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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

Academy Park suffocates potent Chester offense 29-14 @AParkFootball @CLIPPERS_FB

Written by: on Sunday, April 11th, 2021



I know from watching how good the Chester offense was because I had watched them once before during the spring season. I had asked other members of the PFN staff what to expect from Academy Park and then a projection on By the time this one was over, I will only say everyone was incorrect about the final outcome of this game. I witnessed the best defensive performance I can ever remember seeing and still can’t say I believed my eyes and my unofficial stats. Before I get started on the article I want to thank @pfntristan for getting the name of the Academy Park players for me. Also, the scoreboard was not working so I am changing my format a bit for this one.


Kabba Kamara would get to Chester’s Isaiah Freeman for a loss of ten yards and set the tone for the monstrous defensive ever we would be treated to from the Academy Park team. The drive for Chester would result in a total of negative 18 yards. The Chester defense would get a nice play from Noble Thompson, who got to Ibrahim Sanogo for a one-yard loss. Academy Park would recover nicely from the loss when slipper running quarterback Anthony Rodriguez slivered in for a 22-yard touchdown. Out of the hold from Brian Erskine, Kamara would hit the P.A.T. to make this a 7-0 game.

When Chester got the ball back Erskine teamed up with Jankeem Moore to stop the very talented Anton Sterling for a six-yard loss. This drive also ended in negative yardage of 17-yards. The Chester defense would get a scoop and score from

Darron Miller to make this a 7-6 game. Causing the fumble on the play for Chester was Jahir Palmer. If ever a team needed a gigantic play from its defense it was Chester at this point of the game. The Chester defense would get the last big play of the quarter when Cy’heem Brown along with others stopped Sanogo for a short loss.


The Chester defense started off the 2nd quarter the way they ended the first. Sanogo would be dumped for a short loss by

Ahim Keem. Up to this point the Chester defense had, had just one small problem and that was Rodriguez and he would become a bigger problem when he perfected one of my favorite plays, a quarterback draw for a 65-yard touchdown. He simply outran the entire Chester defense. A bad snap on the P.A.T. try kept this a 13-6 game.

The Chester offense would finally come out of its coma-like state when Isaiah Freeman threw a sideline pass to William Smith that netted 25-yards. Sterling would have his number called but Xavier Crantshaw-Watson threw him down for a short loss. Jason Stone was able to take in a 5-yard pass for a touchdown then a two-point conversion would make this a 14-13 game. There would be two more plays that stuck out in the quarter. First, Ashton Clarkson tackled E’Shone Nickens for a loss of four, after Nickens made a nice catch. Rodriguez appeared to have a 32-yard touchdown pass but a holding call took the points off of the board. At this point, Chester had a total of 29 yards.

Defense was the main cog of the third quarter with the biggest play coming from the Chester defense. On fourth and goal from what looked to be inside the one Sanogo was stopped by seven, maybe eight players from the defensive unit of Chester. Rodriguez only threw the ball eleven times all game and I think eight or nine passes were to Erik Willis. How Willis was always open a dumb fan like me could not figure it out. The only touchdown pass by Rodriguez came in the fourth quarter and yes it was to Willis from 13-yards out. The same combo completed the two-point conversion try to make this a 21-14 game. With the game on the line and Chester showing some life a tipped pass by an Academy Park defender somehow ended up in the hands of Camir Jones, who took the ball all the way back to the Clippers five. Sanogo would put the icing on the cake with a five-yard touchdown run, followed by Rodriguez to make the final score 29-14.












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