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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

2021 PFN Player Preview: Matt Lonczynski-Berwick Bulldogs @Matt_Lonczynski @berwickdawgs @BerwickBulldogs

Written by: on Thursday, July 22nd, 2021


Matt Lonczynski

Berwick Bulldogs

Class of: 2023

GPA: 4.0

Position(s): QB, LB

Jersey#: 12

Ht: 6’1 – Wt: 205

All Academic Team 2020

Other Sports: Basketball

Twitter: @Matt_Lonczynski

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What is the best part about playing football?
Definitely the hype leading up to games during practice and also game day and the in-game atmosphere.

Who is your favorite pro athlete and why?
Russell Wilson, he is a fierce competitor on and off the field. He is also a very respectful and respectable person on and off the field.

Is there any specific person you look up to and use as a role model?
Yes, definitely my dad because of his work ethic.

What would be your desired major in college?
Civil Engineer

Which side of the ball would you consider your better strength, Offense or Defense?
Definitely Offense I enjoy picking apart defenses.

Favorite play to run?
Any type of deep pass.

Favorite pre-game meal?
Subway with a banana or apple.

Favorite place to eat out?

Favorite sports movie?
Rocky or Moneyball

Pregame music genre to get you pumped up?
Hard Rock, AC/DC, and Meek Mill

Favorite class in school?
Any math class

Favorite activity you do during the off season?
Golf and Basketball

Which opponent on your schedule do you want to play against the most, and why?
Southern Columbia, they haven’t lost in a very long time and they are a very good football team and are very good at what they do and it will be a fun challenge to try and knock off the defending state champs.

What are you looking forward to most this year?
Full Capacity Stadiums

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