minnier OL/DL Selinsgrove 2025
Devon Mitchell RB/DL Selinsgrove 2025
Garrett Paradis RB/LB Selinsgrove 2023
Vaughn Phelps OL/DL Selinsgrove 2023
Corey Rumberger RB/LB Selinsgrove 2023
Carlos Stuter WR/DB Selinsgrove 2025
Trent Turner OL/LB Selinsgrove 2024
Griffin Voss OL/DL Selinsgrove 2026
Carter Young TE/LB/K Selinsgrove 2024
Hunter Teter RB/DE Shenandoah Valley 2023
Juan Ruiz OL/DL Shenandoah Valley 2023
Lucas Zelinsky OL/DL Shenandoah Valley 2023
Zach Slater ATH/OLB Shenandoah Valley 2023
Fernando Ramirez- Chiglinsky  OL/DL Shenandoah Valley 2024
Nick Ryan WR/FS Shenandoah Valley 2024
Jeremy Thomas TE/DE Shenandoah Valley 2025
Mason Rebuck C/DT Shikellamy 2023
Luke Wetzel TE/DE Shikellamy 2024
HUNTER BURDICK Pennridge 2023
LOUGHLIN SMITH Pennridge 2023
CHASE MARSHALL Pennridge 2025
SCOTT(Sam) MUELLER Pennridge 2024
JAKE HOLT Pennridge 2023
SHAWN BERCHOK Pennridge 2023
LANDON MOYER Pennridge 2023
CONNOR LELII Pennridge 2023
ANDREW VOLLBERG Pennridge 2025
BRENNAN FISHER Pennridge 2023
Aaron Miller OL / DL Souderton  2024
Ryan Sadowski HB / LB Souderton  2024
Alex Arrigo RB/DB South Side 2023
Ben Hall RB/DB South Side 2024
Chase Hartle WR/DB South Side 2024
Ryan Navarra RB/LB South Side 2024
Jack Glenn OL/DL South Side 2026
Lucian Williams OL/DL South Side 2026
Will Morgan QB/DB South Side 2026
Max Wisensale QB/DB South Western 2023
Rion France OL/DL South Western 2023
Colin Smith OL/DL South Western 2024
Colton Beck OL/DL South Western 2024
Connor Baldwin WR/DB South Western 2024
Jackson Hersh WR South Western 2024
Jeremy Carter OL/DL South Western 2024
Tommy Putman TE/DE South Western 2024
Declan Smith WR/DB South Western 2025
Aidan Barcavage OC Southern Columbia 2023
Chris Treshock OT-DT Southern Columbia 2023
Wes Barnes RB Southern Columbia 2023
Garrett Garcia LB Southern Columbia 2024
Jack Biermaas RB-LB Southern Columbia 2024
Kyle Christman DB-WR Southern Columbia 2024
Aaron Barshinger RB/LB Spring Grove 2023
Cole McCoury RB/LB Spring Grove 2023
Dylan Rorrer WR/DB Spring Grove 2023
Kyle Lillich OL/DL Spring Grove 2023
Teague Conover RB/LB Spring Grove 2023
Christian Prowell OL/DL Spring Grove 2024
Cowan Ruhland QB/DB Spring Grove 2024
Michael Hershey OL/DL Spring Grove 2024
Nizeah Mummert WR/DB Spring Grove 2024
Carter Smith RB/LB Spring Grove 2025
David Czapp OL/LB Spring Grove 2026
Nuh’si Valenti RB/FS Spring Grove 2026
AJ Folino WR Spring-Ford 2023
Dan Winters OL Spring-Ford 2023
Franny Undercuffler DE Spring-Ford 2023
Gage Swanger WR / DB Spring-Ford 2023
Luke Pajovich DT Spring-Ford 2023
Matt Yurko LB Spring-Ford 2023
Mike Scalia OL Spring-Ford 2023
Will Fish RB / LB Spring-Ford 2023
Zach Zollers WR / LB Spring-Ford 2023
Baker, Caiden OL/DL St Marys 2023
Blythe, Matt WR/DB St Marys 2023
Steis, Toby OL/DL St Marys 2023
Bandy, Johnny OL/DL St Marys 2024
Mattiuz, Bryce WR/DB St Marys 2024
Paul, Ben QB/DB St Marys 2025
Ben Spencer H Back/DE State College 2023
Matt Wall RB State College 2023
Michael Dincher OL/DL State College 2023
Tommy Egerer QB/WR State College 2023
Aiden Lulis OL/DL State College 2024
Eli Espinoza LB State College 2024
Genevieve Rogers Manager State College 2024
Jake Hohenshelt H Back/DE State College 2024
Isaac Schoenholtz Manager State College 2025
Leighton Smithwick Media Team State College 2025
Michael Gaul WR/LB State College 2025
Asa Kochvar SB/DL Steelton-Highspire 2023
Bamm Appleby DB/WR Steelton-Highspire 2023
Marquis Beasley OL/DL Steelton-Highspire 2023
Tylishaun Parker RB/DB Steelton-Highspire 2023
Alex Erby QB Steelton-Highspire 2024
Andrew Erby OL/DL Steelton-Highspire 2024
Andre Reames RB/LB Stroudsburg 2023
Andre Reames RB/LB Stroudsburg 2023
Anthony Witerspoon OL/DL Stroudsburg 2023
Anthony Witerspoon OL/DL Stroudsburg 2023
Chris Mignosi OL/DL Stroudsburg 2023
Chris Mignosi OL/DL Stroudsburg 2023
John Barbella WR Stroudsburg 2023
John Barbella WR Stroudsburg 2023
Zachary DeFalco OL Stroudsburg 2023
Zachary DeFalco OL Stroudsburg 2023
Logan Weitzmann K/P Stroudsburg 2024
Logan Weitzmann K/P Stroudsburg 2024
Lucas Antal WR/DB Stroudsburg 2024
Lucas Antal WR/DB Stroudsburg 2024
Alexander Jagroop WR/DB Stroudsburg 2025
Alexander Jagroop WR/DB Stroudsburg 2025
Benjamin Pilcher QB Stroudsburg 2025
Benjamin Pilcher QB Stroudsburg 2025
Jalen Taylor WR/DB Stroudsburg 2025
Jalen Taylor WR/DB Stroudsburg 2025
Vincent Redpath LB Sun Valley 2023
Matt Howard OL Sun Valley 2024
Sean Curley OL Sun Valley 2024
John Penzone CB Sun Valley 2025
Isaiah Riley  LB Susq Twp 2024
Jarrett Kern WR Susq Twp 2026
Josh McAuliffe WR/CB Susquehanna 2023
Layne Fisk RB/DB/K Susquehanna 2023
Cooper Payne WR/DB Susquehanna 2024
William Marcy RB/LB Susquehanna 2025
Aiden Davis Trinity Hillers 2024
Andrew Durig Trinity Hillers 2024
Braeden Helmkamp Trinity Hillers 2024
Isaiah Kimble Trinity Hillers 2024
Jadon Dobich Trinity Hillers 2024
Jimmy Lafferty Trinity Hillers 2024
Scott Cooper Trinity Hillers 2024
Andy Palm Trinity Hillers 2025
Jerrod Caitlynn Trinity Hillers 2025
Nico Mauro Trinity Hillers 2025
Ben Priest Trinity Hillers 2026
Breaden Rager Trinity Hillers 2026
Grayson Piatt Trinity Hillers 2026
Rondell Bradley OFF ATH Truman 2023
Brooke Dylon OL/DL Union City 2023
Jake Bahl OL/DL Union City 2024
Owen Kerns RB/LB Union City 2024
Austin Brown RB/WR/DB Union City 2025
Landon Chalmers OL/DL Union/ACV 2023
Christian Salizzoni ATH Union/ACV 2025
Colbin Elliott OL/DL Union/ACV 2026
Evan McAulty      K UNITED VALLEY 2023
Hunter McGinnis OL / DL UNITED VALLEY 2023
Braydon Brown QB / DB UNITED VALLEY 2024
Caden McCully RB / LB UNITED VALLEY 2024
Aedyn Montgomery OL / DL UNITED VALLEY 2025
Marcus Rudnik OL / DL UNITED VALLEY 2026
Brandon Snyder QB/DL Upper Dauphin 2023
Cole Wallace RB/DB Upper Dauphin 2023
Eli Farence WR/DB Upper Dauphin 2023
Isaiah Dyer Kicker Upper Dauphin 2023
Alex Rossman OL/DL Upper Dublin 2023
Riley Hackett OL/DE Upper Dublin 2023
Travis Woodward OL/DL Wellsboro 2023
Aiden Jones OL/DL Wellsboro 2025
Jacob Dean WR/DB Wellsboro 2025
Lincoln DeCoursey OL/DL Wellsboro 2025
Gavyn Jelliff RB/DB Wellsboro 2026
Jacob Thurstin OL/DL Wellsboro 2026
Alec Harbison TE/DE West Allegheny 2023
Brayden Lambert K West Allegheny 2023
Brennan McClafferty WR/DB West Allegheny 2023
Dom Vennare OL/DL West Allegheny 2023
Hudson Clay OL/ILB West Allegheny 2023
Matt Ford FB/ILB West Allegheny 2023
Nico Taddy WR/DB West Allegheny 2023
Richard Martsolf OL/DL West Allegheny 2023
Brock Cornell RB/DB West Allegheny 2025
Brock Stickley OL/ILB West Allegheny 2025
Cameron Danna OL/DL West Allegheny 2026
Colten Thomas LB/WR West Greene 2024
Johnny Lampe LB/FB West Greene 2024
Parker Burns DB/TE West Greene 2025
Peyton Yuhas West Mifflin 2023
Tyjier Williams West Mifflin 2023
Nick Kosuda West Mifflin 2023
Anthony Trunzo West Mifflin 2023
Tayshawn McMillian West Mifflin 2023
Rico Steele West Mifflin 2024
Tyler Forstoffer West Mifflin 2024
Jonah Linhart OL/DL West Shamokin 2023
Delbert Rankin OL/LB West Shamokin 2024
Lou Swartz QB/LB West Shamokin 2024
Henry Clark RB/DB West Shamokin 2025
Conner Gervasoni OL/DL West Shamokin 2026
Hunter Winghart WR/DB West Shamokin 2026
Ryan Booher QB/DB West Shamokin 2026
Conner Gervasoni West Shamokin
Delbert Rankin West Shamokin
Henry Clark West Shamokin
Hunter Winghart West Shamokin
Jonah Linhart West Shamokin
Lou Swartz West Shamokin
Ryan Booher West Shamokin
Cameron Hasenbaugh DE Wilkes-Barre Area 2023
Dan Horgan OL/DL Wilkes-Barre Area 2023
Ian Bednar OL/DL Wilkes-Barre Area 2023
Essa Gigo WR/lb Wilkes-Barre Area 2024
Jahyki Jackson RB/DL Wilkes-Barre Area 2024
Naquan John TE/LB Wilkes-Barre Area 2024
Treyvon Gembitski WR/DB Wilkes-Barre Area 2026
Davis Phanco  WR/DB Wilmington  2023
Joe Saterlee K Wilmington  2023
Benjamin Miller RB/LB Wilmington  2024
James Winters K Wilmington  2024
Rocky Serafino  OL/DL Wilmington  2024
Tuff McConahy QB/DB Wilmington  2024
Will Bruckner OL/DL Wilmington  2024
Willie Moore OL/DL Wilmington  2024
Caleb Rossi RB/DB Wilmington  2025
Jamison Miller RB/LB Wilmington  2026
Maverick Whiting  OL/DL Wilmington  2026
Cam Jones RB/DB/KR Wilson 2023
Kaden Koch ST Wilson 2023
Kyle Troutman OLB Wilson 2023
Makih Cooper WR Wilson 2023
Nate Capitano DB Wilson 2023
Nick Weitzel DE Wilson 2023
Patrick Donato ST Wilson 2023
Logan Kurzweg C Wilson 2024
Nick Fiorini RB/ILB Wilson 2024
Blake Klosky FB/LB Windber 2023
Jacob Hostetler LB/TE Windber 2023
Jordan Wright S/SE Windber 2023
Colin Marx WB/S Windber 2024
Lucas Oleksa TE/LB Windber 2025
Luke Hostetler TB/CB Windber 2025
Justin Fracnis TE/DE Wyoming Area 2023
Riley Knaub OL/DL Wyoming Area 2023
Aaron Crossley RB/LB Wyoming Area 2024
Anthony Vanauken OL/DL Wyoming Area 2024
Luke Barhight RB/LB Wyoming Area 2024
Josh Mruk RB/LB Wyoming Area 2026
Jonathan Cardona K Wyoming Valley West 2023
Logan Dwyer RB/LB Wyoming Valley West 2023
Az-Zubair Sharif TE/LB Wyoming Valley West 2024
Lucas Zdancewicz QB/DB Wyoming Valley West 2024
Nasir Hall OL/DL Wyoming Valley West 2024
Ty Makarewicz WR/DB Wyoming Valley West 2024
Jake Dubaskas RB/LB Wyoming Valley West 2025
Carsyn Mentz TE/LB York Tech 2024
Seth Coldiron QB/DB York Tech 2024
Ethan Farrell SE/DB York Tech 2025
Bailey Eberwein FL/DB York Tech 2023

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