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Excitement Beginning to Brew on the Ridge

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| March 4, 2023


Perkasie, Pa.- On Tuesday Pennridge announced the hiring of their new Head football coach. On Thursday evening between 70 & 75 parents and student-athletes got to meet the new leader of the Pennridge football family. Athletic Director Scott Hegen enthusiastically reiterated previously released information on the hiring process to those in attendance wanting to meet the new school board-approved head football coach and business teacher. Hegen also pointed out that the dual role was an important factor in the selection process. “The hiring process which began back in December was long but thorough,” promised Hegen. “Four rounds of interviews were had before choosing the next leader of our beloved Rams.” While I’m sure the other nineteen candidates were all great choices, Kyle Beller clearly fit the mold which those involved in the hiring process were seeking. Evidence of their desires and aspirations for the football program protruded from his calm yet passionate delivery as he spoke to his new student-athletes and their loved ones about the culture coming to the Ridge. Coach Beller spoke of a culture that will revolve & evolve around an open door policy, a family atmosphere, the weight room, & pride within and throughout their new family. A hungry Beller also spoke of the core values encompassing his vision and it is clear these Rams are going to eat on and off the field- as it focuses on their Effort, Accountability, & Toughness. While not to divulge too much of the coach’s plan, he had this old guy wanting to suit up and hit someone! Overall I would give the new coach & educator an A on the substance of his message and his delivery. Coach Beller’s 20+ years of teaching experience was evident. He kept everyone’s attention and answered all questions that arose with promptness. I could feel his excitement to be leading student-athletes again. While his entire staff isn’t complete just yet, I got a confident vibe within his response to it being finalized sooner rather than later. Eager to finally get to work, Class of 2024 standout Sam Kuhns said, “he is excited to be getting back to work now that his and his teammates wait is finally over.” Kuhns also expressed his excitement about Beller’s offensive and defensive philosophies that he is bringing to the SOL. Some of the players presented their new coach with a basket of Pennridge swag which I know will be utilized by the coach as he and his wife Lynn who was there in support were decked out in Pennridge attire to include some impressive high-top green vans donned by Mrs. Beller! The evening concluded with a great round of applause & everyone lined up to meet and shake hands with the new coach. It’s safe to say there’s a an exciting buzz brewing on the Ridge. Stay tuned for more updates as Kyle and his staff settle in on Year 1.

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