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2021 PFN Player Profile: Jimmy Mullevey – Central Bucks East @jmullevey78 @CBEastFootball

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| July 4, 2021


Jimmy Mullevey

Central Bucks East High School 

Class of 2022 


Ht: 6’4 Wt: 275 

Other sports: Baseball and basketball 

Twitter: @jmullevey78

Why do you play football? 

I play football because I love being a part of a team. I love the comradery you get from playing on a team, and the fact that I can trust my teammates with anything.

What has been your best memory from football so far? 

My best memory of me playing football was the East vs West game. We scored on almost every offensive drive and the O-line that game was stellar. The first half of the game is a very fond memory.

Who is your favorite pro athlete and why?

My favorite pro-athlete is Quenton Nelson, an offensive guard for the Colts. I want to play the game like he plays the game. Tough, hard, and finishing people with force.

Who is your biggest fan and why? 

My biggest fans are my parents. They have supported me through all the ups and downs throughout my football career. No matter what I do I know that my parents will be there to support me.

Is there any specific person you look up to and use as a role model?

Not a person, but aspects of people. I admire the selflessness from my parents, and how they always put their family first. I admire Mike Moosebrugger in the way that he is open and able to listen and then give advice back to you.

What is your desired major in college?  

I would like to major in marketing, primarily sports marketing.

Coming off a year with COVID struggles, what do you think this year will be like?

This year all the chains are loose and kids are ready to play.

Favorite play to run?

Crack screen and power run.

What is your personal goal for this season?

To become a caption and get as many “Pancake” blocks as possible.

Favorite pre-game meal?

Grilled Chicken, brown rice, banana, and tons of water.

Sports movie?

Friday Night Lights.

Sport you’d love to play but can’t?


Most embarrassing sports moment?

Accidentally doing a “High Low” penalty, not knowing what it was. To then be yelled at by my offensive line coach.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

To play a full ten-game season.

Favorite activities?

Play basketball, baseball, lift, work at Uptowne deli, hang out with friends, and watch movies and tv shows.

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