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Written by: on Monday, June 28th, 2021



6 ft 1 in,170 lbs

baseball, basketball, football /O 2023

You are a rarity when it comes to the young athlete today meaning you play three sports (Baseball, Basketball, and Football. Which of the three do you enjoy playing the most?

The sport I enjoy playing the most is baseball. It is in my family and I have been playing it since I was a little kid. Yet over the past couple of years of playing football (because I just started in 8th grade), I have been growing love for the game and have had an amazing time playing this sport.

Of the three sports which one do you feel you are best at?

I also feel that the sport I am the best at is baseball as I have been working at my craft as a pitcher and hitter for much longer than football and basketball. Yet I have plenty to work on in all the sports that I play.

Do you feel that playing multiple sports aids you in being a better athlete?

Playing these three sports, I believe helps me greatly in becoming a better athlete. They all have greatly different components to their specific sport that all aid in becoming a better athlete. I also believe that the different mentalities that you have to have for these different sports helps you as well in becoming a better athlete.

Sticking with football now, In looking at your hudl page you are listed at QB, CB, FS, SS, and WR. Which of those do you like playing the most?

Most recently I have been working on my craft at QB as I will be the varsity QB for this season and this is also the position I like playing the most. I also have a great time playing CB for my team and being able to play both sides of the ball.

What will it take for Butler to finish the season with a winning record in 2021?

I believe for Butler to have a winning record for the end of this season we need to come together as a family and hold each other accountable more than ever before. We really haven’t come together as a team the past couple of years and I believe making that an aspect of our team can help us greatly in becoming a winning record team.

What goals on the football field have you set for yourself and then for the team?

Moving into this junior season I have set a couple of big goals for myself. As I would like to become the guy that many people will follow and eventually become a captain for my junior and senior season. I also have set a goal to become a guy that other teams want to shut down. To be a guy that other people are afraid of has always been a goal of mine as an athlete and I would like to continue that into this next season. Not only is throwing a bunch of touchdowns or throwing for a bunch of yards a goal for me but I also have goals for my team as well. Just as I said for the question before, I would like our team to come together as a family and team more than anything this year

What are you looking most forward to this football season?

The thing that I am most looking forward to this football season is being able to show other people that Butler football is not someone that you can look by. I want to prove to people that we can play up to everyone’s level and that we can win games as well.

Which do you enjoy watching more Pro sports or college sports?

The level of sport that I enjoy watching more really depends on the sport. Yet for football, I love watching both, but if I were to pick on I would pick pro football. I enjoy watching pro football so much just because of the aspect of fantasy football and being able to put money on your team and the trash talk within it, haha.

What is a secret talent you have that would shock others?

It’s hard to really think of a talent that I have that would shock others but the talent that I would pick is my talent of the different water sports. My family has a house down in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, and we like to go down there as much as possible. While we’re are down there I have acquired the skill of being able to, wake surf, wakeboard, water ski, and barefoot.

Before I contacted you had you heard of PAFOOTBALLNEWS?

Yes, I have heard of PA football news and love to see the posts and the young men and athletes achieve great things.

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