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Team Schuylkill preps for first ever Schuylkill vs Colonial League All Star game May 21, 2022 !

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| May 1, 2022


The first ever All Star game between the Schuylkill and Colonial Leagues is set for May 21, 2022 at 2:00pm at Rotary Field in Schuylkill Haven, Pa.

Today, for the first time, Team Schuylkill, or as it’s known around this area, Team ” Skook ” took the field for their first of two practices before the big game. Head Coach for the Schuylkill League squad, Mike Farr said today’s practice main focus for the kids was to ” knock some rust off, review game rules, and get the offense moving “. Coach Farr added, practice ” went well ” when asked.

While other players were running plays, I caught up with punter Travis Benson(Jim Thorpe). Travis, who became the first punter to win offensive player of the game for the Schuylkill League Senior North vs South All Star game, was standing around, kicking the ball around by himself, looking like he wanted to talk so, I gave him a quick minute to say something…

Asst. Coaches Frank Gaffney(Schuylkill Haven), and Tom Gallagher(Blue Mountain) would also respond by stating how well practice went. Coach Gaffney added, ” Getting these kids together for the 1st time is always exciting. Having the best talent from the area is exciting for a defensive coordinator. My main focus today was getting the right kids in the right position, and getting them to understand the terminology. Though the weather wasn’t the best, I felt we had a very productive day. I’m excited to get some pads on them “.

Coach Gallagher added, ” We looked real sharp defensively, nice mix of size and speed that will put us in good position to make plays. A great group of kids that get to represent our county and hopefully earn us the victory in this first contest against the Colonial League “.

Stay tuned for more next week after practice 2 takes place.

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