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2023 PFN Profile: Getting to Know Father Judge WR/FS Nymier Appling

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| June 6, 2023


Nymeir Appling


Father Judge

Height/Weight: 6-2 180

Jersey #: 18

Class: 2024

 All Catholic Honors, 3rd in the league in receiving yards

Twitter: @nymeirappling


1. Why do you play football?

I fell in love with the game since I picked up a football.

2. What is your current GPA?


3. What offers are you currently holding & other schools have shown interest?

UConn, New Hampshire & Temple all have expressed interest.

4. What do you plan to major in upon enrolling in college?

I plan on going in the engineering field.

5. Favorite class?

Business Sports Management

6. Favorite athlete of all time & why?

Ray Lewis because he never gave up and always found the little things important.

7. Favorite moment thus far of your HS career?

When I got the game winning tackle for us to pick up our 5th win of the 2021 season.

8. What was the 2022 season like for you?

It was great one of the best years.

9. 2023 individual & team goals?

Break the record of receiving yards.

10. All-time Favorite football game to watch (College, HS/Pros)?

Eagles v Patriots 2018

11. Favorite Restaurant to dine at?

Texas Roadhouse

12. Favorite play to run & why?

4 verticals because I’m always going to come down with the catch.

13. Outside of sports what are your hobbies?

I like to game and cool out.

14. What scares you the most?


15. Most inspirational person in your life?

My mother

16. What pregame music do you listen to as you prepare for games?

Lil Baby, NBA Youngboy, Meek Mill

17. What was your favorite childhood gift?

Action figures

18. Did you play little league football? If so what organization?

Oxford Circle Raiders

19. What makes Father Judge a special school & program?

What makes us a good program is while we may not have the biggest guys or the best athletes we are tough & that’s how we win games!!

20. Cheesesteaks or Hoagies?


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