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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard


Written by: on Monday, February 14th, 2022


We are proud to announce the following players have been named to our

2022 All-Academic Gold Team.

Members of this team competed in the 2021 season with a GPA of 4.0 and up

If you or your team is not listed, please HAVE YOUR COACH email we will continue to add to
this list as long as it takes to get everyone on! 

Name Position School Year
Hutch Lynott QB/DB Abington Heights 2022
Nick Deremer FB/LB Abington Heights 2022
PT Cutrufello QB/DB Abington Heights 2022
Christian Henzes WR/DB Abington Heights 2023
Colin Davis QB/DB Abington Heights 2023
Connor Casey OL/LB Abington Heights 2023
Hunter Landers OL/DL Abington Heights 2023
Jack Burke WR/DE Abington Heights 2023
Jake Grimaldi FB/LB Abington Heights 2023
Matt Show WR/DB Abington Heights 2023
Nico Bossi TE/DE Abington Heights 2023
Roman Cutrufello WR/DB Abington Heights 2023
Kevin Schmidt QB/DB Abington Heights 2024
Liam Fenton WR/LB Abington Heights 2024
Tim Phillips RB/LB Abington Heights 2024
Wyatt Carper OL/DL Abington Heights 2024
Caleb Matzus-Chapman A/LB Albert Gallatin 2022
Nate McCusker A/DB Albert Gallatin 2022
Nicco Mickens OL/DL Albert Gallatin 2022
Shawn Loring B/DL Albert Gallatin 2022
Quentin Larkin QB/DB Albert Gallatin 2023
Arison Walker WR/DB Aliquippa 202
Brandon Banks WR/DB Aliquippa 2024
Demarkus Walker WR/DB Aliquippa 2024
Tiqwai Hayes RB/DB Aliquippa 2025
Cornell Weems WR Allderdice 2023
Alex Long Annville-Cleona 2023
Dominic Viozzi Annville-Cleona 2023
Samuel Domencic Annville-Cleona 2024
Azaan W Flowers WR/DB Archbishop Ryan 2022
Imani Bell OL/DL Archbishop Ryan 2022
Peter Rola K/P Archbishop Ryan 2022
Rob McConnell QB Archbishop Ryan 2022
Tymir Bradley  RB/KR Archbishop Ryan 2022
Jack Ruskowski OL/DL Archbishop Ryan 2023
Rich Paczewski  WR/DB Archbishop Ryan 2023
Sean Roemhild WR  Archbishop Ryan 2023
Nick Rogers  DE/QB Archbishop Ryan 2024
Damien Morgan  WR/DB Archbishop Ryan 2025
Gavin McConnell  LB/RB Archbishop Ryan 2025
Layne Hepner DB/WR Armstrong  2022
Cadin Olsen QB  Armstrong  2023
Jacob Panchik OL/DL Armstrong  2023
Jack Valasek OL/DL Armstrong  2024
Ethan Wilcox DE/TE Athens 2022
Josiah Stringham FB/LB Athens 2022
Karter Rude WR/FS/KR Athens 2022
Bradley Bouck WR/DB/Spec. Athens 2023
Chris Mitchell DE Athens 2023
Joe Blood OT Athens 2023
Mason Lister QB Athens 2023
Matt Machmer WR/DB/Spec. Athens 2023
Skylar Mathews DT Athens 2023
Josh Martin LB Athens 2024
Josh Nittinger G Athens 2024
Noah Fricker  FB/DE Athens 2024
Caleb Nason OT/DT Athens 2025
Jack Cheresnowsky ( TE/DE Athens 2025
Kolsen Keathley WR/RB/DB/Spec. Athens 2025
Xavier Watson WR/DB Athens 2025
Hunter Traa LB / P Avon Grove 2022
Michael Bolmer OLB / SS Avon Grove 2022
Frank McKeown RB / LB Avon Grove 2023
Adam Okonowicz K Avon Grove 2024
Zane Frantz Long Snapper Avon Grove 2024
Evan Scarton OL/DL BCCHS 2023
Johnny Golden QB/ATH BCCHS 2023
Luke Mullen OL/DL BCCHS 2024
Zander Sekerak WR/DB BCCHS 2024
Josiah Weyandt OL/DL Bedford  2022
Lizzy Martz K Bedford  2022
Mercury Swaim QB/LB Bedford  2022
Trent Price FB/LB Bedford  2022
Ethan Weber RB/DB Bedford  2023
Kevin Ressler WR/DB Bedford  2023
Jack Bryer G/LB Belle Vernon 2022
Joseph Klanchar LB/TE Belle Vernon 2022
Evan Pohlot DB/WR Belle Vernon 2023
Jacob Wessel S/WR Belle Vernon 2023
Adam LaCarte RB/S Belle Vernon 2024
Aiden Johnson TE/DL Belle Vernon 2024
Luke Bryer OL/DL Belle Vernon 2024
William Schwerha K/P Belle Vernon 2024
Chase Mertz QB/LB Belle Vernon 2025
Cole Browder TE/DE Belle Vernon 2025
Dominic Ghilani WR/DB Belle Vernon 2025
Nolan Weaver RB/LB Bellefonte 2021
Nicholas Way QB/S Bellefonte 2021
Hayden Walker K Bellefonte 2021
Lee Przybys OL/DL Bellefonte 2021
Thomas Korman OL/DL Bellefonte 2021
Reese Redman TE/LB Bellefonte 2021
Tyler Rice WR/S Bellefonte 2022
Dominic Capperella TE/DE Bellefonte 2022
Logan Williams WR/S Bellefonte 2022
Trevor Johnson QB/S Bellefonte 2023
Chance Schreier TE Bellwood-Antis 2024
Aarron Laird OT Bellwood-Antis 2022
Alex Kovac C Bellwood-Antis 2022
Brandon Cherry LB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Cooper Guyer LB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Cooper Keen TE Bellwood-Antis 2022
Dallas Smithmyer RB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Dominic Caracciolo DT Bellwood-Antis 2022
Hunter Shawley SE Bellwood-Antis 2022
Jake Martin RB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Mike Kienzle DT Bellwood-Antis 2022
Nate Jennings OT Bellwood-Antis 2022
Sean Mallon SE Bellwood-Antis 2022
Zach Pellegrine QB Bellwood-Antis 2022
Eli Pluebell DE Bellwood-Antis 2023
Ethan Norris LB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Gaven Ridgway DB Bellwood-Antis 2023
Eddie Oscar OL/DL Berks Catholic 2023
Eddie Oscar OL/DL Berks Catholic 2023
Joe Polinsky TE/DE/P Berks Catholic 2024
Joe Polinsky TE/DE/P Berks Catholic 2024
Luke Impellizzeri LB Berks Catholic 2024
Luke Impellizzeri LB Berks Catholic 2024
Carson Harding RB/LB Berlin 2022
Carson Modrak WR/DB Berlin 2022
Hunter Cornell WR/LB Berlin 2022
Aidan Khlare OL/DL Berlin 2023
Brock Jensen WR/DB Berlin 2023
Caleb Rohrs WR/DB Berlin 2023
Conlan Gair OL/DL Berlin 2023
Cory Jose OL/DL Berlin 2023
Dalton Maust RB/LB Berlin 2023
Grant Mathias OL/DL Berlin 2023
Lukas King OL/DL Berlin 2023
Wil Latuch WR/DB Berlin 2023
Aidan Ream RB/LB Berlin 2024
Ben Gary OL/DL Berlin 2024
Christian Musser WR/DB Berlin 2024
Pace Prosser QB/DB Berlin 2024
Connor Montgomery K/P Berlin 2025
Cooper Huston RB/LB Berlin 2025
Brayden Boone WR/DB Berwick 2022
Alex Hacker QB/DE Berwick 2023
Matt Lonczynski QB Berwick 2023
Rowan Slabinski WR/DB Berwick 2023
Harrison Snyder OL/DE Berwick 2024
Josh Kishbaugh WR/DB Berwick 2024
Liam Carroll OL/DL Berwick 2024
Bo Sheptock WR/DB Berwick 2025
Chase Schuckers OL/DL Berwick 2025
Justin Kanyuk OT Bethlehem Catholic 2022
Anthony Cioffari  WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2020
Haiden Garner WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2020
Anthony Edwards OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle 2022
Conner Stayer OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle 2022
Joe Meintel OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle 2022
Noah Ritchey  OL/DE Bishop Guilfoyle 2022
Cooper Rother RB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2023
Dominic Yanoshak WR/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2023
Drew Abraham RB/LB Bishop Guilfoyle 2023
Karson Kiesewetter  QB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2023
Sante Bambocci OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle 2023
Ryan Hagg RB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2024
Chase Kissell QB/DB Bishop Guilfoyle 2025
Joe Eckenrode OL/DL Bishop Guilfoyle 2025
Darin Gulibon FB Bishop McDevitt 2022
Nate Kinsey DE Bishop McDevitt 2022
Antonio Borello WR/DB Blackhawk 2023
Eric Davis OL/LB Blackhawk 2023
Dontae Campagna RB/DB Blackhawk 2024
Aidan Wissner K Blackhawk 2024
Greg Hershberger K Blacklick Valley 2022
Kolten Szymusiak Ath Blacklick Valley 2022
Nathan Schilling LB Blacklick Valley 2022
A J Villa C Blacklick Valley 2024
Braydon Brown QB Blacklick Valley 2024
Gino DiPaolo DB/WR Blacklick Valley 2024
Cole Davis WR/DE Bloomsburg 2022
Damon Rasmussen II RB/DB Bloomsburg 2022
Devon Yocum OT/DE Bloomsburg 2022
Ken Zheng OT/DT Bloomsburg 2022
Luke Bowes OG/DT Bloomsburg 2022
Mike Widom QB/OLB Bloomsburg 2022
Ryan Shuman C/DT Bloomsburg 2022
Tommy Klingerman OG/DT Bloomsburg 2022
Jake Fogelsanger WR/OLB Bloomsburg 2023
Chase Fornwald OT/DT Bloomsburg 2024
Carson Kerstetter WR/DB Blue Mountain 2023
Derek Walasavage WR/DB Blue Mountain 2023
Kreese Stablein  WR/LB Blue Mountain 2023
Alex Williams OL/LB BMCHS 2022
Colin Stevens WR/DB BMCHS 2022
Ean Jaber K/P BMCHS 2022
Joe McGowan OL/DL BMCHS 2022
Brock Beppler RB/ATH BMCHS 2024
Nick Preuss WR/DB BMCHS 2024
Shakile Ferguson WR/DB BMCHS 2024
Eli Zasadni WR/DL BMCHS 2025
Aidan Metzger FB/DE Boiling Springs 2022
Carson Garvey WR/DB Boiling Springs 2022
Colin Lunde QB/DB Boiling Springs 2022
Eli Thompson RB/DB Boiling Springs 2022
Jack Laing RB/DB Boiling Springs 2022
Joey Menke RB/LB Boiling Springs 2022
Blake Delevan TE/CB Boiling Springs 2023
Dalton Ackley OL/DL Boiling Springs 2023
Evan Taylor OL/DL Boiling Springs 2023
Trey McCardell FB/LB Boiling Springs 2023
Gage Hughes FB/LB Boiling Springs 2024
Seth Cobb QB / S Boys Latin Charter 2022
Solomon Cobb WR Boys Latin Charter 2022
Addotta Vincent OL/DL Bradford 2022
Dixon Dalton WR/LB Bradford 2022
Nuzzo Abbie K Bradford 2022
Ward Ryan WR/DB Bradford 2022
Laktash Lucas WR/LB Bradford 2023
Tyler  Greg WR/DB Bradford 2023
Himes Arick WR/DB Bradford 2024
Kerr  Luke OL/DL Bradford 2024
Reese Talan QB Bradford 2025
Matt Phillips OL Brashear 2022
Cooper Shall WR/S Brookville 2022
Hunter Smith OL/DT Brookville 2022
Joe Shields RB/LB Brookville 2022
Porter Kahle OL/DT Brookville 2022
Shawn Foster OL/DT Brookville 2022
Tate Lindrmuth RB/LB Brookville 2022
Braeden Long OL/DE Brookville 2023
Brayden Kunselman  Wr/S Brookville 2023
Caden Marshall OL/DE Brookville 2023
Carson Weaver  WR/LB Brookville 2023
Jackson Zimmerman RB/LB Brookville 2023
Lucas Haight QB/LB Brookville 2023
Mile Bogush QB/DE Brookville 2023
Noah Peterson  WR/CB Brookville 2023
Charlie Krug QB/S Brookville 2024
Daniel Drake C/DT Brookville 2024
Jack Knapp OL/LB Brookville 2024
Easton Belfiore WR/LB Brookville 2025
Gavin Hannah WR/LB Brookville 2025
Boehm, Corey RB  Canon-McMillan 2023
Kocan, Andrew OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2023
McMahon, Kent LB/TE Canon-McMillan 2023
Mowery, Caleb LB/TE Canon-McMillan 2023
Palivoda, Noah OL/DL Canon-McMillan 2023
Calgaro, Geno LB/FB Canon-McMillan 2024
McMahon, Matt OL/DE Canon-McMillan 2025
Caiden Williams  OL/DE Canton 2022
Connor Foust K Canton 2022
Cooper Kitchen QB Canton 2022
Gavin Morse  WR/CB Canton 2022
Mason Shultz OL/DE Canton 2022
Austin Allen  WR/CB Canton 2023
Bailey Ferguson  WR/CB Canton 2023
Weston Bellows FB/S Canton 2023
Micheal Davis RB/OLB Canton 2024
Benjamin Fitch QB/S Canton 2025
Holden Ward RB/OLB Canton 2025
Averey Dibble  WR/CB Canton  2023
Brennen Taylor OL/MLB Canton  2023
Riley Parker RB/OLB Canton  2023
Hudson Ward  FB/OLB Canton  2024
Ryland Sakers FB/OLB Canton  2024
Andrew Perillo TE/OLB CB East 2022
Connor Boyle QB CB East 2022
Jimmy Mullevey OT/DE CB East 2022
Kyle Szarko QB/FS CB East 2022
Braden Borkowski RB/OLB CB East 2023
Dylan Rotondo  RB/DB CB East 2023
Joe Maeglin FB/LB CB East 2023
Luke Quillen TE/LB CB East 2023
Matthew LaBouliere WR/DB CB East 2023
Sean Connor OT/DE CB East 2023
Gabe Kocher OL/DL Cedar Cliff 2022
Jake Sheaffer OL/DL Cedar Cliff 2022
Logan Heiple  OL/DL Cedar Cliff 2022
Trenten Smith WR/DB Cedar Cliff 2022
Ethan Dorrell QB/DB Cedar Cliff 2023
Grayson Wertz WR/DB Cedar Cliff 2023
Parker Tarnoci LB/RB Cedar Cliff 2023
Evan Zeigler LB/RB Cedar Cliff 2024
Nathan Lusk LB/WR Cedar Cliff 2024
Bennett Secrest QB/LB Cedar Cliff 2025
Cole Feldstein LS Central Catholic 2022
Dan Yi WR Central Catholic 2022
Donovan Hinish DT Central Catholic 2022
Elias Karanikos DT Central Catholic 2022
Gannon Carothers RB Central Catholic 2022
Josh Altsman TE Central Catholic 2022
Liam Kiernan FS Central Catholic 2022
Matt Aulicino OT Central Catholic 2022
Matt Schearer K Central Catholic 2022
Robinson Waddell DB Central Catholic 2022
Vinny Cascone WR Central Catholic 2022
Gabe Primrose OL Central Catholic 2023
Jack Lech K Central Catholic 2023
Mason Bilenski OL Central Catholic 2023
Matt Petruzzi DL Central Catholic 2023
Anthony Speca LB Central Catholic 2024
Brady Koziara WR Central Catholic 2024
Cole Sullivan TE Central Catholic 2024
Conner Ludwig LS Central Catholic 2024
Peter Gonzalez WR Central Catholic 2024
Phil Storti DL Central Catholic 2024
Grady Papa LB Central Catholic 2025
Ahren Stauffer WR/DB Central Dauphin 2022
Andre Noel WR Central Dauphin 2022
Ben Stewart OL Central Dauphin 2022
Evan Bushong OL Central Dauphin 2024
Brett Gerlach Central Mountain 2022
Brian Taylor  Central Mountain 2022
Dakota McDermott  Central Mountain 2022
Julian Wilt Central Mountain 2022
Lucas Porter Central Mountain 2022
Micah Walizer Central Mountain 2022
Zack Weaver Central Mountain 2022
Kelvin Probst Central Mountain 2023
Chris Rogers Central Mountain 2025
Cooper Bottorf  Central Mountain 2025
Jacob Weaver Central Mountain 2025
Bryce Wilson WR/DB Central Valley 2022
Jordan Karczewski OL/DL Central Valley 2022
Payton Bauer TE/LB Central Valley 2022
Sean Fitzsimmons OL/DL Central Valley 2022
Brady Hudson WR/DB Central Valley 2023
Jayvin Thompson WR/DB Central Valley 2023
Serafino DeSantis K Central Valley 2023
Marcus Lawson WR/DB Central Valley 2024
Dillon Rose OL/DL Central Valley 2025
Julian Semovoski TE/DL Central Valley 2025
Mason Dixon RB/LB Central Valley 2025
Mike Bendekovic OL/DL Central Valley 2025
Quinn Connolly WR/DB Central Valley 2025
Steven Rutherford QB/DB Central Valley 2025
Saxton Suchanic WR/DB Central York 2025
Abraham Ibrahim  WR/DB Chartiers Valley  2022
Anthony Mackey  QB/DB  Chartiers Valley  2022
Christopher Beatty  RB/LB  Chartiers Valley  2022
Mason Copeland  OL/DL  Chartiers Valley  2022
Max Lewis  WR/DB Chartiers Valley  2022
Joseph Heckroth  WR/DB  Chartiers Valley  2023
Luca Mascellino  WR/DB  Chartiers Valley  2023
Nico Trout  QB/LB  Chartiers Valley  2023
Joshua Grady K/P Cheltenham 2023
Kurt Scheuerman OL/DL Cheltenham 2024
Jake Maiale OL/MLB Chichester 2022
Andrew Foster V C/DT Chichester 2023
Devon Walters OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Hawke Claycomb OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Pressten Imler RB/DE Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Wyatt Buell K/P/DB/WR Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Zeke Barr OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2022
Anthony Sacchitella DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Caleb Oakes QB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Cole Claycomb RB/LB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Damien Gordon DB/WR Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Ethan Mauk DB/ TE Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Gabe Weyant RB/DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Gavin Walters WR/DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Parker Buell DB/WR Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Robert Schneider DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2023
Anthony McGeary LB/RB Claysburg-Kimmel 2024
Anthony Napolitano OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2024
Ashton Draeger TE Claysburg-Kimmel 2024
Reece Replogle OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2024
Zach Campagna QB/DB Claysburg-Kimmel 2024
Landon Knisley OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2025
Trevor Ritchie OL/DL Claysburg-Kimmel 2025
Nolan Ohara LB Coatesville
RJ Rickabaugh LB/TE Coatesville
Tommy Ortega WR Coatesville
Jared Stauffer OL/DL Cocalico 2022
Jared Stauffer Cocalico 2022
Ryan Brubaker OL/DL Cocalico 2022
Ryan Brubaker Cocalico 2022
Chuckie Drain Cocalico 2023
Tyler Angstadt RB/LB Cocalico 2023
Tyler Angstadt Cocalico 2023
Samuel Steffey Cocalico 2024
Dane Bollinger Cocalico 2025
Josh Myer QB/DB Cocalico 2025
Josh Myer Cocalico 2025
Braden Adams Ath/Db Conemaugh Twp 2022
Jackson Byer Ath/Db Conemaugh Twp 2022
Ethan Black Wr/Db Conemaugh Twp 2023
Nathanael Snoeberger Ol/Dl Conemaugh Twp 2023
Noah Luprek Ol/Dl Conemaugh Twp 2023
Tanner Shirley Qb/Db Conemaugh Twp 2023
Colten Huffman Ol/Dl Conemaugh Twp 2024
Zack Petree Wr/Lb Conemaugh Twp 2024
Dalton High Conestoga Valley 2024
Liam Cheeck Conestoga Valley 2024
Garrett Daniels Conestoga Valley 2025
Brett Organtini Oline/LB Conrad Weiser 2022
Adam Noll Sp. Teams Conrad Weiser 2023
Trey Dianna WR/DB Conrad Weiser 2023
Craig Pulford Ol/Dl Cornell 2022
Nooch D’allesandro Rb/Db Cornell 2022
Logan Farbarcher Ol/Dl Cornell 2025
Coleman, Xavier RB / LB Daniel Boone 2022
Fryer, Peyton OL / DL Daniel Boone 2022
Hall, Hayden TE / LB Daniel Boone 2022
Hollis, Brian OL / DL Daniel Boone 2022
Leahy, Colin OL / DL Daniel Boone 2022
Millard, Nate K Daniel Boone 2022
Speyerer, Carter QB / LB Daniel Boone 2022
Vassallo, Alex WR / DB Daniel Boone 2022
Burns, Robbie WR / DB Daniel Boone 2023
Quinter, George OL / DL Daniel Boone 2023
Tolosky, Caden RB / DB Daniel Boone 2023
Kryman, Ethan RB /LB Daniel Boone 2024
Mentzell, Reilly OL / TE / DE Daniel Boone 2024
Meyer, Jordan OL / DL Daniel Boone 2024
Gabe Benjamin LB/OG Danville 2022
Jack Smiley C Danville 2022
Carson Persing WR/C Danville 2023
Zach Gordon QB/FS Danville 2023
Hayden Winn WR/OLB Danville 2024
Cam Kiersch OLB Danville 2025
Madden Patrick QB/C Danville 2025
Gabe Tidridge C/DL Delaware Valley 2022
Brennan Coleville G Delaware Valley 2023
Jacob Albaugh OT Delaware Valley 2024
Aiden Black TE/OLB Delaware Valley  2024
Ben Favino K Delco Christian 2022
Wyatt Cook RB / DB Delco Christian 2023
Caden Ellis WR / LB Delco Christian 2024
CJ Simbiri WR / DB Delco Christian 2024
Sam Montgomery TE / LB Delco Christian 2024
Seth Nelaturi OL / DL Delco Christian 2024
Tommy Goneau TE / LB Delco Christian 2024
Caleb Videon K Delco Christian 2025
Khamai Orange WR / DB Delco Christian 2025
Luke Fox TE / LB Delco Christian 2025
Sam Dixon QB / DE Delco Christian 2025
Connor Hyle Donegal 2022
Casey Tippett Donegal 2023
Noah Rohrer Donegal 2023
Mark Overlander Donegal 2024
Lucas Runk FB/ILB Dover 2023
Brady Dennis DB  Downingtown East 2022
CJ Leo WR Downingtown East 2022
Connor Kelly OL/DL Downingtown East 2022
Kyle Kacmar OL Downingtown East 2022
Michael Giadino WR Downingtown East 2022
Will Mahmud LB Downingtown West 2022
Jeremy Goldrick Downingtown West 2022
Quin Whalen Downingtown West 2022
Carter Grear DB Downingtown West 2023
Carter Charran Downingtown West 2023
Ryan Howard OL Downingtown West 2024
Connor Welsh Downingtown West 2024
Conor McFadden Downingtown West 2024
Morgan Rotman Downingtown West 2024
Nicholas Richmond Downingtown West 2024
Sean Zornick Downingtown West 2024
Bobby McClosky QB/DB East Stroudsburg South 2022
Christian Gilmore K East Stroudsburg South 2022
Garret Owens OL/DL East Stroudsburg South 2022
Gary Welge RB/LB East Stroudsburg South 2022
Jakob Patrick WR/DB East Stroudsburg South 2023
Jamal Watts OL/DL East Stroudsburg South 2023
Marcus McNeill WR/DB East Stroudsburg South 2023
Shane Bulay WR/DB East Stroudsburg South 2023
Drake Vanderhoof OL/DL Eisenhower 2022
Gannon Jaquay OL/LB Eisenhower 2022
Mike Jones OL/DL Eisenhower 2022
Caleb Penley OL/LB Eisenhower 2023
Jake Heckman Elizabethtown 2022
Sam Greenawalt Elizabethtown 2022
Josh Rudy Elizabethtown 2023
Zackary Lippold Elizabethtown 2023
Samuel Greenawalt OL/DL Elizabethtown  2022
Josh Rudy  QB Elizabethtown  2023
Zackary Lippold  OL/DL Elizabethtown  2023
Weston Nolt Ephrata 2023
Jeremiah Knowles Ephrata 2024
Macgyver Balmer Ephrata 2024
Cadden, Thomas ATH Episcopal Academy 2023
Coleman, Victor OL Episcopal Academy 2023
KYLE HELM C Exeter Township 2022
PHIL GARRETSON DB Exeter Township 2022
SAM ORZOLEK T Exeter Township 2022
KEVIN MATOS – CRUZ G Exeter Township 2023
LUCAS PALANGE LB Exeter Township 2023
Taidon Strickland  LB Farrell 2022
Braedon Hart  Father Judge  2022
Michael Van Horn  QB Father Judge  2022
Christopher Coulter OL Father Judge  2024
Easton Toth  RB/LB  Forest Hills 2022
Taylor Vranich  RB/LB  Forest Hills 2022
Kirk Bearjar  D/DE Forest Hills 2022
Colten Danel  FB/DE  Forest Hills 2023
Nolan Cabala  K Forest Hills 2023
Colby Rearick  WR Forest Hills 2023
Jeremy Burda  RB/S Forest Hills 2023
Kaden Christ  D/DT Forest Hills 2023
Devon Brezovec  C/LB Forest Hills 2023
Jacob Poldiak  QB Forest Hills 2024
Ben Harteis  G/LB Forest Hills 2024
Nate Cornell  QB/S Forest Hills 2025
Cody Biter C/LB Forest Hills 2025
Kevin Brown T/DT Forest Hills 2025
Anthony D’Alessandro Fort Cherry 2022
Mitchell Cook  Fort Cherry 2022
Anthony D’Alessandro Fort Cherry 2022
Mitchell Cook Fort Cherry 2022
Nate Harrison Fort Cherry 2024
Shane Cornali Fort Cherry 2025
Josh Pail RB/DB Freedom Bulldogs 2022
Damian Grunnagle RB/LB Freedom Bulldogs 2023
Wyatt Boyer OL Freedom Bulldogs 2024
AJ Vega Garden Spot 2023
Jadon Burkholder Garden Spot 2023
Jayden Reedcay Garden Spot 2024
Andrew Van Horn RB/LB Garnet Valley 2021
Jack Westburg RB/DB Garnet Valley 2021
Jason Bernard RB/LB Garnet Valley 2021
Joseph Checchio RB/LB Garnet Valley 2021
Kieran Gallagher OL/DL Garnet Valley 2021
Andrew Jackalous TE/LB Garnet Valley 2022
Austin Sorokanych OL/DL Garnet Valley 2022
Ben Nash OL/DL Garnet Valley 2022
Christopher Read OL/DL Garnet Valley 2022
CJ Wood RB/DB Garnet Valley 2022
Jacob Krautzel OL/DL Garnet Valley 2022
Joey Halloran TE/LB Garnet Valley 2022
Luke English OL/DL Garnet Valley 2022
Luke Lassik WR/DB Garnet Valley 2022
Matt Ricci RB/DB Garnet Valley 2022
Max Busenkell QB/DB Garnet Valley 2022
Ndozi Okolo WR/DB Garnet Valley 2022
Ryan Saunders RB/DB Garnet Valley 2022
Sean Gallagher RB/DB Garnet Valley 2022
Shaan Parikh TE/LB Garnet Valley 2022
Shane Olinger RB/DB Garnet Valley 2022
Will Wrzesniewski TE/LB Garnet Valley 2022
Zachary Liberatore K/P Garnet Valley 2022
Brayden Reis ST Governor Mifflin 2023
Cullen McDaniel  WR/DB  Great Valley 2022
Dylan Cave  WR/DB  Great Valley 2022
Gillian Yonce  Great Valley 2022
Ryan Shim  C/LB Great Valley 2023
Seth Turner  K/P Great Valley 2023
Brandon Fichter  G/LB Great Valley 2024
Jack Deegan WR/DB Great Valley 2024
Trai Ingram  WR/DB Great Valley 2024
Aaron Stasko DE/WR/LS Greensburg Central Catholic 2022
Cole Spivak OL/DL Greensburg Central Catholic 2022
Zach David LB/RB Greensburg Central Catholic 2022
Nick Dlugos WR/LB Greensburg Central Catholic 2024
Pete Mazowiecki WR/LB Greensburg Central Catholic 2024
Nick Eynon OL/DL Greenville 2022
Andrew Sinclair OL/DL Greenville 2023
Braydon Porter WR/LB Greenville 2023
Jase Herrick WR/DB Greenville 2023
Logan Leskovac OL/DL Greenville 2024
Malachi Hyde RB/DE Greenville 2024
Noah Philson QB/DB Greenville 2024
Cole Hammerman Grove City 2022
Curtis Hovis Grove City 2022
Dillon Winger Grove City 2022
Jacob Blair Grove City 2022
John Hake Grove City 2022
Nate Wadsworth Grove City 2022
Zach Rodgers Grove City 2022
Hunter Hohman Grove City 2024
Alex Hackwelder Grove City 2025
Jack Wolfe Grove City 2025
Lucas McCreadie Grove City 2025
Ryan Faler Grove City 2025
Cameron Harris TE/WR/FS Hamburg Area 2022
Diohnny Ruiz RB / OLB Hamburg Area 2022
Lucas Blatt PK Hamburg Area 2022
Mitchell Watt TE/FB/DL Hamburg Area 2022
Tristan Baer FB / LB Hamburg Area 2022
Xander Menapace QB Hamburg Area 2023
Alex Bentz DB Hamburg Area 2024
Mason Semmel OL / LB Hamburg Area 2024
Jake Zola WR/DB Hanover Area 2022
Michael McNicholas OL/DL Haverford HS 2022
Braydon Felsinger Hempfield 2023
Cannon Biscoe Hempfield 2023
Daniel Sierk OL/DL Hempfield Area HS 2022
Justin Novotney K/P Hempfield Area HS 2022
Anthony Vallano LB/TE Hempfield Area HS 2023
Eli Binakonsky LB/RB Hempfield Area HS 2023
Ian Tuffs WR/DB Hempfield Area HS 2023
Kieran Lipomann WR/DB Hempfield Area HS 2024
Collin Richards OL/DL Hickory 2022
Jackson Pryts TE/LB Hickory 2022
Joey Fazzone OL/DL Hickory 2022
Nicholas Maule OL Hickory 2022
Sammy Mancino OL/DL Hickory 2022
Ethan Hamelly OL/DL Hickory 2023
Gavin Rogers OL/DL Hickory 2023
Logan Woods QB Hickory 2023
Ty Holland RB/LB Hickory 2023
Keenan Scuillin WR/DB Hickory 2024
BAINEY ALEXANDER Hollidaysburg 2022
MCCOY MARK Hollidaysburg 2022
CHISM NICOLAS Hollidaysburg 2024
GRABILL NATHAN Hollidaysburg 2024
OTT JACOB Hollidaysburg 2024
OWEN CONNER Hollidaysburg 2024
PADAMONSKY COLIN Hollidaysburg 2024
PRIEL RYAN Hollidaysburg 2024
RANSOM ELIJAH Hollidaysburg 2024
STEINER JACK Hollidaysburg 2024
WYLAND DREW Hollidaysburg 2024
Anthony Rowland WR/DB Homer-Center 2022
Isaac Turk OL/DL Homer-Center 2022
Jared Orsargos TE/LB Homer-Center 2022
Justin Walbeck RB/LB Homer-Center 2022
Cole McAnulty QB/DB Homer-Center 2023
Joe Succheralli OL/DL Homer-Center 2023
Logan Henry RB/DB Homer-Center 2023
Romylos Dokos OL/DL Homer-Center 2023
Zach Rouser WR/DB Homer-Center 2023
Caleb Palmer TE/LB Homer-Center 2024
Jaxson Arone WR/DB Homer-Center 2024
Landon Hill RB/LB Homer-Center 2024
Angelo Alexander QB/DB Homer-Center 2025
Braden Dunn RB/LB Homer-Center 2025
Dan Jones WR/DB Homer-Center 2025
Nathan Birchall OL/DL Homer-Center 2025
Oshen Maratita WR/DB Homer-Center 2025
Wil Jones WR/DB Homer-Center 2025
Joshua Clark OL/DL Honesdale HS 2022
CJ Hinton RB/LB Honesdale HS 2023
Jackson Morton QB Honesdale HS 2023
Jake Finley K Interboro 2022
Teddy Crossley DE Interboro 2022
Abu Kamara RB/SS Interboro 2023
Eben Affainie WR/CB Interboro 2023
Frankie Hoffner WR/CB Interboro 2023
Julian Bulovas QB Interboro 2023
Matt Galanaugh OL/DL Interboro 2023
Theo Demopolus LB/OL Interboro 2023
Nate Gant G/ILB Jeannette Jayhawks 2022
Savion Harper G/NG Jeannette Jayhawks 2022
Michael Mason  RB/ILB Jeannette Jayhawks 2024
Payton Molter QB/ILB Jeannette Jayhawks 2024
Ashtyn Molter WR/DB Jeannette Jayhawks 2025
Nathaniel Christoff C/ILB Jeannette Jayhawks  2022
Liam McSherry OL/DL Jenkintown 2022
Zac Pacuraru OL/LB Jenkintown 2022
Bill McMahon OL/LB Jenkintown 2023
Geordan Gossett WR/DB Jenkintown 2023
James Callas K Jenkintown 2024
Cayden Hess Jersey Shore 2022
DJ Steinbacher Jersey Shore 2022
Karter Peacock Jersey Shore 2022
Connor Griffin Jersey Shore 2023
Dietrich Dammer Jersey Shore 2023
Gabriel Andrus Jersey Shore 2023
Hadyn Packer Jersey Shore 2023
Jared` Palski Jersey Shore 2023
Kooper Peacock Jersey Shore 2023
Luke Springman Jersey Shore 2023
Ben Wagner K Juniata 2022
Jacob Condo QB/LB Juniata 2022
Max Lauver E/DB Juniata 2022
Phaustyn Houtz OL/LB Juniata 2022
Aaron Kanagy QB/LB Juniata 2023
Caleb Smith RB/DB Juniata 2023
Casey Smith WR/DB Juniata 2023
Makih Hunt WR/DB Juniata 2023
Waylon Ehrenzeller RB/LB Juniata 2023
Nate Tyson OL/DL Juniata 2024
Seth Laub FB/LB Juniata 2024
Talan Barndt FB/LB Juniata 2024
Lane Peiper OL/DL Juniata 2025
Brock McCollim OL/DE Karns City 2023
Bret Wingard QB/CB Keystone 2022
Nick Cosper T/TE/DE/K Keystone 2022
Zander McHenry WR/S Keystone 2022
Cole Henry T/DL Keystone 2023
Kyle Nellis RB/LB Keystone 2023
Liam Say T/DE Keystone 2023
Tyler Alrbight  WR/CB Keystone 2023
Brendan Flebotte T Keystone 2024
Brock Champluvier T/NG Keystone 2024
Drew Slaugenhaupt WR/S Keystone 2024
Josh Beal G/LB Keystone 2024
Rayce Weaver QB/LB Keystone 2024
Sam Hunsberger FB/LB Keystone 2024
Drew Keth SB/CB Keystone 2025
Dominico Spataro  QB/DB Lakeland 2023
Evan Pochas RB/LB Lakeland 2023
Jon Seamans WR/DB Lakeland 2023
Kyle Lidy RB/LB Lakeland 2023
Zach Janosky K Lakeland 2023
Andrew Gelderman RB/LB Lakeland 2024
Ethan Depoti OL/DL Lakeland 2024
Jaron Bullick  RB/LB Lakeland  2022
Nick Mancuso WR/DB Lakeland  2022
Thomas Arthur  OL/DL Lakeland  2022
Aidan Gaus OL/DL Lake-Lehman 2023
Damian Napierkowski OL/DL Lake-Lehman 2023
Ian Bender Lampeter-Strasburg 2023
Braden Bauer Lampeter-Strasburg 2024
Ezechiel Lukusa Lampeter-Strasburg 2024
Daniel Mueller Lancaster Catholic 2022
Steven Pisano Lancaster Catholic 2022
Christian Oliveras Lancaster Catholic 2024
Alex Guinon OL Lansdale Catholic 2022
Dan Herman OL/LB Lansdale Catholic 2022
Ryan Posey OL  Lansdale Catholic 2022
Alan Paturzo QB LaSalle College  2022
Dan Ford DL LaSalle College  2022
Dean Leader Center LaSalle College  2022
Lawrence Thiel OL LaSalle College  2022
Ryan Carr OL LaSalle College  2022
Santiago Sturla K/P LaSalle College  2022
Tim Fiedler DE LaSalle College  2022
Brendan O’Connor DE LaSalle College  2023
Colin Dunlap FB/LB LaSalle College  2023
Ryan Sorge WR LaSalle College  2023
Andrew Brennan OL LaSalle College  2024
Carson Wakefield DB/FS LaSalle College  2024
Matt Wills OLB LaSalle College  2024
Jack Herr Lebanon 2024
Eric Guo OL/DL Leechburg 2025
Jake Cummings WR/DB Leechburg 2025
Grant Dowden WR/DB Ligonier Valley 2022
Jacob Hay OL/DL Ligonier Valley 2022
Jude Grzywinksi OL/DL Ligonier Valley 2022
Kaden Faas OL/LB Ligonier Valley 2022
Khorter Drury WR/DB Ligonier Valley 2022
Nick Beitel RB/DB Ligonier Valley 2022
Andrew Pollack WR/LB Mahanoy Area 2023
Ben Manley FB/LB Mahanoy Area 2023
Noah Hayes G/DT Mahanoy Area 2023
Cael Quick G/DE Mahanoy Area 2024
Colm McGroarty QB/FS Mahanoy Area 2024
Joe Noraka WR/DE Mahanoy Area 2024
Kahlen Watt Manheim Central 2023
charles kingsbury Manheim Township 2023
Jacob Cramer Manheim Township 2023
Eli Rodriguez QB, RB, LB Manheim Township 2024
eli rodriguez Manheim Township 2024
hayden johnson Manheim Township 2024
Jayden Fermin RB / DL Marian Catholic 2024
Michael Gelatko TE / FS Marian Catholic 2025
Zach Holt OL / LB Marian Catholic 2025
TJ Lynn SE/DB Marion Center 2022
TJ Rechenbach DL/OL Marion Center 2022
Xavier Vaglia RB/LB Marion Center 2022
Parker Black OL/DL Marion Center 2023
Travis Midock OL/LB Marion Center 2023
Alekander Vaglia TE/DL Marion Center 2024
Mason Mantini OL/DL Marion Center 2024
Cameron Pack SE/DB Marion Center 2025
Cullen Anderson OL/DL Marion Center 2025
Drew Runk QB/DB Marion Center 2025
Landon Cook TE/LB Marion Center 2025
Mason Desmond OL/DL Marion Center 2025
Mason Ploskunak SE/DB Marion Center 2025
Trey Slovinsky SE/DB Marion Center 2025
Brian Foley OL  Marple Newtown 2022
Charlie Box RB Marple Newtown 2022
Gavin Garbutt  OL  Marple Newtown 2022
Michael Schumacher  WR/LB  Marple Newtown 2022
Owen Mathes  LB/H  Marple Newtown 2022
Bryan Bogan  WR/DB  Marple Newtown 2023
Gavin Cooney  OL/DL  Marple Newtown 2023
Matt Deangelo  WR/LB  Marple Newtown 2023
Nate Dhunjisha  DB/WR  Marple Newtown 2023
Jacob Eck  OL/DL  Marple Newtown 2024
Jason Bennett  LB/TE Marple Newtown 2024
John Daddario  LB/TE  Marple Newtown 2024
Kevin Moran  WR/DB Marple Newtown 2024
Brian Box  RB/DB  Marple Newtown 2025
Kevin Hodlofski  WR/DB  Marple Newtown 2025
Luke Volpi OL/DL  Marple Newtown 2025
David Bahm QB/DE Mercyhurst Prep 2023
Josh Wingenbach WR/DB Mercyhurst Prep 2023
Josh Cancro OL/DL Methaction 2023
DeFilippis, Giancarlo DB Methacton 2022
Dickey, Brian WO Methacton 2022
Chipman, Michael OL/DL Methacton 2023
Deal, Tyler OL/DL Methacton 2023
Conner Miller OL/DL Meyersdale 2025
Gabriel Stetler TE/LB Mifflinburg 2022
Gabriel Stetler TE/LB Mifflinburg 2022
Jacob Bingaman WR/DB Mifflinburg 2022
Jacob Bingaman WR/DB Mifflinburg 2022
Andrew Diehl RB/DB Mifflinburg 2023
Andrew Diehl RB/DB Mifflinburg 2023
Jarrett Miller WR/DB Mifflinburg 2023
Jarrett Miller WR/DB Mifflinburg 2023
Jonathan Melendez FB/LB Mifflinburg 2023
Jonathan Melendez FB/LB Mifflinburg 2023
Lucas Whittaker OL/DL Mifflinburg 2023
Lucas Whittaker OL/DL Mifflinburg 2023
Mason Smith TE/LB Mifflinburg 2023
Mason Smith TE/LB Mifflinburg 2023
Tanner Zimmerman WR/DB Mifflinburg 2023
Tanner Zimmerman WR/DB Mifflinburg 2023
Trevon Simspon OL/DL Mifflinburg 2023
Trevon Simspon OL/DL Mifflinburg 2023
Zachary Wertman WR/LB Mifflinburg 2023
Zachary Wertman WR/LB Mifflinburg 2023
Troy Dressler QB/LB Mifflinburg 2024
Troy Dressler QB/LB Mifflinburg 2024
Dakota Fitzpatrick RB/LB MINERS 2022
Jared Graeff WR/DB MINERS 2022
Jason Cullen WR/K/P MINERS 2022
John Adams QB/LB MINERS 2022
Luke Tobin OL/DL MINERS 2022
Tristan Miller OL/DL MINERS 2022
Lorenzo Yourey WR/DE MINERS 2024
AJ Halford OL/DL MINERS 2025
Logan Hutsko WR/DB MINERS 2025
Logan Rizzard OL/LB Minersville 2025
James Haseleu WR/DB Montour 2022
Jimmy Hazard LB/FB Montour 2023
Jake Wolfe QB/DB Montour 2024
James Mussina QB/DB Montoursville 2025
Andrew Trueman TE Montoursville 2025
Garrett Varano WR/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Jack Robert OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Jacob Zarski RB/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Kelin Geary OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Matthew Kelley OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Matthew Scicchitano TE/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Michael Farronato WR/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Nick Nestico OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2023
Bennet Williams WR/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2024
Cole Spears QB/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2024
Jacob Schultz TE/LB Mt. Carmel Area 2024
Andrew Lukoskie RB/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2025
Ben Miller FB/LB Mt. Carmel Area 2025
Brayden Brinkash FB/LB Mt. Carmel Area 2025
Chase Balichik TE/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2025
Gavin Demko OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2025
Hunter Boblick TE/LB Mt. Carmel Area 2025
Jagr Delaney OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2025
Matthew Balichik QB/DB Mt. Carmel Area 2025
Noah Shimko OL/DL Mt. Carmel Area 2025
Bailey Hadzinikolov TE/LB Muncy 2022
Isaac Harris OG/DT Muncy 2022
Kaleb Myer QB/S Muncy 2022
Travis McNett TE/DE Muncy 2022
Xander Brown OT/DE Muncy 2022
Brady Ryder WR/CB Muncy 2023
Branson Eyer QB/S Muncy 2023
Noah Confer WR/S Muncy 2024
Cameron Kamerer TE/DE Muncy 2025
Kenny Hampe OT/DT Muncy 2025
Landyn Wommer RB/LB Muncy 2025
Bennett McNamara OL/DL Nativity 2022
Fletcher Eades FB/LB Nativity 2022
Stephan Spolski RB/LB Nativity 2022
Jack Messina WR/DB Nativity 2024
Samuel Spolski RB/LB Nativity 2025
Ty Diggons OL Norristown 2023
Adam Scott TE/DE North Schuylkill 2022
Carey Wahalec OL/DL North Schuylkill 2022
Dalton Zelwalk OL North Schuylkill 2022
Evan Stanakis WR/OLB North Schuylkill 2022
Jacob Hall QB North Schuylkill 2022
Joshua Chowansky RB/CB North Schuylkill 2022
Jared Tinari RB/LB North Schuylkill 2023
Steven Davis OL/DT North Schuylkill 2023
Yerick Tlacuatl OL/DE North Schuylkill 2023
Collin Mcgee WR/OLB North Schuylkill 2024
Jaxson Chowansky RB/LB North Schuylkill 2024
Luke Stefanisko OL/DL North Schuylkill 2024
Rick Halford RB/LB North Schuylkill 2024
Trevor Minalda QB-WR/CB North Schuylkill 2024
Amilliono Ortiz WR/DB North Schuylkill 2025
Brayden Lauta OL/DL North Schuylkill 2025
Gage Harris WR/DL North Schuylkill 2025
Gavin Mentzer Kicker North Schuylkill 2025
John Mogish QB/DB North Schuylkill 2025
Julian Lapointe OL/DL North Schuylkill 2025
Kevin Jones OL/DL North Schuylkill 2025
Kolton Joyce OL/LB North Schuylkill 2025
Logan Walacavage WR/DB North Schuylkill 2025
Michael Gruner OL/DL North Schuylkill 2025
Zach Vannorman WR/OLB North Schuylkill 2025
Caden Reph LB / TE Northampton 2022
Carson Czarnecki FB / LB Northampton 2023
Alex Slivka OLB Northampton 2024
Jacob Biery TE / DE Northampton 2024
Trevor Amorim WR/DB Northern Lehigh  2022
Ethan Karpowich OL/LB Northern Lehigh  2023
AJ Vail ol/dl Northern York 2022
Andrew Gingrich wr/db Northern York 2022
John Noll wr/db Northern York 2022
Elijah Grissinger wr/db Northern York 2023
Glenn Sadler rb/lb Northern York 2023
Kade Kitts te/lb Northern York 2023
Nate Anderson wr/db Northern York 2023
Nathan Deller te/dl Northern York 2023
Sam Gunning ol/dl Northern York 2023
Timmy Bonin qb Northern York 2023
Wyatt Hazen ol/dl Northern York 2023
Jake Kazakavich wr/db Northern York 2024
Logan Stine rb/lb Northern York 2024
Ryan Nick te/lb Northern York 2024
Spencer Siegel ol/dl Northern York 2024
Tyler Gresh OL/DL Northwestern 2022
Eric Steinle WR/DB Northwestern 2022
Nate Ransom OL/DL Northwestern 2023
Zack Luebke WR/DB Northwestern 2023
Cam Swantek WR/DB Northwestern 2023
Cole Mikovch QB/SS Northwestern 2024
Austin Mello OL/DL Northwestern 2025
Jack Williams OL/DL Northwestern 2025
Wyatt Howard OL/DL Northwestern 2025
Mason Ludlow OL Notre Dame Green Pond 2023
Danny Darno QB Notre Dame Green Pond 2024
Zach Kraska OL/DL Notre Dame Green Pond 2024
Nino Morici WR/DB Notre Dame Green Pond 2025
Joshua Wentz Octorara 2023
Braeden Wood Octorara 2024
Joshua Wentz Octorara  2023
Braeden Wood Octorara  2024
Alex Stevens RB/DB Oil City 2023
Cam Crocker OL/DL Oil City 2023
Carl Chelton RB/LB Oil City 2023
Dane Ley QB/DB Oil City 2023
Hayden Wilson FB/LB  Oil City 2024
Henry Milford OL/DL Oil City 2024
James O’Dell OL/DL Oil City 2024
Gavin Stephens QB/DB Oil City 2025
Grayson Kurth OL Ojr 2022
Ryan Lewiski- H/LB Ojr 2023
Danny Cashman  WR/DB Ojr 2023
Michael Reed- QB Ojr 2023
Mason Biddison  RB/DB Ojr 2023
Ray Bolger DB Ojr 2023
Brian Serfass –  OL Ojr 2024
Eric Twaddell- WR/DB Ojr 2024
Roman Schelhorn Punter Palmyra 2022
Roman Schelhorn Punter Palmyra 2022
David McAndrew WR/FS Panther Valley 2022
Richard Zabroski Panther Valley 2022
Austin Hadley OG/ILB Panther Valley 2023
Ethan Gardner E/S Panther Valley 2023
Michael Pascoe QB/OLB Panther Valley 2023
Eli Maynard TE/OLB Panther Valley 2024
Cole Eberhart WR/DB Penn Cambria 2022
Mason McCarthy WR/DE Penn Cambria 2022
Nate Little LB/RB Penn Cambria 2022
Garett Harrold QB/LB Penn Cambria 2023
Luke Shuagis WR/WR Penn Cambria 2023
Mason Raymond OL/DL Penn Cambria 2023
Vinny Chirdon LB / H-Back Penn Cambria 2023
Zach Grove RB/LB Penn Cambria 2023
Aaron Brumbaugh TE/DE Penn Cambria 2024
Carter McDermott WR/DB Penn Cambria 2024
Chase Plazek DB/WR Penn Cambria 2024
Eli Summerville OL/DL Penn Cambria 2024
Andrew Mardula LB/RB Penn Cambria 2025
Derek Hite WR/DB Penn Cambria 2025
Gavin Harrold WR/DB Penn Cambria 2025
Isaac Strittmatter WR/DE Penn Cambria 2025
Landon Ehrenfeld OL/DL Penn Cambria 2025
Marcus Eckenrode WR/DB Penn Cambria 2025
Preston Farabaugh OL/DL Penn Cambria 2025
Thomas Plunkett RB/LB Penn Cambria 2025
Charles Rosmeyer K Penn Hills 2022
Chrisitan Williams OL Penn Hills 2022
Adam Ditmer Penn Manor 2023
Mike Evans Penn Manor 2023
Peyton Witmer Penn Manor 2023
Daniel Fish OT/DT Pennridge 2022
Joseph Rindone C Pennridge 2022
Stephen Reutlinger OT/DT Pennridge 2022
Nicholas Kraus OG/DE Pennridge 2023
Tyler Wetzel RB/LB Pennridge 2023
Vincent Dam DB Pennridge 2023
Samuel Kuhns DB Pennridge 2024
Scott Mueller C Pennridge 2024
Trevor Fuhs LB Pennridge 2025
Alex Polenik OL/DE Penns Manor Area 2025
Cade Yacamelli RB/DB Penn-Trafford 2022
Carter Green QB/DB Penn-Trafford 2022
Declan Ochendowski T /DL Penn-Trafford 2022
Garrett Mattes RB/LB Penn-Trafford 2022
Garrett Moorhead G/DL Penn-Trafford 2022
Jack Jollie TE/LB Penn-Trafford 2022
Luke Jollie G/DL Penn-Trafford 2022
Nathan Schlessinger K/P Penn-Trafford 2022
Conlan Greene TE/DL Penn-Trafford 2023
Daniel Tarabrella WR/LB Penn-Trafford 2023
Jacob Haynes TE/LB Penn-Trafford 2023
Jacob Otto WR/DB Penn-Trafford 2023
Josh Huffman H/LB Penn-Trafford 2023
Tommy Kalkstein QB/DB Penn-Trafford 2023
Zach Tomosovich T/DL Penn-Trafford 2024
Jesse Hoopes Pequea Valley 2023
Andrew Beck FB/LB Perkiomen Valley 2022
Austin Henry OL/DL Perkiomen Valley 2022
Ethan Kohler QB Perkiomen Valley 2022
Jeremy Brewer WR/CB Perkiomen Valley 2022
Luke Ricci WR/S Perkiomen Valley 2022
Andy Keough WR/DB Perkiomen Valley 2023
Bradley Curci FB/LB Perkiomen Valley 2023
Carson Pascoe RB/LB Perkiomen Valley 2023
Danny Koehler QB/S Perkiomen Valley 2023
Michael Poruban WR/LB Perkiomen Valley 2023
Ryan Klimek RB/S Perkiomen Valley 2023
Vance Junker TE/DE Perkiomen Valley 2023
Drew Kenworthy QB/LB Perkiomen Valley 2024
Robbie Sturges WR/LB Perkiomen Valley 2024
Ty Hall WR/DB Perkiomen Valley 2024
Evan Karenda K Pine Grove Area 2024
Tyler Sleva OL, DL Pine Grove Area 2024
Jacob Beam T/DL Pine-Richland 2023
Max Heckert TE/LB Pine-Richland 2023
Ryan Palmieri RB/QB Pine-Richland 2023
Joseph Perry RB/LB Pine-Richland 2023
Luke Ruldoph WR/DB Pine-Richland 2023
Vasilios Balouris WR/DB Pine-Richland 2024
James Cardinali T/DL Pine-Richland 2024
Alex Cerminara TE/LB Pine-Richland 2024
Connor Dripps C/DL Pine-Richland 2024
Hunter Petzuk WR/DB Pine-Richland 2024
Angelo Samuels RB/LB Pine-Richland 2024
Cole Wilson T/DL Pine-Richland 2024
David Girman DB Pittston Area 2022
Jack Albert OL Pittston Area 2022
AJ Grieco  WR Pittston Area 2023
Anthony Ranielli WR Pittston Area 2023
Jaiden Morgans DL Pittston Area 2023
Nick Sciandra OL Pittston Area 2023
Robby Barbieri DB Pittston Area 2023
Drew DeLucca QB Pittston Area 2024
Kolton Galie OL/DL Plymouth Whitemarsh 2022
Tom Montemayor DL Plymouth Whitemarsh 2023
Luke Winterbottom RB/DB Plymouth Whitemarsh 2024
Max Neeson FB/LB Pottsgrove 2022
Ryan Sisko QB/OLB Pottsgrove 2022
Koleson Gale FB/LB Pottsgrove 2023
Jamie Bean C/LB Pottsgrove 2024
Riley Delp TE/DE Pottsgrove 2024
Jestyn Snyder OL/DL Pottstown 2022
Chris Chhern OL/LB Pottstown 2023
Gabe Hicks TE/LB Pottstown 2023
Joel Mundo WR/DB Pottstown 2023
Fredy Rodriguez K/P Pottstown 2023
Raeff DiCello WR/DB Pottsville 2022
John Kushwarra OT Pottsville 2024
Reilly Verdensky OL/DT Pottsville 2024
Andrew Beer RB/S Purchase Line 2023
John Elick QB/LB Purchase Line 2024
Jakob Mountain QB/S Purchase Line 2025
Clayton Rhoades RB/DB Reynolds 2022
Mitchell Mason OL/DL Reynolds 2022
Alex Winklevoss OL/DL Reynolds 2023
Brayden McCloskey QB/DE Reynolds 2023
Haydin McGlaughlin WR/RB/DB Reynolds 2023
Jalen Wagner RB/LB Reynolds 2023
Noah Geiwitz WR/DB Reynolds 2023
Kolton Wilkinson OL/LB Reynolds 2024
Andrew McCloskey WR/LB Reynolds 2025
Dominic Bethmann OL/DL Richland 2022
Ethan Cafeo OL/DL Richland 2022
Jeb Jordan WR/DB Richland 2022
Tony Demartino RB/DB Richland 2022
Brock Batche RB/LB Richland 2023
Sam Penna WR/DB Richland 2023
Zachary Hancock OL/DL Richland 2023
Ethan Janidlo OL/DL Richland 2024
Evan McCracken RB/LB Richland 2024
Braden Staats QB River Valley Senior
Hank Skirboll WR/SS River Valley Senior
Sal Laure RB/LB Rochester 2022
Tommy Perlick OL/DL Rochester 2023
Anthony Scarcia C / DL Salisbury 2022
Ben Krauss OG / MLB Salisbury 2022
Chase Fenstermaker RB / DB Salisbury 2022
Paul Spann OT / DL Salisbury 2022
TJ Polaha WR / DB Salisbury 2022
Jacob Gibbons TE / OLB Salisbury 2023
Dominic Popovich WR / DB Salisbury 2024
Gavin Cerco WR / DB Salisbury 2024
George Spann RB / LB Salisbury 2024
Jacob Bucchin WR / DB Salisbury 2024
Andrew Lucas OL / DL Salisbury 2025
Derek Trinidad RB / LB Salisbury 2025
Nathaniel Tone RB / LB Salisbury 2025
Kevin Fitzpatrick RB/DB Schuylkill Haven 2022
Colby Crills WR/DB Schuylkill Valley 2023
Aaron Rothermel OL / LB Selinsgrove 2022
Brandon Hile RB / LB Selinsgrove 2022
Damian Catherman OL / DL Selinsgrove 2022
Ethan Kelly OL / DL Selinsgrove 2022
Nate Aument WR / CB Selinsgrove 2022
Derek Holtzapple RB / LB Selinsgrove 2023
Max Maurer OL / DL Selinsgrove 2023
Philip Gesumaria RB / S Selinsgrove 2023
Andrew Sassaman TE / LB Selinsgrove 2024
Caleb Geipel WR / CB Selinsgrove 2024
Camden Smith OL / DL Selinsgrove 2024
Carter Young TE / LB Selinsgrove 2024
Ryan Gavason WR / CB Selinsgrove 2024
Tucker Teats RB / LB Selinsgrove 2024
Gavin Bastian WR / S Selinsgrove 2025
Tyler Whary RB/DB Shamokin 2022
John Kodack OL/DL Shamokin 2022
Riley Macaluso OL/DL Shamokin 2022
Maximus Madden RB/DB Shamokin 2022
Brett Nye QB Shamokin 2023
Eric Zalar OL/DL Shamokin 2023
Corey Adams RB/LB Shamokin 2023
Colton Lynch TE/DL Shamokin 2023
Kaden Hoffman TE Shikellamy 2022
Coltyn Sempko RB/LB Shikellamy 2022
John Peifer WR/DB shikellamy 2022
Anderson, Eli QB Slippery Rock
Bell, Isaac OL Slippery Rock
Corace, Aiden RB/LB Slippery Rock
Just, Walker LB/TE Slippery Rock
Kingerski, Nick K/P Slippery Rock
Massella, Andrew LB/RB Slippery Rock
Mineo, Sal DB/RB Slippery Rock
Mokel, William QB Slippery Rock
Montgomery, Ryan DB/RB Slippery Rock
Pilosi, Tony DL/OL Slippery Rock
Schwartz, Sam DB Slippery Rock
Andre Mohler Solanco 2022
Trent Henry Solanco 2022
Josiah Forren Solanco 2023
Logan Furches Solanco 2023
Nick Curotto G / LB Souderton Area HS 2022
Gabe Epps OT / DE Souderton Area HS 2022
Ben McMackin OT Souderton Area HS 2024
Justin Caputo K South Fayette 2022
Ryan Kovatch Wr South Fayette 2022
Sam Rosato Lb South Fayette 2022
RJ Utz O-Line South Western 2022
Carson Trone Safety South Western 2023
Robbie Sterner OLB South Western 2023
Gavin Garcia RB Southern Columbia 2022
Gabriel Leffler OC Southern Columbia 2022
Matt Masala RB Southern Columbia 2022
Joseph Quinton OG Southern Columbia 2022
Austin Reeder DT Southern Columbia 2022
Jake Rose WR Southern Columbia 2022
Carson Savitski OT Southern Columbia 2022
Nate Seroskie LB Southern Columbia 2022
Landon Shultz OG Southern Columbia 2022
Trevor Yorks DT Southern Columbia 2022
Michael Zsido LB Southern Columbia 2022
Tyler Arnold DE Southern Columbia 2023
Ryan Kerstetter TE Southern Columbia 2023
Logan Sharrow DE Southern Columbia 2023
Jake Toczylousky WR Southern Columbia 2023
Isaac Carter K/P Southern Columbia 2024
Jake Hoy DB Southern Columbia 2024
Colden Bloom DE Southern Columbia 2024
Gavin Crebs LB Southern Columbia 2024
Robert Long OG Southern Columbia 2024
Carter Madden LB Southern Columbia 2024
Louden Murphy DB Southern Columbia 2024
Blake Wise QB Southern Columbia 2024
Dominic Fetterolf LB Southern Columbia 2024
Dylan Stine DT Southern Columbia 2024
Carson Bogdan  DB Spring-Ford 2022
Colton Swanson OL/DT St. Marys 2022
Connor Bullers OL/DE St. Marys 2022
Tommy Defilippi WR/CB St. Marys 2022
Tony Lewis WR/S St. Marys 2022
Carter Chadsey WR/CB St. Marys 2023
Charlie Coudriet WR/S St. Marys 2023
Clay Grazioli OL/DL St. Marys 2023
Collin Reitz WR/CB St. Marys 2023
Eli Rippey OL/LB St. Marys 2023
Justin Dornisch RB/S St. Marys 2023
Logan Mosier WR/DB St. Marys 2023
Mason Sheeley WR/DE St. Marys 2024
Matthew Davis RB/S St. Marys 2024
Tristan Dilley WR/LB St. Marys 2024
Grant Jin OL/LB St. Marys 2025
Calvin Roan DB State College 2022
TJ Yoder slott State College 2022
Carter Williams WR, DB State College 2023
Finn Furmanek QB, WR State College 2023
Ian Savitski WR State College 2023
Joshua Bechtel WR, DB State College 2023
Kajetan Kaszubowski K State College 2023
Logan Milito C State College 2023
Stephen Scourtis DE/TE State College 2023
Stephen Shunk DE State College 2023
Eli Espinoza LB State College 2024
Michael Gaul LB State College 2025
Ty Salazer DB State College 2025
Daivin Pryor WR/S Steel-High Rollers 2022
Marlyn Davis T/DT Steel-High Rollers 2022
Alex Erby Q Steel-High Rollers 2024
Ethan Sodl QB Stroudsburg 2022
Giovanni Silva TE/LB Stroudsburg 2023
Stoney Fuller-Bey OL/DL Stroudsburg 2024
Hunter Strickland FB Trinity HS 2022
Jeremy Sikora WR Trinity HS 2022
Mason Kraeer DT Trinity HS 2023
Aiden Davis Center Trinity HS 2024
Braeden Helmkamp OT Trinity HS 2024
Kelden Traxler OL/DL Tussey Mountain 2023
Jack Stoudnour WR Tussey Mountain 2025
Keegan Traxler OL/DL Tussey Mountain 2025
Landon Myers QB Tussey Mountain 2025
Ryan Corros OL/LB Twin Valley 2022
Noah Roehm OL/DL Twin Valley 2024
Paul McClune OL/DE Twin Valley 2024
Aris Drake OL Twin Valley 2025
Evan Myers QB Twin Valley 2025
Ryan Cooper WR/DB Union/ACV 2023
Kaden McNany OL/DL Union/ACV 2024
Evan Thomas E / LB United 2024
Issac Worthington QB / DB United 2024
Noah Lee  WR Upper Dublin 2022
Tom Smid OL Upper Dublin 2022
Colin O’Sullivan QB  Upper Dublin 2023
Anthony Memo WR Valley View 2022
Christopher Conserette DB Valley View 2022
Colin Skeen  WR/CB  Valley View 2022
Cory Bushta P Valley View 2022
Daniel Vislosky C/OL Valley View 2022
Dante Randle DE/FB Valley View 2022
Jack Casarin  RB/DB  Valley View 2022
Sean Mackinder  WR/DB  Valley View 2022
Tyler Swartz  OT Valley View 2022
Zack Rudalavage  TE/LB  Valley View 2022
A.J. Kucharski  LB/TE  Valley View 2023
Adam Howanitz  QB/DB  Valley View 2023
Connor Hilling RB-DB Valley View 2023
Connor Swartz WR/DB Valley View 2023
Evan Hall OL Valley View 2023
Gino Barone FB/LB Valley View 2023
Jacob Casarin  OL Valley View 2023
James Casarin OL Valley View 2023
James Liparulo  WR Valley View 2023
Brooks Estadt  TE/DE Valley View 2024
Chaz Kaszuba  OL Valley View 2024
Christopher Savkov  WR Valley View 2024
Dominic Memo QB Valley View 2024
Dylan Sacchetti DB Valley view 2024
Jerry Wasilchak   C/DL Valley View 2024
Kyle Rupp TE Valley View 2024
Logan Smith DT Valley View 2024
Robbie Nolan DE/OL Valley View 2024
Steven Halloran DE Valley view 2024
Shadrak AgyeiRB RB Wallenpaupack 2021
Ben Ostroski OL Wallenpaupack 2023
Colin Winters Warwick 2023
Ethan Zipko Warwick 2023
Devan Zirwas TE/LB West Allegheny 2022
Gavin Miller QB/DB West Allegheny 2022
Mason Marchinsky QB/LB West Allegheny 2022
Gage Upton QB/DB West Allegheny 2023
Seth Weese FB/DL West Allegheny 2023
Casie Yonker K West Allegheny 2025
Casey Miller OL/DL West Greene 2022
Dalton Lucey WR/DB West Greene 2022
Hunter Hamilton WR/DB West Greene 2022
Johnny Lampe RB/LB West Greene 2022
Owen Hughes OL/DL West Greene 2022
Brian Jackson OL/DL West Greene 2024
Cooper Chambers WR/DB West Greene 2024
Hayden Hamilton RB/LB West Greene 2024
Morgan Kiger LB West Greene 2024
Seth Burns WR/DB West Greene 2024
Colton Negley OL/DL West Greene 2025
Dalton Roberts LB West Greene 2025
Levi Smith OL/LB West Greene 2025
Patrick Durbin RB/DB West Greene 2025
Carson Novosel OL/Dl West Mifflin 2022
Taylor Goldstrohm OL/DL West Shamokin 2022
Dylan Wolfe RB/LB West Shamokin 2023
Micah Linhart RB/LB West Shamokin 2023
Gabe Schrecengost OL/DL West Shamokin 2023
Derek Lybarger WR/LB West Shamokin 2024
Henry Clark RB/DB West Shamokin 2025
Trey Goodwin DB/WR West York Area 2022
Brandon DeJesus RB/OLB West York Area 2023
Damone Drayden DB/RB West York Area 2023
Justin Ket LB/RB West York Area 2024
Sherrod Anderson WR/DB West York Area 2024
Aziya Arroyo DB/WR West York Area 2025
Jaden Hess DB/WR West York Area 2025
Cameron Hagenbaugh OL/DL Wilkes-Barre Area 2023
Gannon Reddin TE/LB Wilkes-Barre Area 2023
Bob Delescavage OL/DL Wilkes-Barre Area 2024
Connor Chapple OL/DL Wilkes-Barre Area 2024
Connor Kelly TE/LB Wilkes-Barre Area 2024
Fred White RB/DL Wilkes-Barre Area 2024
Howie Shiner  RB/LB Wilkes-Barre Area 2024
Max Gregor WR/LB Wilkes-Barre Area 2024
Naquan Johnson WR/LB Wilkes-Barre Area 2024
Caden Demellier WR/DB Wilkes-Barre Area 2025
Jimmy Gryskewicz OL/DL Wilkes-Barre Area 2025
Logan Sincavage WR/LB Wilkes-Barre Area 2025
Faizon Kamboh WR/DB William Allen HS 2022
Michel Chrastina TE / DE Wilmington 2023
Alex Worley OG/DE Wilson 2022
Evan Williams WR Wilson 2022
Gannon Brubaker S Wilson 2022
Gavin Lenart RB/LB Wilson 2022
Josh Drake S Wilson 2022
Cam Jones WR/CB/KR Wilson 2023
John Shuster RB Windber 2023
Adien Gray QB Windber  2022
Dom Waite OG Windber  2022
Ethan Brady SS Windber  2023
Chase Bethea WR/DB Wissahickon 2022
Dylan Shank LB/RB Wissahickon 2022
Jason Michaels WR Wissahickon 2022
Nate DeVincent K/P Wissahickon 2022
Adam Grossman OL/DL Wissahickon 2023
Gavin Myers WR/DB Wissahickon 2023
Kyle Lehman RB/DB Wissahickon 2023
Michael Bemis WR/DB Wissahickon 2024
Harry Kull LB/RB Wissahickon 2025
Blaise Sokach-Minnick DE/L Wyoming Area 2022
Dylan Rosati WR/DB Wyoming Area 2022
John Morgan WR/DB Wyoming Area 2022
Matt Pelleschi G Wyoming Area 2022
Rocco Pizano   WR/DB Wyoming Area 2022
Drew Mruk RB/LB Wyoming Area 2023
Ethan Speece T Wyoming Area 2023
Halle Kranson K Wyoming Area 2023
Joe Marranca RB Wyoming Area 2023
Aaron Crossley RB Wyoming Area 2024
Liam Burke Wyoming Area 2024
Matt Rutkoski LB Wyoming Area 2025
Evan Lord OL/DL Wyoming Valley West 2022
Josh Koval FB/LB Wyoming Valley West 2022
Colin Rood TE/DL Wyoming Valley West 2023
John McLaughlin C/LB Wyoming Valley West 2023
Jonathan Cardona K Wyoming Valley West 2023
Logan Dwyer RB/LB Wyoming Valley West 2023
Luke Buss QB Wyoming Valley West 2023
Lucas Zdancewicz QB/LB Wyoming Valley West 2024
Jake Dubaskas FB/LB Wyoming Valley West 2025
Delp, Andrew James RB/DB Wyomissing Area 2023
Delp, William James RB/DB Wyomissing Area 2023
Hoffman, Nickolas Alexander WR/DB Wyomissing Area 2023
Young, Cooper James OL/DL Wyomissing Area 2023
Ziegler, Pacen Scott OL?DL Wyomissing Area 2023
Blickley, Evan Christerpher TE/LB Wyomissing Area 2024
Brewer, Caleb Ayden OL/DL Wyomissing Area 2024
Weller, Thomas M OL/DL Wyomissing Area 2024
Bailey Eberwein RB/DB York Tech 2023
Carsyn Mentz SE/LB York Tech 2024
Evan Moore OL/DL York Tech 2024
Pearce Alleyne OL/DL York Tech 2024

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