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November 24-30 2021 Scoreboard

2020 Team Preview: The Minersville Area Battlin’ Miners

Written by: on Thursday, July 16th, 2020


Minersville Area Battlin’ Miners

Head Coach Justin Frantz

Assistant Coaches
Jeff Polinsky,
Scott Schwalm,
Chad Marquardt,
Matt Hirsch,
Joe Liptok,
Scott Yagielniskie,
Dan Hopkins,
Mike Litwak,
Steve Smulley,
Jeff Tobin,
Dylan Reber,
Brett Polinsky,
Gino Yourey,
Dave King

2019 Season Record  5-5

2020 Schedule





08-22 Northern Lebanon  @ Northern Lebanon (SCR) 10:00 am
08-28 Tri-Valley  vs. Tri-Valley (0-0) 7:00 pm
09-04 Marian Catholic  @ Marian Catholic (0-0) * 7:00 pm
09-11 Shenandoah Valley  vs. Shenandoah Valley (0-0) * 7:00 pm
09-18 Williams Valley  @ Williams Valley (0-0) 7:00 pm
09-25 Mahanoy Area  vs. Mahanoy Area (0-0) * 7:00 pm
10-02 Pine Grove  @ Pine Grove (0-0) 7:00 pm
10-09 Catasauqua  @ Catasauqua (0-0) 7:00 pm
10-16 Schuylkill Haven  vs. Schuylkill Haven (0-0) * 7:00 pm
10-23 Palmerton  vs. Palmerton (0-0) 7:00 pm
10-30 Nativity BVM  @ Nativity BVM (0-0) 7:00 pm

* – denotes league game
(SCR) – denotes scrimmage
(P) – denotes playoff game
(SP) – denotes state playoff game

Key Starters Lost
Scottie Schwalm (QB/DB)
Tallin Chupick (C)
Noah Woodford (RB/DL)
Jayden Eubanks (DL)
Carter Melochick (WR)
Ethan Bulino (DL)

Offensive Starters Returning
Sr. WR Gabe Davis 6-2, 185
Sr. WR Ryan Andrucheck 5-9, 165
Sr. OL Dyllan Smith 5-9, 215
Sr. OL Taylor McGovern 5-8, 180
Sr. OL Tony Cuttitta 6-5, 305
Jr. WR Jared Graeff 5-11, 175
Soph. WR Brock Polinsky 6-0, 165

Defensive Starters Returning
Sr. DT Dyllan Smith 5-9, 215
Sr. DB Gabe Davis 6-2, 185
Sr. DL Jimmy Chicora 6-1, 185
Sr. DB Ryan Andruchek 5-9, 165
Sr. DL Taylor McGovern 5-8, 180
Jr. DE Jason Petrozino – 5-11, 205
Jr. DE Luke Tobin – 5-10, 205
Jr. DB John Adams 5-10, 165
Jr. DB Jared Graeff 5-11, 175
Soph DB Brock Polinsky 6-0, 165

Special Team Starters Returning
Jimmy Chicora – Kickoffs / Punter
John Adams – FG Kicker

Key Newcomers
Sr. OL/DL Kurt Sinclair
Sr. RB/LB Avery Rumberger
Jr. RB/LB Dakota Fitzpatrick
Jr. RB/LB Adam Frie
Jr. OL/DL Tristan Miller
Jr. OL/LB Mike Rizzardi
Soph OL/DL Ron Beach
Soph WR/DB Connor Beck
Soph OL/LB James Dube
Soph RB/DB Aaron Laudeman
Soph WR/DB Ray Snyder
Fr. OL/DL Marques Barnhardt
Fr. OL/DL Juan Pereze
Fr. OL/LB Cade Schultz
Fr. RB/LB Connor Schwalm
Fr. OL/DL Caleb Smith
Fr. RB/LB Luke Stevenosky
Fr. OL/LB Kash Tobin
Fr. WR/DB Black Wesler
Fr. WR/DB Lorenzo Yourey

What does your offense need to improve on from last year? 
We must be more focused on running the ball and not so one dimensional. We have focused on our run game the entire offseason and look to use that to compliment the throwing ability of Johnny Adams. Returning our top 4 wide receivers from last year will be huge for Adams as he takes over from record-setting QB Scottie Schwalm. We have a mixture of young kids and returners that we are excited about moving to running back and jump starting that part of our game. We will also change to an uptempo style pace of play to use our athletic ability. Our offensive line has all worked on their speed and athletic ability and we have changed our blocking scheme to use their ability. They are excited to be able to move and attack. They will be the biggest key to the season.

What does your defense need to improve on from last year 
We have changed to a more defensive-back heavy defense than we had last year. We love the athletes we have and are looking to use that to our advantage. We will be going to a 4 front with 5 in the secondary. The goal of the defense is to play fast and spill everything to the outside.

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