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PA Football News Spring 2021 State Football Scoreboard
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2021 PFN Player Profile: Ryan McKay-Sun Valley Vanguards @RMckaySV @ErnieEllis96 @svvanguards

Written by: on Monday, July 19th, 2021


Ryan McKay

Sun Valley Vanguards

Class of: 2022

GPA: 3.17

Jersey#: 68

Position(s): OT, DT

Ht: 6’5 – Wt: 237

No awards at the moment but, I plan on changing that this year.

Other Sports: Baseball(stopped when I was 12)

Twitter: @RMckaySV

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________When did you start playing football?
I started playing football in 8th grade because my friends kept telling me to play.

What is the best part about playing football?
The best part about football are the bonds that it can create. I also noticed as a Senior on our team, trying to teach the younger guys on their technique and building their character up is also important to me.

Who is your favorite pro athlete and why?
My favorite pro athlete is Lane Johnson, RT from the Eagles. My favorite team and I loved how he has spoken out over the past few years and he has no B.S. mentality. He is a leader on and off the field and he is always working.

What would be your desired major in college?
My desired college major is Journalism & Media, mostly in the media field. I want to be a sports broadcaster either on TV or radio.

Coming off a year with COVID struggles, what do you think this year will be like?
Coming off last year, COVID-19 played a major factor. We didn’t know if we were practicing just for us to pushed to the spring. We had 2 or 3 games cancelled and it was rough for everyone involved. I think that this year a lot of the problems like we faced last year won’t happen again.

Which side of the ball would you consider your better strength, Offense or Defense?

Favorite play to run?
My favorite type of play to run is any type of screen where I can get out in space and run into someone.

Favorite pre-game meal?
My favorite type of pre-game meal is any type of pasta. The carb load helps a lot.

Favorite sports movie?
My favorite sports movie of all time has to be BenchWarmers. I’ve watched that movie so many times and the “I am 12” scene gets me every time.

Pregame music genre to get you pumped up?
My favorite type of pregame music I like to listen to is definitely some Kanye West from the 2000’s and 10’s.

Most embarrassing sports moment?
My most embarrassing sports moment would definitely have to be from my Sophomore season when I got on the field for the very first time on a varsity level. I was out on KOR and I got laid out right in front of our sideline. Biggest jog of shame ever.

What are you looking forward to most this year?
I am most excited about the potential we have on this team. I’m excited about our coaching staff and how much they have been pushing us during our practices. I see it in all of our team, we want to change the culture of Sun Valley Football.


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