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Journalism Internship Program is looking to fill internship positions for the 2023 football season. Covering high school football for over 20 years, PFN helps nurture young journalists and photographers by giving them opportunities to write about or photograph their school’s team during the football season. Interns may report on weekly games, write articles related to the team, and/or photograph games. We are looking for students who are interested in journalism and or photography, however, no prior experience is necessary. Interns will experience sporting event coverage while gaining an understanding of leadership, assertiveness, and time management.

To make this easier for students, many teams in the past have made their interns “managers” for their team or band so they can travel to away games without using their vehicles. (Preferred by us for safety)

Interns gain valuable experience in the field of journalism. Many stay with us through college to continue gaining experience.A short list of companies our Interns have gained employment:

State College Spikes
WJAC-TV Brock owens
Altoona Curve
Juniata County Radio
CNET Centre County
Washington Wild Things
Indiana Gazette
And many more!


-This is a volunteer *non-Paid internship.

-Interns are encouraged to cover their team each week and report on their games. In addition to articles on games, coaches and players, interns may also write on anything related to high school football for inclusion on the site.

-Interns will have the opportunity to write, produce and report, and will be given access to the site’s database to publish their own articles and learn how to use a website. All articles are archived on the website. Side note: for security purposes, any requests to contact the author are directed to site owner, not the intern.

-All interns will receive weekly reviews of their work and tips from one of our professional writers/photographers.

-This internship program is geared toward applicants who are looking for a unique opportunity to broaden their experience and pursue possible career choices.

-All interns who complete the five-month program will receive a certificate of completion.

Available Opportunities

PA Football News is proud to offer opportunities for students seeking to sharpen and broaden their skills. Remember all positions and requirements can vary for the needs of each individual intern. The descriptions listed below are just general ideas of what would be expected of an intern in that position.


A reporting intern will be required to complete several different tasks and assignments during the length of the internship. These tasks and assignments will vary depending on when the internship takes place and the needs of the intern. Possible assignments include, but are not limited to game reporting for your school, feature reporting, and interviews.


A photography intern will be required to complete several different tasks and assignments during the length of the internship. The tasks and assignments could be taking photos at designated football events and weekly games.


A scores/content intern will be responsible for helping to report scores from a certain section of the state during the football season as assigned to them. You will help collect and report scores using our site’s powerful scoreboard platform. You will use social media networks, media outlets from around the state and contact information to help collect scores. You must be available on Friday nights from 7:00 p.m. to midnight and a few shifts on Saturdays during the fall.

All interns will receive a certificate of completion.

All interested parties should contact me via email or phone provided below.

Bill Splain

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