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PA Football News Spring 2021 State Football Scoreboard

2021 PFN Player Profile: Ian Smith-West Middlesex Big Reds @Iansmith8403 @MarkMeans20 @WMBigRedsFB @KoltenHoffman

Written by: on Thursday, July 22nd, 2021


Ian Smith

West Middlesex Big Red

Class of 2022

GPA: 3.5

Position: RB/LB

Jersey#: 3

Ht: 5’10 – Wt: 205

Defensive MVP
Defensive Player of the Year
Leading Tackler
First Team All Region at RB and LB

Other Sports: Baseball, Basketball

2020 Stats:(7 games)
90 carries. 412 yards 4 TD’s
47 solo tackles. 13 assist 60 total 8.6 PG

Twitter: @iansmith8403

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What is the best part about playing football?
The best part about playing football would have to be the want and why to be out there on a Friday night with your brothers, going to war against a common enemy. We all have a certain goal and we all need each other to achieve that goal. There is nothing like running out of the tunnel with your brothers getting all fired up to knock some kids around.

What has been your best memory from football so far?
My favorite memory from football so far would have to be either between winning the Midget football championship against Farrell. Or it would have to be my first career TD against Lakeview as a freshman.

Who is your favorite pro athlete and why?
My favorite pro athlete would have to be Barry Sanders. It’s a very simple reason why I like him. You can’t take your eyes off of him when he is on the field. He is a unstoppable force on the field and does it with respect and never opens his mouth to brag or fight. He goes about his business. Does his job and moves on with his life. He is easily the best RB’S of all time.

Is there any specific person you look up to and use as a role model?
My papa is definitely my biggest role model. Everything I do is for him. So when I let him down or act up in a way he wouldn’t I get very upset with myself. He is an amazing man and is extremely wise.

What would be your desired major in college?
I want to major in sports journalism/broadcasting and minor is sports management and business.

Which side of the ball do you consider yourself better at?
I feel I can dominate on either side. But I focus on defense more. I use all my energy on game days on that side of the ball and use whatever I have left for offense. I love defense and plan to play on that side of the ball at the next level.

Coming off the year with COVID struggles what do you think this year will be like?
Honestly last year was hard. Not all the fans could come and watch. Masks and everything. But I feel we can get back to normal this year and I can show my community my skills again.

Favorite play to run?
34 cross block on offense. And Mike blitz on defense.

Favorite pre game meal?
Chicken Parmesan

Favorite place to eat out?
Laddie’s Sky Club in Brookfield,OH

Favorite sports movie?
Remember the Titans

Pregame music genre to get you hyped up?
Hip Hop

Favorite class in school?
Gym or History

Favorite activity I do during the off-season?
Workout or grind Madden

other than your home stadium which would you rate the best?
Farrell. By a mile.

Which opponent on your schedule do you want to play against the most. And why?
Lakeview. I don’t like them at all. We don’t get along.

Most embarrassing sports moment?
In 6th grade basketball I almost scored for Farrell on an inbounds pass. And I got tackled by a girl in midget football. I actually have the video of that.

College offers, If any, by who?
Westminster, Baldwin Wallace, Grove City College

What are you looking forward to most this year?
Well it’s not official at the time I’m responding to this. But West Middlesex most likely won’t have a football team this year. We will most likely merge with Farrell or Kennedy. So if that’s the case I’m looking forward to meeting some new guys and playing against my rivals and competing with them and getting to work to win a championship. The goal is to get a ring. Lets get it done. If we end up having a team. I’m looking forward to leading my team and dominating the opposition. I’m going to have a huge year. This is the best I’ve felt in years and the healthiest I’ve been. Can’t wait to get on the field!

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