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PA Football News 2020 State Football Scoreboard


Written by: on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021


We are proud to announce the following players have been named to our

2021 All-Academic Bronze Team.

Members of this team competed in the 2020 season with a GPA of 3.0 – 3.4

If you or your team is not listed, please HAVE YOUR COACH email we will continue to add to
this list as long as it takes to get everyone on! THIS INCLUDES TEAMS THAT WILL PLAY THIS SPRING

Bruno Fabrycki  RB/DB Albert Gallatin  2022
Gatian Bircher OL/DL Albert Gallatin  2022
James Marvin WR/LB Albert Gallatin  2022
Tristan Robinson QB/DB Albert Gallatin  2022
Frank Thomas RB/CB Aliquippa 2022
Brendin Brickner QB Aliquippa
Cyair Clark CB/WR Aliquippa
Donovan Walker S Aliquippa
Jason McBride OL/DL Aliquippa
Kadin Brickner QB Aliquippa
Karl McBride LB Aliquippa
Neco Eberhardt OL/DL Aliquippa
Quentin Goode QB Aliquippa
Kenneth Schaeffer WR / DB Annville-Cleona 2021
Macrae Plummer K Annville-Cleona 2021
Brad Smith TE / DE Annville-Cleona 2022
Braden Haulman WR / DB Annville-Cleona 2022
Gavin Keller QB / DE Annville-Cleona 2023
Lucas Yard G/ILB Apollo-Ridge 2021
Angelo Cicco WR/DB Apollo-RIdge 2022
Jacob Mull WR/DB Apollo-Ridge 2023
Mike Fryer Y/LB Apollo-Ridge 2023
Gavin Cole PK Apollo-Ridge  2022
Vaughn Wagnecz OL/DL Athens 2022
Brandon Jennings WR/DB Athens 2023
Jason Dunn TE/DE Athens 2024
Hunter Snoberger OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2021
Tyler Bumbarger LB/OL Bald Eagle Area 2021
Brayden Comly DB/WR Bald Eagle Area 2022
Chandler Burns OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2022
Garrett Burns QB/LB Bald Eagle Area 2022
Hunter McCool DL/OL Bald Eagle Area 2022
Magwire Heverly TE/DE Bald Eagle Area 2022
Owen Irvin DB/WR Bald Eagle Area 2022
Preston Guenot OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2022
Caden McCullough DB/WR Bald Eagle Area 2023
Gavin Eckley DB/WR Bald Eagle Area 2023
Kieran Jodan OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2023
Logan Lehman Slot/DB Bald Eagle Area 2023
Mason McCauley OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2023
Mike Snyder DB/WR Bald Eagle Area 2023
Nate Fry LB/RB Bald Eagle Area 2023
Tre Greene LB/RB Bald Eagle Area 2023
Tyler Serb DB/WR Bald Eagle Area 2023
Camron Watkins DB/WR Bald Eagle Area Freshman
Joe Hammel TE/LB Beaver 2021
Mackenzie Boyd PK Beaver 2021
Mark Ramer OL/DL Beaver 2021
Tyler Ziggas WR/DB Beaver 2021
Jayson Godart OL/DL Beaver 2022
Diego Gutierrez RB/LB Beaver 2023
Liam Gibson SS Beaver 2023
Louie Rabatin QB/LB Beaver 2024
Mitch Myers OG/DE   Beaver Falls 2021
Shileak Livingston RB/MLB Beaver Falls 2021
Tyler Jones RB/OLB   Beaver Falls 2021
Anthony Cousar OG/DE Beaver Falls 2022
Mekhi Clark WR/DB Beaver Falls 2022
Connor Paolucci C/DT Beaver Falls 2023
Jaren Brickner QB/DB Beaver Falls 2023
Christopher Paloskey RB/SS Bellefonte 2021
Daniel Persiko K Bellefonte 2021
Dylan Dann WR/S Bellefonte 2021
Ethan Rossman QB/LB Bellefonte 2021
Max Barrier OG/DE Bellefonte 2021
Nicholas Kreger OT/DT Bellefonte 2021
Pierre James OT/DT Bellefonte 2021
Ryan Fitzgerald SB/LB Bellefonte 2021
Seth Shuey WR/CB Bellefonte 2021
Addison Shawley C/DT Bellefonte 2023
Frederick Grove C/DT Bellefonte 2023
Jacob Knapp T/DT Bellefonte 2023
Landyn Miller RB/SS Bellefonte 2023
Nathan Capparelle WR/CB Bellefonte 2023
Talon Benner WR/C Bellefonte 2023
Wesley Badger WR/LB Bellefonte 2023
Caleb Frazier Bellefonte
Craig Dongilli OL Belle-Vernon 2022
Logan Hoffman LB Belle-Vernon 2022
Noah Clegg OL Belle-Vernon 2022
Reiley Wiant LB Belle-Vernon 2022
Ryan McGrew OL Belle-Vernon 2022
Tanner Steeber WR Belle-Vernon 2023
Dalton Davis TE Bellwood-Antis 2021
Andrew Nycum OT Bellwood-Antis 2023
Blaine Delozier WR Bellwood-Antis 2023
Jason Pluebell LB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Kamdan Bailor WR Bellwood-Antis 2023
Levi Robertson OT Bellwood-Antis 2023
Alex Zavala K Berks Catholic 2021
Chris Kochel  OT/DT Berks Catholic 2021
Colby Newton RB Berks Catholic 2021
Jason Salvador RB/LB Berks Catholic 2021
Roman Donahue OT/DT Berks Catholic 2021
Ryan Madrak QB Berks Catholic 2021
Victor Viera LB Berks Catholic 2021
Xavier Ruiz WR/DB Berks Catholic 2021
Brad Hoffman QB/LB Berks Catholic 2022
Christian Cacchoine RB/DB Berks Catholic 2022
Gave Navarro TE/LB Berks Catholic 2022
Isaac Pichardo WR/DB Berks Catholic 2022
Jackson Huddleson OT/DL Berks Catholic 2022
Luke Hughes OG/DE Berks Catholic 2022
Mitchell Gatz QB/DB Berks Catholic 2022
Nathan Tunnessen WR/DB Berks Catholic 2022
Reed Lawhorne OG/DL Berks Catholic 2022
Trace Brown  WR/DB Berks Catholic 2022
Tristen Hertzog TE/LB Berks Catholic 2022
Ty Barreto C/DT Berks Catholic 2022
Rowan Smith OL/DL Berks Catholic 2023
Brady Boburchock OL/DL Berlin 2021
Brady Glessner K/P Berlin 2021
Chayse Hyatt OL/DL Berlin 2021
Danny Heider OL/DL Berlin 2021
Randy Delancy OL/DL Berlin 2021
Sean Foy TE/DL Berlin 2021
Kashiss Hay RB/LB Berlin 2022
Nic Gerber TE/DL Berlin 2022
Blake Maurer TB Berwick 2021
Isaac Tripp WR Berwick 2021
Mason Laubach DE Berwick 2021
Nate Traugh OT Berwick 2021
Ben Knorr QB Berwick 2022
Gavyn Cunningham DT Berwick 2022
Bruce Hartman OG Berwick 2023
Dom Lessard C/DL Bishop Carroll   2021
Gabe Yahner WR/DB Bishop Carroll   2021
Mason Beiswenger  OL/DL Bishop Carroll   2021
Nick Weber OL/LB Bishop Carroll   2021
TJ Novak WR/LB Bishop Carroll   2021
Blaine Farabaugh  WR/LB Bishop Carroll   2022
John Yahner WR/S Bishop Carroll   2022
Ashton Grove OL/DL Bishop Carroll   2023
Devan Wasser OL/DL Bishop Carroll   2023
Evan Scarton OL/DL Bishop Carroll   2023
Johnny Golden QB Bishop Carroll   2023
Naveen Sirsikar  K Bishop Carroll   2023
Zander Sekerak  WR/CB Bishop Carroll   2024
Kilmartin,  AJ WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Reilly,  Patrick WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Wyandt,  Deven K/P Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Wyandt,  Kaden RB/LB Bishop Guilfoyle   2024
Amir Ortega-Andrews RB/DB Bishop McCort 2021
Jonathan Chaney OL/DL Bishop McCort 2021
Mason Gress WR/DB Bishop McCort 2021
Patrick Dempsy OL/DL Bishop McCort 2021
Justin Edminston OL/DL Bishop McCort 2022
Nathan Conrad RB/LB Bishop McCort 2022
Neil Russel  RB/LB Bishop McCort 2022
Jordan Nichols RB/LB Bishop McCort 2023
Tyrstan Funari Qb/DB Bishop McCort 2023
Joseph Dinnelo  DE  Bishop McDevitt  2021
Mario Easterly  WR/DB  Bishop McDevitt  2022
Marquese Williams RB  Bishop McDevitt  2023
Jack Wurm QB Blacklick Valley 2021
Chris Clark OL Blacklick Valley 2023
Josh Hessler LB Blacklick Valley 2023
Riley Van Brunt OL/DL Bloomsburg 2020
Cole Stobo OL/DL Bloomsburg 2021
Graden Thomas OL/DL Bloomsburg 2022
Kayden James TE/DL Bloomsburg 2022
Madden Locke WR/DB Bloomsburg 2022
Nasir Heard RB/DB Bloomsburg 2022
Jesse James TE/DL Bloomsburg 2023
Hayden Kramer K Brookville 2021
Ryan Daisley WR/CB Brookville 2021
Steven Green RB/DB Butler 2021
Ashton Gray OL Butler 2022
Connor Nolan QB/DE Cameron County  2021
Derek Duman OL/DT Cameron County  2022
Dylan Baney ATH/CB Cameron County  2022
Eden Condon Cameron County  2022
Taylor Geitner C/LB Cameron County  2022
Devin Streich WR/CB Cameron County  2023
Dion Roberto WR/DT Cameron County  2023
Armstead, Tony OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2021
Chandler, Isaiah RB Canon-McMillan 2021
Mowod, David FB/DE Canon-McMillan 2021
Davis Jr., Chris WR/DB Canon-McMillan 2022
Livesay, Noah OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2023
Casella, Nick OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2024
Chance Davis OL/LB Canton  2021
Connor Bailllie WR/LB Canton  2021
Connor Davis OL/LB Canton  2022
Averey Dibble WR/DB Canton  2023
William Colton OL/DL Canton  2023
Nick Twilley DT CB EAST 2021
Reins Leedy OG CB EAST 2021
Will Silverman WR CB EAST 2021
Alec Seserko K CB EAST 2022
Carlos Adame OLB CB EAST 2022
David Bottino DT CB EAST 2022
Jimmy Mullevey OT CB EAST 2022
Justin James LB CB EAST 2022
Louis Bayne C CB EAST 2022
Michael Biafore OLB CB EAST 2022
Rob Diner WR CB EAST 2022
Rocco Ianiero DT CB EAST 2022
Skyler Boss LB CB EAST 2022
Carter Theiss RB CB EAST 2023
Connor Harris OT CB EAST 2023
Connor Quinn DB CB EAST 2023
Liam Powers OT CB EAST 2023
Patrick Keller QB CB EAST 2023
Myles Mims WR CD East 2021
Thaddeus Krebs RB/LB CD East 2023
Eric Mertens OL, ILB Central Cambria 2021
Levi Villarrial OL, DL Central Cambria 2021
Trevor Novotny OL, DE Central Cambria 2021
Hobbs Dill RB, SS Central Cambria 2022
Jace Koss WR, CB Central Cambria 2022
Tyler Sheldon OL, DL Central Cambria 2022
Elijah Villarrial RB, OLB Central Cambria 2023
Blake Williams WR, DB Central Cambria 2024
Ethan Burford WR Central Clarion 2021
Hunter Craddock TE/LB Central Clarion 2021
Jason Ganoe Wr/DB Central Clarion 2021
Keidon Smith Wr/LB Central Clarion 2021
Breckin Rex FB Central Clarion 2022
Christian Simko WR Central Clarion 2022
Cole Wrhen DE Central Clarion 2022
Cooper Shall RB/DB Central Clarion 2022
Damon Yeany RB/DB Central Clarion 2023
John Burke TE/DE Central Clarion 2023
Ryan Hummell Qb/DB Central Clarion 2023
Will Clark OL Central Clarion 2023
Dawson Smail LB Central Clarion 2024
Tommy Smith Qb/DE Central Clarion 2024
Devlin Dylan LB Central Columbia  2020
Gregory Dylan WR Central Columbia  2020
Markle Calvin T/DT Central Columbia  2020
McNelis Garrett T Central Columbia  2020
Smith Nathan TE Central Columbia  2020
Blaise Heshler OL Central Dauphin 2021
Malachi Bowman WR/DB Central Dauphin 2021
Shamilyn Joppy WR Central Dauphin 2021
Amarian Saunders RB/OLB Central Valley 2021
Ambrose Boni RB/DB Central Valley 2022
Landon Alexander RB/DB Central Valley 2022
Landon Connolly OL/DL Central Valley 2022
Deniro Simpson WR/DB Central Valley 2023
Jackson Tonya OL/DL Central Valley 2023
Jayvin Thompson WR/DB Central Valley 2023
John Peterson WR/DB Central Valley 2023
Dominick Bianucci OL/DL Central Valley 2024
Julian Maravilla QB/DB Central Valley 2024
Nico DiBiagio WR/OLB Central Valley 2024
Ethan Cramer DT/G Central York 2021
Isaiah Sturgis RB Central York 2021
Josh Gaffney DT/T Central York 2021
Keelan Stroman OLB/H Central York 2021
Lake Hinderer C Central York 2021
Seth Griffiths LB Central York 2021
Taylor Wright-Rawls DB/WR Central York 2021
Donovan O’Malley TE/LB Chartiers Valley 2021
Joseph McCabe RB/LB Chartiers Valley 2021
Romello Sanford TE/DE Chartiers Valley 2021
Austin Stein TE/LB Chartiers Valley 2022
Mason Copeland OL/DL Chartiers Valley 2022
Patrick Mulligan RB/OLB Chartiers Valley 2022
Joseph Heckroth WR/DB Chartiers Valley 2023
Lamont Payne J.r WR/DB Chartiers Valley 2023
Tyler Glover Chartiers Valley 2024
Preston Bush RB/LB Claysburg-Kimmel 2021
Bryce Kennedy OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Gabe Weyant RB/LB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Hunter Ehredt RB/LB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Carson Nash QB/DB Cocalico 2021
Evan Haldeman OL/DL Cocalico 2021
Austin Vang RB/LB Cocalico 2022
Brycen Flinton RB/DB Cocalico 2022
Damien Wolf OL/DL Cocalico 2022
Jake Humphrey TE/DL Cocalico 2022
Carter Getz RB/LB Cocalico 2023
Jacob Kohl RB/DB Cocalico 2023
Justin Elliot  RB  Columbia 2021
COLTEN LEWIS OL, DL Conemaugh Township Area 2021
OWEN TOMB TE, LB Conemaugh Township Area 2022
WILL MOYER OL, DL Conemaugh Township Area 2022
David Simbo OL/DL Conestoga  2021
Michael Costigan QB Conestoga  2021
Patrick Nichols LB/WR Conestoga  2021
Adam Ghabra  LB Conestoga  2022
Chase Kelly RB/DB Conestoga  2022
Ryan Mackey TE/DL Conestoga  2022
Will Preston DL Conestoga  2022
Bobby Irvine OL/DL Conestoga  2023
Bryce Beltrante DB/WR Conestoga  2023
Charlie Bascome OL/DL Conestoga  2023
Cooper McCloud FS Conestoga Valley HS 2021
Frank Koch OT Conestoga Valley HS 2021
Kai Gorzelsky OL Conestoga Valley HS 2022
Noah Admassu OG Conestoga Valley HS 2023
Zac Phy C / WR Conestoga Valley HS 2023
Diamond Nwankwo RB Conrad Weiser 2021
Gio Rivera OL Conrad Weiser 2021
Tyler Kissling DL Conrad Weiser 2021
Aanjay Feliciano WR Conrad Weiser 2022
Cameron Jones RB Conrad Weiser 2022
Nate Fizz Sp. Teams Conrad Weiser 2022
Ethan Rex OL Conrad Weiser 2023
M.J. Smith Wr/Olb Cornell 2022
Cagney Smith Ol/Dl Cornell 2023
Cody Konschnik OL/DL Crestwood 2022
Ethan Stoltz WR/DB Crestwood 2022
Zach Snyder OL/DL Crestwood 2022
John Jones OL/DL Crestwood 2023
Logan Price OL/DL Crestwood 2023
Logan Rolles RB/LB Crestwood 2023
Noah Schultz QB/DB Crestwood 2023
Brandon Zimmerman WR/DB Danville 2021
Dylan Yearick WR/DB Danville 2021
Reed Shultz DL Danville 2021
Cameron Fetrow RB/DB Dover 2021
Teziah Howard WR/CB Dover 2021
Tanner Linker WR/S Dover  2021
Daniel Geyer WR/DB Downingtown West 2021
Jake Curtis-Smith OG/DT Downingtown West 2021
Matt Micale CT/DT Downingtown West 2021
Adam Rowland QB/ATH Downingtown West 2022
Drew Florkowski OL/DL Downingtown West 2022
Elijah Ford WR/DB Downingtown West 2022
Evan Wickersham OL/DL Downingtown West 2022
Ryan Waters RB/LB Downingtown West 2022
Tommy DiSalvo TE/LB Downingtown West 2022
AJ Saggese OL/DL Downingtown West 2023
Cooper Young OL/DL Downingtown West 2023
Angela Leas MGR Eastern York 2021
Jayden Ness OL/DL Eastern York 2021
Neijon Gonzalez Y/LB Eastern York 2021
Zachary Dice RB/LB Eastern York 2021
Brady Walker OL/DL Eastern York 2022
Bryce Currier WR/S Eastern York 2022
Ryan Townsley OL/DL Eastern York 2022
Austin Billet QB/CB Eastern York 2023
Maddox Crumling RB/LB Eastern York 2023
Brock Boyer WR/DB Ephrata 2021
Marshall Mondo WR/DB Ephrata 2021
Ryan Honberger K Ephrata 2021
Tyler Nelson T/LB Ephrata 2021
Cole Sieger G/DT Ephrata 2022
Connor Worley WR/DB Ephrata 2022
Devon Litten RB/LB Ephrata 2022
Jaydin Mabry WR/DB Ephrata 2022
Josh Rios WR/DB Ephrata 2022
Evan Boley WR/DB Ephrata 2023
Jacob Rowell RB/LB Ephrata 2023
Josh Musser WR/DB Ephrata 2023
John JJ Woodward RB/LB Erie 2021
   Brandon Swope C/DT Garden Spot 2020
   Laine King WR Garden Spot 2020
    Brayden Via WR Garden Spot 2020
     Luke Shirk G/DT Garden Spot 2020
     Stephen Foor RB/LB Garden Spot 2020
Jesse Martin QB/S Garden Spot 2020
  Gavin Miller WR/C Garden Spot 2021
   Derrick Lambert WR Garden Spot 2021
Adam Hoffman OT Governor Mifflin 2021
Brandon Strausser FB/LB Governor Mifflin 2021
CamRon Stewart TE/DE Governor Mifflin 2021
Dominic Sheidy OT/DT Governor Mifflin 2021
Javier Pena Spec. Team Governor Mifflin 2021
Eden Johnson WR/CB Governor Mifflin 2022
Jonah Naugle OT/DT Governor Mifflin 2022
Nate Goodman TE/DE Governor Mifflin 2022
Trey Rock FB/MLB Governor Mifflin 2022
Delsin McNeil Spec. Team Governor Mifflin 2023
Bryce Stubert DL/OL Greenville 2021
Bryce Stubert DL/OL Greenville 2021
Landon Bielata DL/TE Greenville 2021
Ross Swartz DL/OL Greenville 2021
Ross Swartz DL/OL Greenville 2021
Anthony Gentile DL/OL Greenville 2022
Anthony Gentile DL/OL Greenville 2022
Brady Kincaid DB/WR Greenville 2022
Brady Kincaid DB/WR Greenville 2022
Jalen Ritzert DB/QB Greenville 2022
Jalen Ritzert DB/QB Greenville 2022
Mason Battles LB/WR Greenville 2022
Mason Battles LB/WR Greenville 2022
Trustin Jobes LB/RB Greenville 2022
Trustin Jobes LB/RB Greenville 2022
Aden Sasala LB/RB Greenville 2023
Aden Sasala LB/RB Greenville 2023
Ethan Moore LB/RB Greenville 2023
Ethan Moore LB/RB Greenville 2023
Mason Dickens DB/RB Greenville 2023
Mason Dickens DB/RB Greenville 2023
Nevada Koehler DB/WR Greenville 2023
Malachi Hyde LB/RB Greenville 2024
Malachi Hyde LB/RB Greenville 2024
Yohsiyah Innocent RB Hamburg Area 2021
Charlie Zettlemoyer TE/LB Hamburg Area 2023
Diohnny Ruiz RB/OLB Hamburg Area 2023
Doug Brown OT Hamburg Area 2023
Nick Hix PK Hamburg Area 2023
Yabdiel Santana DeLeon FB/LB Hamburg Area 2023
Bryce Kamp C Hamburg Area 2024
Cohen Correll QB/FS Hamburg Area 2024
Parker Folk  FB/LB Hamburg Area 2024
Xavier Ankner T/DT Hanover Area 2022
Christian Torres QB/OLB Hanover Area 2023
Brian Galasso LB Haverford School 2021
Amick Gavin OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2021
Barrick Nathan OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2021
Cavalet Camden WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2021
Grassi Rocco WR/LB Hollidaysburg 2021
Martellacci Bryce QB/DB Hollidaysburg 2021
Mitchell Benjamin OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2021
Shawley Gage RB/DE Hollidaysburg 2021
Fox Chase RB/LB Hollidaysburg 2022
Franco Dominic TE/LB Hollidaysburg 2022
Franco Vincent OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2022
Freet Dylan WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Herron Tyler WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Mceldowney Richard OL/LB Hollidaysburg 2022
Mcginnis Jake QB/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Miknis Christopher TE/LB Hollidaysburg 2022
Wolfe Justin WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2022
Burkey Nicholas WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2023
Hartman Isaac WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2023
Kanish Adam OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2023
Rossman Tucker QB/DB Hollidaysburg 2023
Yount Michael OL-DL Homer-Center 2022
Bell Mason TE-LB Homer-Center 2023
Bence Isaiah OL-DL Homer-Center 2023
Clevenger Riley SB-SS Homer-Center 2023
Zenisek Austin SB-CB Homer-Center 2023
Duncan Kenneth OL-DL Homer-Center 2024
Tyler Faithful WR/DB Honesdale  2021
Aaron Phillips FB/LB Honesdale  2023
CJ Hinton FB/LB Honesdale  2023
Guru Patel OL/DL Honesdale  2023
Isaac Carmody WR/DB Honesdale  2023
Jake Mundy WR/DB Honesdale  2023
Tyler Winters WR/LB Honesdale  2023
Darren Harman QB/DB Huntingdon 2021
Myles Baney RB/LB Huntingdon 2021
Sam Culbertson OL/DL Huntingdon 2021
Alec Cooper WR/DB Huntingdon 2022
Gavin Prebish OL/DL Indiana Area 2021
Tanner Smith OL/DL Indiana Area 2021
Fox Van Leer QB/DB Indiana Area 2022
Owen Clifford OL/DL Indiana Area 2022
Liam McFarlane RB/DB Indiana Area 2023
Matt Lloyd QB/DB Indiana Area 2023
Michael Dolan RB/DB Indiana Area 2023
Anthony Kowchuck SE/DB Indiana Area 2024
Carson Beatty TE/LB Indiana Area 2024
Evan Sheesley TE/LB Indiana Area 2024
Joey Moody RB/DB Indiana Area 2024
Alex Cooper RB/DB J.P. McCaskey 2022
Dale Sallie K/P J.P. McCaskey 2022
Ja-Hid Brown-Standford OL/DL J.P. McCaskey 2022
Robert Lischner OL/DL J.P. McCaskey 2022
Matthew Remash QB J.P. McCaskey 2023
Billy Dressler WR/DB Juniata 2021
Emmanuel O’Donell WR/DB Juniata 2021
Hunter Treaster OL/DL Juniata 2021
Jace White FB/LB Juniata 2021
Jonathan Kauffman OL/DL Juniata 2023
Colton Craig T/DT Karns City 2021
Gage Cowoski WR/DB Karns City 2021
Owen Collwell K Karns City 2021
Blake Kaufman TE/OLB Karns City 2022
Jayce Anderson RB/DB Karns City 2022
Nathan Lessner TE/DE Karns City 2022
TJ Vlassich T/DT Karns City 2022
Zach Blair RB/OLB Karns City 2022
Hunter McConnell T/DE Karns City 2023
James Jones G/DT Karns City 2023
Tanner Griffith T/DE Karns City 2023
Coleton Hurley WR/DB Kennard-Dale 2021
Duke Schwartz T/DT Kennard-Dale 2021
Justin Walls T/DT Kennard-Dale 2021
Avery Cummings RB/LB Kennard-Dale 2022
Dylan Jones K/P Kennard-Dale 2022
Edwin Himmel-Maines TE/DE Kennard-Dale 2022
Grant Cooper G/DT Kennard-Dale 2022
Brandon Thomas WR/DE Kennard-Dale 2023
Nicholas Seaks T/DE Kennard-Dale 2023
Aiden Cate C/DT Kennard-Dale 2024
Cadan Jones G/DT Kennard-Dale 2024
Jaedyn Caughman RB/LB Kennard-Dale 2024
Stephen Hawkins T/DT Kennard-Dale 2024
Nicholas Weaver RB/DE Keystone 2021
Gunnar Heeter OL/DE Keystone 2022
Taylor Cotton III OL/DL Keystone 2022
Samuel Hogue FB/LB Keystone 2023
Zachary Taylor OL/DL Keystone 2023
Chase Nolan  RB/LB Lakeland 2021
Mason Ormsby OL/DL Lakeland 2022
Luke Smurl OL/DL Lakeland 2023
Damian Concklin OL/DL Lake-Lehman 2021
Jacob Monko WR/DB Lake-Lehman 2021
Jake Trumbower WR/LB Lake-Lehman 2021
Nick Zaboski TE/LB Lake-Lehman 2021
Jake Simoson OL/DL Lake-Lehman 2022
Alex Aiello C/DT Latrobe 2021
Isaac Landry OT/DT Latrobe 2021
John McHenry K Latrobe 2021
Landan Carns QB/S Latrobe 2021
Raymon Henderson  Slot/CB Latrobe 2021
Drake Clayton RB/ILB Latrobe 2022
Erick Landry C/DE Latrobe 2022
Jacob Brisky OT/DE Latrobe 2022
Eli Rich  TE Leechburg 2022
Jacob Reinke OG Leechburg 2022
BrandonLucas OT Leechburg 2023
Collin Cook  OG Leechburg 2023
Tyler Foley WR Leechburg 2023
Robert Olmo CB Lewisburg 2022
Derek Shedleski LB Lewisburg 2023
Devin Bodden WR/CB Lewisburg 2023
Dylan Croner Lewisburg 2023
Hagen Persun DT Lewisburg 2023
Colten Foust  OL  Ligonier Valley  2022
Jacob Hay  TE  Ligonier Valley  2022
Jude Grzywinski  OL  Ligonier Valley  2022
Khorter Drury  RB  Ligonier Valley  2022
Matthew Marinchak  SE  Ligonier Valley  2022
Miles Higgins  TE  Ligonier Valley  2022
Sam Mundorff  RB  Ligonier Valley  2022
Bruce Kreiger  SE  Ligonier Valley  2023
Colin Smith  OL  Ligonier Valley  2023
Jesse Turner  OL  Ligonier Valley  2023
Lanigan McCulty  RB  Ligonier Valley  2023
Logan Mulheren  OL  Ligonier Valley  2023
Tylan Wilkins  OL  Ligonier Valley  2023
Benton Black FB/LB Lower Dauphin 2021
Matt Piermattei WR/DB Lower Dauphin 2021
Nick Dirkman OL/DL Lower Dauphin 2021
Richard Eber TE/DL Lower Dauphin 2021
Braden Landis QB/WR/DB Lower Dauphin 2022
Carter Powell QB/LB Lower Dauphin 2022
Ryan Angerer TE/DE Lower Dauphin 2022
Zack Davis TE/DE/LS Lower Dauphin 2022
Aaron Moyer OL/DL Lower Dauphin 2023
Ellis Snow QB/DB Lower Dauphin 2023
Josh Smith OL/LB Lower Dauphin 2023
Tanner Webb OL/DL Lower Dauphin 2023
 Destin  Fisher  DL, OC Marion Center 2021
 Calvin  Rombaugh  OT, DL Marion Center 2022
 Daniel  Smith  T, DL Marion Center 2022
 Gavin  Stewart  RB, DB Marion Center 2022
 Landin  Bennett  G, LB Marion Center 2022
Timothy Reichenba LB, TE Marion Center 2022
 Dakota  Bracken  QB, DB Marion Center 2023
 Liam  Cornetto  RB, DB Marion Center 2023
 Austin  Saxfield  WR, DB Marion Center 2025
Donofrio, Daniel WR Marple-Newtown 2021
Ebert, Johnnie DE/OL Marple-Newtown 2021
Lane, CJ LB/H back Marple-Newtown 2021
Paoletti, Joe QB/DB Marple-Newtown 2021
Conroy, Cooper WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2022
Fields, Tyler OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2022
Nguyen, Nathan OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2022
Cooney, Gavin OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2023
Diianni, Anthony “AJ” RB/DB Marple-Newtown 2023
Garcia, Justin LB/TE Marple-Newtown 2023
Hally, Jimmy DL/LB Marple-Newtown 2023
Hamson, Jack WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2023
Abatangelo, Vincent WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2024
Bertoline, David QB/DB Marple-Newtown 2024
Can, Ty WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2024
Chambers, Alex LB/Hback Marple-Newtown 2024
Esposito, Pj WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2024
Fortebuono, Santino WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2024
Kirlin, Andrew OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2024
Mcintire, Noah LB/TE Marple-Newtown 2024
Richards, Andrew WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2024
Yukenavitch, Joey WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2024
Christopher Juchno QB McDowell 2021
Oliver Petsch WR/DB McDowell 2021
Taha Ramahi RB/LB McDowell 2021
Bryce Wood TE/LB McDowell 2022
Hunter Hodges WR/DB McDowell 2022
Jacob Soboski DE McDowell 2022
Logan Hellman DL McDowell 2022
Mathew McGregor TE/LB McDowell 2022
Roman Meola OL/DL McDowell 2022
John Sroka OL/DL McDowell 2023
Matthew Valerio WR/DB McDowell 2023
Nicolas DeSanto WR McDowell 2023
Nikolas Grack OL/DL McDowell 2023
Savannah Orzechowski MANAGER McDowell 2023
Trey Goodwine WR/DB McDowell 2023
Justyce Miller FILMER McDowell 2024
Devontea Hampton RB/LB McKeesport 2021
Terrence Glenn RB/DL McKeesport 2021
Dan Meier OL/DL Methacton 21
Joe Carfrey RB/DB Methacton 21
Mike Merola QB/LB Methacton 21
Ryan Cassidy FB/DL Methacton 21
Dan Brandi  QB/LB Methacton 22
Jake Chapman WR/DB Methacton 23
Briar Sheets QB/DB Meyersdale 2021
Casey Pritts TE/LB Meyersdale 2021
Scott Hahn WR/S Meyersdale 2021
Elijah Miller WR/DB Meyersdale 2022
Noah Wilt FB/DB Meyersdale 2022
Chaz Kimmel OL/DL Meyersdale 2023
Collin Krause TE/LB Meyersdale 2023
Daulton Sellers WR/QB/DB Meyersdale 2023
Devin Donica WR/DB Meyersdale 2023
Walker Bunnell TE/LB Meyersdale 2024
Andrew Diehl RB/DB Mifflinburg 2023
Kyler Troup OL/DL Mifflinburg 2024
Brady Thompson TE/DE Moniteau 2021
Isaiah Ussleman T/DT Moniteau 2021
J.D. Dessicino RB/LB Moniteau 2021
Noah Wheeler T/DT Moniteau 2021
Cooper Boozel WR/CB Moniteau 2022
Gavin Livermore OL/DL Montoursville 2021
Jeremiah Caseman OL/DL Montoursville 2021
Gaven Farquharson OL/DL Montoursville 2022
Isaiah Fenner WR/DB Montoursville 2022
Maddix Dalena QB Montoursville 2022
Weaver Dylan TE LB Mt. Carmel Area
Jacob Kuperavage TE/DL Nativity 2021
T.J. Wagner TE/DL Nativity 2021
Anthony Kromer OL/DL Nativity 2022
Cody Miller QB/DB Nativity 2022
Jack Miller RB/LB Nativity 2022
Julius Walborn WR/DB Nativity 2022
Justin Rodriguez WR/DB Nativity 2022
Matthew Prezelski RB/DL Nativity 2022
Blake Bender WR/LB Nativity 2023
Kreese Stablein WR/LB Nativity 2023
Tyler Novack WR/DB Nativity 2023
Kevin Kanute OL/DL Nativity 2024
William Mongraine OL/DL Nativity 2024
Aiden Schlupp QB Neshaminy 2021
Angelina Mason Punter Neshaminy 2021
David Miller RB/DB Neshaminy 2021
Kenny Monaco OL/DL Neshaminy 2021
Mike Donato WR/FS Neshaminy 2021
Andrew Kindness TE Neshaminy 2022
Dylan Bove WR Neshaminy 2022
Nunzio Zydzik WR/QB Neshaminy 2022
McGee Damian FB/LB New Brighton 2021
Reynolds Xavier WR/DB New Brighton 2021
Yopp Chase K New Brighton 2021
Kauffman Parker FB/LB New Brighton 2022
Mittner Alexander OL/DL New Brighton 2022
Stofen Noah FB/LB New Brighton 2022
Chris Kryeski T/DE North Pocono 2021
Kollin Leschinsky WR/DB North Pocono 2021
Sam Smith RB/LB North Pocono 2021
Tib Toy  FB/LB North Pocono 2021
Alex Brinkman TE/DE North Pocono 2022
Damean Oltmann G/DE North Pocono 2022
Danny Smith WR/DB North Pocono 2022
Tim Rinker T/DT North Pocono 2022
Jake Keating G/DT North Pocono 2023
Luis Serrato WR/DB North Schuylkill 2021
Carl Brown WR-DB North Schuylkill 2022
Brady Salukas OL/DL North Schuylkill 2023
Landon Pritula RB/DB North Schuylkill 2024
Luis Torres WR/DB North Schuylkill 2024
Bay Blaschak TE DL Northern 2021
CJ Wagner RB DB Northern 2021
Hunter Fitterling OL LB Northern 2021
Josh Ford OL DL Northern 2021
Aydan Digugilliers WR DB Northern 2022
Patrick McClellan OL DL Northern 2022
Calvin Armstrong OL DL Northern 2023
Mason Yohn WRDBKP Northern 2023
Paul Pasqualini OL DL Northern 2023
Reese Sanchez OL DL Northern 2023
Talon Belluscio RB OLB Northern 2023
Tim Bonin QB FS Northern 2023
RYAN WASSEL QB/WR/DB Northwest 2021
CHASE BILLER TE/DE Northwest 2022
CARTER HONTZ QB/WR/DB Northwest 2023
ADAM CHONKO WR/DB Northwest 2024
Geroge Garcia WR Northwest 2024
Jake Hull LB Notre Dame GP 2021
Joe Galle WR Notre Dame GP 2021
John Febbo V DB Notre Dame GP 2021
Lex Rivera OL Notre Dame GP 2021
Logan Rickert DB Notre Dame GP 2021
Matt Frauen, Jr. RB Notre Dame GP 2021
Alex Cruz, Jr. WR Notre Dame GP 2022
Cooper Balut DB Notre Dame GP 2022
Ethan O’Neill LB Notre Dame GP 2022
Gavin Gibbs DB Notre Dame GP 2022
Logan Castellano OL/DL Notre Dame GP 2022
Nick Garrido K/P Notre Dame GP 2022
Owen Baur DL Notre Dame GP 2022
Tommy Wendland OL/DL Notre Dame GP 2022
Tyler Seifert OL/DL Notre Dame GP 2022
Anthony Pez QB/LB Notre Dame GP 2023
Chase Marcks WR/DB Notre Dame GP 2023
Matt Hatzakos DB Notre Dame GP 2023
Aiden Hayes LB Notre Dame GP 2024
Colin Boyle WR Notre Dame GP 2024
Gino Guerrisi OL Notre Dame GP 2024
Joe Cuvo RB Notre Dame GP 2024
Noah Banaag DB Notre Dame GP 2024
Sammy Raneri OL Notre Dame GP 2024
Angros, AJ OL/DL Oil City 2021
Cole, Dakota WR/DB Oil City 2021
Yeager, Seth OL/DL Oil City 2021
Schiffer, Cam OL/DL Oil City 2022
Colin Holzman RB/LB Old Forge 2021
Delaney Hilferty K Palisades 2021
Jon DeNato OLB Palisades 2021
Mason Smeland RB Palisades 2021
Jaden Newton QB Palisades 2022
Kyle McGrath WR/C Palisades 2022
Nick Petrillo WR/S Palisades 2022
Steven Lilly Guard Palisades 2023
Braden Phister RB / LB Penn Cambria 2021
Nick Bem OL / DL Penn Cambria 2022
Zach Broad WR / DB Penn Cambria 2022
Andrew Wland DL / OL Penn Cambria 2023
Brandon Yeoman OL / DL Penn Cambria 2023
Chase Barney WR/DB Penn Hills 2022
Julian Dugger QB Penn Hills 2024
Brandon Shire K Pennridge 2021
Logan McGowan LB Pennridge 2022
Tony Schultz OT/DT Penns Manor 2021
Colton Winkelblech RB / LB Penns Valley 2021
Jonathan Houser OL / LB Penns Valley 2021
Seth Baney RB / DB Penns Valley 2021
Stephen Ripka WR / DB Penns Valley 2021
Mason Greene QB / DB Penns Valley 2023
Micah Good WR / DB Penns Valley 2023
Scott Hess OL / DL Penns Valley 2023
Boccella Joe WR/OLB Perkiomen Valley  2022
Helenski Bryan ILB Perkiomen Valley  2022
Johnson John OL/DL Perkiomen Valley  2022
Schimpf Zachary WR/CB Perkiomen Valley  2022
Allen Peyton WR/DB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Ashton Roman ILB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Ciaudelli Stephen WR/OLB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Clements Hayden OL/DL Perkiomen Valley  2023
Kolar Christian WR/DB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Aaron Crumrine TE/LB Pine Grove Area 2021
Dalton Geesey WR/DB Pine Grove Area 2021
Nick Wolff RB/DB Pine Grove Area 2022
Ty Drumheller WR/DB Pine Grove Area 2023
Jackson Neff LB Pine-Richland 2021
John Swisher OL/DL Pine-Richland 2021
Miguel Jackson G/DE Pine-Richland 2021
Roman Dunlap  LB Pine-Richland 2021
Tony Nicassio K Pine-Richland 2021
Zach Waryanka LB Pine-Richland 2021
Connor Lenz  OL/DE Pine-Richland 2022
Dante Cruz OL/DL Pine-Richland 2022
Jacob Domer OL/DL Pine-Richland 2022
Andrew Cerminara RB/LB Pine-Richland 2023
Oarin Rudolph WR/DB Pine-Richland 2023
Ethan Pillar LB Pine-Richland 2024
Garrett Hores OL/DL Pine-Richland 2024
Kanan Huffman QB/DB Pine-Richland 2024
Logan Alexander LB Pine-Richland 2024
Peyton Stone WR/DB Pine-Richland 2024
JAHRALE DENNIS DB Pittsburgh CC 2021
KAIROS  BEASLEY DE Pittsburgh CC 2021
ANTONIO PITTS TB Pittsburgh CC 2022
DONOVAN HINISH OL Pittsburgh CC 2022
DREVON WILKINS OL Pittsburgh CC 2022
JD YOUNGER LB Pittsburgh CC 2022
ELI  DROLZ TE Pittsburgh CC 2023
LANDYN MOORE DB Pittsburgh CC 2023
MICHAEL KNECHT OL Pittsburgh CC 2023
Demetri Miller WR/DE Portage 2021
Marcos Douglas OL/DE Portage 2021
Adam Stauski OL/DL Portage 2022
Alex Sherbine OL/DL Portage 2022
Oren Heidler RB/LB Portage 2022
Jonas Sciko OL/DL Portage 2023
Luke Scarton OL/DL Portage 2023
Aodhan Ritchey OL/DL Portage 2024
Chance Simmons OL/DL Portage 2024
Devin Remick OL/DL Portage 2024
Matt Dematteis OL/DL Portage 2024
Nick Summerville OL/DL Portage 2024
Skylar Scarton OL/DL Portage 2024
Chris Kern OL, DL Pottsgrove  2021
Kayden White RB/DB Pottsgrove  2022
Parker Janusek TE, LB Pottsgrove  2022
Colby Miller OL/DL Pottsgrove  2023
Zack Perez OL/DL Pottsgrove  2023
Jahzeel Watson WR/DB Pottstown 2021
Jestyn Snyder OL/DL Pottstown 2022
Devon Green OL/LB Pottstown 2023
Fredy Rodriguez K/P Pottstown 2023
Joneil Oister RB/LB/DB Pottstown 2023
Mason Miller QB/DB Pottstown 2023
Adam Stock G/DT pottsville 2021
Billy McGowan  Special Teams Pottsville 2021
Bobby Walchak RB/LB pottsville 2021
Pat Yoder LB pottsville 2021
Aiden Elo Special Teams Pottsville 2022
Jayce Adamick  WR/DE Pottsville 2022
Max George TE Pottsville 2022
Jacob Begansky OT pottsville 2023
Gabe Lamer WR/CB Purchase Line 2021
Brady Syster RB/CB Purchase Line 2022
Levi Kephart WR/CB Purchase Line 2022
Maximus Falisec T/T Purchase Line 2022
Joe Lamer RB/CB Purchase Line 2023
Dan Boring G/DE Purchase Line 2024
John Hughes G/LB Purchase Line 2024
Adrien Ortiz RB/DB Red Land 2021
Chase Lawler WR/DB Red Land 2021
Cole Archambeault OL/DL Red Land 2021
Dylan Rodenhaber RB/LB Red Land 2021
Matt Buss OL/DL Red Land 2023
Tommy Oneill OL/DL Red Land 2023
Aidan Mull RB/LB Reynolds  2021
Dreyvin Livingston  RB/DB Reynolds  2021
Luca Tofani WR/DB Reynolds  2021
Quinton Earley  WR/DB Reynolds  2021
Travis Gealy OL/DL Reynolds  2021
Marlin Jones  OL/DL Reynolds  2022
John Galle WR / DB Ridley 2021
Mike Sfida WR Ridley 2021
Nate Desmond OL / LB Ridley 2021
Kalani Foster LB Riverside  2022
Angelina Fleming K Rochester 2021
JD Azulay WR/S Rochester 2022
Chase Fenstermaker HB / DB Salisbury 2022
Josh Back OL. / LB Salisbury 2023
Zach Bender WR / DB Salisbury 2023
Davis Marshall WR/OLB Shikellamy SR
Ryan Smith WR Solanco 2021
Jason Todd OL Solanco 2022
Nicholas DeFrancesco LB/FB Solanco 2023
Luke Pollock G / LB Souderton Area HS 2022
Sean Barrera C / DT Souderton Area HS 2022
Shaun Purvy HB / CB Souderton Area HS 2023
Bryce Spolnik OL South Fayette 2021
Jackson Lotinsky OL South Fayette 2021
Logan Pitetti DE South Fayette 2021
Ryan Mcguire WR South Fayette 2021
Ryan O’hair OL South Fayette 2021
Shay Aitken RB South Fayette 2021
Tristan Bedillion LB South Fayette 2021
Jonathan Lesko OL South Fayette 2022
Keon Johnson DE South Fayette 2022
Logan Yater WR South Fayette 2022
Cameron Rosinsky DL South Fayette 2023
Christian Brandi RB South Fayette 2023
Cameron Greenaway  C-WR South Williamsport 2021
Grant Bachman  WR-C South Williamsport 2022
Austin Bowersox  C/LB South Williamsport 2023
Andrew Strode WR/DB Spring Grove 2022
Andrew Yoon RB/S Spring-Ford 2021
Fitzgerald, Mike WR/DB St. Marys 2021
Lathrop, Sean LB St. Marys 2021
Schatz, Bryce OL/DL St. Marys 2021
Williams, Terry WR/DB St. Marys 2021
McDowell, Ashton OL/DL St. Marys 2022
Straub, Conner WR/LB St. Marys 2022
Villella, Derek RB/LB St. Marys 2022
Baker, Caden OL/DL St. Marys 2023
Ryan, Layton WR/DB St. Marys 2023
Wehler, Waylon OL/DL St. Marys 2023
Aiden Spitler K State College 2021
Dresyn Green RB/DB State College 2021
Emerson Martin DL State College 2021
Jarrett Haynes Manager State College 2021
Jack Roeshot LB State College 2022
 Bryan Hernandez K Steelton-Highspire 2021
Daivin Pryor DB Steelton-Highspire 2022
Marlyn Davis DL Steelton-Highspire 2022
Travion Peterson  DB Steelton-Highspire 2022
Alex Erby QB Steelton-Highspire 2024
Andrew Erby DL Steelton-Highspire 2024
Eugene Green DE Steelton-Highspire 2024
Donte Martin OL/DL Stroudsburg 2021
Robert Cruz  WR Stroudsburg 2021
Xavier Dorst OL/DL Stroudsburg 2022
Chase Lautner TE Thomas Jefferson 2021
Jack Sella K Thomas Jefferson 2021
Evan Bell LB Trinity HS 2021
Steven Stewart S Trinity HS 2022
Ty Banco DT Trinity HS 2023
Jase Banco OL Trinity HS 2024
Brian Christ DL/RB Tunkhannock 2021
Connor Elgin DB/RB Tunkhannock 2021
Riley Jones DB/WR Tunkhannock 2021
Shane Wood DE/TE Tunkhannock 2021
Ian Barbini K Tunkhannock 2022
Jacob Davenport OL/DL Tunkhannock 2022
Jaden Kozlowski OL/DL Tunkhannock 2022
Nick Marabell OL/DL Tunkhannock 2022
Eddie Dziak OL/DL Tunkhannock 2023
Garrett Yuhas WR/DB Tunkhannock 2023
Shawn Sinclair LB/WR Tunkhannock 2023
Tanner Merwin  QB UHS-ACV 2021
Bailey Crissman  LB  UHS-ACV 2023
Jimmy Powell ATH  UHS-ACV 2023
Eli Clevenger QB / LB United 2021
Reece Brendlinger WR / DB United 2021
Tyler Vuckovich OL / DL United 2021
Hunter McGinnis OL / DL United 2023
Aiden Goodlin OL / DL United 2024
Gavin Boring OL / DL United 2024
Noah Torok OL / DL United 2024
Zach Worthington OL / DL United 2024
Alex Gardsy QB/DB Wallenpaupack Area  2021
Hunter Vargo WR/DB Wallenpaupack Area  2021
Nick Parrella TE/LB Wallenpaupack Area  2021
Justin Stella WR/DB Wallenpaupack Area  2022
Isaac Sherman DE/LB Warrior Run 2024
Anthony Renzi West Chester East 2021
Jack McAnally West Chester East 2021
Jack Scott West Chester East 2021
Joey Wileczek West Chester East 2021
Matt Archambault West Chester East 2021
Mcintire QB West Chester East 2022
Ryan Mcintire QB West Chester East 2022
Mitch Ragni RB/LB West Chester East 2023
Ragni RB/LB West Chester East 2023
Anthony Mignogna OL/DL West Chester East 2024
Coccia QB/DB West Chester East 2024
Grear TE/LB West Chester East 2024
Jeremy Coccia QB/DB West Chester East 2024
Mason Grear TE/LB West Chester East 2024
Mignogna OL/DL West Chester East 2024
Alexander Rea WB,FS West Middlesex 2021
Connor Haddon RB,OLB West Middlesex 2021
Eddie Lowe WR,CB West Middlesex 2021
Kaleb Turcott C,DT West Middlesex 2021
Nicholas Gearhart G,DE West Middlesex 2021
Nicholas Kobielus G,DE West Middlesex 2021
Eric Nehlen WR,CB West Middlesex 2022
Ian Smith RB,LB West Middlesex 2022
Colby Johnson WR,CB West Middlesex 2023
Jahmarri Generette DB/RB West York 2021
Doniqueco Gasque  DB/WR West York 2023
Mathew Neill OL/DL  West York 2023
Fenati, Vincent OT / DT Wilmington 2023
Bruckner, Will C / DT Wilmington 2024
Brady Russo T Windber 2022
J.J. Hileman LB Windber 2022
Brandon Gilliard WR/DB Wissahickon 2021
Aidan DeFeo QB Wissahickon 2022
Jarrett Kasarda RB/LB Wyoming Valley West 2020
Ryan Stevens K Wyoming Valley West 2020
Tyler Weidman WR/DB/P Wyoming Valley West 2020
Aiden Golightly OL/DL Wyoming Valley West 2021
 Aidan Cirulli K/P wyomissing  2021
 Isiah Fernandez DT/NG wyomissing  2021
 Steven Olexy DE/NG wyomissing  2021
 Julian DiMaio OG/NG wyomissing  2022
Amory Thompson RB/CB wyomissing  2022
Maiquel Arrebato-Olmeda DB York 2023
Michael McMonigle OL York 2024
Bishop Banks OL/DL York Tech 2021

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