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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

PSFCA East West Rosters to be announced today at noon and 2pm.

Written by: on Monday, February 22nd, 2021


In 2021, a new era will be ushered in. For the first time ever there will be TWO East-West All Star games. They’ll be played Memorial Day Weekend, Sunday, May 30, at Landis Field (Central Dauphin School District) in Harrisburg. and the games are split among classifications. They will be played in conjunction with the Big 33 game.  The first game will be held at noon and will feature players from 1A thru 3A classifications.  The Second game starts at 5pm and will feature players from 4A through 6A.

The rosters for the Big 33 game were released last week.   Today at noon the rosters for the 1-3A teams will be released and at 2pm they will release the rosters for the 4-6A game.

How the Teams are chosen:  

Please visit this LINK for details

Game History
The first game was held in June of 2001 at Mansion Park in Altoona, after members of the Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Association (PSFCA) approached the Allegheny Mountains Convention & Visitors Bureau to help organize and produce a sister game to the Big 33 Game. The Big 33 Game features the top players in the state against players from Maryland. Unfortunately only 34 players can be selected to represent Pennsylvania, and in a state with a rich football tradition many quality players are left out. Thus, the PSFCA East West All Star Game was conceived giving the honor to play in a statewide, prestigious all star game to 68 more players.

The players selected to play in the game truly represent some of the finest football talent in Pennsylvania. Past player have gone on to play for college powerhouse teams such as Penn State, University of Maryland, Toledo, Ohio State, Pitt, Notre Dame, Syracuse University, Cornell University, U. S. Naval Academy and University of Michigan. The game has also been a showcase for Ivy League athletes, with players going on to Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and Yale. Our first class of alumni was eligible for the NFL draft in April of 2005 and several have begun their professional careers with the NFL.

Pennsylvania Bowl
Currently the East holds the advantage for wins 10-8. Clearly the stage has been set for rivalry that’s sure to continue to grow. As the rivalry grows so does game attendance and recognition. More than 50,000 people have traveled to Altoona, Gateway, Franklin Regional and Downingtown to watch these future college and NFL players in a classic rivalry. The Game had been aired on PCN, Root Sports, Fox Sports and

The Comeback.
The PSFCA thought it was a necessity to get this game going again, so after a year hiatus, the PSFCA with the help of many other sponsors brought the East West All Star Game back. The game was played in Western PA (Cupples Stadium-2016) and in Eastern PA (Downingtown-2015). The game returned to Altoona’s Mansion Park and has been played there until this year.  The game was not played in 2011 due to lack of sponsorship and a variety of other issues and in 2020 the game was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Both game will be live streamed by  

Past Game Scores (Series = East 10 West 8)

2001      East 31   West 3                                2010      East 33   West 7                                2019      West 41 East 35

2002      East 31   West 17                              2011      No Game                                          2020      No Game

2003      West 14 East 10                               2012      West 45 East 24

2004      East 39   West 13                              2013      East 47   West 28

2005      East 24   West 7                                2014      East 35   West 25

2006      East 20   West 14                              2015      West 21 East 19

2007      West 24 East14                                2016      East 20   West 19

2008      West 10 East 0                                  2017      West 17 East 14

2009      East 37   West 22                              2018      West 28 East 25


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