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PA Football News 2020 State Football Scoreboard


Written by: on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021


We are proud to announce the following players have been named to our

2021 All-Academic Gold Team.

Members of this team competed in the 2020 season with a GPA of 4.0 and up

If you or your team is not listed, please HAVE YOUR COACH email we will continue to add to
this list as long as it takes to get everyone on!  THIS INCLUDES TEAMS THAT WILL PLAY THIS SPRING

Oreck Frazier DB Abington 2021
Danny Moynihan DE/TE Abington 2022
Andrew Larkin  RB/LB Albert Gallatin 2021
Brady Shore OL/DL Albert Gallatin 2021
Caleb Matzus-Chapman RB/LB Albert Gallatin 2022
Nicco Mickens OL/DL Albert Gallatin 2022
Quentin Larkin  QB/DB Albert Gallatin 2023
Joe Smith OL/DL Aliquippa 2020
Demarkus Walker CB/WR Aliquippa
Willie Simmons OL Aliquippa
Luke Fisher RB / DE Annville-Cleona 2021
Chase Maguire RB / DB Annville-Cleona 2022
Ethan Missimer WR / DB Annville-Cleona 2022
Alex Long RB / LB Annville-Cleona 2023
Dominic Viozzi WR / DB Annville-Cleona 2023
Dom Reiter RB/ILB Apollo-Ridge 2021
Jake Duriancik OL/DE Apollo-Ridge 2021
Jake Fello QB/DB Apollo-Ridge 2021
Connor Weigand OL/DT Apollo-Ridge 2023
Nick Curci HB/ILB Apollo-Ridge 2023
Mathias Bernat WR/DB Apollo-Ridge 2024
Lucas Aquilio OL/DL Athens 2021
Tanner Dildine FB/LB Athens 2021
Zac Gowin OT Athens 2021
Josiah Stringham FB/LB Athens 2022
Karter Rude WR/FS Athens 2022
Logan Minard OL/DL Athens 2022
Caleb Nichols RB/LB Athens 2023
Chris Bathgate RB/SS Athens 2023
Chris Mitchell  WR/DB Athens 2023
Joe Blood OL  Athens 2023
Mason Lister QB Athens 2023
Matt Machmer WR/DB Athens 2023
Skylar Mathews OL Athens 2023
Josh Nittinger OL/DL Athens 2024
Zeb Fry DB/WR Bald Eagle Area 2021
Carter Stere Kicker Bald Eagle Area 2022
Kaleb Matis OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2022
Max Yetsko QB/DB Bald Eagle Area 2022
Blaze Angellotti DE/TE Bald Eagle Area 2023
Ethan Chicko OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2023
Zachary Gates OL/DL Bald Eagle Area 2023
Zach Harris RB/SS Beaver 2021
Clayton Wilson SE/CB Bellefonte 2021
John Besch T/DT Bellefonte 2021
Logan Houser QB/DE Bellefonte 2021
Stephen Ivicic RB/LB Bellefonte 2021
Trevor Mauk T/DT Bellefonte 2021
Dylan McCloskey T/DT Bellefonte 2022
Hayden Walker K Bellefonte 2022
Jacob Hummel RB/CB Bellefonte 2022
Lee Przybys T/DT Bellefonte 2022
Michael Henry WR/CB Bellefonte 2022
Nicholas Way QB/FS Bellefonte 2022
Nolan Weaver RB/LB Bellefonte 2022
Reese Redman T/DE Bellefonte 2022
Thomas Korman G/DE Bellefonte 2022
Cooper Funk RB/LB Bellefonte 2023
Dominic Capperella H/LB Bellefonte 2023
Logan Williams WR/CB Bellefonte 2023
Tyler Rice WR/LB Bellefonte 2023
Wyatt Lowry G/LB Bellefonte 2023
Alexander Zilka LB Belle-Vernon 2021
Dane Anden RB Belle-Vernon 2021
Jackson Jewell QB Belle-Vernon 2021
Jack Bryer FB Belle-Vernon 2022
Joseph Klanchar LB Belle-Vernon 2022
Arik Shildt RB Bellwood-Antis 2021
Joe Dorminy DB Bellwood-Antis 2021
Nicholas Caracciolo DT Bellwood-Antis 2021
Nick Plank LB Bellwood-Antis 2021
Owen Shedlock WR Bellwood-Antis 2021
Taylor Karns C Bellwood-Antis 2021
Trenton Pellegrino RB Bellwood-Antis 2021
Ty Noonan LB Bellwood-Antis 2021
Zach Mallon RB Bellwood-Antis 2021
Aarron Laird DT Bellwood-Antis 2022
Alex Kovac DE Bellwood-Antis 2022
Brandon Cherry OLB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Cooper Guyer OG Bellwood-Antis 2022
Dallas Smithmyer LB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Dominic Caracciolo OG Bellwood-Antis 2022
Hunter Shawley WR Bellwood-Antis 2022
Jake Martin RB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Mike Keinzle DT Bellwood-Antis 2022
Nathaniel Jennings OT Bellwood-Antis 2022
Sean Mallon WR Bellwood-Antis 2022
Zach Pellegrine QB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Daniel McCaulley-Weeden RB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Dominic Daughenbaugh DT Bellwood-Antis 2023
Dylan Andrews RB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Eli Pluebell TE Bellwood-Antis 2023
Ethan Norris LB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Gaven Ridgway DB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Tighe Eaken TE Bellwood-Antis 2023
Chance Schreier TE Bellwood-Antis 2024
Dalton Poorman LB Bellwood-Antis 2024
Jordan Hescox LB Bellwood-Antis 2024
Josh Dorminy QB Bellwood-Antis 2024
Spencer Dunklebarger TE Bellwood-Antis 2024
Will DeYoung WR/DB Berks Catholic 2021
Eddie Oscar TE/DE Berks Catholic 2023
Abe Countryman QB/DB Berlin 2021
Donovan Gair OL/DL Berlin 2021
Isaac Etris WR/DB Berlin 2021
Preston Foor RB/LB Berlin 2021
Will Spochart QB/DB Berlin 2021
Conlin Gair OL/DL Berlin 2023
Cory Jose OL/DL Berlin 2023
Grant Mathias TE/DL Berlin 2023
Aidan Ream RB/LB Berlin 2024
Pace Prosser QB/DB Berlin 2024
Shawn Sheptock WR Berwick 2021
Matt Lonczynski QB Berwick 2023
Conrad,  Dylan RB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Edwards,  Reed OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Johnston,  Joseph TE/DE Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Kiesewetter,  Konner QB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Lamb,  Michael WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
McCloskey,  Zachary RB/LB Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
McNelly,  Dylan RB/LB Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Myrick,  Keegan RB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Shaffer,  Brendan OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Stevens,  Caleb OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Wasser,  Branden TE/LB Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Yanoshak,  Andrew TE/DE Bishop Guilfoyle   2021
Cioffari,  Vincent WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Edwards,  Anthony OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Garner,  Haiden WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Ritchey,  Noah TE/DE Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Siford,  Jacob WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Steinbugl,  Lucas RB/LB Bishop Guilfoyle   2022
Abraham,  Drew RB/LB Bishop Guilfoyle   2023
Bambocci,  Sante OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2023
Bennett,  Ian OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2023
Cioffari,  Anthony WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2023
Dodson,  Benjamin OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2023
Kiesewetter,  Karson QB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2023
Negola,  Nicholas WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2023
Rother,  Cooper RB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2023
Yanoshak,  Dominic WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2023
Bryan,  Gunnar LB, RB Bishop Guilfoyle   2024
Hagg,  Ryan RB, DB Bishop Guilfoyle   2024
Kelleher,  Noah OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2024
Kozminski,  Christopher OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle   2024
Brendon Bair Rb/LB Bishop McCort 2021
Jordan Paige WR/DB Bishop McCort 2021
Richard Williams WR/DL Bishop McCort 2021
William Haslett P/K Bishop McCort 2021
Alexander Williams OL/DL Bishop McCort 2022
Collin Stevens Wr/DL Bishop McCort 2022
Damek Shontofski OL/DL Bishop McCort 2022
Joseph McGowen OL/DL Bishop McCort 2022
Alex Deskevich OL/DL Bishop McCort 2024
Brock Beppler Qb/Db Bishop McCort 2024
Nicholas Prues WR/LB Bishop McCort 2024
Shakile Ferguson WR/DB Bishop McCort 2024
Cole Brandenburg  OT  Bishop McDevitt 2021
Danny McHale  OL/DL  Bishop McDevitt 2021
Nate Kinsey  TE/LB  Bishop McDevitt 2022
Christian Kanich OL Blacklick Valley 2021
Josh Little FB Blacklick Valley 2021
Kolten Szymusiak Slot Blacklick Valley 2022
Nate Schilling LB Blacklick Valley 2022
Aaron Williams WR/LB Bloomsburg 2020
Chase Morris OL/DL Bloomsburg 2020
Jack Howell QB/DE Bloomsburg 2020
Joshua Bogdanowicz FB/LB Bloomsburg 2020
Tyler Chulock OL/DL Bloomsburg 2020
Damon Rasmussen II WR/DB Bloomsburg 2021
Devon Yocum TE/DL Bloomsburg 2021
Ken Zheng OL/DL Bloomsburg 2021
Luke Bowes  OL/DL Bloomsburg 2021
Michael Widom WR/DB Bloomsburg 2021
Dylan Kreicher TE/DB Bloomsburg 2022
Cole Davis WR/DB Bloomsburg 2023
Creed Kenpp RB/LB Brookville 2021
Kyle MacBeth WR/CB Brookville 2021
Warren Corbett OT/DE Brookville 2021
Cameron Moore RB/DL Brookville 2022
Hunter Smith OT/DE Brookville 2022
Joe Shields RB/LB Brookville 2022
Shawn Foster G/DL Brookville 2022
Tate Lindermuth RB/LB Brookville 2022
Braeden Long G/DL Brookville 2023
Brayden Kunselman WR/S Brookville 2023
Bryce Weaver RB/LB Brookville 2023
Carson Weaver WR/LB Brookville 2023
Nathan Haney OT/DE Brookville 2023
Charlie Krug QB/S Brookville 2024
Daniel Drake C/DL Brookville 2024
Jack Knapp G/LB Brookville 2024
Lance Slater WR/DB Buter 2023
Cooper Baxter QB/LB Butler 2022
Jacob Pomykata OL/DL Butler 2022
Brock Popovich OL Butler 2023
Derek McLafferty OL Butler 2023
Mac Schnur DB Butler 2023
Wesley Walters OL/DT Cameron County  2021
Chase Streich OL/DT Cameron County  2022
Eyan Smith  FB/LB Cameron County  2023
Jameson Britton FB/DE Cameron County  2023
Maddox Baughman QB/CB Cameron County  2024
Treyton Tucker TE/DT Cameron County  2024
Blazer, Alec LB Canon-McMillan 2021
Kessler, Matthew LB/FB Canon-McMillan 2021
McMahon, Connor OL/DE Canon-McMillan 2021
Steele, Connor WR/DB Canon-McMillan 2022
Boehm, Corey ATH Canon-McMillan 2023
Kocan, Andrew OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2023
McMahon, Kent LB/TE Canon-McMillan 2023
Rossi, Xander TE/LB Canon-McMillan 2023
Calgaro, Geno LB Canon-McMillan 2024
Benjamin Knapp TE/DE Canton  2021
Cameron Bellows WR/DB Canton  2021
Carter Route OL/LB Canton  2021
Derek Atheton-Ely OL/DL Canton  2021
Evan Landis OL/DE Canton  2021
Joel Schoonover WR/DB Canton  2021
Timmy Ward  RB/S Canton  2021
Tyler Jannone  TE/K Canton  2021
Caiden Williams OL/DE Canton  2022
Cooper Kitchen  QB/S Canton  2022
Gavin Morse TE/LB Canton  2022
Mason Shultz OL/LB Canton  2022
Austin Allen WR/DB Canton  2023
Bailey Ferguson WR/DB Canton  2023
Brennen Taylor OL/LB Canton  2023
Hayden Ward RB/LB Canton  2023
Riley Parker RB/LB Canton  2023
Weston Bellows  FB/LB Canton  2023
Hudson Ward FB/LB Canton  2024
Anthony Giordano QB CB EAST 2021
Bryce Smith OT CB EAST 2021
Declan Kelly DT CB EAST 2021
Jack Vogelsong LB CB EAST 2021
Jon Havens OT CB EAST 2021
Mark Lapioli LB CB EAST 2021
Nick Sebal OG CB EAST 2021
Braeden Leff WR CB EAST 2022
Brennan Coleman FB CB EAST 2022
Connor Boyle QB CB EAST 2022
Kyle Szarko QB CB EAST 2022
Nick Carter OLB CB EAST 2022
Quinn Moody WR CB EAST 2022
Declan P. Kelly RB CB EAST 2023
Brian Combary WR/DB CD East 2021
Kevin Ninh WR/DB CD East 2021
Levi Krebs LB/RB/LS CD East 2021
Vinnie Allsup DB/WR CD East 2021
Andre Howerton OL/DL  CD East 2022
Cole Keiper RB, OLB Central Cambria 2021
Corey Roberts K, P Central Cambria 2021
Levi Keiper RB, OLB Central Cambria 2021
Adam McGlynn K, P Central Cambria 2022
Ethan Long OL, ILB Central Cambria 2022
Isaac Bellomo OL, ILB Central Cambria 2022
Jake Wentz TE, DE Central Cambria 2022
Will Westrick FB, ILB Central Cambria 2022
Brady Sheehan QB, FS Central Cambria 2023
Deklan Estep OL, DE Central Cambria 2024
Bierly Matt CB Central Columbia  2020
Book Eli LB Central Columbia  2020
Carter Garrett K/P Central Columbia  2020
Chipeleski Gage Central Columbia  2020
Hippenstiel Jack RB Central Columbia  2020
Hons Ryan LB Central Columbia  2020
Hosler Alexander DT Central Columbia  2020
Huber Lincoln LB Central Columbia  2020
Johnson Troy RB Central Columbia  2020
Kester Isaac Central Columbia  2020
Long Brandon CB Central Columbia  2020
McNelis Aiden LB Central Columbia  2020
McWilliams Logan TE Central Columbia  2020
Morrison Eli WR Central Columbia  2020
Moyer Jake DT Central Columbia  2020
Pierce Cole FB Central Columbia  2020
Pierce Jake CB Central Columbia  2020
Rainier Auston QB Central Columbia  2020
Roberts Alex LB Central Columbia  2020
Smith Zach WR/S Central Columbia  2020
VanBrunt Ethan G/DT Central Columbia  2020
Welkom Logan RB Central Columbia  2020
Yorty Mason CB Central Columbia  2020
Nathaniel Mosey OL Central Dauphin 2021
Ryan Brennan OL Central Dauphin 2021
Xavier Barner WR/DB Central Dauphin 2021
Ahren Stauffer K/P Central Dauphin 2022
Max Mosey QB Central Dauphin 2022
Jordan Karczewski OL/DL Central Valley 2022
Payton Bauer TE Central Valley 2022
Sean Fitzsimmons OL/DL Central Valley 2022
Brady Hudson WR/DB Central Valley 2023
David Evangelista OL/DL Chartiers Valley 2021
Isaac Minnetti-Houser OL/DL Chartiers Valley 2021
Jacob Adwar OL/DL Chartiers Valley 2021
Sam Pocci RB/OLB Chartiers Valley 2021
Abraham Ibrahim WR/OLB Chartiers Valley 2022
Anthony Mackey QB/DB Chartiers Valley 2022
Christopher Beatty RB/LB Chartiers Valley 2022
Robert Cibrone OL/DL Chartiers Valley 2023
Corey Chamberlain QB/DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2021
Evan McDonald OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2021
Mason Patton OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2021
Ryan Biesinger WR/DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2021
Devon Walters OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Hawke Claycomb OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Wyatt Buell K/WR/DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Zeke Barr OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Caleb Oakes QB/DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Cole Claycomb RB/LB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Alex Mellinger K Cocalico 2021
Daniel Klumpp Ol/LB Cocalico 2021
Nate Benton OL/DL Cocalico 2021
Jared Stauffer C Cocalico 2022
Ryan Brubaker OL/DL Cocalico 2022
Chuckie Drain OL/DL Cocalico 2023
Ethan Brown DB Cocalico 2023
Tyler Angstadt RB/LB Cocalico 2023
David Hershey DE  Columbia  2021 
CAM STUMPF OL, DL Conemaugh Township Area 2021
CONNOR OSBORNE TE, DE Conemaugh Township Area 2021
SETH ROSEY RB, DE Conemaugh Township Area 2021
TYLER POZNANSKI WR, DB Conemaugh Township Area 2021
JACKSON BYER QB, DB Conemaugh Township Area 2022
ETHAN BLACK WR, DB Conemaugh Township Area 2023
TANNER SHIRLEY QB, DB Conemaugh Township Area 2023
TYLER WEBER WR, LB Conemaugh Township Area 2023
JAKE GREIG OL, DL Conemaugh Township Area 2024
NATHANAEL SNOEBERGER OL, DL Conemaugh Township Area 2024
Owen Ridder OL/DL Conestoga  2022
Aiden Max WR/DB Conestoga  2023
Jimmy Marturano OL/DL Conestoga  2023
Brady Moyer Sp. Teams Conrad Weiser 2021
Hunter Eberhardt DL Conrad Weiser 2021
Brett Organtini DL Conrad Weiser 2022
Logan Klitsch QB Conrad Weiser 2022
Trey Dianna WR Conrad Weiser 2023
Craig Pulford Ol/Dl Cornell 2022
Jaimere Jones Ol/Dl Cornell 2023
Alex Romanoski FB/K Crestwood 2021
Brenden DeMarzo WR/DB Crestwood 2021
Jeremy Buzak OL/DL Crestwood 2021
Jimmy Hawley RB/LB Crestwood 2021
Marcus Vieney WR/DB Crestwood 2021
Matt Dean OL/DL Crestwood 2021
Ryan Harding TE/DE Crestwood 2021
Ryan Petrosky QB/DB Crestwood 2021
Ethan Shudak FB/LB/K/P Crestwood 2022
Josh Hilpp WR/DB Crestwood 2023
Jayce Witherite G/DT Curwensville 2021
Michael Lezzer S/WR Curwensville 2021
Alan Farley OL Curwensville 2022
Andrew Freyer S/WR Curwensville 2022
Collin Jacobson S/WR Curwensville 2022
Jake Mullins K/P Curwensville 2022
Thad Butler RB/DB Curwensville 2022
Carson Spencer LB Curwensville 2023
Daniel McGarry QB Curwensville 2023
Josh Bloom C Curwensville 2023
Nik Fegert S Curwensville 2023
CJ Outt LB Danville 2021
Jagger Dressler WR/OLB Danville 2021
KJ Riley QB Danville 2021
Van Merchant OL/DL Danville 2021
Gabe Benjamin OL/LB Danville 2022
Jack Smiley DB Danville 2022
Cade Cush LB Danville 2023
Carson Persing WR/DB Danville 2023
Zach Gordon FS/RB Danville 2023
Aaron Johnson RB/DB Danville 2024
Hayden Winn WR/OLB Danville 2024
Jack Gibson FB/LB Danville 2024
Luke Huron WR/DB Danville 2024
Sam Meloy FB/LB Danville 2024
Carson Snelbaker OL/DE Dover 2021
Owen Kennell TE/DE Dover 2021
Cos Villari RB/LB Downingtown West 2022
Will Mahmud TE/LB Downingtown West 2022
Nate Dandridge OL/DL Eastern York 2021
Zander Peters WR/CB Eastern York 2021
Bailey Bodien MGR Eastern York 2022
Brody Hinkle Y/LB Eastern York 2022
Jessica Rose MGR Eastern York 2023
Joseph Steffes MGR Eastern York 2023
Zane Alexander RB/ S Eisenhower 2021
Mike Jones TE Eisenhower 2022
Caleb Penley OL Eisenhower 2023
Drew Hurst WR/DB Ephrata 2023
Alex Spaulding OL Erie 2021
Henry Polaski K Erie 2021
MIKE MOSER K Exeter Twp 2022
SAM ORZOLEK T Exeter Twp 2022
Brice Butler WR/DB Farrell 2021
Gary Satterwhite  C Farrell 2021
Aaron Panepinto OL/LB Frazier 2022
Anthony Mucciolli WR/DB Frazier 2022
Dom Dorcon QB/LB Frazier 2022
Nick Novak TE/DE Frazier 2022
Nicolas Vitale OL/DL Frazier 2022
Kenny FIne RB/DB Frazier  2022
  Gabriel Smeltz C/LB Garden Spot 2022
  Jadon Burkholder RB/LB Garden Spot 2022
Mason Klahr DT Governor Mifflin 2021
Brayden Difrischia DL/OL Greenville 2021
Brayden Difrischia DL/OL Greenville 2021
Garrett Hillard DL/OL Greenville 2021
Garrett Hillard DL/OL Greenville 2021
Lane Fry  LB/OL Greenville 2021
Lane Fry  LB/OL Greenville 2021
Mike Heverly DB/RB Greenville 2021
Cole Karpinski DE/TE Greenville 2022
Cole Karpinski DE/TE Greenville 2022
Andrew Sinclair DL/OL Greenville 2023
Andrew Sinclair DL/OL Greenville 2023
Braydon Porter DB/WR Greenville 2023
Braydon Porter DB/WR Greenville 2023
Jase Herrick DB/WR Greenville 2023
Zack Martin TE/LB Grove City 2021
Curtis Hovis RB/LB Grove City 2022
Marcello Trezona OL/DL Grove City 2024
Justice Wade OT Hamburg Area 2021
Mitchell Watt QB/FB/LB Hamburg Area 2022
Wyatt Holl G Hamburg Area 2022
Mason Semmel OG/LB Hamburg Area 2024
Bobby Sabecky WR/DB Hanover Area 2021
Connor Hummer TE/ILB Hanover Area 2021
Dylan Martinez FB/OLB Hanover Area 2021
Jacob Mercadante T/DE Hanover Area 2021
Peter Hibbard RB/OLB Hanover Area 2021
Seth Strouse C/DT Hanover Area 2021
Jake Zola WR/S Hanover Area 2022
Faber Tyler WR/DB Hollidaysburg 2021
Owen Daniel OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2021
Scarpelli Michael OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2021
Mccoy Mark OL/DL Hollidaysburg 2022
Hibbs William QB Hollidaysburg 2023
Benjamin Schmidt QB-SS Homer-Center 2021
Brown Caden TE-DE Homer-Center 2021
Graham Bryson OL-DL Homer-Center 2021
Hurd Micah C-DE Homer-Center 2021
Kochman Drew WR-FS Homer-Center 2021
Bernard Sage OL-DL Homer-Center 2022
Orsargos Jared WR-LB Homer-Center 2022
Rowland Anthony QB-FS Homer-Center 2022
Troup Collin RB-SS Homer-Center 2022
Turk Isaac OL-DL Homer-Center 2022
Dokos Romylos OL-DL Homer-Center 2023
Henry Logan RB-CB Homer-Center 2023
Krejocic Michael WR-CB Homer-Center 2023
McAnulty Cole QB-SS Homer-Center 2023
Succheralli Joseph OL-DL Homer-Center 2023
Arone Jaxson WR-FS Homer-Center 2024
Greene Garrett TE-DE Homer-Center 2024
Hill Landon RB-LB Homer-Center 2024
Palmer Caleb TE-LB Homer-Center 2024
Geoffery Johnson OL/DL Honesdale  2021
Jakob Burlein OL/LB Honesdale  2021
Josh Clark OL/DL Honesdale  2022
Brad Petras TE/LB Indiana Area 2021
Josh Glaser K Indiana Area 2021
Matthew Nelson OL/DL Indiana Area 2021
Ben Nettleton TE/LB Indiana Area 2022
Korbin Wilson RB/DB Indiana Area 2022
Garrison Dougherty RB/LB Indiana Area 2023
Josh Scanlan OL/DL Indiana Area 2023
James Mill TE/DB Indiana Area 2024
John Trevorrow RB/DB Indiana Area 2024
Trevor Smith QB/DB Indiana Area 2024
Matthew Hong OL/DL J.P. McCaskey 2022
Ben Wagner K Juniata 2022
Cameron Sweigart RB/DB Juniata 2022
Jacob Condo QB/LB Juniata 2022
Makih Hunt WR/DB Juniata 2023
Waylon Ehrenzeller RB/LB Juniata 2023
Matt Griffiths T/DE Karns City 2021
Nathan Waltman TE/ILB Karns City 2021
Brock McCollim C/DE Karns City 2023
Dakota Hilliard T/ILB Karns City 2023
Caleb Mannarino T/DE Kennard-Dale 2021
Gabe Hulslander G/DE Kennard-Dale 2021
Broc Gilland RB/DB Kennard-Dale 2022
Jacob Copenhaver QB/LB Kennard-Dale 2022
Malachi Partee G/DE Kennard-Dale 2022
Micah Partee RB/LB Kennard-Dale 2022
Nathan Argiro C/DT Kennard-Dale 2022
Carter Wolf C/DT Kennard-Dale 2023
Dominic Smith RB/DB Kennard-Dale 2023
Garrett McCleary RB/DB Kennard-Dale 2023
Cody McNamee G/DT Kennard-Dale 2024
Connor Wolf RB/DB Kennard-Dale 2024
Keller Green TE/DE Kennard-Dale 2024
Gavin Hogue QB/LB Keystone 2021
Haden Peters C/DL Keystone 2021
Keenan Heeter TE/DE Keystone 2021
Koby Buzard K Keystone 2021
Logan Sell WR/S Keystone 2021
Bret Wingard QB/LB Keystone 2022
Caleb Nellis FB/LB Keystone 2022
Derik Fenchak OL/DL Keystone 2022
Landon Hurrelbrink G/DL Keystone 2022
Nicholas Cosper T/DE/K Keystone 2022
Zander McHenry WR/S Keystone 2022
Cole Henry OL/DE Keystone 2023
Kyle Nellis WR/CB Keystone 2023
Liam Say OL/DE Keystone 2023
Tyler Albright WR/CB Keystone 2023
Zach Taylor OL/DE Keystone Oaks 2021
Luke White OL/DE Keystone Oaks 2022
Tyler Perry RB/LB Keystone Oaks 2022
CJ Dippre TE/DE Lakeland 2021
Colin Clauss-Walton OL/DL Lakeland 2021
Connor Passiment  RB/LB Lakeland 2021
Mike Pidgeon  WR/DB Lakeland 2021
Robert Romanowski  TE/DE Lakeland 2021
Timmy McGrane K Lakeland 2021
Jaron Bullick RB/LB Lakeland 2022
Nick Mancuso WR/DB Lakeland 2022
Thomas Arthur OL/DL Lakeland 2022
Dominico Spataro QB/DB Lakeland 2023
Evan Pochas ATH/DB Lakeland 2023
Jon Seamans WR/DB Lakeland 2023
Lacotta Dippre TE/LB Lakeland 2023
Blaise Napierkowski OL/DL Lake-Lehman 2021
Hayden Klopp TE/LB Lake-Lehman 2021
Max Paczewski PK Lake-Lehman 2021
Sean Hanley OL/DL Lake-Lehman 2021
Branden Berry  OL/DL Lakleand 2021
Connor Nevins WR/DB Lakleand 2021
Tucker Knupp LB/TE Latrobe 2021
Marco Mongelluzzo   WR/CB Latrobe 2022
Tyler Lynch OG/DT Latrobe 2022
Corey Boerio TE/ILB Latrobe 2023
Dalton Hamm  LB Leechburg 2021
Dylan Cook QB Leechburg 2021
Logan Kline WR Leechburg 2022
Thomas Burke QB Leechburg 2022
Braylan Lovelace RB Leechburg 2023
Henry Schumacher MLB/G Lewisburg 2021
Jack Landis WR/CB Lewisburg 2021
Max Moyers RB/LB Lewisburg 2021
Brennan Baker Lewisburg 2022
Logan Callison CB Lewisburg 2022
Owen Ordonez DE  Lewisburg 2022
Zach Gose DE/TE Lewisburg 2022
Garrik Feldmann G Lewisburg 2023
Shane Farmer TE Lewisburg 2023
Danny Leao G Lewisburg 2024
Jack Blough QB  Lewisburg 2024
Josh Leauber C Lewisburg 2024
Michael Casale RB/ILB Lewisburg 2024
Ryan Opperman RB/FS Lewisburg 2024
Jack Shearer WR, DB Marion Center 2021
 Xavier  Vaglia  RB, LB Marion Center 2023
Armento, Anthony OL Marple-Newtown 2021
DeCecco, Steven H back Marple-Newtown 2021
Goodman, Joey OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2021
Joslin, Brian RB/WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2021
Lain, Ryan OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2021
Meiklejohn, Chris OL/LB Marple-Newtown 2021
Box, Charlie RB/DB Marple-Newtown 2022
Foley, Brian OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2022
Garbutt, Gavin OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2022
Peterson, Jason WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2022
Avellino, Tyler OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2023
Bogan, Bryan QB/DB/WR Marple-Newtown 2023
DeAngelo, Matt WR/LB Marple-Newtown 2023
Dhunjisha, Nathan DB/WR Marple-Newtown 2023
Tiger-Wesley, Josh OL/DL Marple-Newtown 2023
Bennett, Jason LB/H back Marple-Newtown 2024
Moran, Kevin WR/DB Marple-Newtown 2024
Caleb Brobst OL McDowell 2021
Vincent Dennen OL/LB McDowell 2021
Michael Osinski RB/LB McDowell 2022
Nicholas Malina WR McDowell 2022
Benjamin Moore QB/DB McDowell 2023
Joseph Orlando TE/DE McDowell 2023
Mason Pauli OL/DL McDowell 2023
Phillip Schweitzer OL/DL McDowell 2023
Ryan Visosky OL/LB McDowell 2023
Alex Sontheimer K/P McDowell 2024
Anthony Blanks TE/DE McDowell 2024
Dave Stephenson OL/DL McKeesport 2021
Jude Wozniak OL/LB Methacton 2021
Justin Gumienny WR/DB Methacton 2021
Mario D’Addesi OL/DL Methacton 2021
Quinn Shields OL/DL Methacton 2021
Brian Dickey WR/DB Methacton 2022
Josh Cancro OL/DL Methacton 2023
Trey Lauver RB/LB Midd-West 2021
Andrew French WR/LB Mifflin County 2021
Brooks Burdick SB/LB Mifflin County 2021
Brycen Hassinger QB/LB Mifflin County 2021
Cameron Hosler OL/DL Mifflin County 2021
Cody Bickhart SB/S Mifflin County 2021
Devon McCalips WR/DB Mifflin County 2021
Drake Schaeffer Wr/S Mifflin County 2021
Gage Schaeffer SB/S Mifflin County 2021
Jakob Rhodes C/DL Mifflin County 2021
Jayden Jackson WR/DB Mifflin County 2021
Kaden Bartley OL/DT Mifflin County 2021
Marshall Maidens SB/DB Mifflin County 2021
Nic Bowersox OL/DL Mifflin County 2021
Nicholas Winkles OL/DL Mifflin County 2021
Riley Alexander RB/LB Mifflin County 2021
Tanner Thompson RB/LB Mifflin County 2021
Trevor Harris OL/DL Mifflin County 2021
Trey Kibe RB/LB Mifflin County 2021
Tyler Baker RB/LB Mifflin County 2021
Zachary Williams RB/DE Mifflin County 2021
Cody Shawver OL/DL Mifflin County 2022
Daniel King WR/DB Mifflin County 2022
Jaxson Pupo RB/LB Mifflin County 2022
Tyler Hunter SB/LB Mifflin County 2022
Brody Rishel WR/DB Mifflin County 2023
Cory French RB/DE Mifflin County 2023
Elijah Osborne C/DL Mifflin County 2023
Isaac Wilson WR/DB Mifflin County 2023
Josiah Sechler WR/DB Mifflin County 2023
Reagan Ettinger SB/LB Mifflin County 2023
Ryan Stahl OL/DL Mifflin County 2023
Shawn Settle SB/DE Mifflin County 2023
Steven Albert Wr/LB Mifflin County 2023
Cade Dressler OL/DL Mifflinburg 2021
Jacob Reitz QB Mifflinburg 2021
John Darrup RB/LB Mifflinburg 2021
Cannon Griffith WR/DB Mifflinburg 2022
Gabe Stetler OL/LB Mifflinburg 2022
Jarrett Miller WR/DB Mifflinburg 2023
Troy Dressler  OL/LB Mifflinburg 2024
Jared Graeff WR/DB Minersville 2022
John Adams QB/DB Minersville 2022
Luke Tobin OL/DL Minersville 2022
Tristan Miller OL/DL Minersville 2022
Connor Beck WR/DB Minersville 2023
Ray Snyder, Jr. WR/DB Minersville 2023
Connor Schwalm QB/DB Minersville 2024
Lorenzo Yourey WR/DB Minersville 2024
Maverick Sutton C/DL Moniteau 2022
Dillon Young WR/DB Montoursville 2021
Dylan Bennett TE/LB Montoursville 2021
Dylan Moll RB/DB Montoursville 2021
Ethan Lepley WR/DB Montoursville 2021
Jacob Fellinger OL/DE Montoursville 2021
Thaddaeus Anderson OL/DL Montoursville 2021
Hunter Hanna OL/DL Montoursville 2022
Nick Reeder WR/DB Montoursville 2022
Rocco Pulizzi RB Montoursville 2022
Balichik Michael WR/TE DB Mt. Carmel Area
Bradley Liam FB LB Mt. Carmel Area
Davitt Thomas FB LB Mt. Carmel Area
Dowkus Damon RB DE Mt. Carmel Area
Farronato Michael QB DB Mt. Carmel Area
Feliciano Pedro QB DB Mt. Carmel Area
Garancosky Austin TE DB Mt. Carmel Area
Geary Kelin OL DL Mt. Carmel Area
Keer Michael OL DE Mt. Carmel Area
Kelley Matthew OL DL Mt. Carmel Area
Langton Michael OL DL Mt. Carmel Area
Long Nathaniel WR DB Mt. Carmel Area
Nestico Nick OL DL Mt. Carmel Area
Reed Michael RB LB Mt. Carmel Area
Robert Jack OL DL Mt. Carmel Area
Schultz Jacob TE LB Mt. Carmel Area
Scicchitano Matthew OL DE Mt. Carmel Area
Spears Cole QB DB Mt. Carmel Area
Timko Garrett RB LB Mt. Carmel Area
Varano Garrett WR DB Mt. Carmel Area
Witkoski Reed RB LB Mt. Carmel Area
Zarski Jacob RB DB Mt. Carmel Area
Keegan Brennan WR/DB Nativity 2021
Marcus Vaupel WR/DB Nativity 2021
Jack Messina WR/DB Nativity 2024
Nate McGlone OL/DL Neshaminy 2021
Nick Poplawksi LB Neshaminy 2021
Nik Soska OL/DL Neshaminy 2021
Colin Schuckert-Tohm WR Neshaminy 2022
Haddox Gabe QB New Brighton 2022
Brandon Thompson WR /DE North Penn Mansfield 2021
Coleman Jelliff OL /DE North Penn Mansfield 2021
Colton Litzelman QB North Penn Mansfield 2021
Fisher VanDruff OL / DE North Penn Mansfield 2021
Gunner Pequignot WR / Db North Penn Mansfield 2021
Koleton Roupp RB / LB North Penn Mansfield 2021
Noah Spencer WR / DB North Penn Mansfield 2021
Rhyen Wilson WR / LB North Penn Mansfield 2021
Cameron Fabian RB/DB North Penn Mansfield 2022
Eli Shaw WR / LB North Penn Mansfield 2022
Gaven Sexauer RB / LB North Penn Mansfield 2022
Sammy Lawrence WR/DB North Penn Mansfield 2023
Logyn Choplosky OL / DL North Penn Mansfield 2021
Brett Harvey North Penn Mansfield 2021
Ryan Dolphin WR/DB North Pocono 2021
Tommy Hannon C/DT North Pocono 2021
AJ Ambrosecchia TE/DE North Pocono 2022
Dominic Boettinger C/LB North Pocono 2022
Jordan Carr K/P North Pocono 2022
Will Soma QB/DB North Pocono 2022
Evan Jenkins FB/LB North Pocono 2023
Ty LaFave TE/LB North Pocono 2023
Brady Mapes K North Pocono 2024
Noah West QB/DB North Pocono 2024
Zach Gallant FB/DE North Pocono 2024
Bill Joyce OL/LB North Schuylkill 2021
Brian Quick FB/LB North Schuylkill 2021
Carey Wahalec OL/DL North Schuylkill 2021
Dave Freed OL/DL North Schuylkill 2021
Dylan Dietz ATH-FS North Schuylkill 2021
Kody Schell WR/OLB North Schuylkill 2021
Noah Oravitz K North Schuylkill 2021
Shawn Lex OL/DL North Schuylkill 2021
Tristen Bolinsky TE/DE North Schuylkill 2021
Adam Scott TE/DE North Schuylkill 2022
Evan Stanakis WR/DB North Schuylkill 2022
Gavin Whalen WR/OLB North Schuylkill 2022
Jake Hall QB/OLB North Schuylkill 2022
Josh Chowansky RB/DB North Schuylkill 2022
Chris Long OL/DL North Schuylkill 2023
Dalton Zelwalk OL/DL North Schuylkill 2023
Jared Tinari RB/LB North Schuylkill 2023
Shawn Butler QB/DB North Schuylkill 2023
Steven Davis OL/DL North Schuylkill 2023
Zane McElhenny RB/LB North Schuylkill 2023
Colllin McGee WR/OLB North Schuylkill 2024
Jake Bernosky OL/DL North Schuylkill 2024
Jaxson Chowansky RB/LB North Schuylkill 2024
Luke Stefanisko OL/DL North Schuylkill 2024
Ricky Halford RB/DE North Schuylkill 2024
Trevor Minalda QB/DB North Schuylkill 2024
Zander McElhenny WR/DB North Schuylkill 2024
Joe Kostelac TE DB Northern 2021
Jordan Heisey QB DB Northern 2021
Nick Fekete OL DL Northern 2021
Zach Beam WR DB Northern 2021
Zach Mowchan RB LB Northern 2021
AJ Vail OL DL Northern 2022
Andrew Gingrich WR DB Northern 2022
Sean Sarley RB LB Northern 2022
Elijah Grissinger WR DB Northern 2023
Glenn Sadler RB LB Northern 2023
Nathan Deller TE DE Northern 2023
Wyatt Hazen OL LB Northern 2023
DEREK DIETZ RB/DL Northwest 2023
JAKE BOBERSKY FB/LB Northwest 2023
MATT SORBER OL/LB Northwest 2023
NICK STEVENS OL/LB Northwest 2024
TRISTIAN LEPORE Wr Northwest 2024
Robby Spirk WR Notre Dame GP 2021
Mason Ludlow OL Notre Dame GP 2023
Danny Darno QB Notre Dame GP 2024
Zach Kraska OL/DL Notre Dame GP 2024
Andres, Asher OL/DL Oil City 2021
Douglass, Ashlee OL/DL Oil City 2021
Fagley, Justin OL/LB Oil City 2021
Fontanazza, Mario OL/DL Oil City 2021
Kiefer, Zac  RB/LB Oil City 2021
Stahlman, JT  WR/DB Oil City 2021
Dante Lucarelli QB Old Forge 2021
Demetrius Dolinish OL/DL Old Forge 2021
John Giglio TE/DL Old Forge 2021
Keegan Barbetti WR/DB/K Old Forge 2021
Nick Dodge WR/DB Old Forge 2021
John Greenfield FB/LB Old Forge 2022
Lou Castaldi OL/DL Old Forge 2022
Mario Samony WR/DB Old Forge 2022
Nick Rasmus OL/DL Old Forge 2022
Casey Holzman WR/DB Old Forge 2023
Zachary Smith S/WR Palisades 2021
Brandon Storm WR / DB Penn Cambria 2021
Carter Smith LB / RB Penn Cambria 2021
Colton Long OL / DL Penn Cambria 2021
Jake Tsikalas WR / DB Penn Cambria 2021
Logan Michina Kicker Penn Cambria 2021
Nicholas Marinak WR / DB Penn Cambria 2021
Cole Eberhart WR / DB Penn Cambria 2022
Trenton Murphy OL / DL Penn Cambria 2022
Garrett Harrold QB / LB Penn Cambria 2023
Greg Asberry OL / DL Penn Cambria 2023
Luke Shuagis WR / DB Penn Cambria 2023
Mason Raymond OL / DL Penn Cambria 2023
Vinny Chirdon RB / LB Penn Cambria 2023
Zach Grove RB / LB Penn Cambria 2023
Aaron Brumbaugh OL / DL Penn Cambria 2024
Carter McDermott WR / DB Penn Cambria 2024
Chase Plazek WR / DB Penn Cambria 2024
Eli Summerville OL / DL Penn Cambria 2024
Noel Roach WR/DB Penn Hills 2021
Charlie Rosemeyer K Penn Hills 2022
Luke Pugliese OL/DL Penn Hills 2022
Bobby Croyle QB Pennridge 2021
Eli Kantor C Pennridge 2021
Jack Ferguson LB/RB Pennridge 2021
Joey Kacerik WR Pennridge 2021
Shane Hartzell LB/RB Pennridge 2021
Tim Yencha DB Pennridge 2021
Brayden Landherr DB/RB Pennridge 2022
Danny Fish OL Pennridge 2022
Joseph Rindone OL Pennridge 2022
Stephen Reutlinger OL Pennridge 2022
Austin Hill WR/C Penns Manor 2021
Conner Keith FB/LB Penns Manor 2021
Dimetri Lieb ATH/FS Penns Manor 2021
Ethan Joiner T/DE Penns Manor 2021
Kevin Baum RB/ILB Penns Manor 2021
Mason Engle WR/C Penns Manor 2021
Parker Clayton C/DE Penns Manor 2021
Reece Hays TE/DE Penns Manor 2021
Alec Johnson RB/FS Penns Manor 2022
Ashton Courvina RB/OLB Penns Manor 2023
Justin Marshall RB/LB/K Penns Manor 2023
Mark Bagley FB/C Penns Manor 2023
Max Hill QB/SS Penns Manor 2023
Nate Raffelle T/DT Penns Manor 2023
Alex Hammer WR / DB Penns Valley 2021
Gage Ripka WR / DB Penns Valley 2021
Marshall Stoner TE / LB Penns Valley 2021
Beattie Kevin WR/CB Perkiomen Valley  2021
Carroll Thomas WR/LB Perkiomen Valley  2021
Crothers Dylan WR/S Perkiomen Valley  2021
Larson Thomas DL Perkiomen Valley  2021
Owens Aidan OLB Perkiomen Valley  2021
Poruban Max OL/LB Perkiomen Valley  2021
Posner Jason WR/CB Perkiomen Valley  2021
Sprecher Hunter OL/OLB Perkiomen Valley  2021
Beck Andrew RB/LB Perkiomen Valley  2022
Boozer Ryan LB Perkiomen Valley  2022
Farrington Matthew OLB Perkiomen Valley  2022
Henry Austin OL/DL Perkiomen Valley  2022
Jonassen Jake OL/DL Perkiomen Valley  2022
Kohler Ethan QB Perkiomen Valley  2022
Wilson Evan OL Perkiomen Valley  2022
Euker Grant OL/DL Perkiomen Valley  2023
Klimek Ryan RB/DB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Koehler Danny QB/S Perkiomen Valley  2023
Ledger Timmy OL/DL Perkiomen Valley  2023
Pascoe Carson RB/LB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Poruban Michael WR/LB Perkiomen Valley  2023
Brody Robinson RB/LB Pine Grove Area 2020
Gary Pominville III OL/DL Pine Grove Area 2022
Cole Spencer QB Pine-Richland 2021
Diego Pittorno OL/DL Pine-Richland 2021
Justin Dietz OL/DL Pine-Richland 2021
Tristan Taylor RB/DB Pine-Richland 2022
Jacob  Lukez RB/LB Pine-Richland 2023
Joey Perry WR/S Pine-Richland 2023
Max Heckert LB/H-BACK Pine-Richland 2023
Ryan  Palmieri  QB/S Pine-Richland 2023
Alex Cerminara LB/H-BACK Pine-Richland 2024
Cole Wilson OL/DL Pine-Richland 2024
Connor Dripps OL/DL Pine-Richland 2024
James Cardinali OL/DL Pine-Richland 2024
Jonathan  Smith OL/DL Pine-Richland 2024
Patrick DeSantes OL/DL Pine-Richland 2024
Vasile Balouris RB/LB Pine-Richland 2024
ADAM OBRIN QB Pittsburgh CC 2021
ED TILLMAN TB Pittsburgh CC 2021
GRANT CULLEN OL Pittsburgh CC 2021
LIAM O’CONNOR LB Pittsburgh CC 2021
SEAN  FARRELL TE Pittsburgh CC 2021
TEDDY CARTER DB Pittsburgh CC 2021
GARETT MANN OL Pittsburgh CC 2022
JAMES SMITH WR Pittsburgh CC 2022
JASON FICORELLI P Pittsburgh CC 2022
JOSH ALTSMAN TE Pittsburgh CC 2022
LIAM KIERNAN LB Pittsburgh CC 2022
MATT  SCHEARER K Pittsburgh CC 2022
TOM HANLON LB Pittsburgh CC 2022
ARGENTO GREENE DB Pittsburgh CC 2023
GABE PRIMROSE OL Pittsburgh CC 2023
IAN  ZAHORCHAK WR Pittsburgh CC 2023
JACKSON LECH P Pittsburgh CC 2023
LUKE  HENNE WR Pittsburgh CC 2023
MACEO MARSHALL WR Pittsburgh CC 2023
MATT  PETRUZZI LB Pittsburgh CC 2023
MAX  KIMBROUGH DB Pittsburgh CC 2023
ANTHONY SPECA LB Pittsburgh CC 2024
MATT  CASTELNOVO K Pittsburgh CC 2024
PAYTON WEHNER QB Pittsburgh CC 2024
TY  YUHAS LB Pittsburgh CC 2024
Corey Sossong RB/LB Portage 2021
Ian Koval OL/DL Portage 2021
Jackson Kozlovac OL/DE Portage 2021
Josh Morgan TE/DE Portage 2021
Koby Kargo QB/LB Portage 2021
Payton Zatek WR/S Portage 2021
Preston Rainey WR/C Portage 2021
Scott Berardinelli RB/DL Portage 2021
Anthony Coukart RB/S Portage 2022
Brodie Plummer WR/S Portage 2022
Collan Schad WR/C Portage 2022
Dylan Tubbs K Portage 2022
Erik Castel OL/DE Portage 2022
Jace Irvin OL/LB Portage 2022
Jonathan Wolford RB/LB Portage 2022
Joseph Lawrence TE/DE Portage 2022
Kaden Claar WR/S Portage 2022
Nathan Glista TE/DE Portage 2022
Tanner Trusik RB/C Portage 2022
Andrew Miko QB/C Portage 2023
Keaton Troxell OL/DL Portage 2023
Mason Kargo RB/LB Portage 2023
Elliot Nagy WR/C Portage 2024
Jacob Nolan OL/LB Portage 2024
Ethan McHugh OL/DL Pottsgrove  2021
Justin Wescoat WR/DB Pottsgrove  2021
Luke Kaiser K/P Pottsgrove  2021
Max Neeson FB/LB Pottsgrove  2022
Ryan Sisko QB/LB Pottsgrove  2022
Dylan Batche QB, S Pottsgrove  2023
James McLaughlin WR, DB Pottsgrove  2023
Koleson Gale FB, LB Pottsgrove  2023
Gabe Rinda QB/DB Pottsgrove  2024
Jacob Wolfgang OL/DL Pottsgrove  2024
Jamie Bean OL, LB Pottsgrove  2024
Luke Makins OL/DL Pottsgrove  2024
Riley Delp TE, DE Pottsgrove  2024
Anthony DiPietro WR/DB Pottstown 2022
Chris Chhern OL/LB Pottstown 2023
Gabe Hicks TE/LB Pottstown 2023
Jared Hewitt RB/LB Pottstown 2023
Tejay Allen FS Pottsville 2023
Parrish McFarland Special Teams Pottsville 2024
Noah Peles C/DE Purchase Line 2022
AndrewBeer WR/CB Purchase Line 2023
Charles Edwards FB/LB Purchase Line 2023
John Elick QB/LB Purchase Line 2024
Aaron Snelbaker FB/LB Red Land 2021
Garrett Hodges TE/LB  Red Land 2021
Landon Henline QB/DB Red Land 2022
Trey Slayton WR/DB Red Land 2023
Anderson French TE/QB/OLB Red Land 2024
Josh Patrick WR/DB Red Land 2024
Roman Jensen QB Red Land 2024
Brayden McCloskey  QB/DB Reynolds  2023
Carl Winklevoss  OL/DL Reynolds  2023
Bryce Batche OL/DL Richland 2021
Cullen O’Dowd K Richland 2021
Jacob Sabol RB/LB Richland 2021
Brock Batche RB/LB Richland 2023
John Gilchrist QB Riverside 2021
Mike Rickert  WR Riverside 2021
Noah Parchinski Athlete Riverside 2022
Reese Gaughan WR Riverside 2024
Ian Zagropski  WR Riverside  2022
Anthony Norris OL Riverside  2023
Evan Lewandoski OL Rochester 2021
Matt Bedekovich OL/LB Rochester 2021
Ryan Zawislak OL/DL Rochester 2021
Sal Laure RB/LB Rochester 2022
Parker Lyons QB/S Rochester 2023
Tommy Pierlick OL/DL Rochester 2023
Brady Gorman WR/S Rochester 2024
Chad Parton WR / DB Salisbury 2021
Anthony Scarcia TE / OL / DL / LB Salisbury 2022
Ben Krauss OL / LB Salisbury 2022
Hunter Bleam WR / OLB Salisbury 2022
Paul Spann OL / DL Salisbury 2022
Carl Dyer OL / DL Salisbury 2023
Dominic Popovich WR / DB Salisbury 2024
Gavin Cerco WR / DB Salisbury 2024
George Spann TE / LB Salisbury 2024
Jacob Bucchin QB/ HB/ DB Salisbury 2024
Taylor Jenny WR / Db Salisbury 2024
Ian Tokarick OL/DL Schuylkill Haven 2021
Mason Reber RB/LB Schuylkill Haven 2021
Kevin Fitzpatrick RB/DB Schuylkill Haven 2022
Shane Pothering TE/LB Schuylkill Haven 2022
Anthony Nicotera OL/DL Scranton Prep 2022
Drew O’Malley OL/DL  Scranton Prep 2022
Deven Rapant DL Solanco 2021
James Sprout OL Solanco 2021
Justin Dagen OL/DL Solanco 2021
Moses Dominguez FB/LB Solanco 2021
Cole Gladfelter OL Solanco 2022
Trenton McDowell K Solanco 2022
Evan Kutzler QB / S Souderton Area HS 2021
Gabe Epps TE / DE Souderton Area HS 2022
Nick Curotto G / LB Souderton Area HS 2022
Sean McGoldrick HB / S Souderton Area HS 2022
Charley Rossi WR South Fayette 2021
Joey Audia WR South Fayette 2021
Justin Caputo K South Fayette 2022
Sam Rosato WR South Fayette 2022
Lane Lusk  RB-LB South Williamsport 202
Landon Lorson  QB-S South Williamsport 2022
Kaiser Kistner  LB/RB South Williamsport 2024
Colin Sharrow TE Southern Columbia 2021
Derek Wertman OC Southern Columbia 2021
Jacob Davis DB Southern Columbia 2021
Jaxson Purnell OG Southern Columbia 2021
Jordon Fosse DT Southern Columbia 2021
Timothy Witcoskie DT Southern Columbia 2021
Wade Kerstetter LB Southern Columbia 2021
Austin Reeder DT Southern Columbia 2022
Gabriel Leffler OG Southern Columbia 2022
Gavin Garcia RB Southern Columbia 2022
Jake Rose WR Southern Columbia 2022
Joseph Quinton OG Southern Columbia 2022
Michael Zsido LB Southern Columbia 2022
Logan Sharrow DE Southern Columbia 2023
Ryan Kerstetter TE Southern Columbia 2023
Isaac Carter K/P Southern Columbia 2024
Conlan Hoffman WR/DB Spring Grove 2021
Ian Hogan OL/DL Spring Grove 2021
Jairee Davis WR/DB Spring Grove 2021
Jake Delaughter OL/DL Spring Grove 2021
Jonah Warehime WR/DB Spring Grove 2021
Mike Shaqfeh WR/DB Spring Grove 2021
Andrew Zeigler WR/LB Spring Grove 2022
Austin Crites RB/DL Spring Grove 2022
Braden Merrill WR/DB Spring Grove 2022
Brian Campbell WR/DB Spring Grove 2022
Connor New WR/LB Spring Grove 2022
Darien Osmun WR/LB Spring Grove 2022
Drew Miller WR/DB Spring Grove 2022
Gavin Smith QB/DB Spring Grove 2022
Hayden Emory OL/DL Spring Grove 2022
Jason Bergey OL/LB Spring Grove 2022
Logan Herbst OL/LB Spring Grove 2022
Oak Bechtel WR/DB Spring Grove 2022
Ryan Covington RB/LB Spring Grove 2022
Zyree Brooks RB/DB Spring Grove 2022
Andrew Osmun QB/DB Spring Grove 2023
Brayden Wagman WR/DB/K Spring Grove 2023
Chase Sowers WR/LB Spring Grove 2023
Kyle Lillich OL/DL Spring Grove 2023
Ryan Beaver OL/LB Spring Grove 2023
Teague Conover RB/LB Spring Grove 2023
Aidan Phelan WR/S Spring-Ford 2021
Alex Nadeau K Spring-Ford 2021
Cam Goldsmith RB Spring-Ford 2021
Jeremy Wentworth OL/DL Spring-Ford 2021
Joe Brogan WR Spring-Ford 2021
Kyle Kennedy OL Spring-Ford 2021
Nick Teets WR/S Spring-Ford 2021
Bressler, Connor RB/LB St. Marys 2021
Davis, James RB/DB St. Marys 2021
Garthwaite, Jeremy OL/DL St. Marys 2021
Kline, Jacob RB/LB St. Marys 2021
Nunes, Vini K St. Marys 2021
Reiter, Mitch WR/DB St. Marys 2021
Sheeley, Simon OL/DL St. Marys 2021
Walker, Bryce WR/DB St. Marys 2021
Bauer, Daulton OL/DL St. Marys 2022
Bullers, Connor OL/DL St. Marys 2022
DeFilippi, Tommy WR/DB St. Marys 2022
Lewis, Tony WR/DB St. Marys 2022
Swanson, Colton OL/DL St. Marys 2022
Chadsey, Carter WR/DB St. Marys 2023
Coudriet, Charlie QB St. Marys 2023
Dippold, Greg RB/LB St. Marys 2023
Dornisch, Justin RB/DB St. Marys 2023
Grazioli, Clay OL/DL St. Marys 2023
Mosier, Logan WR/DB St. Marys 2023
Ramsey, KJ OL/DL St. Marys 2023
Reitz, Collin WR/DB St. Marys 2023
Rippey, Eli RB/LB St. Marys 2023
Davis, Matthew RB/DB St. Marys 2024
Devyn Agosti OL/DL St. Marys 2024
Dilley, Tristan WR/LB St. Marys 2024
Mattiuz, Bryce WR/DB St. Marys 2024
Sheeley, Mason WR/DE St. Marys 2024
Wolfanger, Andrew OL/LB St. Marys 2024
Caleb Craig photo State College 2021
Carson Franks DB/WR State College 2021
Conrad Moore QB State College 2021
Harrison Schoen OL/DL State College 2021
Stevie Guthoff DL State College 2021
Calvin Roan Athlete State College 2022
Lily Bang Manager State College 2022
Nick Kowalski DB/K State College 2022
Ryan Domico LB State College 2022
TJ Yoder WR/DB State College 2022
Zion Holmes DB State College 2022
Carter Williams WR/DB State College 2023
Isaac Mellott OL/DL State College 2023
Stephen Scourtis DL/H State College 2023
Jacob Will vid State College 2024
Jace Tutty WR/S Stroudsburg 2021
Kevin Duffy WR/PK/P Stroudsburg 2021
Matthew Trbuza OL Stroudsburg 2021
Ethan Sodl QB Stroudsburg 2022
Giovanni Silva LB Stroudsburg 2023
Kevin Polonia WR Stroudsburg 2024
Jake Krawczyk OL Thomas Jefferson 2021
Jake Pugh QB Thomas Jefferson 2021
Rex Miller WR-DB Thomas Jefferson 2021
Seth Lieberum OL-DL Thomas Jefferson 2021
Shultz Reinhart WR-DB Thomas Jefferson 2021
Isaac Eckley FB-LB Thomas Jefferson 2022
Joe Lekse QB Thomas Jefferson 2022
Owen Myer OL-DL Thomas Jefferson 2022
Hunter Strickland LB Trinity HS 2022
Jeremy Sikora P Trinity HS 2022
Bryce Hinerman DB  Tunkhannock 2021
Colin Porasky OL/DL Tunkhannock 2021
Jack Chilson QB Tunkhannock 2021
Jakob Baltrusaitis LB/WR Tunkhannock 2022
Mason Roccograndi RB/DB Tunkhannock 2022
Matthew Prebola WR/DB Tunkhannock 2022
Michael Sickler LB/RB Tunkhannock 2022
Stephen Burd OL/DL Tunkhannock 2022
Ben Chilson QB/DB Tunkhannock 2023
Colin Madan LB/WR Tunkhannock 2023
Connor Chesner OL/DL Tunkhannock 2023
Gavin Montross K/WR/DB Tunkhannock 2023
Eli Penny LB UHS-ACV 2021
Ryan Cooper WR  UHS-ACV 2023
Ashton Goodlin OL / LB United 2021
Max Clevenger OL / DE United 2021
Preston Croft WR / DB United 2021
Ethan Hixson OL / DE United 2022
Sam Weaver RB / LB United 2022
Evan Thomas RB / LB United 2024
Gaige Grassmyer WR / DB United 2024
Isaac Worthington QB / DB United 2024
Zachary Travis TE / DE United 2024
Jacob Gondek DL Upper Dublin 2021
Mark Mariani OL/DE Valley View 2021
Matt Smith TE/DE Valley View 2021
Patrick Murphy DL Valley View 2021
TJ Noto FB/LB Valley View 2021
Andrew Heid RB/LB Valley View 2022
Anthony Memo WR/DB Valley View 2022
Chris Conserette DB Valley View 2022
Daniel Vislosky OL Valley View 2022
Dante Randle H/DE Valley View 2022
Jordan Rebar WR/LB Valley View 2022
Kevin Williams LB Valley View 2022
Sean Mackinder WR/DB Valley View 2022
Tyler Swartz OL/DL Valley View 2022
Zack Rudalavage RB/LB Valley View 2022
Adam Howanitz QB/DB Valley View 2023
Connor Hilling RB/DB Valley View 2023
Connor Swartz WR/DB Valley View 2023
Evan Hall OL/DL Valley View 2023
Gino Barone LB Valley View 2023
James Liparulo WR/K Valley View 2023
Jamie Heid WR/DB Valley View 2023
Chaz Kaszuba OL Valley View 2024
Frank Magistro RB/LB Wallenpaupack Area  2021
Nick Seretis OT/LB Wallenpaupack Area  2021
Shadrak Agyei RB/DB Wallenpaupack Area  2022
Caleb Long OT/DL Warrior Run 2021
Coltin Pentycofe WR/CB Warrior Run 2021
Ethan LItchard TE/LB Warrior Run 2021
Nathan Michael QB/FS Warrior Run 2021
Noah Pick K Warrior Run 2021
Derek Thomas WR/OLB Warrior Run 2022
Ethan Carper OG/DL Warrior Run 2022
Justin Blair RB/LB Warrior Run 2022
Logan Smedley FB/LB Warrior Run 2022
Tanner Confair OLB Warrior Run 2022
Cohen RB/MLB West Chester East 2021
Cummings TE/DE West Chester East 2021
Demetrius Smith West Chester East 2021
Duell QB West Chester East 2021
Ryan Duell QB West Chester East 2021
Scott Cummings TE/DE West Chester East 2021
Seth Cohen RB/MLB West Chester East 2021
Elgedawy RB/SS West Chester East 2023
Krish Patel WR/DB West Chester East 2023
Mazen Elgedawy RB/SS West Chester East 2023
Patel WR/DB West Chester East 2023
Antonio Evanosky WR/LB West Scranton 2021
Cayden Merrifield QB/DB West Scranton 2021
Jacob Metzgar OL/DL West Scranton 2021
John Walsh TE/LB West Scranton 2021
Joustin Sandoval RB/LB West Scranton 2021
Matthew Kerrigan WR/LB West Scranton 2021
Matthew Metzgar OL/DL West Scranton 2021
Nicholas Forsette WR/LB West Scranton 2021
Peter Hilburn FB/LB West Scranton 2021
Sean Donate TE/DL West Scranton 2021
Justin Gockley WR/DB West Scranton 2022
Nick Gowarty K West Scranton 2022
Brett Miller QB/LB West Scranton 2023
Joseph Harris RB/LB West Scranton 2023
Michael Cole OL/LB West Scranton 2023
Sampson Repshis QB/DB West Scranton 2024
Chaz Ethridge OLB/WR West York  2021
Joseph DeJesus DB/TE West York  2021
Gavin Young DB/WR  West York  2022
Brandon DeJesus OLB/RB  West York  2023
Sherrod Anderson DB/WR West York  2024
Bender, Caelean QB / S WIlmington 2021
Hess, Jordan TE / DE WIlmington 2021
Miller, Darren FB / LB WIlmington 2021
Shimeract, Braxton TE / S WIlmington 2021
Susen, Ethan HB / C WIlmington 2021
Whiting, Morgan G / DE WIlmington 2021
Penwell, Brayden C / DT WIlmington 2022
Chrastina, Michael HB / C WIlmington 2023
Glavich, Soloman TE / DE WIlmington 2023
Ethan Brady SS Windber 2023
John Shuster RB Windber 2023
Brody Myers RB/LB Wissahickon 2021
Michael Fath OL/DL Wissahickon 2021
Adam Grossman OL/DL Wissahickon 2023
Kyle Lehman RB Wissahickon 2023
Dontae Rhodes QB/DB Wyoming Valley West 2020
Jonathan Stochla FB/LB Wyoming Valley West 2020
John McLaughlin TE/LB/LS Wyoming Valley West 2022
Luke Buss QB Wyoming Valley West 2022
 Evan Niedrowski FB/LB wyomssing  2021
 Jason Gartner HB/ST wyomssing  2021
 John Huber FB/ST wyomssing  2021
 Owen Scargle C wyomssing  2021
 Seamus Filoon OT wyomssing  2021
S Zach Zechman    QB/S wyomssing  2021
 Jack Miller LB/ST wyomssing  2022
Brandon Molina DT York High 2021
Nate Callis LT York High 2021
Terrence Drakeford OL/C York High 2021
Janas Simms WR York High 2022
Terrance Price LB York High 2022
P.J.  Jinyemiema DB York High 2023
Sam Stoner QB York High 2023
Pearce Alleyne OL/DL York Tech 2024

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