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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

Jack Arvin Football Classic Trumbull County 31 Mahoning County 21

Written by: on Friday, June 10th, 2022


Last night, I made my way to Hubbard Memorial Field for the first time to cover the 2022 36th annual Jack Arvin Football Classic. The game features all-stars from Mahoning Valley and Trumbell County. Over all, it looked like over 1,000 fans put the five-dollar gas prices aside and drove to see this contest. For the most part, the crowd was really into this game, and the players overall put on a good showing while showing really good sportsmanship.

The first exciting play in this one showed the power that Gino Calabrette from Struthers had when he powered through two tackles on his way to a big gain, giving Mahoning County a big first down. Before the Trumbull County defense could recover, Davonatae Miller from Mooney made a nice little catch and ran over a player to make a nice gain. The drive would get stuffed a short time later, setting up a 19-yard field goal attempt from Ben Pugh of Canfield. The kick never had a chance because Tremendous Watson from Liberty used his bear-like paws to swat the ball down.

Gavin Mauger would haul in a nice little toss and thensay good bye to the defense and hello to the end zone as he scored from 87yards out, making it look like the Mahoning County defense was in slow motion, making this a 7-0 game. Still in the opening quarter, Ty Tamburo from Mineral Ridge brought the Trumbell County fans to their feet when he made an interception to bring his offense back onto the field.

After Antwan Brown, who played for Warren JFK, broke off a 28-yard run, the Mahoning County defense would get the ball back for its offense after Justin Musch of Western Reserve recovered a fumble. The quarter would end with the score still 7-0. The defense would rule the 2nd quarter, with the biggest play coming when Isiah Munno fumbled the ball, and making the recovery for Mahoning County was Trey Mitchell, who scooped the ball up and did not stop sprinting until he found himself in the end zone, making this a 7-7 game after the point-after kick from Pugh. The Mahoning County would make one more big play when Brayden Pirone from Poland sacked Mineral Ridge’s Mark Buch.

The Trumbell County all-stars would take a 10-7 lead on a 38-yard field goal off the foot of Keegan McDerment out of Champion. The field goal was set up by a 45-yard run from Brown. Campbell’s Kayvon Moore would be thrown for a 5-yard loss by Kolton Christopher, a fine player out of Niles, as the Trumbell County all-stars were slowly starting to dominate the game. The clock showed 5:36 remaining in the third quarter when McDermott broke off a 20-yard run. From there, Brown would go for the 31-yard touchdown, making it a 17–7 game after McDermott nailed the point-after kick with 5:00 left in the third.

The catch of the game came with 4:52 left in the third quarter when Gino Calabrette of Struthers pulled in the pass as he fell down to give the Mahoning County all-stars a much needed first down. Ethan Davies of Lakeview would record a 9-yard sack on Anthony Cusick, who played at Crestview. The Mahoning County all-stars shook off the negative play with a 30-yard touchdown run by Anthony Hightower of Boardman to make this a 17-14 game at the 3:25 mark of the third quarter.

Brown would break off a 35-yard run to set up the next Trumbell County score, with McDermott doing the honors from 10-yards out, making this a 24-14 game.

The quarter would bring two more notable plays, with each team posting one. First, Hightower made a bigtime leaping catch for a 28-yard gain to give the Mahoning County all-stars another much-needed first down. The final play came when Lucas Beckstine of Brookfield sacked Cusek for an 8-yard loss.

Each team would score once to make this a 31–21 final when all was said and done. The Trumbull County all-stars would score on a 96-yard pick-six from Kolton Christopher, and then it was a 20-yard catch from Oliver Kovass of Canfield.


Mahoning County

61 plays

Total Yards 422

Passing 19-29 (2TD’s, 1 Int.)

Trumbull County

38 plays

Total Yards 366

Passing 3-7, 1 TD

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