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2022 Player Spotlight: Ryan Mattyas: Hazleton

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| June 23, 2022



Ryan Matyas

How long have you played football?

I have been playing football since I was 6 years old. I loved the sport since the first time I stepped onto the field.

With this season being your final one as far as high school goes, are you approaching it any differently?

I’m just approaching every day as it’s the last day I will be wearing a cougars jersey and it’s the last time for me to prove myself on the field as a cougar.

What are your personal goals for this season as well as any goals you have for your team?

My personal goals are to have over 100 tackles, 500 yards of offense, and to get an opportunity to play football at the next level. As a team, we want to win the district championship and make a state run.

Have you heard from any colleges about playing at the next level? If so, can you name a few of them?

Alvernia University, Lebanon Valley College, and Muhlenberg are three of the schools that reached out to me.

The toughest place to play on the road? Why?

Personally, I feel like every time we play a game no matter where it is, it’s like a home game. Our students do a great job at attending away games and are team brings special energy everywhere we travel.

How much time do you spend in the weight room during the season and then during the off-season?

I am spending 4-5 days in the weight room all year round to work on building strength and size during the off-season, and to maintain size and strength during the season.

What has been the best memory you have had when it comes to playing football with your least favorite?

The best memory I had playing football was definitely sophomore year against Tunkhannock. I had a pick-six on defense and the following drive my brother, Evan Matyas, had a receiving touchdown. It was both of our first varsity touchdowns and it was a great moment for the family.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing when it comes to practice?

My favorite thing about practice is that I get to spend time with the football family and get better every day after a long day of school. There isn’t necessarily a thing I can pick out that I dislike. Everyone on the team goes to practice every day with the same intention to get better and prepare for the next week.

What is the one food you like that most others don’t?

I honestly eat almost everything. There is a very select few items I won’t eat.

What is your favorite place in your town to eat?

The go-to spot in Hazleton has to be Jimmy’s Quick Lunch. The team and I love heading there to grab a bite after summer workouts.


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