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December 9-11 2021 Scoreboard

2021 PFN Player Profile: Matt Lonczynski – Berwick @Matt_Lonczynski @berwickdawgs

Written by: on Thursday, June 17th, 2021


Matt Lonczynski
6’1 200
GPA 4.0

You are listed at four different positions (QB/TE/DE/LB) of the four which do you like playing the best?

My favorite position to play is definitely QB.

Of those four positions which is the hardest four you to play?

The hardest to play is also QB.

In watching your highlights again Dallas I can see you have a fast release, when running the QB draw there was no hesitation in getting upfield. How much of this is natural ability and how much comes from coaching? For the QB draw that was coached up very well and we had been practicing that draw since summer so I was ready and acting on instinct.

Your highlights against Hazleton show me that you play defensive end really well. You get off of your blocker pretty fast and then get to the ball as fast. Being 200 pounds you are going to be for the most part going up against bigger players. Your speed has to be a big advantage. My question is how much time do you practice your feet work and techniques at this position?

We work on footwork as a team I’d say almost every practice and if not every practice at least 3-4 times a week and when not at practice I work on footwork drills at home throughout the week

Is there extra pressure on you and your teammates knowing the good history Berwick has?

There is somewhat of an extra pressure added onto my teammates and me because of how successful Berwick history has been and we are coached up well to handle that pressure.

What goals have you set for yourself and for the team?

Our goal this year is to simply get back to Berwick football.

Last season broke a nine-year streak of being over .500. What will it take to get back to your winning ways?

To get back to the winning ways we need to outwork the competition not only in august and September when games start but in may and June.

What is your favorite part of practice?

My favorite part of practice is definitely 7 on 7.

What is your game day routine?

My game day routine is to get a super light lift in stretch eat and listen to music.

What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?

My favorite sport to watch on tv is definitely football due to the excitement on every play.



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