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Going way back, to Honor @JourneyBrown6: Meadville outslugs Dubois in game for the Ages

Written by: on Thursday, November 12th, 2020


Yesterday one of the best athletes we’ve ever covered made a stunning, brave announcement. Former Meadville, now Penn State running back Journey Brown announced he can no longer play football due to a condition called hypertrophic cardiomayopathy. The amount of work this young man has put in to become what he is today is amazing.  He was a late addition to the Penn State roster, committing to the Nittany Lions on January 12, 2017.

But before he became one of the best running backs in a loaded stable at Penn State, Brown set some video game like numbers at his alma mater, Meadville. For the Bulldogs he piled up 7,027 yards on 568 carries and 104 touchdowns. On one September night, September 11th, 2015, Brown put up 10% of those numbers, crushing three state records along the way and helping the Bulldogs set several state team records. That same year he won the PIAA title for the 100 meter run. Journey Brown was by far one of the greatest athletes in PA football history.

Phil Myers (now known as @Protime_PFN) was one maybe two reporters on hand to witness this amazing feat.  Within minutes my phone began to ring from outlets such as ESPN, NBC, ABC and other media outlets around the country wanting to verify the video game busting numbers. I remember Phil sending me updates by the minute once he realized what he was witnessing, and tweeting them out for him (protime didn’t enter the age of Iphone until last year). Below you will find Phil’s recap, along with a video of that amazing night.

We know Journey will overcome and be successful in his future endeavors. We wish you well Journey Brown. Thanks for the football memories.

Written by:  on Saturday, September 12th, 2015
Where does one begin to write about a game that featured 197 points and set at least 12 state records and 9 national records?  Those who attended Friday night’s game at E. J. Mansell Stadium in DuBois featuring the Meadville Bulldogs and the DuBois Beavers were treated to a game like no one has ever seen before.  Meadville won the contest 107-90, in what has to be the craziest game ever played in Pennsylvania and for that matter the country!!
     Meadville’s junior RB Journey Brown and DuBois’ sophomore QB Matt Miller were by far the stars of the show.  They accounted for 1,509 yards combined plus another 70 in kick off returns by Brown!  This was Miller’s first varsity game he has ever played!  Add to that, the performance by the Beaver junior WR Colin Read and you get video game type statistics.  One can read the box score to see how the game went.  A quick team summary by quarter showed the teams tied 28-28 after one quarter of football.  At half time DuBois forged ahead 56-51.  By the end of the third quarter Meadville had edged into the lead 85-82.  The Bulldogs then scored 22 unanswered points before DuBois scored with under two minutes left to make the final 107-90.
     Let’s take a look at the records set in this game which are unofficial until game film confirms them.
             1.  Most rushing yards in a game – 724 by Journey Brown, Meadville – STATE RECORD and SECOND NATIONALLY 
             2.  Most points in a game – 68 by Brown  –  STATE RECORD
             3.  Most passing yards in a game – 782 by Matt Miller, DuBois  –  STATE and NATIONAL RECORD
             4.  Most receiving yards in a game – 358 by Colin Read, DuBois – STATE RECORD
             5.  Most yards in a game  –  785 by Miller  –  STATE and NATIONAL RECORD
             6.  Most TD passes in a game – 10 by Miller  –  STATE RECORD and TIED NATIONAL RECORD
             7.  Most TDs accounted for by 2 individuals in a game – 21 by Brown (10) and Miller (11)  –  STATE and NATIONAL RECORD
             1.  Most points scored in a losing cause – 90 by DuBois – STATE and NATIONAL RECORD
             2.  Most yards in a game by one team – 1,005 by Meadville  –  STATE and NATIONAL RECORD
             3.  Most yards in a game by two teams – 1,914 by Meadville and DuBois – STATE and NATIONAL RECORD
             4.  Most rushing yards in a game by one team – 1,005 by Meadville – STATE and NATIONAL RECORD
             5.  Most passing yards in a game by one team – 782 by DuBois – STATE and NATIOANL RECORD
     When Bulldog Journey Brown was told of the records he set, he just smiled and said, “That’s pretty cool.”  He then proceeded to give credit to his teammates as they opened gaping holes and held their blocks all night long.  “The big uglies” he called them.  “Without that line and the other backs, there’s no way I’m able to do what I did tonight,” Brown stated.  Brown gets some credit though as he broke numerous tackles using his strength and balance, then when in day light there wasn’t anyone on the field who could catch him.  He’s 5’11” and weighs 180lbs. with 4.4 forty yard dash speed.  He is also the D-10 100 yard dash champ.  Meadville’s head coach, Ray Collins, was all smiles after the game.  “That’s just Journey being Journey,” he said, “the scary thing is that he is just a junior.”   Coach Collins went on to say, “This (the game) was a little embarrassing, but we’ll take being 2-0.”  The Meadville offensive line should be mentioned too.  They are Logan Newhard, Mike Grasso, Tristan Beck, Nick Klippel, Luke Sherrod, and TE Tanner Collins.
     For DuBois it was a night to remember for the offense especially Miller and Read.  But as a team and especially the defense it was a night to forget.  Miller is 6’2″ and weighs 190lbs.  This was his first varsity game as he sat out last week nursing an injury suffered in the final scrimmage.  Coach Collins was impressed saying, “DuBois’ QB threw some unbelievable passes.  He is very good.”  But, as good as Miller was the 2 picks by Meadville’s Tanner Frye and Darius Edwards proved costly for the Beavers.  DuBois also gambled on fourth down in their own territory three times during the game only converting once.  The Beavers had 2 more sure touchdown passes, but one was dropped and the other overthrown.  For Meadville, Brown had a 35 yard touchdown called back due to holding right before the half.  Factoring those plays in the score and statistics could have been much higher.
     DuBois, now 1-1, travels to Conneaut next week, while 2-0 Meadville travels to Bradford.
Box Score :
     MEADVILLE     28     23     34     22     107
     DUBOIS          28     28     26       8      90
   1st QTR:                                                                                                                   M – D
     DUBOIS       10:55 – Braden Paulinellie 47 yard TD pass from Matt Miller, Jared Meinhart PAT   0-7
     MEADVILLE  10:37 – Journey Brown 76 yard TD run, PAT blocked                                        6-7
     MEADVILLE    8:26 – Brown 49 yard TD run, Tanner Frye to Brown 2 pt. conversion              14-7
     DUBOIS        5:58 –  Kyle Hopson 14 yard TD pass from Miller, Meinhart PAT                       14-14
     MEADVILLE   5:06 – Anthony Ferraro 49 yard run, 2 pt. attempt no good                            20-14
     DUBOIS        4:47 – Colin Read 67 yard pass from Miller, Meinhart PAT                               20-21
     MEADVILLE   1:22 – Brown 1 yard run, Brown 2 pt. conversion                                          28-21
     DUBOIS         :11 – Hopson 10 yard pass from Miller, Meinhart PAT                                    28-28
   2nd QTR:
     DUBOIS        9:21 – Miller 6 yard run, Meinhart PAT                                                        28-35
     MEADVILLE   9:09 – Brown 58 yard run, Kirk Mumau PAT                                                  35-35
     DUBOIS        8:51 – Read 60 yard pass from Miller, Meinhart PAT                                      35-42
     MEADVILLE   7:07 – Ferraro 20 yard run, Brown 2 pt. conversion                                       43-42
     DUBOIS       5:31 – Zach Sloan 57 yard pass from Miller, Meinhart PAT                               43-49
     MEADVILLE   3:35 – Brown 25 yard run, Ferraro 2 pt. conversion                                       51-49
     DUBOIS       2:39 – Read 14 yard pass from Miller, Meinhart PAT                                        51-56
   3rd QTR:
     MEADVILLE  10:57 – Brown 65 yard run, 2 pt. attempt no good                                         57-56
     MEADVILLE   9:55 – Ferraro 47 yard run, 2 pt. attempt no good                                        63-56
     DUBOIS       7:47 – Paulinellie 16 yard pass from  Miller, Meinhart PAT                                63-63
     MEADVILLE  6:27 – Caleb Bish 5 yard run, Bish 2 pt. conversion                                        71-63
     DUBOIS       5:43 – Wes Russell 43 yard run, PAT no good                                               71-69
     MEADVILLE  3:20 – Brown 18 yard run, Bish 2 pt. conversion                                            79-69
     DUBOIS       2:54 – Russell 30yard run, 2 pt. attempt no good                                          79-75
     MEADVILLE  2:14 – Brown 46 yard run, 2 pt. attempt no good                                          85-75
     DUBOIS       1:31 – Hopson 65 yard pass from Miller, Meinhart PAT                                    85-82
   4th QTR:
     MEADVILLE  8:36 – Bish 1 yard run, Brown 2 pt. conversion                                              93-82
     MEADVILLE  5:21 – Brown 93 yard run, 2 pt. attempt no good                                          99-82
     MEADVILLE  3:25 – Brown 66 yard run, Frye 2 pt. conversion                                          107-82
     DUBOIS      1:41 – Sloan 33 yard pass from Miller, Miller to Read 2 pt. conversion               107-90
Meadville        –        DuBois
20        First Downs       19
70-1005 Rushes-Yds 18-127
 0         Passes-Yds      782
0-3-0    Passes        29-52-2
1005     Total Yards      909
0-0       Fumbles-Lost   0-2
2-8       INT – Yds        0-0
4-52     Penalties         4-34
1-30     Punts-Avg       2-38.5
Individual Stats:
Rushing:   Meadville – 1005 yards rushing – Brown 30-724, Ferraro 11-160, Bish 15-92,
          Darius Edwards 7-24, Frye 6-3, Max Brown 1-2
              DuBois – 127 yards rushing – Paulinellie 9-45, Russell 2-73, Miller 5-3, Hopson 1-4, Team 2-2
Passing:   Meadville – 0 yards – Frye 0-3-0
              DuBois – 782 yards – Miller 29-52-2
Receiving: DuBois – Read 9-358, Paulinellie 2-63, Sloan 6-175, Hopson 6-121, Dante Dawson 6-65

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