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Pennsbury ends a 26 year losing streak to North Penn after winning 44-34 at Crawford.

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| October 15, 2022


credit to Nur B. Adams/Bucks County Courier Times

A true heartbreaker for the knights on their senior night as Pennsbury continues their historic season and takes down North Penn essentially knocking them out the playoffs for the first time in over 20 years. This might be the first time other than watching PeeWee football that I watched a team run the ball the entire game and it working. Like not one pass was thrown.  Pennsbury’s  lead Running back Galamama Mullbah quite literally ran the ball the whole game with the help of fellow running backs Nathan Beighley and Eric David (22) along with Quarter back Shane McGurrin (12). North Penn couldnt seem to figure out how to stop it all game as Mullbah explodes for 364 yards on 49 carries with 4 touchdowns. The Falcons overall rushed for 445 yards on 60 carries as a team.

The Falcons knew exactly what they wanted to do this game and they executed it very well as Galamama Mullbah ran the ball the ball all but two of their 9 play opening drive for which he broke one loose for about 40 yards on the first play which eventually set up a Qb sneak into the endzone as Pennsbury took an early 7-0 lead. From this drive on New head coach Gallen Snyder knew exactly what to do offensively for the rest of the game. Which you gotta give it up to their Oline they played their hearts out this game as there was barley any loss of yardage on a game where they literally never threw the ball…thats impressive.

North Penn came out a little banged up as 2 of their original 5 offensive linemen, Kevin Pownall (55) with a season ending knee injury back in week 3 and Rymir Gray (54) with a head injury were both ruled out for this matchup. As well as not having key players like Running back/Linebacker Dave Dawes (24) as well as Corner Jay Ford-King (7). It was very noticeable especially on the knights run game as they couldn’t really get it going at all  when usually there is no problem for them. However Qb Ryan Zeltt was able to put together impressive offensive drives all game with passes to Wide outs Yazeed Haynes (23) and Rashad Mcneil (2) and the first touchdown pass that went to running back James Manginie (9). Ryan Zeltt threw for 326 yards and 4 touchdowns.

credit to Nur B. Adams/Bucks County Courier Times

Qb Shane Mcgurrin ran the ball like Taysom Hill as he broke free on one of Pennsburys first plays back on offense for about 30 yards. With all the run plays, the falcons controlled the 1st quarter and it  quickly ended with a score of 7-6

The Falcons score after 4 minutes into the 2nd quarter with run after run after run after run, Mullbah gets his first of 4 touchdowns from 2 yards out. After the kick was made the lead was extended 14-6

The Knights get the ball back and again struggled to run the ball, but the Zeltt to Haynes connection comes in cutch as a 25 yard gain gives the knights offense a little light. However two good things couldnt happen in a row tonight for North Penn as Pennsbury forces a fumble on the very next play which was a run. Coach Dick Beck decides to stick with the run plays and this time it workes out for them as Running Back Amir Major (22) scores 2 plays later making it a 12-14 lead. North Penn was unsucessful with their 2-point conversion attempt.

credit to Nur B. Adams/Bucks County Courier

Pennbury again takes up most of the 2nd quarter with…you guessed it more run plays as North Penn still couldnt figure out how to stop it as they drive all the way downfield which end in another touchdown to Mullbah. The Knights respond making a nice drive downfield ended in a 5 yard reception touchdown to the Georgia commit Yazeed Haynes. The score at halftime was 19-21 Pennsbury.

North Penn’s offense was quiet the 3rd quarter not putting up any points but the falcons were able to score with ease as running back Nathan Beighley broke one loose right up the middle for a 53 yard rushing touchdown making the score 27-19 to end the 3rd.

credit to Nur B. Adams/Bucks County Courier Times

The 4th quarter was a scoring frenzy as both teams offenses went all out. Pennsbury taking the first strike with a field goal to make the score and the star of the night Galamama Mullbah scoring yet again on the ground  making the score 37-19. Qb Ryan Zeltt responds going 4 for 4 the next drive with the touchdown pass going to Wr Rashad Mcneil and getting the knights back in this game. The Mvp of the game again scores on the next drive as Mullbah gets a 43 yard rushing touchdown making that his 4th of night. The Knights doing all they can to try and bring themselves back into this as the Zeltt to Haynes connection comes in clutch again as Haynes scores on a 52 yard touchdown reception. Zeltt followed that up with a rushing 2 point conversion making the score 34-44. The Knights were unable to get the onside kick and the Falcons run the clock out officially ending the game and ending a 26 year losing streak to North Penn.

credit to Nur B. Adams/Bucks County Courier Times

The falcons will look to continue their winning streak against their conference rivals Abington next friday while the Knights also have a conference game at Pennridge.


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