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Michael Deluhery from @FHSFBBGGC Freedom High, victorious in final @KickItJZ contest of season at @BASDStadium on Sunday. @Jacobc_4 @lukemyers25 @SauconAthletics @ACCHS_Athletics

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| July 13, 2021


Michael Deluhery

Bethlehem Freedom Patriots


Once again, John Zima and the Kick It® Organization put on a kicking specialist contest, this time at BASD Stadium in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  The day started out a little dreary, with the sky cloudy, some dark, rain in surrounding areas, humid, and gates to the venue still locked. That wouldn’t stop Freshman kicker from Bethlehem Freedom, Michael Deluhery from crushing it in the first event. Sunday’s contest consisted of 10 players from different teams around both the EPC and Colonial leagues. In the first event, all players made their extra point try, moving on to the field goal portion of this event, in which surprisingly, Deluhery would miss his first field goal try, from the 20 yard line(left hash), while all the rest made theirs.  His next try would be from the 20(right hash) which he made. Everyone else also made theirs except one, Owen Garcia from Emmaus. The next field goal try would be from the 30(both left and right hash), to which 3 players were eliminated from the first event after both tries, Connor McLaughlin(Liberty), Carlos Montesdcoca(Dieruff), and Carson Steinruck(Blue Mountain). The players would now move on to the 35 yard line center, stunningly, all 10 kickers missed their first try. Since all kickers missed their try, everyone still remaining would get another shot from the 35 center.  After all tries were completed, there would be just four players remaining in the event, Jacob Christopher-Saucon Valley, Michael Deluhery, Owen Garcia-Emmaus, and Carlos Montesdcoca-Dieruff.  The next field goal would be placed at the 38 yard line, to which once again all players would miss, and that would conclude the first event with Deluhery being declared the winner of the event.

1. Michael Deluhery-Freedom – 183pts
2. Jacob Christopher-Saucon Valley – 174pts
3. Owen Garcia – Emmaus – 141pts
4. Carlos Montesdcoca-Dieruff – 132pts
5. Luke Myers-ACC – 128pts
6. Nate Stocker-Pen Argyl – 128pts
7. Vincent Santostefano-Northampton – 128pts
8. Gavin Mentzer-North Schuylkill – 128pts
9. Connor McLaughlin-Liberty – 86pts
10. Carson Steinruck-Blue Mountain – 86pts

In event 2, we would see these specialists punt the ball 5 times, which would be calculated using a formula that included both distance along with hangtime. Luke Myers would lead the way after the first round of punts landed with a punt of 43 yards and a hangtime of 3.71, giving him a total score of 61.63. Michael Deluhery would be close behind, punting the ball 41 yards, with a hangtime of 3.72, giving him a score of 60.29. As they moved on to their next punt, Vincent Santostefano took over the longest punt with a 45 yarder, Luke Myers once again, drilled his punt 43 yards, with a much better hangtime of 4.13, increasing his lead over the others with a 2 punt score of 126.76, Carson Steinruck of Blue Mountain would move up to second in the standings after 2 punts with a score of 111.93. The players would continue with 3 more punts. In the end, Luke Myers of ACC, would have the longest punt of the day at 52 yards, while Jacob Christopher would be the best at hangtime at 4.49secs.

Event-2: PUNTING(Distance and Hangtime)
1. Luke Myers-ACC – 62pts
2. Carson Steinruck-Blue Mountain – 55pts
3. Michael Deluhery-Freedom – 54.36pts
4. Jacob Christopher-Saucon Valley – 54.17pts
5. Owen Garcia-Emmaus – 53.91
6. Vincent Santostefano-Northampton – 53.48
7. Gavin Mentzer-North Schuylkill – 50pts
8. Carlos Montesdcoca-Dieruff – 49pts
9. Nate Stocker-Pen Argyl – 48pts
10. Connor McLaughlin-Libery – 46pts

Event 3 would be the kickoff and final portion of this contest. This event would also consist of 5 kickoff measuring in both distance and hangtime. Luke Myers of ACC would have the best kickoff distance at 63 yards, while, Jacob Christopher of Saucon Valley would have the best hangtime at 3.65 seconds but, it was the consistency by Pen Argyl’s Nate Stocker that would give him the win in this event.

Event-3: KICKOFFS(Distance and Hangtime)
1. Nate Stocker-Pen Argyl – 74pts
2. Luke Myers-ACC – 72pts
3. Jacob Christopher-Saucon Valley – 71pts
4. Michael Deluhery-Freedom – 68pts
5. Owen Garcia-Emmaus – 65pts
6. Connor McLaughlin-Libery – 65pts
7. Carlos Montesdcoca-Dieruff – 63pts
8. Carson Steinruck-Blue Mountain – 61pts
9. Vincent Santostefano-Northampton – 60pts
10. Gavin Mentzer-North Schuylkill – 59pts

After the event, I spoke with the founder and owner of the Kick It® Organization about how this years contests went, and stated that he was very pleased with the contests held this year, all 3 contests were great, even though he thought the turnouts would be a little bit better, he still plans to continue to run them in the future but, will think a bit more of when, so more players can attend, and get a better turnout. John also stated that all sponsors for these contests were great, St. Luke’s, Coordinated Health-Lehigh Valley Hospital, and Penn Medicine of Lancaster, in helping getting all the stuff needed, turning over the money for t-shirts, trophies, etc.


1. Michael Deluhery – Freedom Patriots – 306pts
2. Jacob Christopher – Saucon Valley Panthers – 299pts
3. Luke Myers – ACC Vikings – 262pts
4. Owen Garcia – Emmaus Hornets – 260pts
5. Nate Stocker – Pen Argyl Green Nights – 250pts
6. Carlos Montesdcoca – Dieruff Huskies – 244pts
7. Vincent Santostefano – Northampton Konkrete Kids – 241pts
8. Gavin Mentzer – North Schuylkill Spartans – 236pts
9. Carson Steinruck – Blue Mountain Eagles – 202pts
10. Connor McLaughlin – Liberty Hurricanes – 196pts

 ** This was Jacob Christopher’s second trophy earned now in these contests. Christopher bested his last performance which was a 3rd place finish at the Schuylkill vs Colonial League contest held at Schuylkill Haven’s Rotary Field June 27th.** **Gavin Mentzer also competed in the last contest as well finishing 5th, a better finish but Gavin finished with a much higher point total this time.** Photos and Video will be uploaded and added as soon as possible… keep a look out for the update !

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