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Inside the line: Avery’s view. North Penn v. Souderton @NorthPennKnight @SoudyFB

Written by: on Thursday, September 2nd, 2021


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Inside the line: Avery’s view. North Penn v. Souderton

Inside Scoop (The 5 guys)

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I’m Avery Downing starting left guard for the North Penn knights and I’m glad to be reporting on “The 5 guys”. There’s never a dull moment with the front 5 guys and I’m not talking about the burgers. The knights offensive linemen put up a good fight against Souderton’s defensive line From passing protection to run blocking. The offensive linemen put in work to make sure the Knights secure the win.

On the right side we have Captains Darren Miller and Namir Rose as our right tackle and guard. The center Kevin Pownall and the left side Yours truly (Avery Downing) at left guard and Mikai Green at left tackle. Being inside the game is intense especially for a linemen. Every play is a new blocking assignment and in the beginning it got a little rough with Soudertons 5 man front defense but we quickly adjusted to it and started getting great movement off the ball.

The first quarter we were called up on our first drive and it was a little rough because we didn’t even score in the first quarter. But the second quarter we clapped back and scored instantly with great blocking on a run play to our running back Khalani Eaton. And from there it was a back and forth battle between us and the Souderton Indians defensive line. Exchanging blows the 5 guys of the Knights start to get the lead in the 3rd quarter and run with it. The score at half time was 17-12 and the Indians had the lead but the knights never quit and came back with a blowout win with a score of 42-27 and the knights owe it all to the 5 guys up front.

The offensive line also helped senior running back Khalani Eaton rush for 230 yards and junior quarter back Ryan Zeltt pass for 108 yards, with a 58 yard reception to senior receiver Levi Carroll. The Knights look ahead to this weeks game against Abington and the 5 guys look to have another dominant game.

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