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Friday Night Lights for 2020 was something special. @PIAADistrictXI

Written by: on Friday, April 17th, 2020


Montage via Bridget Algeo

This was the tweet that started a snowstorm of posts honoring the class of 2020 and the strength this class needs to move on to their next step:

From there, it snowballed into an avalanche of pictures and videos. Literally. In some areas of Pennsylvania, on this April 17, over 4 inches of snow fell making for some picturesque and fitting tributes to the class of 2020. District XI would like to thank and congratulate Northwestern Lehigh AD Jason Zimmerman on his efforts in putting together this great evening of celebrating and thanking the Class of 2020 and our first responders and those during the most during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Well done Zim!”  was the tweet from the PIAA District XI twitter page, thanking the person who began this snowstorm of honor. We thank you too. And thank you to the folks at District XI for starting this amazing tribute. 

Very few people walking this planet can know the feelings these seniors are going through right now. They stand in some honorable company. There are some veterans of World War II that never saw the end of their senior year. A different type of loss, but loss like this is tough to handle no matter the situation.  Your senior year, especially the last few months, is a time of bonding, reflecting and reminiscing. A time to remember and look forward, together. These seniors will never know those moments. We at wish you all a happy and wonderful life. May you eventually find some closure and move on to greatness. Go forward class of 2020 and make us all proud.



For District XI and the class of 2020, Thanks to all who participated, please enjoy the scenes:



Watch Doug Dyke and company make this tribute

Special night at the stadium thinking of health care workers, first responders, as well as the senior class of Hanover Area! Class of 2020! A class and a year that will not be soon forgotten!

— Admin (@HanoverAreaJRSR) April 18, 2020





Lastly, we want to thank those on the front lines for the hard work and dedication you are all showing us.

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