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Elizabethtown hires Keith Stokes as their Head Coach

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| February 24, 2022

Coach Keith Stokes has done it all from a player to a coach, he is bringing years of experience to the Elizabethtown Bears football squad. Mr. Stokes has paid his dues for quite some time, having coaching stops at Coatesville, Manheim Townhip and Mccaskey. The East Carolina Alum stopped by to discuss his career, expectations at Etown and of course the Berks-County merger:

Carl Frederick: This is your first head coaching job I believe, what stood out to you the most about taking on this role with Elizabethtown?

Keith Stokes: the thing that stood out about this job was that i believe its a diamond in the rough.  They have a lot of guys coming back with a lot of playing experience. The oline has at least 7 guys coming back which is the most important position on the field. and the youth program has a bright future.

CF: Tell us more about your coaching background?

KS: A little quick thing about me, I have over 15 professional years playing experience from NFL CFL ARENA. where I have won at every level. I played high school ball in Alabama where I was an all state wr and a kicker/ athlete, juco all American NCAA all bowl team college all star game.
I have been coaching for over 12 years from l with 9 playoffs appearances. I have coached at every level high school college and pros. I was also a scout for 3 years in professional football.

CF: Etown is coming off a 4-6 campaign, what are your expectations for 2022?

KS: my expectations for this upcoming season is to hit the ground running full speed. don’t hold anything back. I have nothing to lose with everything to prove. I will be coaching with a chip on my shoulder and we will play with one as well we will be letting teams know that we belong on the field with them

CF: Have you spoken with your new team yet? What has the reaction been like from the team and the Etown community?

KS: I have spoken to a few guys on the team and they are very excited to get started. i’m sure that the school and community is waiting to see what we have in store for the next season and so am I.

CF: With the Berks County merger taking place starting next year, any thoughts on that, travel schedule may be a bit more strenuous?

KS: I think the new merger will be good for both leagues just a few extra miles on the gas tanks when we have to travel. Both leagues have some tough roads to come. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Coach Stokes has been waiting for the right opportunity to lead and could not be more excited to take over for the Bears. It will be tough sledding for his squad with the merger, but under Coach Stokes watch, they will certainly welcome the challenge.

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