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Willie Norris and Kenny Woseley’s Back to Back Interceptions Save Imhotep

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| September 9, 2023

After Willie Norris’s interception, you would’ve thought there could’ve been no crazier interception; up until Kenny Woseley decided to step in the spotlight. Stoppage in play at 4:02 due to thunder and lightning paused the game for an hour and forty-one minutes. Imhotep came out about halfway through that time at 4:55 waiting for Archbishop Spalding to do the same. Spalding came out at 5:30 and play soon began to resume at 5:43. Imhotep started with the ball, went down, and scored, then it was up to the defense to save the game.

“It was more momentum coming out because they was tryna make a leave. They wanted to cancel the game. Archbishop Spalding knew what they was tryna do they wanted to go home with a little three point win. But we couldnt let that happen, once your in Philly you’re stuck here, you aint leaving” – Norris on what he thought about the delay and momentum.

“I mean we came out firing out that delay I think thats what stood out most to me we came out energetic and we had the most energy and punched them in the mouth and got the win” -Woseley on if momentum switched sides due to the delay.

“I think it was just more momentum for us man, our guys knew we started off bad, they knew they didnt wanna lose cause our whole goal is to go 4-0 in our first two games, and our guys, they sitting in a hot locker room for about an hour and I just hear them yelling and getting hype and stuff like that” – Coach Devon Johnson on of the delay benifited Imhotep.

“I think we came out with more momentum cause we was in the locker room we was mad because we thought they were gonna cancel the game while we was down, so we came out and said we cant miss our oppurtunity to let us play and win” – Imhotep Running back Jabree Wallace-Coleman on his delay thoughts.

Imhotep’s Georgia Commit Jr. Jabree Wallace-Coleman had himself a day on the ground running the ball. While he didn’t have the flashiest touchdowns of the day he still made an impact scoring the only three touchdowns of the day for Tep. As the offense was slow and struggling against a physical Archbishop Spalding, someone needed to step up and make great plays for Tep on the offense, Wallace-Coleman answered. Not scoring until the third quarter was an issue for Tep. Coming in they outscored their opponents 122-0 in two games, but today they had trouble scoring twenty-one. All the issues put aside, Wallace-Coleman and Nile Brown each showed up when needed and made “big-time plays big-time moments”.

“I feel great cause coming off of last year I didn’t do great against them I didn’t score at all, so being able to contribute like that was big for me” – Wallace-Coleman on his three-touchdown performance.

“He’s amazing number one. Like he is the best running back in PA, I think he’s one of the best running backs in the country, he’s got this real big chip on his shoulder you know what I mean and we just want to ride him all the way through … I’m super proud of that kid, he one of the best players in the state” said Coach Johnson about Wallace-Coleman.


Some players for Tep would call this year a revenge season. After a disappointing last two finishes at the end of the year, Imhotep’s talent has only improved. With stars going from Starting Seniors all the way to JV Freshman, Imhotep looks to have restocked its talent and hopes to finally bring back the State Championship. Coach Johnson had to say this when asked about if this year is a revenge year – “Absolutely, it always seems like it’s a revenge season for us but honestly I hate to sound cliché but we really taking it one week at a time but I’m really happy we got revenge on a really good opponent, we get revenge next week hopefully against another good opponent in Malvern (Prep), but yea it’s always our goal to win state championships and my biggest thing for them is finishing.”

While Spalding lost the game, they certainly had a better game than most teams would ever have against Tep. 3-Star Jr. Malik Washington had a great day escaping pressure from Tep’s d-line and blitzing players every now and again. Spalding also had the courtesy of being the first team to score against Tep this season, Senior Jameson Coffman scored both of the touchdowns allowed by Tep, his first being a simple rush and his second being a screen. As Spalding left with their heads down, they had shown the blueprint to score on Tep.


Norris and Woseley decided to save the biggest plays of the game for the final moments like any good athlete would. Norris seemed to have the game-winning interception when he made a Spiderman play spinning and ripping the ball off of the head of Coffman to what looked like seal the game. Imhotep went three and out and needed one more stop to win and stay undefeated. Spalding moved the ball all the way to Tep’s five with ease with less than twenty seconds left in the game. Woseley was making plays all day, Spalding tried to throw on him one last time, and with high risk comes high reward. Not this time though. The ball being hit up into the air and somehow Woseley kept the ball from hitting the ground coming up with it to finally seal the game shut with the Tep’s 21-17 win.

“I’m on their shiftiest guy, I’m the best corner in the nation in my eyes, so I just use my technique make sure I’m on my best game, and making sure I’m doing whatever I can to make a play” – Woseley thoughts before the final snap.

“Everybody on the sideline yelling to me ‘Willie Willie Stay Back’ before you knew it, a blink of an eye, ball was in the air I said it’s mine or it’s nobodies. I came down with the ball, tried to do something with it., but that’s four right there. But this only a sneak peek, we ain’t done, get back tour” – What Norris had to say when asked what was going on before the snap on his interception.

“I’m thinking like ‘alright, thats a huge play’ then we gotta put the game away we need one first down”- Coach Johnson on the Norris’s interceptions, he continuted on saying about Woseley’s “Amazing like, Wow, he saved us”.

“I was mad that we couldnt get the job done right then and there but I trust our defense, like Kenny, Kenny is really that guy. I trusted them I trusted all of them with the game on the line.” – what Wallace-Coleman had to say about the final play.


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