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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

Penn Wood Steps on the Gas Pedal with Powerful Offense to Defeat Chichester

Written by: on Saturday, March 27th, 2021


By: Alec Eskin

It was a nice, sunny, windy, and 68 degree evening in the Chichester area. Perfect for high school football. It was senior night for Chichester with a very heart warming ceremony for them before the game. However, that energy and excitement also extended to Penn Wood and wanted to stay undefeated. Right from the get go, Penn Wood was able to put up 14 quick points in the first quarter. After that, everyone in the stadium could feel the momentum go in Penn Wood’s favor. They would stay up by more than two scores for the rest of the game as they were able to get a comfortable but hard fought victory by a final score of 20-7. Now, lets get into how each team’s night went . . .

On the Penn Wood sideline, you could see a lot of that positivity there being translated into the game. Penn Wood’s offense was pretty stellar all game despite having only 20 points. Jordin Jones was the star of the show for them as he scored two of Penn Wood’s three touchdowns. Then, the time of possession was held by Penn Wood to a large advantage. Despite all this however, there were some turnovers including one in the Chichester red zone. Penn Wood head coach Ato Troop had a little bit of criticism but spoke very highly overall about how his team played on offense and as a whole tonight, “We though that we were physical, obviously there was a couple mistakes like the like the fumble in the end zone that would have put the game away or the under thrown flea flicker pass, but overall I’m very happy.”


On the defensive side of the ball for them, they did almost everything right. They allowed a very small amount of first downs and caused a lot of turnovers. Also, Chichester did not get a single point until the middle of the 4th quarter. One of the biggest plays on defense for Penn Wood was the third down sack by Mike Keene early in the game when Chichester was deep into Penn Wood territory. Lastly, like coach Troop said on offense, the defense was very physical. They had a high intensity and high energy type of mindset through out the entire game and it showed on that end of the field as well. The defensive line was stopping almost everything at the line of scrimmages and caused a lot of trouble for the Chichester offense. Coach Troop for Penn Wood emphasized that “We put a lot of pride in our defense.” Tonight, that clearly showed.

For Chichester, even though they lost, there were some bright spots despite only getting in a total of just nine practices all year before this game. On offense, after struggling for most of the game, they ere finally able to break through on a 12 yard touchdown pass from Zach Taylor to Staring Reaves, who was able to sidestep a defense for the score. Staring Reaves was all over the field on both offense and defense. He was consistently making plays for Chichester. Coach Bob Brice for Chichester said in terms about the offense next week is that “Academy Park runs a completely different defense so we’ll come up with a completely different scheme.”

On defense, After being a caught a little flat footed in the first quarter, they only allowed one more touchdown the rest of the game. Staring Reaves one against made a momentum chaining play by picking off a pass on a flea flicker in the second half. Then, the Chichester defense was able to get a fumble recovery with Penn Wood only two yards from the end zone. But, there were a lot of mistakes and knowing that team, they will make the necessary adjustments. Overall, Coach Brice said that “I was happy with our performance and I was happy with our seniors.”

For both teams, this was a big game for United 10 Standings. Well, probably every game in this spring season is important to the standings. Both head coaches liked the way their teams played regardless of outcome, which is what you want to see from any standpoint whether it is being a player or a fan. Penn Wood moves to 3-0 and will be play at home against Chester on April 1st at 7:00 PM. Chichester will fall to 1-2 and will play at Academy Park next week on April 1st at 7:00 PM as well. I will be covering the Penn Wood game next week as well. It was a great week for spring football and should be a fun April Fools day of spring football.

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