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2021 Player Profile: Gavin Guers-Blue Mountain Eagles @GavinGuers @coach_gal @BMSD_Football @BlueMountain_SD

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| July 3, 2021


Gavin Guers

Blue Mountain Eagles

Class of: 22
GPA: 2.5
Position(s): LB / RB
Ht:  6’1 – Wt: 225
Other Sports: Baseball
Twitter: @GavinGuers
What is the best part about playing football?
Going to war with my brothers on Friday night after working our tails off all off-season to prepare ourselves.
What has been your best memory from football so far?
Last season’s game against Tamaqua when I had that deflected pass in the pack of the end zone.
Who is your favorite pro athlete and why?
Currently in the league: Saquon Barkley. I got to watch him tear it up at Penn State and the way he career’s himself on and off the field just inspires me. I also can’t forget his dedication to the game and to bettering himself by getting into the weight room. Out of the league: Troy Polamalu. I loved watching him when I was little and watching his high lights of him jumping over the line to block field goals. Then his long hair was awesome how many people do you see with that kind of hair it was so cool!
Is there any specific person you look up to and use as a role model?
The people I look up most to are my mom and my dad. They have had my back through everything. I look to them for guidance or just someone to talk to. I have the best parents and I am so lucky and fortunate to have them and they will never know the love I have for them and how thankful I am for them and everything they do for me.
Coming off a year with COVID struggles, what do you think this year will be like?
Some things will be the same but others different. Football is football that has not changed but with covid and fans being limited I am looking forward to seeing the eagle’s nest packed this fall with all of our fans.
Favorite play to run?
Trap or wedge I love being able to just follow my boys in the trenches who clear the hole for me and then just putting my head down and going full steam ahead.
Favorite sports movie?
Benchwarmers, Field of Dreams, Blindside, Space Jam, and I cannot forget The Waterboy!
Sport you’d love to play but can’t?
Volleyball! That is one of my favorite things we do in gym class and let me tell you I am quite the Volleyball player now if there are men’s leagues I need to find it and sign up! Another one would be Rugby I love watching that when I see it on tv it looks fun but you definitely have to be tough to play it and I think I could! Now I am going to say golf but I golf with my friends every now and then so I do play it but not competitively so not sure if it counts.
Favorite place to eat out?
Either FCR (Friedensburg Country Restaurant), Valenti’s, or Roma. All of them are amazing places to eat and I couldn’t leave any of them out.
Other than your home field/stadium, what field/stadium would you rate the best, and why?
I want to be playing at the eagle’s nest on Friday nights under the lights no place better and no place I’d rather be! It is our home field nothing feels better than hearing our band play and our fans cheering us on while we are out on the field.
Most embarrassing sports moment?
It would have to be this year’s baseball game at Jim Thorpe. I got on the bus drove all the way to the field got off the bus and realized I didn’t have my cleats so I had to borrow my teammate’s turf shoes that we 2 sizes too small but were better than the sneakers I had on.
What are you looking forward to most this year?
Everything. I can not wait to be back out there with my brothers. We are working harder than ever this off-season and do not plan on stopping. We have a great schedule and we are getting ready for war. This road won’t be easy and we know that and that’s why we are starting now to get ready for the season. The goal is to improve every time we set foot in that weight room and on the football field and if we keep work now we can achieve some incredible things. I have faith in my boys we all have each other’s backs.

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