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PA Football News Spring 2021 State Football Scoreboard
Courtyard Philadelphia City Avenue

Central 56 Roxborough 12 @josh1corbin @RoxFootball_ @CentralHighPHL

Written by: on Sunday, April 18th, 2021


This was my 2nd time seeing Central and once again I walked away impressed, especially by their defense. The offense this time around was a lot more impressive than it was in their victory over Frankfort, the last time I watched them play.

Number 33 for Central got the ball rolling when he raced to a 16-yard run, followed shortly by a 5-yard catch from number 15, that took the ball down to the Roxborough three. From there number 33 used the work from the big boys up front to prance in for the score. Number 28 made good on his P.A.T. kick to make this a 7-0 game, with 7:08 left in the opening quarter.

On the defensive side of things, number 25 for Central would put number 2 down for a 6-yard loss to set the tone for how this game would mostly go for the Roxborough offense on this day. Central would get a touchdown from number 32 to go up 14-0, at the 4:42 mark of the quarter. Then the defense would put Central up 21-0 when #10 got a pick-six. The final score in the quarter came on a 27-yard run from number 33 that put the home team up 28-0.

The Central offense put just two scores on the board in the 2nd frame the first came on a number 1 to number 5 30-yard pass play and the 2nd came on a 13-yard run from number 33 making this a 42-0 game. It was the Central defense that spoke the loudest in the quarter. Number 5 sacked number 2 for a loss of twelve. Then on fourth and eighteen Roxborough, number 2 fumbled the ball with number 18 of Central recovering it on the Roxborough 15-yard line. Number 25 for Roxborough fumbled the ball late in the half and making the recovery for Central was number 5.

Number 25 from Central scored when he scooped up another Roxborough fumble this time on a backward pass and scored from two yards out making this a 49-0 game. The third would see number 5 from central getting a sack before it came to a close. Roxborough would show no quit as they scored twice in the final frame. First, number 2 lit up the scoreboard on a 10-yard run, then after a pass was tipped number 11 made a nice adjustment to make the catch and raced in from 55-yards out. Number 33 for Central, who looked like a man playing against kids would score on a sweet kickoff return to give us the final score of 56-12.










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