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Hallelujah, Wissahickon won’t go winless after winning 28-3 over William Tennent

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| October 14, 2022


It happened, Wisshaickon finally did it. Wissahickon gets their first win of the year after taking down Willaim Tennent in a 28-3 win. Jaden Mclean, Gavin Myers, Jarret Federer, and Julian Perkins all were to get touchdowns in the final home game, and for a few this would have been the last home game in general. The defense played slow at the start and picked it up making a huge stop after a huge stop. While the Offense also was to play slow but get better throughout the game and put the final nail in the coffin with a 23-yard rushing touchdown by #11 Mclean.


Wissahickon’s final home game would start out sloppy, very sloppy. They moved the ball with one screen pass and two runs before fumbling off a bad snap. #17 Perkins would take the snap and lose the ball before getting his throw-off. William Tennent would get an eye of the ball and pounce all over it. WT would take over at their Thirty-Four-yard line after #51 Evan Devor would come up with the ball setting WT up with 10:06 in the 1st.

The first quarter ended with a 0-0 score. WT and Wissahickon would trade punts in the quarter. William Tennent started off the ball in the second quarter at Wissahickon’s nine-yard line facing a 2nd and 5 scenario. Wissahickon would bend but not break, they stuffed two straight runs up the middle forcing WT to kick a field goal. which they missed. Wissahickon though would not do anything with the ball on their next drive punting right back over after a dropped pass. William Tennent would take over their newest drive at Wissahickon’s Forty-One-yard line. In a matter of three rushes, three passes, two false starts, and one sack, WT faced a 4th and 14 from the fourteen-yard line. On WT’s next field goal attempt #1 Kyle Flack would be able to drill a 31-yarder with a 3-0 lead with 3:43 remaining in the half.

With Wissahickon moving the ball slowly in their past few drives and only being left with 3:43 in the half and starting at their Thirty-Eight-yard line, you could guess that they wouldn’t move anywhere. After flying down the field and being set up in a 2nd and 5 situation at WT’s Seventeen-yard line, Wisshaickon would run a double reverse play getting the ball to #2 Myers. He would fight his way through multiple defenders pushing his way to the line reaching the corner and getting in the endzone. “I knew I had to score, I didn’t have a great first quarter I had a drop and I just wanted that play really bad nothing was going to stop me there.”- Myers said when asked what goes through his head before the play was snapped. Wissahickon went for a two-point conversion and got it with #77 Federer running through an open hole to get Wissahickon the 8-3 lead with 52.6 remaining in the half.

The half ended out with Wissahickon staying on top in the 8-3 lead. William Tennent was to receive the ball to start the second half, but that wouldn’t have any impact on Wissahickon’s motivation and drive to stay ahead of the game. WT’s first drive ended with a punt after a forced incompletion. Wissahickon would take over the ball at William Tennet’s own Forty-yard line. With a few challenges and a 4th and 6 decision to go for it, Wissahickon would win the gamble. Mclean would catch the ball over at William Tennent’s side of the field and get drilled in the back but still hold on to the ball and get the first down that would set up Wissahickon in a good position. Wiss would soon be faced with a  1st and goal at the two-yard line. With Offensive lineman #77 Federer already running the ball in twice this year on two-point conversions, the coaches decided to let him have the real thing. Federer would not stop the legs pushing his way into the endzone with multiple defenders trying to keep him out. “It’s thrilling being in the pack of the huddling getting your name called it’s a completely different feeling and I love it” – Federer would mention on being asked about his touchdown. Wissahickon would try for two again and fail this time, yet they would still have the 14-3 lead over WT with 5:28 remaining in the third.

William Tennent’s next drive was all but exciting. The most exciting part of their drive, came from Wissahickon when #2 Myers would get his second highlight of the day. A tipped interception that he would take to their Forty-five-yard line. “I just love juicing up the team, big plays get the sideline juiced up, the guys in there juiced up, it’s not really about me getting the pick it’s about the team” -Myers would stay completely humble and keep the team first mentality with him when asked how does he feel about his interception. With 57.9 remaining in the third Wissahickon had all the momentum going their way.

Wissahickon would end the third with the ball moving the right way setting up a third and six to start the fourth. After Wisshaickon would get WT to jump on their 4th and 1 issue, Wissahickon’s first play from the line would be a fumble. The good thing for them was that they would keep possession and not too later score off a 10-yard keep by QB #17 Perkins. With a nice fake handoff and absorbing hits from the four-yard line, all the way to the endzone before falling in Wissahickon would be in full control taking the lead. Wissahickon would end up going for yet again another two-point try and get it. With already one offensive lineman getting the ball, Wiss decided to give the ball to the senior #64 Adam Grossman who would find the hole and waltz right in to grab a commanding 22-3 lead with 8:23 remaining in the game.

With an already commanding lead and strong defense, Wissahickon would force another turnover. #51 Cole Rodgers would recover a fumble stripped by #34 Pester, and Wissahickon would take all the momentum with them and start their next drive at WT’s twenty-nine-yard line. With 8:03 remaining in the game. Wissahickon would be forced with a 4th and 9 problem, and get picked off. #12 Isaiah Rosario would snag the ball near the endzone and bring it to the Ten-yard line before they took over again. But that wouldn’t matter because the ball would be turned over right again. #1 for Wissahickon Ryan Wolf would make a contested catch in front of the receiver setting Wissahickon at the fifteen. After three straight turnovers and two straight fourth-down stops, Wissahickon would finally snap this streak and score again. On a third and nine, WR/RB #11 McLean would take the handoff and run right through the O-line for a 23-yard rushing touchdown. McLean would keep his answer response short when asked about his touchdown, he responded with a simple “I need a Tuddy, I need to get one. Soon as I seen the hole I just started running, I did not care what I had to do I had to get in”. The field goal would be now good and Wissahickon would have the last score and big play of the game with a 28-3 lead over WT with 1:50 remaining.

The game ended with Wissahickon taking two knees and walking away from their last home game on senior night winning 28-3. All players mentioned how everyone came to practice this week with a different mentality. Everyone was ready, no one was late, and everyone wanted it. When asked how this win makes you guys feel I was approached with four different answers. Federer mentioned, “Oh this feels amazing, when you had a rough start we just kept our heads up and fought through it.” McClean would say “We lit, like we all happy we all excited Its a good feeling I see my guys happy its a senior night, everyone was confident everyone chipped in and we won.” Myers responded with “We knew we couldn’t go 0-10 on this year and got two tough games coming up we needed this win”. Lastly, Pester would say, “Personally this shouldn’t be our first win, there’s many other games we should’ve won but just to get this first win there’s nothing like it. Especially as your last home game on senior night, there’s many guys who won’t play on this field again and to get this win is magical. Wissahickon hopes to get their second straight win moving at Plymouth Whitemarsh while William Tennent hopes to bounce back and get the win against Cheltenham.

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