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December 1-7 2021 Scoreboard
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Camp Hill defense holds strong and notches 3 scores at home against a young Biglerville roster @PaFootballNews @camphillfb @cannerathletics

Written by: on Saturday, September 4th, 2021


After a 20 to 14 win against Fairfield last week, Camp Hill’s defense set the tone early, forcing several turnovers both on downs and via fumble. Junior quarterback Seth Lady started the offensive attack for Biglerville with a pass to Caden Althoff, but ultimately led to a 3-and-out on their first drive. Camp Hill also began their first offensive drive in the air with a 24 yard pass. On that same play, Biglerville captain and lineman Ryan Van Dyke sustained a tough injury that took him out of this game. Just 3 minutes into their season opener, it’s tough to see a player, let alone a captain face such a serious injury. The Canners from Biglerville looked to their young linemen to step up for their backfield to continue making plays.

Following their big pass play to the Canner 27 yard line, the Lion offense was unable to generate a score. Camp Hill quarterback Peyton Shore dropped back with a surprise punt to pin Biglerville to their own 2 yard line. The following play allowed Mike Shartle to shoot through the offensive line to force a safety for the first score of the game for the Lions just over 5 minutes into the contest.

Mike Shartle stood out in the first half, and points to the cohesiveness of the Lions to their success. “The chemistry on our team is really, really high and we all have a good bond. So to see those guys get out there and put up some milestones, I was really happy to see that.” On the following possession, Kobe Moore proceeded to get the ground game going for Camp Hill with a 31 yard run. Shortly after, the teams exchanged a pair of interceptions. While Peyton Shore threw his pick into a crowded field with tight coverage, he quickly made up for it by catching one of his own on the other side of the ball. Following Shore’s return to the Canner 9 yard line, freshman Noah Doi notched his first touchdown with an inside run.

Camp Hill carried the momentum throughout the rest of the first half, primarily with their defensive play. Following a turnover of downs from Camp Hill, their defense immediately forced a fumble from Seth Lady that was recovered in the endzone for another score, making the score 16-0 after the 2-point conversion. Another great defensive play in the backfield came quickly after, as junior Luke Parise forced a fumble that was recovered by Mike Shartle for his second defensive scoring play of the first half. Parise also caught the 2-point conversion attempt. While the Biglerville offense managed to reach the opposing 9 yard line in the final minutes, they couldn’t snag any points before the half as they turned it over while time expired.

As Camp Hill led by 24 coming into the second half, both teams were showing their emotions causing several unnecessary roughness penalties and a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct. The intensity of this defensive showdown caused a much slower pace of play for both teams in the second half. At some points, around one minute of play time would pass in between plays. Camp Hill head coach Tim Bigelow on the slower pace in the second half: “We build breaks like this into our practices, so they’re used to it, it’s nothing new to us.” The Lions looked to their ground attack to seal their victory in the second half. Kobe Moore continued to own the run game, racking up 49 more yards for his highlight reel in one play. Another nice run from Noah Doi set up a Camp Hill touchdown that won’t be forgotten for some promising Lions. Drew Barnstetter connected with Tommy Corbin for an 11 yard passing touchdown, both of their first career scores.

Later in the quarter, Biglerville defense showed great promise on a long red zone stop that fell just short. Kobe Moore was able to power in for the 1 yard score for Camp Hill. The extra point proved to be the final score of this game, as the time quickly dwindled through the end of the third quarter and faster still through the fourth.

All credit to the entire Biglerville team for fighting through this game. They had several players that stood out not because of big catches or pancake blocks, but continuing to play hard throughout the entirety of the game. Junior Luke Showers battled from both the linebacker position and the return game. Noah Fulton ran hard for all of his yards in his first high school contest, showing off some elusiveness in the fourth quarter with several broken tackles against the bigger Camp Hill defense. Perhaps the closest chance for Biglerville surprisingly came when their punt bounced off of a Camp Hill return blocker and was recovered by junior Colby Fulton with a minute or so let in the 3rd quarter. A well timed deep ball in the end zone from Seth Lady couldn’t be hauled in by Colby, and soon after a 4th down reception by Fulton didn’t quite have the distance. Senior Dominic Celotta and Noah Doi would continue to wind the clock down with the run attack for Camp Hill. Danny Pinzon finished off the defensive showing from the Lions with a sack, which allowed Barnstetter to kneel the clock to zero.

While the defensive side of the ball proved to be the difference maker on Friday night, Camp Hill had several players who found the goal line for the first time. “We had 5 new first touchdown guys… Noah Doi, Michael Shartle, Tommy Corbin, Drew Branstetter and Kobe Moore.” Camp Hill looks to continue their campaign in a non-conference game next Friday at Susquenita. Biglerville looks ahead to their matchup with Kennard-Dale (1-1) next week to get in the win column.

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