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2022 PFN Player Spotlight: Adam Howanitz-Valley View Cougars

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| June 19, 2022


Adam Howanitz

School: Valley View High School

Class of: 2023

Position(s): QB/SS/TE

Ht: 6’4 – Wt: 230

Notable Awards: Times-Tribune Athlete of the Week, LFC Division 2 All Star

2021 Stats:(6 games):
32-42, 397 passing yards, 6 passing TDS
58 carries, 589 rushing yards, 10 rushing TDS

2020 Stats(5 games):
36-59, 435 passing yards, 3 passing TDS
31 carries, 128 rushing yards, 3 rushing TDS

Other Sports: Basketball/Track

TWITTER HANDLE: @Abombhowanitz


Why do you play football ? It’s the sport that I grew up loving, and my favorite sport to play. 

What has been your best football memory ? Winning a district championship.

Who is your biggest fan and why ? My mother is always there at all of my games and will do anything for me. She really is the best

Who is your role model and why ? Tom Brady, I always respected his confidence in clutch moments, and the way that he makes everyone else around him better. 

What is your desired major in college ? Business 

In your opinion, where is the toughest place to play ? Any place that we have to travel on the road.

What is your personal goal for this year ? Being back to back district champs. 

Other than cheese, what is your favorite pizza topping ? Bacon

Which do you prefer, Bone-in, or Bone-out wings ? Bone-in

Most embarrassing sports moment ? Losing in the district championship game as a freshman. 

Sport you’d love to play but can’t ? Baseball

What is one thing you’ve learned from football that you’d like to pass on to future players… Having trust in your teammates goes a long way.

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